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@ hotel room

in morning at 7’o clock slight cold air and some Sunrays peeped from the window
and disturbed twinkle’s

she woke up and saw herself lying naked with kunj who was also naked embracing her and covered by a blanket

she was hell SHOCKED !!!!!!!

twinkle- oh my God! !!!
what happened
what happened between us
yester night
If what I am thinking is true then
oh my God
I’m finished…….

then she tried to wake up kunj
to know the truth

“kunj,kunj, please wake up
main janna chahti hu
what happened between
us yester night.
had we really got intimate?

then suddenly kunj wakes up

” what the hell twinkle.
why are u disturbing me
I’m sleeping na.
don’t disturb me ok.
do u get that.
you better get that.”

“kunj please answer my
I want to know if we really got intimate?
please tell me na.”

“yah twinkle we really got intimate and had s*x yesternight.
u know you’re a s*xy chick.
so hot!!!!!!
I loved your body
and I am addicted to it
from now I will f**k you everyday
ok my jaaaan.”

“that means u were in sense
and you were not drunk.
you did it intentionally? ”

“yah baby. I did it intentionally
I mixed drugs in ur drink and take u to a hotel room
locked it…
carried u in a bridal style
and put u in the bed….
took off your clothes and
f**kED YOU…….”

twinkle was completely shattered listening this
she burst into tears

“why kunj why you did it?
kya bigada tha maine tumhara
why u broke my virginity and snatched everything my me?
I loved you so much but you did this to me!”

“I am not bound to tell you
the reason why I did this.
maine jo bhi kiya sahi kya.”

“u are a DEVIL kunj
u are a DEVIL

“I must be DEVIL but I am far better than a betrayer
and I also don’t love you
I HATE YOU most!
now go and get ready
your family must be
awaiting for you jaan
and haan everyday I will
sent u a s*xy dress.
u have to come every night
to me wearing that dress
ok baby”

twinkle was completely shattered
she has no words left to protest against him
only tears were gushing out from hear petal shaped eyes

she went to washroom and get ready in a pink salwar and left

kunj laughed devilishly seeing her condition

in her way she received a call from Mahi
“are twinkle tu kab ghar ayegi.
shadi tak to ruk ja fir chali jana kunj ke paas for whole life”
twinkle(wiping her tears)- di main baas aa hi rahi hun ghar
ok bye di.
“bye ”
they hanged the call

twinkle’s pov
Di sorry mujhe maaf kar dena
ajke incident ke bad
mein aap ko mumma papa ko muh nahi dikha sakti…
I have to leave this world forever ….
thinking this she cried vigorously
she went to a bridge over a river to commit suicide
she was taking her steps gradually towards
the end of the bridge
bhula dena mujhe from
aashiqui 2 plays in background

bhula dena mujhe
hain alveeda tujhe
tujhe jeena hain
mere bina

she recalls the happy
moments spend with kunj

safar ye hain tera
ye rasta tera
tujhe jeena hai
mere bina

she recalls all her moment
spend with het sister mahi
and with her mumma papa

oh teri sari sohorate
hain ye dua
tujhi pe sari rehebate
hain ye dua
tujhe jeena hai
mere bina…
she recalls kunj’s devilness
and cried vigorously
she was about to jump from bridge
she received a sms from kunj
sms- if u don’t want to
see ur family suffering
then don’t try to commit suicide
and meet me as soon as possible

she cries on her fate

she goes to meet kunj

@ kunj’s residence

twinkle came
kunj – jaan don’t even try to take that drastic step else utmr family will suffer terribly

twinkle – you have no right upon my death
who the hell you’re to order me

kunj- see this video then u will understand who am I

he starts the video

after seeing it twinkle was numb speechless qnd hell SHOCKED

the video was a mms wich contained intimate video of twinj

kunj- if u tried to take that step this video will be viral on mediaand u have to marry me baby

twinkle was hell shattered
she nodded to what kunj said

kunj smirked devilishly

the screen freezes at kunj’s devilishly smirking and twinkle’s shattered face

twinj’s marriage ritual starts
later kunj tortures twinkle more
entry of chinki,twinkle’s bestie
more drama awaiting

p.s.- please do comment
because my continuation depends on it
and hope this shot is a bit longer
hope you like it
will post soon….
thats alll…..
love u all….


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  1. Ayesha51

    please comment dears
    either positive or negative

  2. SidMin23

    Nice hope this devil evil kunj will change felt bad for twinkle

  3. Ohh kunj is so devil he has no feelings for tw poor soul
    Btw epi is good. keep writing dr

  4. Arshiya anjum

    superb plz update the next one very soon

  5. Hey it was amazing but i suggest plz dont use inappropriate language like f*** but if u use s*x its fine dear..
    Post soon

    1. Ayesha51

      I will remember from next time
      and please tell me na where you live in West Bengal adeeba?

      1. I live in asansol..and u??

    2. Ayesha51

      adeeba I live in chittaranjan dear and in asansol there

    3. Ayesha51

      adeeba I live in chittaranjan dear and in asansol there is my father’s sister’s home

  6. Farwah fathima

    Nice episode
    Felt bad for twinkle
    I feel k kunj ne twinkle ko suicide karne se bachane k liye he Usse blackmail karne ka bahana kiya…..but he loves twinkle a lot
    Hope k yahi ho ….
    Loved the epi and the way u have written it
    Waitin for the next epi
    Do continue
    Bye ……

  7. Ayesha51

    okay I will remember from next time

  8. Ayesha51

    will try to post soonest

  9. Ayesha51

    by the way
    am I not the only one who post four parts in two days ?

  10. Ayesha51

    here i clear your misunderstanding
    kunj loves twinkle but his devil side doesn’t allows him to felt it
    he saved twinkle only to complete his revenge cause if twinkle dies his revenge will not get completed

  11. Wow ayesha it was just marvelous
    But I didn’t expect this from kunj nd I was shocked that kunj made a video

  12. Hey amazing yaar

  13. Hey ayesha I was just boggled with the way u write how can u write so well and ya one more thing pls post the nxt soon and a very long one plsss

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks a lot for ur support
      but I’m sorry I can’t give super long
      update but I will try to post a bit longer than it and will post soonest
      as next year I will give board exams
      so I have to study
      hope you understand sia

  14. Sohi

    Nice episode

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks sohi
      will post soon

  15. Twinkle1235

    Lovd the story..continue writing dear..cant wait fr next update

  16. Nice episode

  17. Ayesha51

    I live in chittaranjan dear
    and asansol there is my father’s sister’s home

  18. I had pm u just cheak

  19. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Good Epi Ayesha! Felt really bad for Twinkle!
    Post Soon!

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks tamanna
      will post soon
      but u know some people are bashing me for using only an inappropriate language
      I haven’t give any mature content but still a girl named tasna bashed me and told me to leave tu
      now it depends on you guys whether I will continue or not
      I was very hurt

  20. No pls continue u don’t. Need to give. A. Darn to people who don’t care about somebody’s hardwork

    It. Is very interesting.
    Enjoying it a lot. Looking. Forward to next episode

  21. Ramya

    Ayesha awesome one
    But feeling bad for twinkle
    Hate this kunj
    Usko sudaro
    Love you keep smiling

  22. Presha

    Just loved it soon…
    Love u..

  23. Ayesha51

    thanks guys for your support

  24. Baby

    loving it n no u r nt only d 1 who posts 4 in 2 days soo chill n postcoz we all r loving it dear…….♥
    lovd it kunj is really a devil…..♥
    fel sad emotional n jst uuhh…..
    lods of love.♥
    post soon…..♥

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks for your support
      will post soon
      lots of love

  25. nice epi

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