hey dears me Ayesha is again back with the next part of this ff Hope you people will like it thanks all for supporting me
Disclaimer – the article is not meant to hurt anyone’s emotions if you want to say anything then comment but please don’t bash me by using inappropriate words

lets start with a smile


@ kunj’s residence

kunj – jaan u have to tell your family that you love me and u wanna marry me
if you don’t listen to me then you know what can happen now get lost from here and told your family that you love me and u wanna marry me
I will also tell my family

twinkle did not utter any single word. she nodded to what kunj said and left

@ taneja mansion

twinkle came and told everyone about her decision
everyone was shocked at her sudden decision but
were happy also as they thought
kunj as a very good person and perfect for twinkle

on that side kunj’s family also were happy at kunj’s decision

both families started wedding preparations

they talked with each other and fixed twinj and yuhi’s engagement this evening

twinkle is getting ready for party she is wearing a pink and silver coloured sleeveless lehanga with a slight diamond jewellery – a diamond necklace, a pair of dazzling diamond earrings , a pair of diamond bangles and a diamond tiara with a pair of diamond anklets

mahi is wearing a sea green coloured full sleeve lehanga with same jewellery only it was gold plated diamond jewellery

kunj is wearing a pink and silver coloured coat denim blue jeans and white shirt

uv is wearing a sea green coloured coat with black jeans and white shirt

both of them were looking hot and gorgeous

both came in the party

twinj and yuhi were make to wear diamond ring in each other ring fingers

they both went to dancing

twinkle was very sad

both couple were dancing on phir bhi tum ko chahungi song from half girlfriend

yuhi were happily dancing with each other

kunj is trying to hurt twinkle every way
he was holding her wrist very tightly
twinkle was feeling pain

he mashed her feet with his shoes
she was crying

suddenly the lime light falls on
a girl
she was wearing a white colored gown with two dazzling diamond earrings with a diamond bracelet
her hairs are opened and straight

she is revealed to be none other than CHINKI
as soon as twinkle saw her she went towards her and they shared a sweet and long hug

twinkle was crying
chinki understood it

chinki- twinki baby tu ro kyun rahi hain
maat ro na dekh main aa gayi hun
ab main sab palak jhapaktei yun thik kar dungi don’t
cry twinkii
why are u crying?

twinkle – chinki wo main tumse bohot din baad mili na is liye khusi ke maare aankh se aansu nikal gaya

chinki- main tukhe bachpan se jaanti hun I know you are not crying because u met me after a long time
tell me the truth twinkii why are u crying?

twinkle- tu to mujhe bachpan se jaanti han u r my soul friend
I will tell you everything after the party ok .

they both went to dancing

the party ended after 12 pm

all went to there rooms

@ twinkle’s room

twinkle is sad and sitting in bed wearing a night dress

chinki comes

ab bata why were you crying twinki baby?

twinkle told her about the whole incident about the welcome back party and kunj’s devilness and burst into tears

chinki was hell SHOCKED listening everything

chinki – I think due to some misunderstanding kunj is doing all this
he somewhere loves you very much
I will definitely find out the reason behind his hatred
now sleep baby or you will have dark circles
good night baby

then they shared some sweet moments and chinki left

twinkle slept hugging the pillow and weeping

@ kunj’s room

kunj is talking to someone in phone chinki is listening all this secretly standing outsideof the room

k- hlw dear. I have taken my first step towards my revenge successfully
v – very good
k- I have forced her to marry me
after marriage I will show her my real devil face but
somewhere I still love her
I feel pain when I see her in this condition
v- no you can’t.
don’t u know that she is a betrayer
she betrayed you
how can you still love her?
k- yes u are right
I can’t love her .
she is a betrayer
I will hurt her more than before .
v – good.
k – hmmm
and they hanged the call

chinki’s pov
I have to become kunj’s friend now
to find out what betray twinkii has done to him
I have to inform this to twinkle and I have to find out the reason behind his hatred

now I have to sleep and chinki left

kunj also slept
some unknown pain covered his face
and a lone tear escaped
from his eyes

@ morning

twinkle, twinkle wake up

what chinki please let me sleep na
wake up twinki baby
I have to inform you something about kunj

and twinkle jumped of from the bed listening that word

say chinki fast

chinki- kal raat ko maine uske darwaze ke baahar use kisi se baat karte hue suna
and maine jo samjha usse
mujhe laga ki
he thinks that you have betrayed him for any reason and this is the reason behind his hatred

twinkle- how can I betray him
I love him then how can I
he is misunderstanding me

chinki- I know twinkii baby
thats why I have to make a plan to get close to him and find out the reason

twinkle- thanks chinki thanks
main tumhara sukriya kaise aada karu

chinki- ab tu apni bestie ko thanks bolegi
I will slap you hard

twinkle- opps sorry my chinku
I will never do this mistake again baby
and they again shared some sweet moments altogether

kunj pov

u don’t know twinkii baby
my jaan what will happen today in this sangeet
be ready jaan to face consequences again
and he laughed devilishly

the screen freezes at kunj’s devili and twinkle- chinki ‘s happy face

twinj and yuhi’s sangeet ceremony
kunj makes some plans to hurt twinkle
chinki makes a plan to findout the truth
more drama awaiting

p.s. – please guys do comment
because my continuation depends on it
I hope that you didn’t get bored

tried to give a bit longer shot

that’s all…….
love u all…….


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  1. Ritzi

    Nice try dear…loved it! It was long too! Pls post soon

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      will post soonest
      lots of love

  2. Fatimaa.

    It was great…
    Very nicely written…
    Loved the epi..
    Post soon…

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      will post soonest

  3. Sohi


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  4. Farwah fathima

    Amazing very good
    Do continue and post the next epi asap waiting to read more and more of twinj scenes
    And I have a small request can u plzzzzzz make kunj feel jealous…
    (Only if u can)
    Lots of love

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      will post soonest
      and definitely fulfil your request
      thanks for giving me suggestion

  5. SidMin23

    Love it I like how chinki try to help twinkle and I know to know what the main reason of betrayal of kunj that he is toucher her can’t wait do post soon.

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      will post soonest
      and will reveal the reason soon

  6. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Ayesha yaar This was Mindblowing! Chinki is such a sweetheart! Happy to know that Kunj still loves her!
    Post Soon

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      will post soonest
      lots of love

  7. nice one

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear

  8. Ayesha51

    and note for everyone
    please ignore my mistakes cause the article got deleted 3 times during writing and in the last time I was feeling so disgusted that I haven’t rechecked it
    so please forgive my mistakes
    lots of love ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  9. Superb ayesha

  10. nice dr.
    so many suspense
    reveal it soon

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      will post soon

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing interesting

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      thanks dear

  12. Presha

    Loved it..

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      thanks dear

  13. Paavu

    Hey ayesha wlcm to tu although I post less and cmment rarely due to bzee schedule bt ur start is gud so have to cheer u up so congis fr good start carey on wid ur wirk all d best

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear paavu di
      thanks a lot for your support
      di although I’m a bit disappointed
      that I got only 12 comments
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      feeling hurt

      1. Paavu

        Hey aayesha dear dun be disheartened it takes time dear wen I was new same thing happened bt fr less time as my cutee frnds and my silent readers are always der to make me feel spcl u can see smtines I also get less cmmnts u can see my recent post der I got less and I m angry wid my sweeties haaha I told m soo. BZee den also dey huhh I even left tu bcs being bzee bt on request of des crazy sweeties I have to cm yrr chodo main bhi na ok bye dear gotta go u pls keep cont…. Atb crack wats it….

  14. Ayesha51

    thanks paavu di
    u really cheered up me
    and inspired me to
    continue my ff
    thanks a lot my sweetie di

  15. Baby

    awwwwww……….Ayesha really loved d episode…..
    it was really sweet a nd emotional…
    I came to knw bout d bashers
    dey r like did only dear dey bark n go…but we have to show us strong n show dem we don’t get affected by those silly bastards….sriiiee…….
    but u chill I am also experienced wid did bashing thing but I didn’t shouted or scouled at them infact I made joke of dem laughed at dem…..literally trust me inko chidhaane mein na hhahahahaahahaaa bhot maza aata hai ek shilpa hai basher uska toh name bhi rkhaa tha humne kaali naagin……. 😉
    soooo chill dear
    lods of love…….♥
    keep writing keep smiling u r amazing n u write beautiful……♥
    post soon……♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      for your support
      literally speaking
      I was really very hurt
      but now I’m again cheered up
      that’s why I have posted the next part of this ff
      Hope tu publish it soon
      once lot of thanks for your support

  16. Hiii ayeshu sorry late hogayi abhi iftaar kia maine..nice episode

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      and its ok
      I didn’t mind

  17. Sameera

    Awwww ayesha love it sooooooooooooooo much don’t get disheartened by the bashers it happened with me too several times ???….and about the track lovering it bechari twinkle ….
    Hoping for the mystery to get cleared soon ???????

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear sameera di
      thanks a lot for ur support
      will clear the mystery soon

  18. Ramya

    Ayesha it’s awesome one
    Chinki is doing great job b
    N u described dresses so beautifully
    Loved it dear

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear

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