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lets start with a smile


@ wedding hotel

twinkle is getting ready for her sangeet ceremony
she is wearing a sleeveless golden and peach coloured lehanga
with slight diamond jewellery

her hairs are opened and fully straight only the lower part is
only curled

she is looking damn gorgeous

kunj is wearing a peach coloured coat with brown jeans and white shirt

mahi is wearing a orange coloured full sleeve lehanga
with slight gold jewellery

her hairs are opened and fully curled

uv is wearing a orange coloured coat with black jeans and white shirt

chinki is wearing a sleeveless light blue coloured sleeveless lehanga
with transparent silver coloured dupatta

all of them were looking gorgeous

they came in the hall to celebrate the ceremony

the groom sided people sat in one side

and the bride sided people sat in other side

then suddenly chinki speak up

chinki- ladies and gentleman
we all have gathered here together to celebrate the sangeet ceremony of twinj and yuhi

lets start dancing

first yuhi will dance on the song
nagada sang dhol baje

yuhi went on dancing

they danced very well and were very happy

after their dance end

chinki- now our favourite couple twinj will dance on ek vaari aa song from raabta

twinj went on dancing

they were dancing
suddenly kunj whispered something in twinkle’s ears

kunj- jaaaan u are looking so hot
but ur bestie is looking more s*xy than u

twinkle- don’t u dare to think something bad about chinki
what kind of a man u are
don’t u have any shame
u shameless cheap blo*dy man

kunj- how dare u to badmouth
and what a man am I
I’ll show you after marriage
be ready baby

and about chinki
don’t ur bestie told u that she and me are having affair
so better u stay quite

# twinkle’s pov

wow! chinki is successful in
trapping kunj
thanks chinki u are my real friend
I’m now awaiting only for Avi
after that kunj will. see
akhir hum chis kya hain

# end of her pov

in the meantime the song ended
and everyone clap for them

suddenly the lime light falls on a boy
he is wearing a black jeans black coat and white shirt

he is revealed to be none other than AVAAY aka AVI

Avi- how can u all forget inviting me
haan leela aunty
u only love your daughtersand dammads
I’m so hurt

Leela- how can u forget u avi puttar
mein tere nu kaise vul sakti hun

avi- then apne mujhe Q invite nahi kiya
kal raat ko twinkle ne mujhe invite kiya

# kunj’s pov

ab ye namuna kaun hain
twinkle ne ise khud invite kiya phone kar ke
kahi iske saath twinkle ka koi chakkar to nahi chal raha he
nahi nahi iye kaose ho sakta hain
abe kunj tu vi na kya soch raha he
pagal kahi ka

# end of his pov

as soon as twinkle saw avi sh rushed towards him
and tightly hugged him
to show to kunj
she spoke loudly so that kunj can hear
I missed you soo much baby
thank God tu finally aa gaya
I’m so happy
ab shadi me bohot maja ayega

avi- u are right
now lets go dancing

twinkle- yah lets go

they went on dancing

they danced on sab tera song

kunj was so jealous seeing them

after the ceremony ended they went to each other rooms

chinki have called both twinkle and Avaay in her room

after they went to her room
they locked the door

chinki- I have a very important
thing to tell you
and she tells the full incident about the welcome back party

and now starts the main reason

chinki- tum sab janna chahte ho na ki Q kunj aisa kar raha hain to sunho

10 saal pehle
main twinkle kunj read in same standard

and yuhi were 2 yrs older than us
twinki tujhe to yaad hi hoga ki kunj ekbaar cheating karne ke waje se suspend ho gaya tha
we all know that he didn’t cheated
someone kept the cheats in his bags
but kunj thought that twinkle have kept the cheats after planning with her boyfriend

twinkle was going to say something

but chinki said

chinki- let me complete
thik hain hum kaha the
kunj thought that twinkle did it
and ue bast uske dimaag mein Alisha ne dali
he believed her as she showed her some fake proofs
he loved u from college life
he was completely shattered
as firstly his one year was losted
and secondly his love betrayed him
he thought that u have boyfriend cause u used talk with avi hours upon hours in phone
but he still love you

but his hatred is not allowing him to feel his love

Avi- I was not her boyfriend
we were just good friends
but whats the need of me here

twinkle- yah avi is right
we were just friends
and this alisha
she flirted with kunj from beginning
she doesn’t like me at all
I’m sure that she had kept the cheats in his bags

chinki- I know everything
abd we need u avi to make kunj jealous
to make him feel his love for twinkle
u have to pretend that you both are in a relationship
can’t u do this for ur childhood besties?

avi- I can do anything for you both
okay I’m ready

twinkle- yah I’m also ready
I’ve to make kunj believe that it was done by alisha

chinki- and I’ve to be close to kunj to know what is in his mind

and we have to execute our plan
from tomorrow


and all nodded in yes

@ kunj’s room

kunj- is twinkle ki himmat kaise hui kisi aur ke itna karib jane ki
and he was drinking so much
his eyes were blood red
suddenly he got call from alisha

k- hlw alisha desr today I want you to satisfy my hunger

a- then come to my home darling

k- yah I’m coming

and he took the keys of car and went to alisha’s house

@ alisha’s room

a- kunj u have came
I’m so happy

k- I can’t wait more

a- ok ok lets start

k- yes

and he started putting off her clothes

now she was only in undergarments

he started unhooking her upper undergarment

alisha started unbuttoning his shirt

they were naked

he covered themselves with a blanket
and made love

the screen becomes dizzy and freezes



kunj wake up in alisha’s room
alisha was smiling
kunj was angry
later twinkle and avi’s drama of romance
kunj jealous
their mehendi ceremony
more drama awaiting


hey guys thanks all for
ur support
I am so happy to see the no. of comments on previous post
hope in this post u people will also comment
hope I didn’t bored u
please drop your comments
and silent readers please comment

that’s all……
take care…..
love u all…..
keep smiling…..



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  1. Lovey_kz

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    hi it is awsm epi and this link of my second epi to read it

  3. Sorry to say ayesha but i didn’t liked alisha and kunj consummation….

    1. I know i sound rude but its my opinion so u cant show such nonsense about our twinj

  4. Sohi

    Nice episode
    But very sorry to say last scene was horrible
    I want to say something here every reader and writer is very possessive about twinj jodi, so we can’t tolerate anything like this

    I’m sorry if I hurted you
    But I said what I felt


  5. Purvi128

    Hey Ayesha…!
    That was amazing yarrr.. too good..! The past was really bad..!
    How can Kunj doubt his love..! This Alisha.. hate her to the core…
    Nd as Adeeba nd Sohi said…! Me too didn’t like the last part..! Hope i Haven’t hurt you..!
    Post you?

  6. Hi ayesha,i am a silent reader ….u r amazing writer ???episode was mind blowing ,amazing..???yrr par me kuch kehna chati hu plz don’t mind yrr kunj aur alisha consummation I did’t liked …yrr sry ager tumhe bhura laga ho sry & post soon yrr I am waiting love u yrr bauat Sara???????????????

  7. The first half was amazing?????Butt Alisha ????. I didn’t like Kunj and Alisha wala scene????
    Sorry If I sound rude, it was just my opinion.

  8. Very nice happened with kunj but that alisha part i didnt like and show some more jealousy part of kunj

  9. Sanam kapadia

    Hey aishu it was really nice now kunj will regret nd twinkle will get to know abt their consumation she will bust in tears nd it was dam interesting love u post soon

  10. Ayesha51

    note to all
    in my intro and prologue of my ff
    i have said that kunj is
    addicted to f**king girls
    and this is the initial character of
    I know that you people will not like it
    and I expected this comment
    after receiving this comment I’m
    successful in portraying the dark side of kunj
    slowly kunj will know the truth
    and will regret
    and will become twinkle’s love
    so wait for the day
    and don’t need to be sorry
    I wanted this comment thts why
    I wrote it
    but sorry to make ur lovable kunj bad

  11. Farwah fathima

    Hi ayesha
    The epi was amazing
    but except the last part
    I just hate that alisha
    Plz don’t mind dear
    USS scene ko twinkle ka sapna bana do….
    Sorry if u have felt bad
    It was just my opinion
    Do continue ……
    Waiting for the next epi plzzzz post soonest
    Ho sake toh aaj hi kardo plzzzzz
    Lots of love

  12. Presha

    Loved it…
    Post soon..
    Love u…

  13. so u revealed y kunj is torturing tw.revelation was nice. but alisha and kunj no way. I hope unn donno ki beech kuch hua nehi.kunj become unconscious something like that. I don’t want this devil kunj no epi se try to make kunj guilty of his deeds

  14. SidMin23

    Everything was nice but kunj and Alisha big no wish twinkle will make him suffer now as what he is doing

  15. Twinj

    I really didn’t like this side of kunj but I can never hate him….N how can I forget kunj is a devil in this ff n he should have this bad side….no matter what the storyline was awesome….past revealed…kunj should have trusted his love…hope for the best..waiting eagerly for the jealousy track…post asap..

    1. Ayesha51

      glad you understand
      thanks a lot dear for
      your support
      will post soonest
      lots of love

  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    AMAZING interesting shocking epi

  17. oh god amazing yrr……..♥
    loved d episode Ayesha srriee cmnting widout login in…….
    srsly marveeleous bt sad too yrr alisha ke saath wala scene was nt gud bt as a devil its k….♥
    sooooo marvelleous n speechless it was loving d stry……..
    post soon dear…….♥
    lods of love……♥♥♥
    amazing it is…………♥

  18. Ramya

    Awesome ayehsa amazing how one
    But bata nahi kunj ko akal kab ayrga
    Post soon

  19. Aamu

    That was superb..uknow i read now ur previous too..
    I poved dat…
    N dis was also perfect..kust perfect…
    N about der consummation….its ur story n u hav thought of it..n ofcourse its of twinj…den i don mind….
    But yaa…v want twinj romance more…?..
    Pls huh..!!!!
    Wen dey will b together v want romance..
    Loveee u dollll…

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