The Devil’s child Part 7

Hey friends….first toh sorry for disappearing with all updates….I didn’t mean to do that….so here I am with the next part….please forgive my grammatical errors I typed in haste….enjoy reading this one and do let me know your reviews…. Till then love you all?

Arjun was dragging his feet to reach his house…. he could have used his powers to reach in matter of seconds but the truth was he didn’t wanted to go back in the darkness where he was born….where he thought he was destined to live till eternity…..for once he wanted to give up his cursed life and lead a normal life with radhika,whom he lost his heart to…..the humans whom he thought to be stupid, weak mascots somedays back were actually the most lucky creatures living on this earth….atleast they had variety in whatever they loved or liked….but immortal beings had one daily boring,unchanged routine…..

As he closed his eyes,a drop of blood escaped his eyes….those were his tears which were screaming out the pain he felt….. Today he understood that even experiencing death was far better than leaving such a cursed life which had no end….
He let out a sarcastic laugh,”I should be happy that I will never die but here I am shedding blood tears.”
Arjun crashed on his knees….as he did so land beneath cracked into pieces…. Such was his power….he had the ability to break but he lacked the ability to mend….thing once broken by him couldn’t be mended anytime in future….

Arjun whispered while wailing,”why me?why not someone else…. I have been living in this unchanged form since last 100 years but now this reality of mine kills me every second….I want to experience death and get a relief from this cursed life of mine….I wish to get surrounded by my children, grand children,great children…. Tell them stories… Laugh on their tactics….love them unconditionally but it z just a wish and will remain a wish because a devil has no right to dream such blissful life…..a devil’s child z born to live till eternity and his only motive z to destroy everything that comes in his way….I am scared of my heart which z falling for her every second but I should stay away from her…..she deserves a lot better than me….most important she deserves a complete human away from any defaults that I possess in abundance….

He wiped his tears….even the thought of seeing radhika with someone else was suffocating him….but he was helpless…he had to let her go so that her heart will make place for someone else….still one thing was crystal clear that he will never forget her….those beautiful brown doe eyes….those rose petals like lips…..her slow moderate heartbeats still echoed in his ears making his heart skip a beat…..the more he thought about her the more weak he turned to accept the fact that they could be never be together….

Atlast he opens his eyes with firm determination to keep distance from her…..even the word distance was strangling him today but he had to bear all this pain to protect her from his own father…..because he very well knew that once devil comes to know about radhika then he won’t even back out to capture her innocent soul nd blackmail him to carry on with his sinful deeds…..he couldn’t even imagine someone torturing her this will be the worst phase in his life….arjun decided to stay away for her own good…..let’s see if radhika accepts this distance willingly…..

As the sunlight escaped through the window pane to fall straight on her beautiful face,she blinked her eyelids and got up…..
Radhika marched to the bathroom….she unzipped her nightdress and let the fabric fall on the ground….she wore nothing except that skimpy thing as it had built-in cups attached to it….her hand found its way to on the shower….
She stood with closed eyes,facing the cold showers hitting her petite form and awoking different sensations in her body…….
As the cold showers touched every inch of her body….a heat generated in her fragile form which was craving for something else….something which she knew yet she didn’t wanted to admit it….she blushed red at the very thought of him…this was the first time she seriously was interested in knowing a guy in all her 20 years life….this was something soothing yet the feeling was not ready to calm down….
She smiled and whispered, “my savior.”

Her mind replayed all the events of last night….his muscular hands caressing her soft cheeks….his hard chest pressed against hers….. Her finding solace in his arms…..his tender kiss on her forehead…. Oh how she wished him to kiss her until she fight for her breath…..

She smiled and wrote ‘SAVIOR’ in bold letters on the glass wall with her ever so wet forefinger…..
Radhika wrapped herself in bathrobe and walked out to get dressed….
Arjun who was signing some important documents in his cabin felt as if someone had called out his name in urgency…. He rested his head back and whispered, “radhika I so love you how I wish I could show you how much but I can’t.”
Radhika who was walking silently on the road….her pounding heart missing him every second….she was physically present but her mind was still engaged in last night’s heartmelting events…..
She was dying to see him,touch him,know him…..make him believe on her love for him but she knew he was purposely keeping this distance…..

Radhika was hell determined to see her savior today by hook or by crook….she didn’t mind hurting herself for getting his single glimpse for her own revival….
Her POV,”You may be well accomplished in building walls around us but even I have the excellency of breaking them….I will make you admit your love for me today, watch me do that saviour. ”
She glanced at the lonely road….her eyes capturing the danger infront of her like a hawk….there were a group of slugs sipping liquor….she knew what has to be done….
She walked to them allwhile walking seductively to lure them to hurt her and then no one in this world could save them from her savior….

His voice echoed in her ears,”Move back radhika… Don’t do this please… I said move back.”
She stubbornly refused, “No I won’t till you come to save me.”
Arjun’s retorting voice, “you b*t*h I said move back…before them I will strangle you.”
Radhika chuckled,”I will be more than happy to die at your hands savior. ”
She reached those people whose eyes were reflecting lustful gazes on her….
Radhika smiled, “Could you please help with the route…I think I am lost.”
Her mind calculating how many mins or seconds he will take to come and teach them a good for troubling all the locals especially girls…..

Those slugs glanced at her from head to toe admired her perfect curves with their sinful and lustful gazes….. She was a treat for them as she was both beautiful and alone…..
They surrounded her and tried touching her despite her grunts….radhika who was not even a bit scared few seconds back was shivering with slumbness….she thought it won’t be this risky….
One of them tried to separate her slender form from her jacket…..she tried protesting but all her scowling stopped when she heard a familiar voice which commanded to Get off her….
Her insides were overwhelmed with joy when she laid her eyes on her savior…..
Guys sorry for interruption….. I just wanted to remind you people that radhika does not even know arjun’s name….I know you people have a great memory but just did my duty….
Arjun was as angry as bull….his flared nostrils….bloodshot eyes…fisted hands were screaming out that no one on the earth could save the one who watched his radhika with lust….
He walked to them and twisted the wrist of the man who was trying unzip radhika’s jacket….the man groaned painfully but nothing could stop arjun today…
Radhika didn’t failed to notice that the place where her savior touched the man got burned
Arjun didn’t wanted to use his devilish powers infront of her but that did not mean that he won’t punish them for misbehaving with his love….

He unclasped his belt which was hugging his waist and removed it to show them how bad he z with those who engaged themselves in lowly deeds like ripping a girl’s dignity….
He thrashed them until they were covered with bruises but he was not satisfied with this….he wanted to continue punishing them but he glanced at radhika’s terrified face……she was scared to even meet his gaze….
He clasped the belt around his waist and walked to her,his eyes not averting their gaze on her….
Arjun touched her wrist which had a red mark and it was marring her ivory skin….his anger was fueled after seeing it but rightnow he had to erase that ugly mark off her….
He brought her hand closer to his lips and placed a deep kiss on her wrist and the mark disappeared like she never got it…..she was shocked and scared after seeing this….

But this was not over yet….she deserved a good scolding from him for this stupidity which could bore disastrous results….
Arjun screamed on the top of his voice, “are you out of your mind radhika…What if I would have not come today….what if they would have hurt you brutally…. Why you had to do this,answer me now.”
She was already shivering with fright after seeing his anger display….tears started rolling down her cheeks…
Arjun’s heart melt after seeing those pearls like tears….he hugged her tightly letting her know what she meant for him…..
Arjun whispered, “Promise me you will never do anything that will harm you in anyway possible.”
She pulled back and looked straight in his eyes…”I will promise but on one condition.”
Arjun gave her a questioning look….

Radhika, “Promise me that you will never drive me away from you savior… I want to be around you….I want to stay in your arms till my last breath….I want to inhale your scent and let it mingle with mine.”
Arjun smiled at her innocence,”radhika you don’t know a thing about me and you have dreamed of spending your whole life with me.”
She kept her hand on his exposed chest and rested her head there to listen to his racing heartbeats….
Radhika, “You are right I don’t know anything but one thing that I know z enough for me to ignore all the other things which I don’t know.”
Arjun chuckled, “what z that thing radhika.”
She replied hurrridly with faith in her voice,”that you love me.”
Arjun spoke in a pained voice, “Yes I love you….you can’t even imagine how much….but we can never be together.”
Radhika retorted, “why we can’t be together.”
He separated himself from her,”Some questions are better left unanswered. ”
She clutched his arm before he could leave her like he did last night….
Radhika,”I want the answer and till you don’t give me my answers I will continue hurting myself like I did today….you can’t save me everytime.”

Arjun fumed,”You will not do anything like today,promise this.”
Radhika, “Not until you answer my question.”
Arjun lost his control and shreiked, “I am not like you radhika…. I am something which you can’t even imagine in your worst nightmare….. I am a sinner please just stay away from me I don’t want to hurt the person I love most….please I beg of you stay away from me.”

She hugged him and buried her face deep in his broad chest….
Radhika smiled,”I am not scared of getting hurt if I am scared of something then that’s staying away from you.”
She continued, “atleast tell me your name I don’t want to know anything which will keep us apart.”
Arjun kissed her forehead and spoke,”arjun”.
Radhika spoke in a innocent voice, “Now even your name z driving me crazy….how I wish we always stay like this forever.”
Arjun tucked her hair strands behind her ears and placed a kiss on her crimson red cheeks…
Arjun,”I have to tell you everything but what if you leave me after knowing me completely. ”
Radhika kissed on his jawline, “I will never leave you even if you ask me to do so.”

Precap….Loving him with all the bad he has….. Good times don’t stay for too long….

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