hey my dears
me Ayesha is back with
the 1st part of this ff
Hope you people will like it
thanks sohi presha sia fatima di and all for your support
now begins this worst writer’s ff
let’s start with a smile

a handsome boy is seen coming from airport. he is revealed to be KUNJ SARNA
kunj’s pov
10 yrs passed since the incident
now I am back from USA
and I came back to Amritsar again
twinkle my jaan get ready to
bear the punishments of your sins and be ready to face this devil kunj

twinkle’s pov
finally kunj is coming to me
and today is a welcome back party for him
I have to get ready in amost gorgeous and hot outfit
I’m very excited for it

MAHI- twinkle, twinkle sis come fast we have to go to shopping for the welcome back party of kunj. and uv is also cming
please come jaldi na…..

coming di….
lets go di

yah lets go twinki…..
@ evening

twinkle is getting ready for party
and kunj is also getting ready for the party and smirking thinking what will happen today in the party

kunj’s pov
be ready my jaan twinkle
you don’t know what is going to
happen in the party
this party will change your
life fully
this party is the 1st step
towards my revenge
I’m coming twinkle
saying this he smirked devilishly

the screen freezes at kunj’s devilishly smirking and twinkle’s excited face
kunj and twinkle in one bed lying naked embracing each other in a hotel room

p.s- please do comment
because my continuation depends on it
that’s all……
will post soon….
lots of love.. ….

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  1. Ayesha51

    sorry for a short update

  2. Ayesha51

    sorry for a short update ok

  3. Farwah fathima

    Hi ayesha …
    Awesome too good
    but felt bad for twinkle hope k twinkle ko lekar kunj k mann mey Jo bhi misunderstandings hain Woh jald se clear ho jaaen …. Waitin for the next epi
    do continue and post soon
    Bye …..

  4. Fatimaa.

    Heyy ayesha…
    Hmm pehle to apna sorry wapas le jao me bhej rahi hu….
    No need to b srry for short update….
    Atleast tumne post to kiya jaldi…
    Dats a big thing okay..
    Coming to the episode…it was just fabulous…..i just lovedd ur idea okay….
    M loving ur ff ..
    Please post soon…
    Lots of love..

  5. it’s nice dr.who told u that u r worst writer don’t say that again. u write very well
    post next epi asap. if possible a long epi:-) 🙂

  6. Sameera

    Wow ayesha amazing loved it ????????????????????????????

  7. Epi awsm lovely plz post asap

  8. Presha

    Just loved it…
    Too good…
    Post soon..

  9. SidMin23

    Nice wish it could be little longer want to know what the reason behind the devil and revengeful kunj toward twinkle ?? twinj in one bed iam sure it could be kunj plan to trap twinkle into his devilish.

  10. Ayesha51

    yah you’re right its a kunj’s trap
    ok I will try to post soonest and try to give a longer ff
    sorry today I can’t since next year I will give board exams so I have to study
    hope you understand
    lots of love

  11. Ayesha51

    can you guys please tell me how to add a photo in my profile?

    1. Dipali

      U are registered member na then click at profile photo see (when u login) on wall first first big plus sign comes for profile photo click at that then upload then apply OK ….hope it helps..

  12. Ayesha very nice
    Hats off to u
    Are u in 12 class ..????
    And where u live

  13. Ayesha51

    no I’m in class 10
    and I live in West Bengal
    can I know what’s your age in which class you’re your name and where you live?

    1. Hey i too live in west bengal..

  14. Ayesha51

    thanks dipali

  15. Awesome episode ayesha
    Loved it

  16. My name is dia I m in class 12 and I live in mumbai

  17. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Hey Ayesha!
    This seems so interesting! Beautifully written! impatiently waiting for next! post really soon!

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

  18. Ayesha51

    oh I see
    then I have to call u di na
    but if u say then I will not call you di
    since my cousin also study at class 12
    but I do not call her di

  19. Ayesha51

    by the way I have posted part 2 of my ff
    but don’t know when tu will publish it

  20. Ayesha51

    and by the way
    what happened to my cutie pie purvi
    she still has not commented in my ff
    I’m hurt very much
    I know I am not a good writer but
    at least she can comment
    not positive then negative hi sahi
    at least comment please purvi

  21. nice epi

  22. Hey ? I am Cp…commenting late so sorry for that? btw coming to the episode,it is AWSOME and full of suspense….let’s see aage aage hota Hai kyaa?????post soon?

  23. Hey what is this haa y r u telling urself a worsr writer plz dont say.btw amazing episode
    Love u

  24. Ayesha51

    where do you live in West Bengal adeeba?
    please tell me na

  25. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome

  26. Ramya

    Awesome ayesha
    Amazing one
    Loved it

  27. Baby

    loved it a lot dear…….♥
    cool loving d track……..♥
    lods of love……♥

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