Devil Reloaded ( Brahmarakshas) Chapter 6 ( New Version)


Princess Sandhya keenly watching the sunrise & Ranvijay worshipping the sun, sitting on her white mare in the riverside. Watching sunrise & spend some time alone in riverside is her daily habit, only new thing added is the presence of Ranvijay. They never talked. Ranvijay only bowed her with a bright smile on his face. & it’s just his smile that made the day of the Princess. Sandhya watched him with fascination. Her trance got broken when she felt her horse trying to flee because a javelin struck in the ground before them. Sandhya tried to pull back the reins of the horse, she also took out her small knife. But she got dis balanced as her horse pulled its legs in the air. She tightly closed her eyes in fear to hit in the hard ground. But a strong hand hold her tightly & she herself get collided with a broad chest. She looked up at his face. For the first time, she is so close to Ranvijay. She felt secure in his arms & tightly hugged him. She inhaled his manly scent. She heard Ranvijay voice.” It’s Okay Princess. Don’t worry. I will not let anything happen to you. ” He safely put her in the ground & firmly stood before her. He pulled out the javelin from the ground & efficiently started counter the arrows flying towards them. A man completely dressed in black came towards them with a sword, but Ranvijay kicked him hard & dug the javelin in his chest & the man fall there dead. Sandhya tightly clutched hold of his arm. She can feel his strong muscles. There was some sound in the nearby bushes & Ranvijay threw the javelin following the sound. Both can heard a shrieked of a man & also sound of galloping of a horse. “What a Perfect aim!”. Princess Sandhya wondered & looked at him, her eyes full of admiration. Ranvijay carefully looked at the place. Suddenly, Sandhya felt a pull & within fraction of second, she saw another man dressed in black fall on the ground with a thud. He is trying to attack them from back, But Ranvijay was alert & he cut the neck of the man with the small knife of Princess. Sandhya dug her nails in his skin.
Princess Sandhya was going to meet with his father, Sudarman, the king of Pulindra, in evening with a request not to restrict her from going alone in morning. She heard voice of their Prime minister who is talking with the king. She heard only few things.
Prime minister- Maharaj, though we are unable to find the identity of the attackers , but I examined the weapons they used & I am sure all the weapons are made in Trigartha.
After that, there was a pin-drop silence. Sandhya left from there & came back in her chamber, lost in thoughts. Her sakhi, Chandra, noticed her & sat with her.
Chandra- what happened Princess?? King denied your request naa?? Don’t be sad, it’s for your good.
Sandhya- what you know about Trigartha??
Chandra’s face lost all colors. “I don’t know anything about Trigartha Princess.” & she stood up.
Sandhya hold her hand. “You know everything. Just speak Chandra. It’s very important for me to know.”
Chandra- Princess, Trigartha was a very prosperous & peaceful kingdom at first, ruled by Suryavanshi rulers. Last Suryavanshi ruler was King Pratap Narayan, who was treacherously killed by his shrewd commander Sanjay & it’s still a mystery what happened with his pregnant Queen Ashikini. Now, Trigartha is ruled by Sanjay & his wife Aparajita, who people says performs black magic. The kingdom is now the hell in Earth. The condition of women are most pathetic there. If Sanjay laid his eyes on any female, then she is doomed.
Sandhya became speechless to know about Trigartha. Why these people attacked her?? What they actually wanted? To kill her or to kidnap her. What’s going on?? She needs to stay alert. But one thing, she is sure. If Sanjay laid his evil eyes on her, then He will be doomed. She is the blessing of Lord Shiva. She held her face high with pride. She recollects how Ranvijay saved her. A small smile crept on her lips.

[Flashback Ends]

In morning, at Hospital,
Rishabh entered inside the cabin. Raina looked at him & smiled. She gestured him to sit beside her. Rishabh put some fresh Tuberosa flower in the vase & sat beside her.
Rishabh- How are you feeling now?
Raina- I am now feeling okay & I am sorry Rishabh. You told me to stay in temple, but I went inside the jungle. I put you in danger.
Rishabh rolled his eyes. ” I am absolutely fine Raina. You put yourself in danger. Btw, why go went inside the jungle?? You noticed anything suspicious??
Raina- No.
Rishabh- Then?? I told you right, it’s not safe to roam here alone.
Raina- I think you are forgetting Rishabh that I came here for Research work. So, I have to roam alone.
Rishabh- So, what’s the progress in your work?? (slightly angry tone).
Raina- Nothing.
Rishabh- Are you okay??
Raina- Yes, I am. ( with a sigh).
Rishabh- What happened Raina??Please tell me. ( After a moment of hesitation, he put his hand on her forehead).
Raina looked at him & speak in a low tone. “I felt I lost you.”
There is a confusion between them.
Rishabh- lost me??
Raina turned her face on other side.
Rishabh- look at me Raina. I will forever stay with you.
Raina looked at him. They both are in some dazing condition. Raina closed her eyes. But again the flashes of a woman crying clutching a man’s dead body came in front of his eyes. She breathed heavily & a drop of tear escaped from her eyes & fall on Rishabh’s hand.
Rishabh- It’s precious.
He hold her hand & placed it in his heart. She can feel his heartbeat. She looked relieved. Rishabh looked at the wounds in her other hand. He took the hand. His heart ached.
Rishabh- It is paining naa?? He lightly kissed her wound.
Raina( murmured)- No.
Rishabh- Don’t roam alone here. Make me your Assistant.
Raina( smiling)- Are you jobless??

Thats all for today. No Proof reading. So, please ignore spelling & grammatical mistakes. Happy New Year to all. Loads Of Love. Waiting for opinions.

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  1. Happy new year to you too…..
    The episode was fantastic.. loved the rishaina

  2. Saasha123

    Hey the epi was great but could u give some casting to ranvijay, sandhya and whoever r present jn the flashback apart from the real cast of the serial…. Please…. And yeah a small doubt have rishab and raina fallen in love..

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks for the review. Well, RanVijay & Sandhya is the previous birth of Rishabh & Raina. So, the characters played by Aham & Krystal. Wait for few episodes, everything will be clear.Still, I need to develop RishNa here. Next update Raina’s POV.

      1. What do u mean by POV? ?? Can u tell me

      2. Madhumita

        POV means Point Of View.

  3. happy new year everyone…………coming to the update it was just awesome………….i was actually imagining the scenes ……………..they were as if in front of me specially ranvijay fighting off the enemies…………..excellent story

  4. Hello madhumati.I am preet cheema.I love your episodes &eagerly waiting for the next episode.

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