Devils love A_Shivika_Os first shot

Devils love* A_Shivika_OS first shot


Anika is shown in a big office working strictly! Her phone started ringing! She picked up the call!

Anika: hello whose is this??

Os: Buddhu you forget me I am your bff ishana how can you yaar this is not done!

Anika: sorry ishana I was busy in my work that’s it anyways any special reason for calling me??

Ishana: anika today is my birthday how can you forget I hate you!

Anika: sorry sorry anyways happy birthday my dear cute bff ishana! I will come to your house then you have to give me party!

Ishana: done okay at sharp 6pm bye!

Anika: bye!

She ended the call! She opened her drawer and there was a photo of her and shivaye!

(Anika PoV)

Why you did this to me shivaye I loved you truly but you played with me you are obsession for me killed our love shivaye I can never forget that night! I hate you shivaye Singh Oberoi ready to face hell now! Your countdown starts!

Anika PoV ends!


Oberoi mansion!

Shivaye gets up from the sleep! Omkara and rudra came there and saw the blood flowing from hand and a piece of cloth tied on it!

Om and rudra: what happen to your hand bro?

Shivaye explained everything about night accident!

Om and rudra: it was your fault bro if you didn’t do with anika that night she must have been with you now your obsession killed your love now she hates you like hell! Even now it’s not late tell her sorry bro!

Shivaye: shut up both of you! My anika can never hate me okay and she never left me she is always mine understand dammit!

He went from their angrily!

Dadi saw all this and felt bad for anika!

Dadi: don’t know when will come happiness in my shivaye and anika life why can’t they understand because of his obsession and her revenge everything will be destroyed!

Omkara: don’t worry dadi we will not let that happen we will make them understand!

Rudra: yes dadi bro is saying right! We will sort out everything before everything would get destroyed!

The trio look each other with sad face!


A girl is shown eating parathas! Anika and ishana came there and saw her eating like small child!

They said: soumya! You can never change foodie!

Soumya: so what! Don’t put your bad eye on my paratha you know na how much I love parathas don’t disturb me!

Anika : you na soumya you behave like a 5 year old kid!

Soumya: hahaha I am 5year old kid then you behave like 60years oldie! Always working and giving lectures to everyone! Happy birthday ishana!

Ishana : thank god at least you remember otherwise oldie forgot it!

Soumya and ishana hifi!

Anika: you two Devils I won’t leave you!

She started throwing pillows on them! The trio have a pillow fight and enjoy a lot!


Episode ends*

Precap: anika ishana and soumya party and Shivika meet!


So guys how was it? Did you liked soumya character! Do tell me your reviews I’d be waiting to know! Bye ishqbaazians luv you all πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ™‚πŸ˜»!!


  1. Neeti

    Di! How r u? Rmmbr me? Are Neeti! Edkv wali jo sir khati thi sabka! Ab to jarur yad agaya hoga. Gud to see ur ff here. Even I wr8 ff here nd also read ffs. It is really nice. I loved it! Pst nxt 1 soon. Nd yeah isbar jaldi nd lng1. I am waiting. Bye, luv u- Neeti

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