Devon ke Dev Mahadev 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 10th March 2014 Written Update

Sati is still in yognidra, Mahadev is in kailash and is thinking about sati… he says now the time has came to balance the energy of the universe, its now important for me and adishakti to unite.

In forest, Daksh and all are worried about Sati, Rishi Brigu says, now there’s nothing to worry Mahadev has joined trinity and Prakriti will soon attain her true form. to which daksh gets angry and says…how can you count that kapali in tridevs, its my right to decide about whom should be in trinity, its me who made laws and for me only brahmadev and vishu are aradhdya, there is no need of mahadev. Rishi Kashyap interrupts and says “aapke manne na manne se Satya asatya me parivartit nahi kia jaa sakta”
to which daksh replies, soon i will do something which will

change your opinion but before that i need to erase all memories of shiv from sati’s mind… the doctor who is present to attend sati gives up and says “i cant cure her.. m helpless”

in kailash, vishnu and bhramadev arrives, Vishnuji talks to mahadev ” Sati is near to realise her true self, to realise the purpose of her birth, but the yagya which daksh is performing will erase all her memories and despite knowing this why are you quite and doing nothing to stop this???
Mahadev: i wont do anything, Sati herself need to overcome all this hurdles, there is no need to hurry. she need to attain paripakvata(maturity) for us to reach the goal otherwise the things will lead to seperation of shiv and adishakti.
Vishnu: if this is your final decision then even i wont interfere.

in forest daksh is performing yagya. he says ” I bhramaputra daksh vows that unless and until , i dont succeed in erasing all the memories of shiv from sati’s mind i wont tie the lock of hair, if my devotion and my worship is pure than i beleive that kalchakra would go back to the time wen sati celebrated her first vasantotsav.”
a big blast happens in yagya kund… there’s light every where… kalchakra starts reversing.

Bhramadev to narad… everyone will be affected by this except tridevs and this “Rahasya” will remain only with us and wont be known by anyone esle(So this was the rahasya)

Sati is sleeping in daksha bhavan, her sister comes to wake her up. Sati says it feels like i saw a beautiful dream where father allowed me to go out to north and i saw a different world. to which her sisters says then it definitely has to be your dream , coz our father will never allow you to go to north…
Prasuti enters, she says : Sati get up soon, you remember you promised something to your father?
Sati: yes mata , i promised that i will colect flowers for his yagya.
Prasuti: then you should not waste your time go fast otherwise your father wil get angry.
Sati: no maa, m his belowed daughter he cant get angry on me…

(Sati track ends here)
and then the fbs from the very first epi to the sati dahan
they showed all events which took place in sati era from vasantotsav to shiv sati marraige, to sati atma dahan…

now back to from where it started.
Lakulesh: i was ignorant, i beleived that i am your ardant bhakt but never knew about the importance of shakti in your life, i insulted her m not worthy to ask for forgiveness .
Mahadev: your devotion is true, no need to apologize
Lakulesh: i am going back to sadhna
and he comes back to his cave and goes back in samadhi.

Mahadev is now back to kailash. and is happy.

Precap: one lady is worshipping shiv ling.
they showed mahadev kartikey and i guess parvati too.
mahadev is saying : god will always bless their devotee in various form but they have to recognise it.
and mahadev in new look.

Update Credit to: foram

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