The Devil’s child Part 8,9 and 10

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Part 8
Sky was clear….trees were brushing against eachother as if embracing out of joy….everywhere light was spreading its magic….birds were chirping in their nest telling eachother about the love affair that was unique and distinct…. Angels were showering blessings on the two love birds….Finally the prediction had come true came true the Devil’s child had lost his heart to the God’s child…. This was all preplanned and now no one could stop God from winning the battle against the ruthless devil….
The love birds were sitting underneath a tree enjoying its magestic umbrella over their heads….he had kept his head on her lap while her fingers were caressing his dark locks….,”Arjun you were going to tell me the truth.”
ARjun who had heard her still kept his eyes closed….he was enjoying the soft feel of the curtain of her dark hair which was flashing on his face….
Radhika was irked…he was avoiding answering her questions since the time he reciprocated her feelings…,”Arjun please answer my question I don’t want any secrets between us.”
He got up and brought her to his eye level by sweeping her off the feet….,”Why do you want to ruin this radhika…aren’t we good without you knowing the complete me.”
Radhika looked straight in his eyes,”Arjun relationship should have transperacy atleast I feel so….Arjun I love you and I promise to always love you,come what may. ”
ARjun who was staring in her brown orbs was awstruck after hearing her confession….
He turned his back to her to hide the blood tears streaming down his cheeks….this were not just tears they were the wounds that bruised his heart since he was born….his heart wes yearning for someone to hold on to cry out his heart….he was always deprived of love for which he craved or I should say he stayed away to protect those he loved…
Radhika made him face her and what she saw left her shocked….blood oozing out of his eyes the face that she loved to watch was horrifying today….she pulled back her hand that was looped around his neck…
ARjun read the fear in her brown orbs and the feeling that the person he loved most was scared of him hit him hard….,This z who I am….I am neither a complete human or a complete devil….See my reality today which I never wanted to show you….Say that you love me still.”
His fangs eject out….he brought her closer and buried his face in the crook of her neck and brushed his fangs on her skin…,”Can you love a monster like me radhika….how you will face yourself in mirror after ruining your life in my love… radhika I cannot let this happen with you so its better you forget me and move on…I will always love you but your life z too precious for me and I cannot let my darkness take away your every reason to smile.”

Radhika cupped his face with trembling hands….all she saw was pain….yearning for love…that very moment all her fear went away….she tightened her grip on him and brought him closer and pressed her lips on his rough ones letting him know how deep z her love for him….RAdhika didn’t go any further because it was her first kiss and being a girl she wanted the guy to initiate their first kiss….ARjun understood and captured her lips….her gasp was lost in his mouth….he went on deepening it holding her tightly avoiding her to pull back and break their liplock….she stirred a bit but he assured her by placing a wet kiss on her chin….thereafter there was no pulling back or holding the flow of emotions which were impatient to display how deep they were….RAdhika pulled him closer by grabbing his collar tightly….she giggled in between….ARjun lost his senses completely in her smile and he pressed her mute button by invading her lips for round two…..
ARjun could feel and hear her racing heartbeats against his chest…..they were like a rhythmic melody for his ears….he took a oath to protect her and never spare anyone who tried hurting her even if it means rivalry against his own father,The Devil.
RAdhika could see the undying love in his eyes….she had never been so sure about something in her life…..her soft fingers intertwined in his….his arms locked around her forming the most protective shield of the world which no one could break….Radhika’s heart beating faster feeling him so close to her….her lowered gaze hiding from his intense one….she looped her arms around his neck and buried her face deep in his chest….

ARjun felt her sweet breath against his chest….her lips brushing there slightly awoking desires in him….he tightened his grip and brought her more closer until their breath mingled with each other…..his cool minty breath mixing up with her lavender scent…..
She whispered,”ARjun never leave me or let me go away from you.”
Arjun kissed her forehead and spoke on the top of her head..,”Baby I can’t leave you….you have your tiny arms looped around my neck and I don’t want to go away from you….Radhika you own my heart and your beautiful eyes have the power to bring me on my knees. ”
His words echoed in her ear and every cell of her body bloomed in happiness…. She kissed his jawline and claimed her place back burying her head deep in his chest….
ARjun’s insecure heart felt an amazing satisfaction after acknowledging that she reciprocated his feelings….
But this was not easy…..the path they had taken up was full of hurdles..Nothing could change his love for her but how long will his human side save a verge over the devil one….it was nearly impossible to stay together but it was difficult to stay apart too….Someday or the other the devil’s genes in him will show their colours and his human side will turn weak to stop the sinful instincts in him but the question remains will he hurt her or not?…..let’s see who wins blood or the heart….
Part 9
Two heavenly beings were lost in their deep conversation….
Person 1,”Finally the task z accomplished…. He has fallen for her and now no one can stop God from winning this battle against the Devil.”
Person 2,”Yes it was bound to happen…. Radhika z my best creation anyone will lost heart even a blind heart can’t resist himself from loving her…..I am just waiting for the day when Good emerges victorious over the evil so then I can take away her soul….she z like my daughter and I didn’t created her to leave her with that sinful humans….
Person 1,”Radhika loves arjun…she will never come back here….I will just say please don’t break her heart.”
Person 2,”I have spend ages picturizing her beauty… her character….I only have the right to decide her future…. It was important to tame the devil’s child otherwise I would have never let her away from my eyes….when her work z done she has to come back either by will or by force….she was not made to undergo the miseries of human life….I am her creator….her father and she will have to listen to me….I just can’t wait to meet her.”
Person 1,”You should leave this decision to God….let him decide what’s best for both of them.”
Person 2,”I made her to save humankind from destruction but have you ever thought about her safety…..The devil z suspicious once his doubts are confirmed he will try to harm my daughter and I can’t let that happen.”
Person 1,”He will protect her I know it.”
Person 2,”ARjun has the devil’s blood running in his veins and wherever you go….blood unites with blood….I can’t risk her life in this tug of war between the God and devil….I love my daughter and I am capable enough to protect her.”
Person 1,”I just wish being her father you could read her heart someday.”
Person 2,”You think I will be happy after seeing her gloomy face…..for God’s sake why don’t you understand I am the one who z concerned about her than all all of you….I am choosing her life over her happiness…. Just few months and then I will take away her soul from that human body…..devil shouldn’t get her soul otherwise no one can save this world from destruction. ”
Thereafter the person one went away to his abode when he felt there was no point arguing when the decision z made….

Moonlight was magical today….there was darkness but still the beautiful moonlight was giving immense happiness to every heart staring at it….
Radhika was pacing in her room with sleepdrugged eyes….her face buried in a thick book….she was splashing water in between to defeat the sleep that was trying to overcome her….Exam fear and the ambition to remain at the top was all she could feel….
Radhika was so engrossed in her book that she didn’t even notice ARjun standing infront of her staring her with love and affection…
ARjun was terribly disappointed because she didn’t even glance at him for almost 20 mins….his anger roze…his POV, “This z so not fair.”
He walked to her and snatched the book from her hands only to receive an annoyed expression from her…,”ARjun please give it back I want to study. ”
ARjun,”I have been standing here for almost 30 mins and you didn’t even glance at me once.”
RAdhika was struggling to take back her book but he raised the book and it was nearly impossible for her to get it now owing to her height which was way too less compared to
him….she was not a dwarf but had a good enough height of 5.2 but he was 5.10 plus he was standing on the balls of his feet to keep her away from the book…
ARjun was throughly enjoying her struggle to reach the book but failing everytime….her irritated expression was a treat to watch…Arjun felt as if her anger increased her beauty….
Radhika was tired of jumping to get her book and finally gave up,”Fine keep the book….you have the desire to repeat college then go on.”
He smiled at her cute anger,”For now I just have the desire to kiss you hard until you fight for your breath. ”
RAdhika’s face which was red with anger was now all covered with a pink blush….she lowered her gaze,”Arjun please can I have my book back.”
ARjun was no less….he grinned mischievously at her helplessness….,”What do you give me in return. ”
RAdhika very well knew what he was upto but pretended to be ignorant,”What you want.”
Arjun pulled her closer…,”You don’t know what I want…. why am I having hard time believing this.”
He lifted her chin and made her look straight in his eyes…,”Do you know I haven’t seen anyone more beautiful than you and now my eyes don’t wish to see something more beautiful than you….I love you more than you can imagine. ”
RAdhika,”Kiss me now I won’t pull back…pinky promise. ”
He lowered his torso and tilted his head to capture her lips…..he sweft her off the ground and captivated her in the most passionate kiss of her life….
ARjun pulled back when he could feel her struggle to catch breath …he waited for her breathing to come in terms with the sudden rush of air…..he glanced at her lovedrugged eyes….her cute nose…her crimson red cheeks…her pouted red lips void of lipgloss but still appearing bloodred owing to his assault on them….
Radhika took the opportunity and snatched the book when he was lost in her….,”If you are stubborn I am no less.”
ARjun smiled at her cute tactic,”I should leave now….all the best for exams and don’t miss me…I am around you even the air which you breathe has my scent. ”
RAdhika stood up and looped her arms around his neck while he lifted her….she placed a kiss on his cheek,”Love you…. I won’t miss you but you will have to miss me.”
Arjun chuckled, “That I do every second when you are not in my arms.”
He placed a chaste kiss on her forehead and left in his inhuman speed…
Devil could feel something going wrong which could kill his desire to rule the world forever..He was trying his best to read Arjun’s mind but his son was no less….he had formed a shield around his all thoughts and whenever devil tried manipulating him he would find his mind empty but devil could feel something different in Arjun’s body language…. It was as if he was not able to recognize this arjun whose world didn’t revolve around his father….
He could feel someone’s scent on arjun whenever he approached him but couldn’t make out who it was….the ruthless behavior in arjun had disappeared and this was a threat to his plan to capture the world….ARjun had stopped following his orders and was using his own conscience now which he never did….he was giving lame excuses which were not at all convincing the DEVIL….
ARjun’s human side was having a verge over the devil side and this was strangling the devil….he knew that if arjun risk his life to avoid doing sinful activities then his dream to rule the world would end forever….
Devil couldn’t accept the fact that his own blood was on the verge to betray him and someone was more important to him than the DEVIL himself….
His POV, “I need to find out what you are hiding son just once let me cast my eyes on that precious possession of yours then you will see how I destroy that whosoever who z trying to take you away from me.”

So Devil z aware of Arjun’s heart now and has a idea of that someone who z the reason of Arjun’s heartchanging….He knows someone has distracted Arjun from his goal….Now the question z what will he do to keep Arjun with him because his son z going insane in love everyday and will he hurt Radhika, whom arjun loves from the bottom of his heart…let’s see…
Part 10
It was newmoon night….Sky was decorated with stars and the new moon was increasing its glory…. Like the moon even Arjun was new today….he was no more the ruthless devil child instead now he was a mad lover deep down in love with his ladylove….
ARjun’s eyes gazed at the most eavesdropping sight infront of him which was none other than radhika….
He fisted to control his burning nerves….she was as if enjoying his helplessness gave him a tantalizing view of her bareback….she was dressed elegantly in a knee length red dress which fitted her like second skin….it was his gift to her and he had warned her against wearing it infront of anyone except him…..
Radhika could feel his intense eyes burning her skin by their undisturbed gaze on her flesh….as he walked towards her staring endlessly…her heart started beating faster….she blinked her eyelids when he gestered her to walk into his arms…
Radhika timidly went in his arms while he locked her in his strong grip…..his hand was brushing against her bareback and she was losing her senses completely every second….he buried his head in the crook of her neck and brought the strap of her dress down….he kissed her shoulder deep which made her moan out his name in ecastey…

Radhika gasped after feeling his lips on her collarbone… She took in a gush of air to swallow the moan which was about to escape her lips…he pulled back and lifted her in bridal style…
ARjun placed her on the bed gently made her lie on her front while he stared at the tantalizing view of her bareback….he whispered on her skin,”radhika will you mind if I do something which will hurt a bit…don’t worry not going to deflower you I just wanted to do this since from the very first day I met you. ”
RAdhika could feel the intensity in his his voice and however hard she tried to deny…she was loving every bit of it….she could make out that he was going to do something which will hurt her a bit but still she couldn’t resist whatever he was upto….she was scared inside but still assured him that she trusted him alot…
ARjun triumph in victory… His nails ejected out and he brought them closer to her skin….she could feel something pricking her skin though she couldn’t see it….he drew an initial of his name of his name….radhika couldn’t take it…she buried her head in the cusion to sob while her claws clasped the mattress tight….he had only finished skripting an A and still four alphabets of his name were left to be crafted….
Arjun kissed the place where he had hurt her,”Baby just four letters left I promise once its done I will heal you…let the pain recede. ”
RAdhika gasped,”Arjun its hurting please stop.”
Arjun placed wet kisses on her skin,”Baby I want my name on your body so that world knows that you belong to me…only me…I am establishing a connection with you in one way…from now on this sign will protect you when I am not around you….once the person tries touching you or hurting you he will face a strong resistance…. This are just not letters this z your shield against all the evil powers existing in this world…No one can touch you except me.”
RAdhika didn’t payed heed to what he was saying but just covered her mouth with her palm to avoid screaming out loud….she trusted him and was ready to bear any pain to make it upto him…
ARjun finally was done crafting his name on her back and he heaved a sign of relief…. This was necessary because he knew his father was all set to harm her after knowing her existence….this was just not his name but his powers inflicted inside every letter which would protect her in the crucial time….

ARjun rubbed his palm against her skin and kissed his name,”Baby its done now no one will be able to harm you.”
He flipped her and glanced at her exhausted face….he understood he had hurt her too much in the process of developing an unbreakable shield for her….streaks of sweat running down her angelic face… her dried tears made him curse himself for being hard on her but this would benefit her in future…. Her lifeless eyes were staring at him endlessly….
Arjun spoke on the top of her head,”Baby I am sorry for hurting you but this will protect you in danger…no one will be able to touch even a hair on your head and that’s a promise from your arjun.”
RAdhika pulled him closer,”what are you hiding arjun??…I know you didn’t had any intention of hurting me but the fact that you are hiding something z hurting me more.”
Arjun kissed the tip of her nose and brushed his lips against hers,”Radhika you will know everything but for now just trust me….I know what I am doing….your all questions will be answered at right time.”
Radhika nodded and buried her head in his chest and slipped in deep slumber thereafter….
Precap….Devil’s very first encounter with Radhika….

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