Devil Reloaded ( Brahmarakshas) Chapter 4B (New Version)


Rishabh also carefully looked at Phooli. His sixth sense giving him hints that this lady definitely knows something about the mystery of Kamalpura. Suddenly, he heard his mobile ringing & also noticed many irritated looks on him. He checked his phone, His Senior calling. He looked at Raina who is still in a hypnotic state, he supported her against a pillar of temple. “Raina, I need to attend the call. Please just stay here. Don’t go anywhere. I will be back in minutes.” Rishabh left the temple, came outside & stood in a corner where no one can notice him easily. He received the call.
Raina was breathing heavily. She felt she needs some fresh air. She slowly started climbing down the stairs of temple. She looked at the big trees, she felt she know the place. She can heard voices in the silence of the jungle. She can see the blurred image of the man & woman sitting under a big tree.

[Flashback Begins]

Ranvijay- If I could be any part of you, I would like to be your tear, conceived in your heart, born in your eyes & die on your lips.
Sandhya- My fierce warrior seems so much in romantic mood. ( Her eyes are twinkling & she encircled her hand around him.)
Ranvijay- Your sharp eyes which hold both love & fierceness, the emblem of crescent moon on your forehead, your rosary lips & the kind, beautiful smile lingering their simply captured my heart.
Sandhya felt his intense gaze on her. A small blush appeared on her face. She distanced herself from him & covered her face with her palm.
Ranvijay- Please don’t hide your face. I just want to sit here & look at you forever. Let me enjoy the serenity.
Sandhya- Your wish is my command.
Ranvijay- No Princess, I am the lucky one. I always feel Why are you in love with me? Am I deserve you? I don’t want you to regret later.

Sandhya put her finger on his lips. “ssshhh”. Your words simply stabbing my heart. Why I regret my decision to choose you as my King?? My happiness lies with you. I will refuse all the king & princes just to live a simple life with you. Together we will make our home a heaven.
Ranvijay- Princess…
Sandhya ( in a husky tone)- No Princess. I am only Sandhya for you Arya.
A bright smile covered Ranvijay’s face. Sandhya keenly looked at him.
Sandhya- Though I not care, But whenever I look at you, your fighting skill, everything seems so Royal to me. Why the emblem of rising sun on your forehead?? Why you don’t put Trishul symbol which is the sign of our kingdom,which worn by every common people??
Ranvijay- ohh My dear, please don’t think that much. The answer is simple. I am a devotee of Surya Narayan from my childhood, that’s why I put the emblem as his source of energy & blessings on my forehead.
Sandhya only sighed, she is not at all convinced with his reason. But there is no point in arguing with him, as she guessed he don’t know either. Ranvijay pulled her towards him & both their forehead touched. Somewhere in some unknown place, A strange looking weapon sparkled & a bright light flashed.

[flashback Ends]

Raina was walking through the jungle. Again there was complete silence. She was so lost in herself that she failed to notice few people following him. All their faces covered.
Man 1- I saw this girl in the temple with a man. She was dancing there. But never ever saw them before. They are new here. I am glad that this year we don’t have to trap any of our village girl.
Man 2- But what if there is some problem happens??
Man 1- She, herself is walking deeper inside the jungle. What we can do?? Just follow her.

[Flashback Begins]

Sandhya was running through the jungle. Her bare foot is bleeding but she is not feeling any pain. Finally, she find him lying under a tree, clothed in blood. She ran to him & took his head in her arms & placed it on her lap. Ranvijay looked at her & said in a faint tone.
Ranvijay- I Love You & will Love You forever. No one can take your place in my heart. Trust me.(His breath caught in his throat.His eyes are begging)
Sandhya- I know Arya. I know. ( She tightly hold his hand.) Please don’t talk more.
She was caressing his forehead & chest. Her hands full of his blood which gushing out from the terrible wounds of his body. She was crying as she has no idea how to save him,how to heal him. He murmured as there was not much energy left in him. ” She did this. It was all a trap. You just go away from here. The place is not safe for you.
Sandhya- You are my life Arya. How could I go when you are battling for life?? You will be fine. You promised me that you will never leave my hand, you vowed to protect me. You can’t break your promise. I can’t stay without you.
Ranvijay- Stay Strong my feisty Queen. Just don’t lose hope. You have to fight.

He struggled for breath. Blood came out from his mouth. Sandhya panicked. “Devadidev Mahadev, Please save my Arya.” She closed her eyes, put her hand on his forehead & started chanting MahaMritunjaya mantra.
Ranvijay raised his shaking hand to touch her face, to feel her one last time. He caressed her cheeks with his blood strained fingers. He smiled at her & tightly hold her hand. “Sandhya…” Her name escaped from his lips & then he stopped… Forever. His other hand fell on the ground lifelessly.
Sandhya looked at him hearing her name. No words escaped from her mouth. He is no more. No No, its not true. She started shaking him. But there was no response. First time, Ranvijay did not respond back at her calling. “You broke your Promise.”
Sandhya cried her heart out clutching his dead body. Among the silence of the forest, a journey ended.

[Flashback Ends]

Raina fall on her knees. She tightly closed her ears with her hands.

Thats all for today. Time Shortage. So, not even completed the chapter.To Be Continued Again.Waiting for Responses.

Notes- It was customary for wives to address their husbands as ‘Arya’ or ‘Aryaputra’ in ancient time in India.

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