hey dears
me Ayesha is back with
the next part of this ff
Hope you people will like it
thanks all for supporting me
but the one for whose comment I am waiting for my purvi have not commented
feeling very bad
so lets start with a smile


kunj is getting ready for party
he is wearing a denim blue jeans a white shirt and a royal blue coat and looking very hot and s*xy
suddenly uv calls
bro bro how long you will take to get ready
we are already late
and you’re taking time like girls
this is not fair ok
uv is wearing a black jeans white shirt and black coat and looking handsome

coming bhai……
lets go bhai……

ok lets go bro

they are in car in the way….

@ taneja mansion

twinkle is getting ready for party
she is wearing a royal blue coloured sleeveless gown
with two dazzling diamond earrings with a diamond bracelet
she has red lipstick in her lips
and wearing silver coloured sandals
her hairs are opened with slight curls
and looking so hot
and then suddenly mahi calls
sis sis kunj and uv have been arrived at the party
lets go twinki
mahi is wearing a full sleeve black coloured gown with diamond earrings and bracelet and silver coloured sandals
her hairs are opened and fully curled

lets go di…..
ok lets go sis…..

they all came in the party
all were very happy meeting their partners after a long time
except kunj
yuhi went to other side and were enjoying party alone

in this side

twinkle- kunj I’m so happy
I met u after a long period
tumhe pata vi nhi ki in 10 salo mein maine tumhe kitna mis kiya. I missed you soooooo much.?
kunj- (faking) I also missed u soo much ( in mind -only to complete my revenge I missed you jaan)
then they both shared a hug
kunj went to the waiter to bring drinks for both of them ( are party hain. itna to banta hain na.)
he mixed something on her drink and it to her

she drank it
they went for dancing
barrish from half girlfriend plays in background

kunj is dancing sensuously with twinkle
he is touching her private parts in name of dancing
but twinkle is not feeling as she is drunk

kunj smirks devilishly seeing her
he take her to a room in the hotel
reaching the hotel room he locked the door and carried her in a bridal style and put her in the bed
he took off her and his clothes and they both were naked
he covered themselves with a blanket and made love
the screen becomes dizzy and freezes

kunj’s confession

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  1. Sohi

    ?very evil episode

  2. Ayesha51

    sholly sholly all for a short update
    I tried to give a long update but suddenly dad came and I have to end this shot
    once again SHOLLY guys
    will pakka give a long shot next time
    ok ok please maaf kar do

    and please do comment because my continuation depends on it

    and I have given three parts in a day
    to ekbar maafi to baanta hain na

  3. Devil kunj??

  4. Farwah fathima

    NICE ayesha …
    can’t wait to read more
    waiting for the next epi…to know kunj’s confession.
    Do continue
    lots of love….

  5. Ayesha51

    I haven’t given full precape
    so here it is

    twinkle wakes up and find herself
    in this condition
    later kunj confesses how he
    made a plan and got intimate with her
    twinkle is completely shattered
    later she tries to commit suicide
    but couldn’t due to kunj’s blackmail

  6. evil kunj nice epi

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    Interesting bt angry on kunj for this

  8. Farwah fathima

    Oh I thought kunj ka love confession yaar….

  9. SidMin23

    I don’t like this evil kunj Sarna twinkle trying to commit suicide ???do post soon

  10. Presha

    Felt bad for twinkle….
    Devil kunj…
    Loved it..
    Post soon…

  11. Ayesha51

    okay all
    my dears
    I will tey
    to post soonest
    and I may post today only
    aur itni jaldi agar kunj
    confess kar lega ro ye ff nahi os ban jaiga
    hope you understand
    love you all

  12. Hawwww????Evillll very evil…….How could he???? But anyways loved it ?…aur next time thoda long update OK??
    Post soon ??

  13. Ramya

    Awesome ayesha
    Felt bad for twinkle
    Love you keep smiling

  14. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Amazing epi Ayesha! Kunj is a Devil!

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

  15. Wow ayesha it was superb?????

  16. Please post soon I m really excited to know what will happen ? love u ayesha pls post soon

  17. Please post soon I m really excited to know what will happen ? love u ayesha pls post soon. I just love devil stories.

  18. Baby

    oh god lovinh it……♥
    cant wait…….♥
    evil devil huh…….♥
    lods of love……..♥
    post soon….♥

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