Time was flying fast. Ragini was getting trained at the secret agent’s institute and her friendship with Sanskar was growing strong with time. Her panic attacks never returned due to Sanskar’s friendship which surprised Pari in India who thought Ragini will not survive them. Six months passed like six minutes.

“What are you searching at this time Sanky?” Tarak rubbed his eyes when he woke up due to the light Sanskar’s laptop was emitting in their room of Hostel. Tarak who was also Sanskar’s room mate sat beside him. Sanskar who had put on the head phones couldn’t hear Tarak’s voice jerked due to his presence suddenly beside him. He closed the laptop but it was late as Tarak had understood what Sanskar was doing actually.

“Don’t you think you are taking too much interest in that girl?” Tarak shot when Sanskar placed the laptop back in his bag. “She is my friend Tarak and she has a name” Sanskar looked at him. “I know. Who does so much for just friendship? I mean I would never spoil my sleep searching cure for fumbling for my friend though he or she is my best friend” he shrugged his shoulder. “Now you are talking non sense Tarak seriously. I’m sleepy can we talk tomorrow” Sanskar slid down and placed his head on the pillow.

“Yeah now why will you want to talk to me?” he walked back to his bed. “Stop behaving like my girlfriend Tarak for god sake. Don’t be so opinionated about a girl and boy’s friendship” Sanskar turned a bit and straightened himself and closed his eyes annoyed. Tarak held the edge of his bed. He lied on the bed and covered himself with the quilt and tried dozing off.


“So you are born and brought up here only?” Sanskar munched the Sandwich. “Hmmm” Ragini ate the chips and drank the juice. He grinned at her and his cheese filled teeth made her burst out laughing. “What happened?” he spoke with still food in his mouth. “You seriously looked like a clown” “Hun?” he glared her and she started running guessing his move and Sanskar chased her wiping his lips with tissue papers. He held her hand finally after they ran the whole corridor and Ragini felt the same comfort what she felt during the dance in Pari’s reception when Sanskar dragged and hugged her from back.

His hot breath which fanned her neck sent goosebumps all over her body. She tried getting out of his hold when she felt nervous due to his closeness. Her fragrance filled his nostrils which made him crazy and he tightened his grip on her. “S… sanskar” her fumbling voice made him land back to real world. “Ghonchu kahi ki. When you know you can’t win me over a race then why do you even try” he whispered in her ears. “Ghajni kahi ka if you have forgotten let me remind you yesterday only you lost to me in race” she smirked and stamped his foot and he held his paining leg and winced in pain leaving her.

“Is it hurting badly Sanky?” Ragini asked concerned. Sanskar utilized the opportunity and held her elbow and dragged her near to him. “You idiot. That’s cheating” she stamped her foot like small kid. He blushed when he saw her pouting like a small kid. “Awww you look so cute” he shook her nose holding it with his right hand. “L….leave na” she fumbled. “On one condition” he looked straight in her eyes. “Hmmm” she smiled unknowingly. “You will come with me after drama practice?” he cocked his eye brows pleading her. She nodded her head smiling. “That’s like a good girl” he left her hand and hit her forehead playfully which made her frown and she started chasing him.


“Tinker Bell” Ragini teased Tarak when he was removing his costume. “Dare you call me that again” he warned her and she chuckled looking at his annoyed face. “Arrey that’s your role in drama what can I do?” she shrugged her shoulders. “Seriously she is growing smart in Sanky’s company” he thought in his mind when he saw her walking out teasing him.

“Where were you Ghonchu. I’m waiting here from one long minute” Sanskar looked at Ragini annoyed. “OMG you missed signing a new movie contract in this one minute? Yeah must be na? Arrey is my Ghajni any less than Tom Cruise” Ragini mocked him. “Can we move princess?” he mocked her. “Of course Mr.Clown” Ragini ran and sat on the other side of his car and Sanskar smiled and opened the door and sat in the driver seat.


“Why have we come here?” Ragini looked around the clinic. “Do you trust me?” he forwarded his hand. She placed her palm on his palm unknowingly and smiled. They walked inside and opened a cabin door and got inside it. Dr. Ashok, Psychiatrist was written on the name plate which hung on the door of the cabin.

“I have analyzed her reports and the results of counseling. She lacks confidence and courage. If you can boost her self esteem she will be surely out of it” Dr.Ashok spoke to Sanskar. “Thank you doctor” Sanskar greeted him and walked out of the cabin. Ragini was sitting on a chair in the visitor area and was playing with a mentally retarded kid. She was smiling through her tears looking at the kid who was smiling unaware of the cruel world around him.

How many of we feel for those souls. We only know to make fun of them. Ragini was different. Though she suffered she felt for the people around her. And Sanskar knew her and her feelings so well. A smile made its way on his lips. “Ragini” he called. She bid bye to the kid and walked with Sanskar. “Are you okay?” Sanskar bent his head when he felt she was wiping her tears which were at the corner of her eye. “Hmm” she smiled at him. “Something is seriously wrong” Sanskar placed his index finger on his chin and acted as if he was thinking. “What?” she looked at him confused. “Ghonchu is giving me sweet smile” he widened his eyes shocked. Ragini hit him on his shoulder.

“Ouch it pains crazy princess” he rubbed his shoulder. “Serves you better” she twisted her lips and sat inside the car. He smiled and sat in the car and drove off. He stopped it near Buckingham Palace. “Ghonchu you remember this is the place where we met for the first time?” asked Sanskar showing the same bench where Ragini was sitting almost an year back and was wearing her anklets. She smiled looking at it. “Come” he loosened his seat belt and stepped out of the car and Ragini followed him.

They sat on the same bench. “Wont you ask me why did I take you there?” Sanskar looked at her. “I don’t want to know” she smiled looking at him. “So much you trust me?” he looked at her surprised. “More than myself” her smile widened. “Then what is bothering you? Wont you share it with your Ghajni?” he shrank his eye brows. Her interaction with Shesh and Vikky’s involvement in illegal things flashed in her mind. “I wish I could tell you Sanskar” she smiled thinking in her mind.

“I never had friends all my life Sanskar and I’m just worried that I will loose you also” she looked at him emotionally. “Why do you think so?” he asked her cupping her face. “Don’t know I just feel our friendship will not survive time” the tears were ready to flood out of her eyes. “Look here” she looked into his eyes. “I promise. I promise you that let whatever happen our friendship will never change. I will be beside you always even if the world is against you” his words made her heart flutter with joy. He wiped the tears which touched her cheeks and kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes.

“Waise why do you call Tarak Tinker Bell?” asked Sanskar as he sat straight to lighten the atmosphere. She started laughing. “What?” he looked at her confused. “Wo actually he enrolled at the last moment in drama club so he got….” she paused to control her laugh. “He got the role of Tinker Bell?” Sanskar completed the sentence with Ragini who nodded her head placing it on his shoulder. He also burst out laughing holding his stomach. “By the way that name suits him so well” Sankar gave her high five.


“This is where you stay?” Sanskar asked looking at the house where he dropped Ragini. She nodded her head smiling leaning in front of him outside the car. “Ragu” she heard Rohan’s voice and turned. “Where the hell were you? Do you know how much I was worried?” Rohan approached her worried. “Oops sorry Rohan I forgot to inform you” she bit her tongue and held her ears apologizing. “Dare you do this again” he warned her. “She is come?” they both jerked hearing Raman’s voice. “Hitler” whispered Ragini. “Who told you to go on a date without informing me?” Rohan whispered. “Date?” she looked at him confused and he signed to Sanskar who was walking to their direction after getting out of the car.

“He isn’t my date” she whispered. “Kya khusur phusur chal rahi hai” Raman crossed his arms cocking his one eye brow. Ragini and Rohan gave him a sheepish smile. They jerked when they heard Sanskar calling “Raman Bhai” and approaching him. Ragini widened her eyes when she realized that Sanskar is Adarsh’s brother and the person with whom she danced in Party. Raman hugged Sanskar smiling. All were in confusion. “Rule number 200 just nod your head” Rohan decoded Raman’s sign message to Ragini who was dumbstruck and forgot to notice his signs.

“Pari Bhabi?” Sanskar looked at Ishita who walked out of the room when they were inside the house. She looked at him confused. “Sanky you have mistaken her name is Ishita and she is your Bhabi” Raman placed his hand on Sanskar’s shoulder. “Is it a coincidence her face is similar to Pari Bhabi’s face your best buddy cum cousin’s wife?” Sanskar looked at him shocked. Raman gave him a confused look. “I must say your RJ is superb in hiding his smirk” Rohan whispered in Ragini’s ear who looked at him confused. “He is acting as if he doesn’t know the fact at all” Rohan signed her to look at Raman and she nodded her head looking at him.

“You did not come to Adi Bhai’s marriage na? Pari Bhabi is carbon copy of Ishita Bhabi” Sanskar spoke when they settled on the sofa. “Actually she is my twin sister” Ishita sat beside Raman after serving them tea. Sanskar looked at her not understanding anything.

“Actually when we were four years old and Ragu was a month old our mom and dad separated and the court separated us also. Dad got married to another woman to take care of Pari and we never went back to India after settling here” Ishita spoke in a go. Ragini looked at her worried. The lie is gonna break everything. Raman analyzed Ragini’s worried face. “And Ragini had visited them recently during Adarsh’s marriage” Ragini face palmed listening to Ishita. Raman looked at her confused. Sanskar looked at Ragini and she nodded her head in yes. “Oh” he remembered a girl standing beside Swara after the reception party was over. “That means Ragini is Swara’s elder sister?” Sanskar looked at Raman. “Of course” Raman smiled making Ragini to face palm again. “But don’t mention about all this to Pari because she is angry on Ishita as she did not attend her marriage. She considers only Ragini as her sister” Raman looked at Sanskar who nodded his head smiling.


“Why did you even mention that I had been to India for Pari maa’s marriage?” Ragini asked Ishita. “I thought he had seen you in the marriage so…” Ishata bit her nail nervous. “We were wearing masks he anyways has not seen me” Ragini gave her a helpless look. “And why didn’t you told you met Sanky?” asked Raman. “Because I did not knew he is the same Sanky you were talking about. Nobody told me his surname so it never stuck me that he is AJ’s brother. For your kind info Sanky is so common nick name and in Oxford there may be around 5 people with this Nick name, you should have told me his full name” she pouted. “Idiot didn’t he told his surname? You are dating him from six months” Rohan hit her on her head. She glared him. “First thing I’m not dating him. We are just friends and that topic never came up and I never thought that way because I never felt the same feelings around him” she sat on the bed confused.

“Oh” Raman, Rohan and Ishita crossed their arms looking at her and spoke in unison. “I mean…” she tried explaining. “You all are mad” she huffed and walked out and they winked at each other and walked behind her to tease her more. “What feeling Ragu” Ishita sat beside her. She covered her face with her palms. She hugged Ishita blushing.


“So you both danced that day?” asked Rohan teasing her hitting her shoulder with his. “Ishi maa” she cried like a small kid. “Rohan” Ishita glared him. He chuckled looking at Ragini.

“Guys have you forgotten why is Ragini here?” Raman looked at them. Ragini jerked and sat straight. “Oh yaa. I cannot let him to develop those feelings Ishi maa” Ragini looked at Ishita helplessly. “But Raman” Ishita looked at Raman. “No arguments Ishita. Ragini is here for a mission and I don’t want her to fall in all this. Her focus should be on Shesh not on Sanskar. He is arriving to London in a week” Raman blurted and walked to his room without giving anyone an opportunity to talk. “Ravan Kumar” Ishita cursed under her breath. Rohan controlled his laugh listening to her. Ragini snaked her hands around Ishita’s shoulder and touched Ishita’s shoulder with her head. “He is right Ishi maa. Promise me you will not say all this to anyone” Ragini looked at her hopefully. “As you wish”


“So the mission is clear the initiation of phase one is Shesh and Ragini’s meeting. It should look very natural” Raman spoke and drew a diagram on the white board with the marker pen. Ragini Rohan and Tarak nodded their head. “And the phase one may take a lot of time because we don’t know when Ragini will gain enough confidence of his to get the evidences” Ishita who was standing near the table walked to the board and encircled the word “time” written on board.  “Phase two is tracking Ragini’s movement and that will be Tarak’s job” Raman pointed the marker pen at Tarak who nodded his head positive. “And during all this; tracking Vikram’s movement is Rohan’s work. You will be returning to India in few days” Raman pointed the pen at Rohan who nodded his head. “Make sure it should look you still are in Australia when you are in India” Raman shook his pen and Rohan agreed.

“Final phase is escape. And in that Raman is expert” Ishita smiled at Raman. “Yes ma’am” Raman saluted her. “Now comes the code name part” Raman walked to the other side. “First Tarak” he stood beside him. “Tinker Bell” Ragini chuckled and Rohan burst out laughing. “He he very funny. This is mission not Shakespeare’s play” Tarak glared her. “Actually not a bad idea” Raman smirked. “But” Tarak looked at him horrified. “No arguments” Raman warned Tarak. Ragini and Rohan gave high five. “So Tarak will be Tinker Bell, Rohan will be Romeo and Ragini will be Juliet” Raman wrote on the board. “Done Dona done” Rohan and Ragini smiled and teased Tarak who huffed looking at them. “Fine” he said annoyed.

“So mission Devil loads in one week” Raman forwarded his hand. Ishita placed her palm then Ragini and Rohan and then Tarak. “Now your countdown starts Mr. Shesh Mittal urf Devil” Raman looked determined.

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