The Devil’s Child (Part 11,12)


Part 11
The King of darkness had decided to destroy the reason which was changing Arjun’s recesses of heart….He couldn’t let Arjun sip away from his grip, but he was helpless as Arjun had smartly created a shield which was not letting him read his thoughts…. It was so powerfully effective that he couldn’t use his dominance on Arjun…He was waiting for full moon night when all the evil powers will be weak as the clock will strike 12…This was the only excellent opportunity left to trap Arjun…

Arjun’s negligence towards his own creator was making the things worst….He was masking away the nobility shrewdly, but it was hell impossible to fool your own blood…He could make out that Arjun had stopped his vicious activities….He had started believing in good and his drawn towards the evil was deceasing every single day….The evil douchbag could think nothing other than how to pull Arjun back on the path he had been walking since birth….

Everyday he only got one dream which will leave him fully soused in fear….A girl was striking him with the lightening and burning him to flames, but the obstacle was he would never get to see that girl’s face…..The only sustenance was a diamond studded bracelet which was on his slayer’s wrist….He had seen the future and his visions always came true….He was hell determined to change his future….Incontestably, he knew that he had to assassinate her before she electrocutes him, But the fortuitous way to find her was that Bracelet….
His instincts unfolded the very first clue that it was a rare piece and something was superficial about that ornament….His mind had accumulated the image of that jewel his alleged slayer wore….He couldn’t forget the divine glow coming out from her torso and burning his eyes making him blind….He was anxious and restless thinking about the same nightmare everyday….But somehow he was trapped in the prison of this slaughtering thoughts….

On the contrary, Arjun was leading a blissful life….His happiness was unfathomable….He never felt this happy in all the ages he lived until now, But the only fear that kept suffocating him was the devil’s blood running in his veins which will show its destructive trait someday….He’ll hurt her someday, he just could just speculate it…
As he gazed at the sleeping beauty leaning and hiding her face in his chest….a small smile bloomed on his marble cut face….Her dark stresses spread exquisitely over him….Her sharp artistic features had created a spell on him…She mumbled naively,” Arjun, stop staring at me….it feels weird.”

He gazed at her with wide opened eyes and bruised his rough fingers on her crimson cheeks,” You are heart-stirring.”
She lifted her eyelids which she had closed till now and gazed at him with a flushing glow enrapt on her face,” Arjun, I have heard that from many.”
A fuming rage took over him and he tightened his clasp on her arm….A sudden burning jealousy reviewed, a rankling fury dissected inside him….He couldn’t take that his love was being appreciated by the other males too….His devil instincts refuted him to scoop all the eyes from their sockets which dared to watch her….He intertwined his finger in her dark strands and pulled her up clutching her face not that gently….,” Never ever compare me to others.”

She gave him a twinkling smile and whispered,” I wasn’t comparing my Love, I was in a roundabout way demanding you to say something different.”
He loosened his grip and held her mildly….he brew hot breath on her collarbone and spoke in a intoxicated tone,” How about I show you.”
He could feel her racing heartbeats and her shallow breathing…He couldn’t describe how much he loved that scarlet blush on her cheeks and those red rosy lips, nothing could tempt him more than that juicy cherry taste….How could he ever forget that midnight dark stresses fanning his face and shielding him from the world, But she was more beautiful inside….Those brown eyes full of compassion…those lips always blabbering something genuine…Words were just not enough to describe her…He considered himself not worthy of ever defining her….
He pecked her forehead,”
Baby, I think God must be living in pain after sending you on earth to a devil like me…..You make me melt like hot fudge on sundae….I wish to lock you up with me in a dark place where no one can see how beautiful you are, except me….”

She gripped his collar and murmured enticingly,” Who the hell has stopped you from doing that.” In a fraction of second, his lips landed on hers and captured her in the most ravishing kiss of her life….She stirred a bit but he went on deepening it holding her neck in a unyielding grip….He released her after a good five minutes when he realized she lost the ability to breath….
She moved her forefinger on her swollen lips and spoke tenaciously,” That was rapturous.”
He gazed at her passionately and replied in a sturdy tone,” Pleasure z all mine.”
She kissed the tip of his nose and spoke tantalizingly,” How about a round two.”

He cupped her face and spoke brushing his lips against her skin,” Apologies my fair lady, but time to drop you home.”
She pouted her lips repulsively, but he swept her off her feet and stormed out of the Wildwood in a tenacious speed…..
But both were unaware of the two sinful and immortal beings watching them from a distances….Those were the attendants of Devil following their master’s command….
He dropped her near the gate of her institute….He pecked her forehead and got ready to leave, But she caught his hand and chirped, “ Arjun, I want to see where you live.”
He abstained his hand back and gave her a furious look and spoke in a fierce and thick tone,” Radhika, GO INSIDE…its not safe to stand here.”
She wiped the distance between them and spoke softly,” Mr Grumpy, no one can even touch a hair on my head till I have you…..please Arjun I want to know you more.”
He pushed her away slightly and replied in a grim frantic tone,” Radhika, I advice you to stay in your confines and don’t try to awaken my anger by your relentless tantrums.”
She tried to come closer but he objected in a quick and crude tone,” Stay there.”

A tears instantly trickled from the corner of her eye, He saw it but put on a frenetic look…he balled his hand into fist to control himself from turning fragile on her….She looked at him with earnest eyes, “ Arjun, why are you doing this???…you know I have accepted you then why this secrets between us??”
He looked at her with a bit delicacy in his dark eyes,” Radhika, my secrets can take your life….so please don’t push me to do something which we both will regret later.” He spoke in a clipped low yet firm tone…
Her eyes full of belief and reliance on him were killing him every second….He knew the time they will spend together z short-term and un-prolonged…They came from two different world and their creators had a cut throat rivalry….He had recognized the divine sustenance inside her, but she wasn’t aware of it still…..if the most unfortunate day comes and they have to fight against each other, he’ll gladly die at her hands….He knew that day will surely come, but he just didn’t wanted to destroy her happiness right now….

Part 12
As he got to know that they were together, his anger knew no bounds…He clutched his fist tight…His red eyes were mad with rage….He could think nothing else other than assassinating that girl who was making Arjun feeble every second…
His POV,” Just live your life to fullest in this three weeks because after that you’ll never see the sun again.”
He let out a vicious laugh full of depravity as he planned his evil motives….
Radhika was in a deep slumber, but her facial expressions were as if she was terrified…She was having a nightmare…
The place was very familiar, but she couldn’t acknowledge it…She was standing and someone dressed in black cloak was throttling Arjun….Her Arjun…He let out a painful cry as he crashed on the ground and looked at her with tears filled eyes…He spoke in a broken and choked voice,” Run Radhika…Save your life.”
She was pleading him to wake up…”Arjun no please don’t close your eyes….you can’t live me alone….I won’t let anything happen to you.”
He just whispered in response,” I love you so much….please go away before he breaks all the shields I have created around you.”
He closed his eyes with a despair look on his face….

She got up with a jerk and shrieked in a loud ear piercing voice,” ARJUNNNNNNN…..”
She was sweating profusely and her eyes were shedding unstoppable tears…Her heart was beating at a abnormal rate….her breathing was haggard…She was shivering in fright…Suddenly she was pulled in a tight embrace,” Baby, it was a dream…Relax, I am here.”
She hugged him tight, burying his face deep in his hard chest, she whispered between her sobs,” Arjun I’ll end my life if you close your eyes never to open them again.”
He gripped her neck and pulled her face back roughly and spoke in a harsh tone,” You’ll never think of ending your life even if you see me for the last time….promise me that.”
Her face again claimed his chest and she sobbed,” First promise me you’ll never leave me.”
He kept on kissed her head repeatedly and spoke in a soothing tone,” Radhika if I ever close my eyes in front of you for the last time then you’ll always feel my presence around you though you won’t be able to see me….The breeze fanning your face and brewing you dark hair will be me….I cannot promise anything more than this….I am sorry.”
She cupped his face and rubbed her nose to his,” Why?”

Blood tears streamed down his cheeks and he spoke in a exasperated voice,” Baby, its beyond my capacity to promise you our togetherness forever….we will have to apart one day…”
She wiped those tears flowing out in pain from his hazel grey eyes…,” I want to marry you.” She said in a newly renovated voice…
His eyes widen with shock….his jaw dropped as he conveyed to himself what she just said..
The Heavenly Beings were watching them with a stupefied look on their face….Her creator was traumatized hearing her wish….he couldn’t help but feel pure and complete distress….’She should know the truth soon’ was all he could mumble to himself….
Back on earth…Arjun refused Radhika in a clear stern tone,”
Baby, you don’t know what you are talking….we can’t marry each other.”

In a minute, her eyes started pouring….she knew the reason but still unpleasant thoughts crept,” Why he does not want to marry me???….”
He cupped her face and wiped her tears,” Baby, marrying you will be the only right deed I would ever do, but not at the cost of your life.”
She lifted her eyes and looked at him with a desolate expression,” Arjun, I understand but…..” she buried her face in his chest and wept…
He pecked her forehead and lowered her on the bed….he pulled the blanket over her,” Sleep, my love.”
He got up to leave and glanced at her once and sneaked outside the window…

Spreading sunrise, pinkish glow, clouds tinted, colours spread across the sky announcing the new day, orange and reds painted across the clouds, as if by a celestial hand…
Sun rays deemed through the glass window and found their way on her face….She murmured some low curses in a clipped tone and lifted her eyelashes to welcome the new day finally…
She pulled off the blanket and marches to the washroom to freshen up for the day…
Even water drops coming down with ferocity couldn’t hide her tears….her eyes were shedding unstoppable tears hinting her pain….
‘why they can’t stay together????…why they can’t marry each other….why she had to fall this deep for a devil??? Her mind kept on questioning Almighty repeatedly, hoping the divine power will answer her someday….
She gulped down her pain and got ready unwillingly to attend her class…His thoughts dominating her every minute….
As Radhika entered her college…her friend was shocked to see her condition…her pale face was showing clearly her turmoil…she decided to ask her later when she z ready to talk….
She pulled her to sit beside her….she warned her to concentrate otherwise their professor was no less than a Dracula….
On the other hand, Radhika was scribbling something on her desk…when Diya(her friend) glanced at it, her eyes opened wide in shock….Her friend never talked about boys and here she z scribbling the name of someone she never met…

Radhika was affectionately moving her fingers all over her savior’s name….This name had captured her both heart and soul in a ironic grip..
But, the fear was still there….what if her dream comes true!!!!….

Hii Dearies….I thinking its almost more than a month since I updated on this ff…many were asking me that m I leaving it incomplete…..
So the answer z I never leave anything incomplete…So chill Guyzz….I’ll complete what I started though it takes time….that’s a promise….
So howz this update???…hope its not that bad because didn’t crosscheck it….ignore my typo errors….
This one z dedicated to one of my favourite person….Abha Di….you have been asking me to update and I was delaying it…so sorry to keep you waiting my glyc….so I hope now you will drop the idea to send a devil under my bed, because I am dead scared….look am shivering in fear….lol…love you…
Next one I’ll try to update soon….till then byee…love you all….

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  1. Jessie

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    U never fail 2 fascinate me with ur writing style.. Absolutely fantastic updates..n gosh..The devil knows.its end n he throttles Arjun..! Radz gonna kill him ..yay!! I love tat electrifying idea!! Arjun was next 2 her when she dreamt.. ? Arjun’s pain.. my god.! I felt pity on a devil’s child.. Will Arjun get 2 know abt devil’s plan in Advance..Supriya.. the heavenly beings were stupified n creator in trauma..tats super..I want him 2 be so.. its less compared 2 Ardhika’s pain.. eager 4 nxt one.. its supriya’s magic wand which 2 feel 4 a devil’s love..!!

    Will be waiting 4 updates n especially 4 heart of mine still.loves u..

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Jessie Di?loads of love?wow I really loved your comment?you made my day?my magic wand!!!?the credit z to all you people only?i m greedy for your love?million hugs for you?Keep smiling?

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey i m a silent reader of ur ff and i loved it a lot the way u write is just amazing and devil’s child the title suits so well i think if i m not wrong it’s from a English movie right i saw that movie as i m a big fan of horror movies

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks a ton Fatarajo?i haven’t watched the movie….I m writing what’s coming in my mind?Stay Blessed?

  3. Awesome 🙂

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  4. mindblowing episodes………awesome……..

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  5. Hey…Dear. .
    It’s fantastic. ..superb….
    I really enjoyed each part. ..
    Thanks for giving such a wonderful story. .
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    i love it gummie ..and i am crying too pls make radhika to realise her powers soon and i want them to unite ..lovely well sorry to say this but pls update your love you forever soon iam little biased to that one

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      Thanks Doll? I have been updating continously so need a short break…..will update as soon as I finish…. This days really busy with studies…. Love you?

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    Ayee… Sach mein.. I think I need to accept Wilson’s if I Get the offer… Taking your class will be fun ??… I don’t care about others.. will come for you…

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    Abha di… See my baccha got so scared.. I still remember she was so scared that day.. lol devil under the bed.. lol

    Now come back soon With the next one and update the others quickly too

    Love you to infinity’s ??

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks a ton Mummy?you can take my class till your heart’s content?Arjun can’t marry her because they come from two different worlds?war z bound to happen….. wait for that?i m still looking down to see whether the devil z under my bed or not?love you?may you always remain this happy?

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