Devohana…(DEV – SOHA – SONA) AN OS..!!

Hey guys…! Thank you fa those who have cmntd in my previous epi…! And fa the silent readers too..!
Now I’m here with an os on devakshi….juz a continuation…! And yeah I don’t know whether I could be regular in posting my ff…bcas I’m going to enter last session of my schooling tomorrow….??haha…12 th so….but I will surely post it if I get free timings…!
And sorry in advance and f som1 misses my ff..! I would post rather.
So here is an os..!

Saunita sangeet is on full mood when dev sees Ronita’s mother hiding something. He requests her for the dance floor and finds something fishy while the mother leaves from there without giving dev a chance to think over. After sometime the sangeet got over and all leave. Ronita’s mother create a scene as her jewels were missing. Dev has a doubt and went to the room the mother was and checked all over. He got a bag and found those jewels in it and went downstairs by the time Ronita’s family left.
Dev was confused yet he decided to talk to her the mext morning and kept the bag safely in the cupboard while bojoy fumes seeing it. He accuses dev for stealing the jewels though he was wealthy and safe in life. Bijoy accuses dev in front of every1 where all were shocked to hear that dev had stolen the jewels. Everyone lashes at him but to his disappointment sona starts lashing out at him. He was hell shocked that how could sona think that he could even think of stealing someone’s jewels and that too a bride’s jewels. Everyone accuses him while he was refusing to accept it but he was taken aback when sona does so.

Dev’s POV
What..? Did sonakshi accused me for stealing. Did she even believe that I could do such a thing which I can’t even imagine. Don’t she know me. Did I’m the one still lovi…. No I’m not. I don’t have to. She is no more my sonakshi. She is not. No….!
All these his eyes welled up with tears when he saw suhana standing near the stairs looking everyone shockingly. He didn’t know what to do he juz stares at suhana which went noticed by Asha. Dev nods his head in NO while suhana ran towards her room. Asha was been witnessing all these while dev too ran behind suhana. Sona calls put at him asking him to stop and get out of her house but he was in no mood to stop there.
Dev went to soha and said,
Dev: Suhana I didn’t do this dear. Ur father is not like….
Soha: Papa, please, u don’t have to say anything to me. I’m ur daughter na ….I know that my father can’t do such things. Though mumma too accused u I’m not going to believe her in this ….I know u papa, u r the best in this world and u would never do such things which would hurt others …. I know u papa…..please u don’t have to give any explanations to me I’ll believe u papa…I’ll ask mumma also…
Dev: No suhana….don’t say to ur mumma about this. Coz she won’t believe me either. I have done a lot to her. She won’t believe me. U know how I felt when even ur mumma said that I’m the one who have stolen these. …..I really….

He stopped midway considering himself talking too much.
Dev: Suhana it’s time….go and sleep beta…!
Soha: u too come papa…
Dev said okay and asks her to change first and she leaves. Asha who was standing at the doorstep head all this and enters in.
Asha: Dev..?
Dev: Ma….I mean Aunty…come do u need anything soha juz went fa changing.
He said hiding his tears
Asha: Y did u do this. I know that u can’t do such a thing. And y did u left without saying anything against them.
She asked him while he was mum and she continues
Asha: I know dev …u r upset as sonakshi also….
Dev: No aunty its not like that…! Afterall we don’t have any relationship yet that she should believe me even now. But I didn’t do…

Asha: As soha said u don’t want to justify itself dev. I know u…so come say every1 that u didn’t do this.
Dev: No let it be. Let sonakshi think that I’m the one involved in this.
Said Dev and left the room. He turned back and said,
Dev: Aunty, I’ll go out and come if u don’t mind to allow me at this night.
Asha nodded affirmatively and dev left.
Sonakshi went to her room and felt something restless and searched fa dev and soha. She found asha there and asked fa soha. Juz then soha comes calling papa.
Soha: Mumma where is papa, he said that he would wait fa me to put to sleep. But, Asha have u seen papa.
Asha: Haan beta, wo actually ur papa have went out, he have some work it seems, so ….don’t worry he would come soon.
Soha: Ok, mumma come.
Asha left the room without having a word with sona.

Sona’s POV
What had happen to Ma. She didn’t even talk to me properly. I suddenly heared soha, “y didn’t u believe papa, y would he steal those things, after all he has everything he need is it…? Mumma” Said soha which made me shocked. I didn’t think about that. How could he so …?! Then I put soha to sleep and waited for dev to arrive but he didn’t …before he could sleep overtook me. I woke up at the morning to see dev sleeping in the couch.
I looked at him when suddenly soha came from outside and kissed his cheeks I asked her not to disturb him and asked her when did she woke up.
It was 5 months we were in this agreement of residing in either house for a week for the sake of suhana. These 5 months were as normal as it could be but not for me. I would always try to have a convo with dev but he would avoid as he could and that is clearly seen. We were in his house now and by tomorrow we will go to our hose as the weekend have been arrived. It had been a normal routine to us.

He would neither talk to me nor my family at circumstances. He would avoid but not suhana and Ma. He is good to them. I couldn’t take this and found a reason within me. I was asking myself that y do I feel restless when dev is not around me and when he was not talking to me. My heart replies that I love him still but my mind denies that….no I could never love him again after what he have done to me. No not at all..! This is what I would say to me always.
But my situation goes down when he denies my help when he had an injury in office. I took a bandage to cover up his wound to stop the bleeding but no…he didn’t allow me and he went out. I cursed myself for doubting him..! Why did I do that.

Dev’s POV
I couldn’t digest the fact that even sona doubted me in that jewel matter. But I kept quiet. She accused me but I was silent. Y did she do that to me. I know…I have realised now that I still love her. Yes I so. I don’t want to realise but it was the truth even when she left me 7 years ago. But now….she didn’t even gave a damn to me when I’m accused she even did the same to me. I was devastated so I ensured myself maintaining a distance from her and I did so. I was successful in it. Later, she tried hard to talk to me but I denied. 5 months went by.
One day when I was leaving office sonakshi stopped me, “ dev, I needed to talk to u”
Dev: its too late now….let’s talk tomorrow or at home. U leave
But she was stubborn. She said that she needed to talk to me and she even marked that she didn’t seek any permission and just conveyed an info to me.

I agreed to her and she took me to the lone place we both would always prefer when we were in relationship. It was one of the amazing place in Delhi we would always go when we both were exhausted the years ago. She took me there. There, the broad lake still beaming in the moon light seems perfect spot for the romantic couple but why did she took me here and the most horrible thing is that she drove me off here by her own. Before I could ask her something she dragged me to the spot where I could see the dining table decorated beautifully and lovely for the two. She signalled me to come and we went there we had a mild dinner. After that she stood and went near the lake. I followed her asking “ can we move” she turned and glared at me with her eyes full of tears.
Dev: sonakshi kya hua…! Y r u crying. I’m sorry if..

Sona: y r u avoiding me dev. Dev it was almost 7 years I was without u. But when u see u for the first time after our separation my heart pondered to be in ur embrace but my ego overtook it. I don’t know dev u do I feel restless when u r not around me r u were not talking with me. I feel something that my heart fails to live when u r not there. Dev so u remember that u would always say that u would never leave me but u r the one who said me to get out of ur life, u r the one who said that u r happy that I can’t become a mother. U know how much u hurt me on that day. Do u ever think that those words were still ringing in my ears as that my love, my husband said those words to me. I’m really sorry dev for accusing on that day but I don’t know y I did that. But later I regretted to my mistake and I even got enough punishment. I don’t want it further dev, pls. I can’t look after suhana as a single mother here after dev, pls pls, do understand me.

Said sonakshi to which I asked….
Dev: what are u trying to say sonakshi…
Sona: Dev y don’t u understand that I still love you…yes I love u …..I love u dev..
Said sonakshi all through tears rolling like pond in her cheeks. Tears started to flow through my cheeks when she started. Later, she went down her knees saying,
Sona: will u accept me as Mrs Dixit again Dev.
That’s it for me, I was in cloud nine when she asked me that.
I made her stand and hugged tightly and said,
Dev: I LOVE U TOO SOANKSHI….I LOVE U…! I will never leave u here after sonakshi. I’m sorry I’m sorry for everything sonakshi. Pls, pls, forgive me. I still do feel for those words I said to u on that day sona but m sorry pls, pls.
Sona: Dev, there is no use of talking about the past dev.
We spent a quality time there when I remembered soha staying at home.
Dev: Sonakshi, come.

I dragged her to the car asking her to be fast as soha was alone at home with her dida and dadu alone to which sona said that she had already informed that they would be late as we have some imp work.
She closed the door and pushed me to the back seat closing the door behind me. She switched on the AC and came to the back seat closing the door. She leaned on my shoulders and started weeping.
Dev: sonakshi….what happen y did u cry now..
Sona: Dev, it was 7 years I had been hiding me emotions dev. U r the only one who never be pitied on me. I could cry only in front of u dev bcas u would never feel me low. U would never sympathize but be on my side wiping my tears. So I thought to at least shed my tears now before u. Don’t I have…
Before she could complete I hugged her tightly ensuring that I would need stop her crying.
She said me everything about her delivery time, her reports, sona’s first vaccination everything. Hearing all these a lone tear escaped my eyes falling on her face to which she tilted to see me.
Dev: I have so much na sonakshi. I have missed almost everything. Our daughter’s childhood….but I promise u now I would never leave u both sona…! Never…!

Saying so we spent some time and left fa the house after soha called us and asked to be present soon there.
We reached Bose house and my sasural within few days again. I smiled at my thoughts when sona said, “this is always ur sasural dev” I looked at her astonished that she still read my mind.
We went inside while soha came running to us.
The days were as normal and enthusiastic it could be as my sona is with me now ans I’m with her by all the time. It was the day when sona came to my cabin.
Sona: dev, y don’t we say about us to everyone. Coz this is not correct na dev.
Dev: let us say today itself sona. Let’s go home now.
We went home and opened up our relationship to Bose family they all were shocked especially Mr Bose. He gets enraged at me for again being in a relationship with her. No one agreed. But later everyone went to their room when at night Asha aunty came to our room when I ensured soha had slept and went near the couch.
Asha aunty knocked on the door and I opened. Sona also got up by the time.
Asha: Y did u both do this again.
We both couldn’t face her and bent down.

Asha: Y did u both again hid this. If u have said this to me I’m the first one to be happy. But no. Go I’m not going to talk to u both.
Dev and sona looked at each other and smiled and said aunty and Ma respectively.
Asha had been convinced and hugged both of them ensuring that she would be with them. Dev thanked her saying thank you Auntyji. But Asha glared at dev and said “ I mean Ma”.
Later Dixits were also been informed. Every1 except Ishwari and RR accepts ….
Later devakshi and soha were living in dixits house fa the week and in their room.
Dev: Suhana, do u know one thing. We both want to say u something beta come.
Suhana: Haan papa, say.
Sona: Soha, me and my papa had decided to be together again for u. For us. Do u accept with that.
Soha jumped in happiness saying,

Soha: wow…! Mumma papa thank you so much this is such a great decision. Superb…! I love u both. And now I can also be with u both permanently ….I don’t want to fear of being separating is it.
Dev and sona had tears in their eyes see in their daughter such happy for the first of not for sona…its definitely for dev.
Dev: we had already informed every1 and all have agreed.
Soha: what u said every1 ..? So u r saying me this at last. I’m angry at u papa….u both should say this to me first na…but no…!

Dev: completely like ur dida…haha..!
But listen soha…u know how lucky u r….bcas u r going to witness ur parents wedding really and u r going to njoy…
Soha:/wow….papa…this was amazing….again a marriage function after mamu’s….and that too my muuma’s and papa’s….great…I’m going to njoy this to the fullest.
Soha left the room leaving devakshi alone to golu’s room.
Sona: dev what is this. Marriage again…this is not necessary let’s do a register marriage dev.
Dev: No sona….I need u again with complete rituals. I need to take u again with everyone’s blessings.
It was all fixed and devakshi’s marriage took place.
Sona was taken to dixit’s house….everyone were happy except bejoy and Ishwari….they both don’t like the devakshi getting married again.

After the rituals…
Soha: Mumma papa, come let’s go and sleep it was already late. And I’m tired too.
Everyone looks at her shocked especially dev. But sona took her to the room.
Dev: what is this.
Devakshi room ( here after..?)
Dev: soha…!

Sona understood his move and asked him to change and sleep asap.
Dev went near soha and asked,
Dev: do we really need to sleep here, beta.
Soha: what kind of qns is this. We would always sleep here.
Dev thought something and smirked at sona.
Dev: Listen my princess, u know 1 ..? Only yesterday we discovered that there is monster here. ( thanks Priya…the monster idea is from ur os….hope u don’t mind dear)
Soha: what monster.?

Dev: yes my princess, so u stay in golu’s room today so that myself and ur mumma would fight with the monster and get it out of here. So that we would sleep here tomorrow at night without any disturbance is it.?
Soha: but papa, I didn’t see any monster here. Can I see that.
Sona laughs at them thinking how her husband is trying to drive off their daughter for one night to spend time with her.
Dev: No …no soha…u can’t see that….bcas u can’t see that. It won’t come before when a small child is there.
Soha: it won’t come na papa, then I would be here is it. So it won’t do u anything to u both too as I’m there.
Dev by now was exhausted, sona was laughing secretly at their talks to which dev glared at her and again she nodded a big impossible no to him.
Dev: listen baby, if the monster was here ….it would also eat u when u grow up. So myself and ur mumma would fight with it for our future use. OK now as a good girl go to golu’s room and sleep …go..
Soha: okay papa….but only today ok…?
Dev: haan OK dear…pakka…only today…
As soha said she ran to golu’s room….and slept.

Devakshi room
Sona laughed loudly at dev after soha went.
Soha: I’m really surprised dev….that how could u manage ur daughter so nicely. Really I couldn’t do this.
Saying so she locked the door after soha left. Dev goes near her and grabs her through waist and smirked.
Dev: so u r not waiting to spend ur day with me.
Both had a cute eye lock when dev picked her in a bridal style and spend their night in each other’s embrace.
The led a happy life there after…..but still Ishwari and bejoy continued to curse devakshi for their reunion…

That’s all guys…!
How was the os…..
Hope I didn’t bored u all..!
Is it good…! Pls give ur reviews…!
Waiting for ur cmnt…!
And I would post my ff…whenever I’m free…!
Sorry if this os didn’t reach up to ur expectations…!
And not poof read…so pls ignore the mistakes..!
Hope u enjoyed..!
Thank u guys..!
Bye everyone..!
Love u all..!

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  4. Fuggysona

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    imagine how will it be if shaheer and erica is acting in kaatru veliyidai??

    1. Heshine

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    Thank you Heshine.

    What mistakes, if there were any, I did not noticed because the story line was so good…There was sadness and there was happiness. It was just superb. Looking forward to the next episode.

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  11. Darshana

    This is the first time I am commenting in ur works and i am really happy to do so
    the os was just too good..perfect…in the actual serial too there is a need of forgetting their(devakshi) that once again they can unite..i hope thus happens soon!!!..just cant wait.
    but ur os was awesome..ishwari and bejoy should go to hell!!??
    keep posting..i know its tough as i am writing boards of 10th and soon entering 11th.?..but still whenever u get time!
    love u??
    if u don’t mind can i call u di?

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