Devils love A_Shivika_Os third shot


Devils love* A_Shivika_OS part 3


Anika is shown caressing her diary it contained many memories of her and shivaay!


A girl is shown working in a bakery shop! Hairs were falling on her face she was busy decorating the cake when a small boy came there running “didi when I was playing with my friends a man came there in max speed and dashed with vegetable seller! The boy said. “Okay sahil come let’s go there! Anika said. They both reached to the place the car was leaving when she took a bat and broke his car window “how dare you! Why the hell you broke my car mirror shivaay said. “O hello mr first see that man condition and argue with me he is fighting between life and death and you are worried about your car mirror disgusting person! Anika said.

“Hey! Mind your language ms! Do the heck you know I am shivaay Singh Oberoi said shivaay with attitude. “I don’t care who are you but as an human you have to save this person! Anika said. Finally shivaay gave up and took the man to hospital and paid the bills. Anika smiled at him and went with sahil. Days passed shivaay got attracted to anika mesmerising looks. He used to follow her everywhere but she wasn’t aware of it. He helped her in bakery sometimes and played with sahil too. Gradually anika became his obsession. Once he saw anika and a boy holding hands! He couldn’t bear this and at same night he beat him blue and black. When anika came and saw this she gave a tight slap to shivaay. He confessed her. Shivaay didn’t able to bear this insult and married her forcefully and took revenge from her everyday! One day finally she free herself from his clutches and escaped to somewhere far. Shivaay missed anika then he realised how much he loved her wanted her.

Flashback ends*

Scene 2

In a garden ishana was watering the plants! Omkara reached there and saw ishana with a smile! “Hi ishana! He said. “Hi om! What’s the reason for this sudden visit she said. “Nothing just like that only I came to meet you! He said. She nodded when she was leaving she slipped and fall on Omkara arms. Romantic song plays in bg.


Shivaay is shown boxing in a dark room. Words of om and rudra echoes in his ears. He thinks”what if my brothers are right I am blinded by this obsession and revenge I couldn’t see my love for her” he slept thinking about her.


Precap* – realisation and guilty. Second last part.


So guys how was it? Do tell me you’re reviews I’d be waiting to know them. Love you all ??! Do read my ts prologue AnShi a horror love story.

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