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me Ayesha is again back with the next part of this ff
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@ twinkle’s room

twinkle is sitting in her bed wearing a white colored one piece with floral prints
she is waiting for chinki

then suddenly chinki comes
she was wearing a black jeans and a pink sleeveless top

twinkle- chinki jaldi bol
have u any plan to findout the reason behind his hatred?
please jaldi bol

chinki- are twinkii tu itna tension kyun le rahi ha
maine ek plan socha hai

and she tells the plan which is muted

twinkle- wow! chinki u are great

chinki- I know that
but is plan ko successful karne ke liye mujhe kunj ke karib jana hoga and I have to tell him something which is against u
please don’t misunderstand me

twinkii- are tu pagal hai kya
main aur tujhe misunderstand karu. are u crazy?

chinki- ok ok drama queen
ab stop ur drama

twinkle- main koi drama queen nahi hun

chinki- sorry sorry I forgot that tu to siyappa queen hai

and then twinkle becomes sad

sorry twinkii mujhe ye baat nahi kehna chahiye tha
I know this is what kunj says u

no no that’s not ur fault

ok ok sab rona dhona band and now concentrate on the plan

okay baby……

@ kunj’s room

kunj is sitting in a bed and watching some adult film ( shadi ke baje se wo sab ek hi house main hain )

suddenly someone knocks at the door

he opened the door and saw chinki was standing on the door

she was wearing a short top which was only upto her navel
and a mini skirt
and was looking hot

suddenly kunj’s lusty eyes fall upon her and his etes started exploring her full body

chinki- kunj
will u not allow me in ur room?

yah yah of course
come chinki

then she entered his room and sit on the sofa

then she started chatting with him

chinki- twinkle is so happy to have a hubby like u kunj
u are so hot and s*xy!

how lucky she is ?

suddenly kunj thought something

kunj’s pov

ye chinki bhi to ek hot bomb hai
ha twinkle se kam hai but chalega
I have to trap her

end of his pov

and he smirked

kunj- chinki u are also very hot
you are more beautiful than twinkle

chinki- really then why are u marrying twinkle
why are you not marrying me ??

kunj- ek majboori hain
thats why I’m marrying her
but if u wish we could live in a

chinki- u mean extra marital affair ???

kunj- u are very intelligent darling

then I understand that you are ready for a relationship


but for that u have to tell me why u are not marrying me?
what’s your majboori

I will tell you everything

then listen

and he tells her something which is muted

chinki- oh my God!
no kunj it is not true
I know twinkle from childhood
she is not that type of a girl
she can’t betray u

kunj- But it’s true jaan
she is a betrayer

chinki- ok ok
I’m here to give you comfort na

and they shared a hug

chinki was feeling awkward

ok we’ll have a date tomorrow
ok darling

but now I have to leave
else twinkle will suspect me

ok baby
and she left


@ twinkle’s room

chinki comes

Chinki- twinkle now listen
I will tell you everything later
but now 1st listen to me

you have to make kunj jealous

twinkle- jealous!
but why?
what happened?
clearly tell me chinki

we have not enough time to discuss this

call our childhood friend Avi ( u can imagine Ahem sharma as Avi aka Avaay )

we need him to fulfil our next step

ok I will call him today only and will ask him to come India from Canada
fine chinki

yah twinkii

after some time

twinkle was calling someone

t- hlw dear avi
You have to come to India from Canada

a- what happened twinkle
why are you calling me to India sudden

t- u know kunj
my marriage is fixed with him
so I’m inviting you
and its not a mere invitation
I have a special reason to call you
I can’t tell you everything in phone
I’ll tell u everything after we meet
please come
its a request from both me and chinki

a- achha baba
I’ll surely come
how can I deny your and chinki’s invitation
after all you both are my childhood besties
I’ll definitely come tomorrow

t- yah bye and gd n8
take care na

a- bye
u also take care

and they hanged the call

twinkle went to inform chinki

chinki,chinki where are you?
come fast na

coming twinkii..

say what happened

twinkle- I did everything what you said
I called Avaay
he is coming tomorrow

chinki- good
now will Mr Kunj Sarna
see akhir hum chis kya hain
ab dwkh wo kaise jalte hain

and they give each other a high figh

kunj’s pov
ye chinki ko mujhe sahi tarah se istmaal karna hoga
I have to use her to satisfy my hunger and also to hurt twinkle

twinkle will be very hurt to know about her love and her bestie having a secret affair

be ready my so called jaan
be ready to be hurt

and then he laughed devilishly

the screen freezes at kunj’s devilishly smirking and twinkii-chinki’s happy face



entry of twinkle and chinki’s childhood friend Avi aka Avaay
jealousy of kunj
sangeet ceremony of twinj and yuhi
more drama awaiting

p.s. – hey guys do I write so worst that I deserve only 12 comments

I am a very worst writer that’s why I don’t deserved atleast 20 comments

I am very hurt

guys if you don’t like it then say
I’ll end it in one or two shots
but if you people don’t comment then I’ll not post the next shot

and silent readers please comment


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  1. SidMin23

    Love it and your brilliant writer so don’t worry about comment hope people will comment next time to encourage you

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      for supporting me

  2. a bada wala NO….????don’t even think of ending it…the episode was awsome ???but this kunjjj??devil …..don’t worry about the comments,they keep on increasing or decreasing and do not judge your writing with a couple of comments, hope you understand what i mean to say! Post soon ???

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      for your support
      I’ll not end this ff soon
      thanks a lot
      will post soonest

  3. Presha

    Hey ayesha
    Its awesome…
    Dont be sad by less comments..
    All r busy in exam …
    U know i get 10 comments then also i m writing for myself so request u to write for urself….
    Well loved the epi…
    Post soon…
    Love u…

  4. Yaah this episode is sooo much cute

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear

  5. Ayesha51

    thanks dear preshu
    thanks a lot for
    ur support
    I don’t know that
    all r busy in exams
    cause here all exams are finished
    and results of board exams
    are also out
    will post soonest
    love u too preshuu

  6. awsm fantastic lovely amazing just love it post asap

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      will post soonest

  7. Nishfd

    Hey sweetie. …
    Nisha here firstly really sorrrrryyyyyy I had not comment before in your ff….
    Quite bzy these days. ….
    U r a great writer. …. the story is brilliant and different. …
    I just love it….
    I read all the epi now n they all r beautifully written. …
    Abt the cmmnts. … dear write for those who values u ….. n appreciate u….
    No doubt you r a great writer. …
    So don’t think abt the cmmnts. ….
    Hope to see you soon with another epi …..
    N I will try to cmmnt k bcoz I will be very bzy ….so cnt tell anything. ..
    Hpe u will nt end it…
    Zyada ho hya na sry….

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks nisha
      thanks a lot dear
      for your support
      Seeing your cheerful comments I have made my mind not to end
      love u loads

  8. Hey ayesha pehly m tmy TU family m wlcm krti ho ….. Scnd tmra ff bht hi interesting ha… I was a silebt reader of ur ff…..I luvd it to the core…. M na starting sa 4 epi parhi ha but bzy schedule ki wajah sa cmnt nhi kr pai ….. Abi b ye epi nhi parha bina parhy cmnt kr rhi ho….. Ye cmnt pichly epis ka liye ha ajj ki epi ka liye cmnt parhny ka bad may be kro …. Or agr na kiya toh plzzzzz mera ek cmnt add kr lena ….. Sorry cmnt na krny ka liye abi ramzan start ho gye ha is wajah sa bzy ho so plzzzzz sorry…. Luv u…. Ab parhny ka bad cmnt kro gi ….. Byeee ….. Tc….

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks anayaali
      thanks a lot for
      ur support
      will post soon
      lots of love

  9. its nice Dr.don’t think of ending this ff.there r many loyal readers waiting for twinj ff.
    I hate this kunj he is looking for all possible ways to hurt tw:@ :@
    waiting for next epi

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      thanks a lot for
      ur support
      will post soonest
      lots of love

  10. Sohi

    Nice episode
    But plz write dialogues clearly with name
    Do continue

    1. Ayesha51

      I’ll remember from next time
      will post soon

  11. Nice episode. Next episode post soon

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      will post soon

  12. Sanam kapadia

    Hey brilliant post sooon plzz

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      will post soon

      1. Sanam kapadia

        Hey aishu i dont know how to write ff whre we have to write can u plzz tell me

    2. Ayesha51

      listen sanam
      at first
      you’ve to be
      then see at the top
      of this page there
      is a option named
      submit article
      there you have to go
      and the rest thing
      u will understand after visiting it
      hope it helps

      1. Sanam kapadia

        Thanx can we be friends plzz

      2. Sanam kapadia

        Thanx can we be friends plzz

      3. Sanam kapadia

        One last where do we register nd thanx for helping love u

    3. Ayesha51

      listen sanam
      at the top of
      this page
      there is a
      option named register
      u have to visit the site
      and rest u will understand
      after visiting
      hope it also helps

  13. Hey ayesha it was awsm but y don’t u write names in the dialogues today I was totally confused but post soon..
    Love u..

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      I’ll remember that from next time
      will post soon

    2. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      I’ll remember that from next time
      will post soon
      love u too

  14. Amazinggggg…. Its really suspencefull …… Want to know the reason behind kunj hurted toward twinkle…. Plzzzz post soon for me plzzzzzz baby i want nxt asap …… Plzzzzzzz see i break my silence for u cant u do one thing for me that u post nxt today itself plzzzzzzzzz …… And do tell me what is ur age …. If u r cmfrtable only….. So i can decide ka tm meri api ho ya nhi ok ….. Byeeeee….. Tc….. Luv u…..

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      will post soonest
      and I’m glad that
      u break ur silence
      for me
      I’m so happy
      will post soonest
      and will definitely
      try to post today
      if not possible I’ll surely
      post tomorrow
      please don’t mind if
      I don’t post today
      and keep commenting
      and my age is 14 yrs and I study
      in class 10
      what’s ur age and in which class you’re?
      please tell me na
      and love u too ♡♡

  15. Fantastic epi
    But I didn’t like this kunjkunj
    Pllzzzz change him asap

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      I know many of
      you are not liking this kunj
      but as per the story line I’ve
      make kunj devil upto few
      shots then after he will change
      and will regret for his mistakes

      I hope you understand

  16. Farwah fathima

    Hey ayesha ……
    The episode was excellent and fabulous
    And yeah I wanna thank u for fulfilling my request of making kunj jealous
    Eagerly waiting for the next epi
    Don’t u even dare to end this ff OK…..
    Plzzzzzzzz do continue and post the next one asap
    Lots of love

  17. Ayesha51

    thanks dear
    and mention not
    keep giving me suggestions
    suggestions are always welcome
    and ok baba
    I’ll not end this ff
    will post soonest
    lots of love

  18. Purvi128

    Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry…
    I m reallyyyyy sorryyyyyyyyy ????????????? plssssssss forgive me……!!!!!!!!
    Maaf ker do..! I didn’t commented before…! Don’t take me wrong…!!! I was so busy…!!!! Kisi pe bhi comment nhi ker rahi thi…! Bss tamanna ke ff pe kiya tha…!!! Nd haan I told everyone in my post that my net pack is over…!!! Or fir wo slow chal raha tha to me comment nhi kar paayii…!!!! Don’t misunderstand me..! Never ever…! I comment on every article..! I was busy is liye nhi kiya..! Warna hamesha kerti hun…!!! Or me ne apna ek bhi ff post nhi kiya…!!!! Isi liye…! I hope u understand me…!!!
    Nd abt this ff…. brilliant.. amazing.. superb.. marvellous.. bravo…. excellent…. splendid…! It just left me dumbstruck….!!! The plot is so amazing…!!! Superb idea..! Amazing ayesha…!!! Just loved it…!!!! Felt sad for twinkle….! Hope so there misunderstanding get clear soon…!!!!.. can’t wait to know the reason behind kunj’s hatred…! I have a request…! Can u plsss post the next shot today itself…! I can’t wait sweetie…!!!!
    Plsss post today…!!!
    Love you ??❤

    1. Ayesha51

      u know I was
      only waiting for
      ur comment
      mein kitna bechaan thi
      mein kya baatau
      maine to socha tu mujhse
      kisi baat se ghussa hain
      my darling
      my vanilla
      my cup cake
      my hot chocolate
      my muffin
      love you a lot
      and a big thanks
      for your comment
      today I’m in the
      9th cloud
      and flying high
      and I understand
      why were u not able to
      comment in my ff
      its ok yaar
      and I’ll definitely try
      to post the next episode
      today itself
      if can’t surely post
      it by tomorrow
      don’t misunderstand me
      ok my jaaaan
      love u a lot my purvi

  19. nice epi

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks maha

  20. Ayesha dear u write amazing no need to end it happens sometimes less comments sometime more 🙂
    Infact loved it very much osm loved it.

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear

  21. Ramya

    It’s awesome ayesha
    But how can kunj think about chinki like that
    I wanna kill him right now
    Make him right gadha hai voh
    Love you keep smiling

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      love u too
      keep smiling
      and take care

  22. Hey ayesha i also read in 10th class…. My age is 15 and when is ur bday my bday is on 11 jully…. I’ll not at all mind its ok …. I’ll wait…. Luv u…..

    1. Ayesha51

      my birthday is on 22nd November
      by the way where u leave?

  23. Twinj

    Hey ayesha
    Sorry for not cmtinggg….buzy insaan that my name…kabhi net slow kabhi studies…iss wajah se sryyyy…n don’t be sad girl….wrost writer really….to clear ur doubt this writing is the antonym of wrost…..get it….Loved it…mindblowing…muahhhh?????????…hope for the best…hope that tgeir misunderstanding gets cleared…wow kunj jealous….waiting for the nect…post asap…don’t be sad yaar…I always get 11-12 cmts in my fs but still I feel like atleast I am keeping twinj alive….keeping the twinj memories alive that’s my first priority….cheer up…post asap

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      thanks a lot
      for ur support
      glad you commented
      keeping twinj’s memories
      alive is first priority of
      mine too
      love you a lot
      take care

  24. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing interesting fabulous

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear

  25. Ayesha i live in Pakistan …. Where do u live??? Plzzzzzz if u dont mind plzzzzz give ur nmbr….. Plzzzzzzzzz would u like to be my frnd???? Plzzzzzz must reply …… Plzzzzzzzzz nmbr da do???? ……

    1. Ayesha51

      I live in India
      but sorry dear
      I’m extremely sorry
      I can’t give you number
      I’m not allowed to give
      anyone phone number
      as its my dad’s no.
      and I’ve not any personal phone
      hope you understand

  26. Its ok ayesha i’ll not mind… I can understand… But frnds???

  27. ohh my god Ayesha really amazing……♥loved it……♥
    srriee I haven’t login in and cmnting like dat only……
    in a hurry see ya……

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