Devil Reloaded ( Brahmarakshas) Prologue



Year 2013,
A team of Special Task Force surrounded the Haveli of Kamalpura village. As the Security Forces closed in towards the building, firing started inside the Haveli & after an ensuing gun battle, Thakur Aditya Singh was shot dead by Encounter Specialist & the head of the mission, Senior Inspector Devansh Mehta.

After 6 months of that Shootout,
The Village Panchayet & the villagers reached in a conclusion after brutal murders of four innocent villagers that the soul of Thakur Aditya reincarnated as a Rakshas & he is taking revenge from all. So, they took decision to return before sunset from their works & to avoid the short route of jungle. They were so much in terror that they stopped looking towards the cursed haveli. The Priest of Village Temple suggested that everyone should take a lotus flower with them as Rakshas are afraid of that pure flower according to some old holy books.

Year 2016, KTV News Office,
Pankaj Chauhan( the chief Editor of KTV)- We want some sensational news. So, Raina I am depending on you, the Best Crime Reporter of my Channel.
Raina Sharma was in deep thought. She was playing with a paper-weight.
Raina- Give me some time Pankaj.
Pankaj- So, you mean you get the news??
Raina- News is in front of us Pankaj. Senior Inspector Devansh Mehta & his wife’s brutal murder in their own house. After one week, police is still clueless, plus don’t forget he was an Encounter specialist. I am sure we will get some sensational if we investigate this case in our own way.
Pankaj- I have full trust on you. Go ahead Raina.
Just them Raina received a SMS on his phone. She checked her phone.
Raina- hmm, Breaking News of this hour, Government hands over Devansh Mehta Murder Case to CBI, now, the case will be investigated by some Inspector Rishabh Srivastava.

Hii Everyone, I am Madhumita. Fan of Aham Sharma. Loving Brahmarakshas.

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  1. Hi Madhu ……it was good looking forward to your writing …..even I m likening bhrmraksha……buddy plz see your other off also waiting for ahayal chkemate chkrayau plz waiting ….be soon stay blessed

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    please continue, I am also a big fan of aham and krystle

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    please post daily..

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