“Raman Bhai” Sanskar widened his eyes when he found Raman on Rohan’s bungalow door. Adarsh closed his fist which Sujata held it and he looked at her and sighed. As Raman walked in Vikram appeared from behind. “Vikky” Sanskar looked at him shocked. “I don’t have enough time. Mom you have to take me to hospital near by because my tracker will start working in five minutes. And please no melodrama and no questions and unless I tell you don’t reveal to anyone. Promise on me” Adarsh dragged Sujata with him. Raman looked away when Adarsh passed him. Sujata looked at him emotionally and Raman returned her a emotional smile.


“My Choti Sherni was the best trainee in the institute” Raman smiled. “Choti Sherni?” Sanskar looked at him confused. “Ragu” Rohan smiled at him. Vikram wiped the tears in his eyes. “I lost my bacha. It is all due to me. She must be hating me for this” he sobbed remembering Ragini. “She can never hate you Vikky. Never ever” Rohan placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Heya Ragu” Rohan waved his hand when he found Ragini at the airport. She smiled and walked to him. “Hi Rohan” she smiled as she reached him. They walked out of the airport and sat inside a car.

“Where are we going to stay?” Ragini looked at Rohan who was driving the car. “Surprise” he smiled widely and she looked at him confused. After an hour they reached a street and Rohan parked a car outside a house. It was painted white from outside and was small with beautiful garden. “Come” Rohan held her hand and walked crossing the garden and stood out side the house and pressed the calling bell.

“Wont you miss your Pari maa?” Rohan’s words made her look at him confused. The door opened and Ragini’s eyes widened looking at the person standing in front of her. “Ragu baccha. You will manage without me na?” she remembered Pari’s words when she was at the airport in India. “Pari maa” she whispered and the person in front of her smiled widely. “Actually Ishi maa” a person stood beside and Ragini’s eyes fell on him. She was about to faint Rohan held her. “She is really too weak” Raman walked inside and Ishita signed to get inside to Rohan who walked in with Ragini who was dumbstruck.
“Pari maa has a twin?” Ragini widened her eyes shocked. “Actually it is more like missing twin” Raman’s words made her more confused. “Ishita Raman Bhalla aka Ishita Gadodia. She was lost no actually was abducted by someone who wanted to take revenge from Shekar Gadodia and was recently discovered by Adarsh who happened to be my cousin come colleague. His dad Ram Prasad Maheshwari is younger brother to my mother Arundhati Bhalla. Before you raise a question to my Punjabi surname my mom and dad loved each other which was disapproved by mom’s family but one person helped them guess who?” Raman forwarded the tea cup to Ragini who was looking at him shocked. “Your dad” he smiled looking at her and she blinked her eyes.

“So Ram maamu made Suji maa I mean my maa cum maami to break all her ties with her only brother Shekar Gadodia and even Shekar Kaaku never spoke about them after that to anyone. Even his wives and kids doesn’t know about it. But Adarsh fell in love with Pari, call it destiny again Maheshwaris and Gadodias were relatives.” he shrugged his shoulders. Ragini bit her nails. “Now what confusion?” Raman looked at her. “Can I call you dee?” Ragini first looked at Ishita who smiled and cupped her face. “You can call me Ishi maa also” and Ragini looked at her emotionally and hugged her.

“But Pari maa tho did not knew about AJ’s profession. But how does Ishi maa knows about your profession?” Ragini looked at Raman confused. “Because she is a secret agent too. Then how do you think your AJ met your Ishi maa? This and all he discovered last year when he came here for Sanky’s admission in Oxford and met the London team” Raman rested back on the sofa. “Sanky?” Ragini’s memory traveled to the Party night when she danced with Sanskar.

“His younger brother. Haven’t you met him? Oh haa. He reached just the marriage day and returned back the same night due to exams I don’t think you got time to meet him” Ragini smiled at him. “You are going to join his college only soon. Take rest today. Tomorrow you can roam London and as your course starts in college your training also will start” Raman walked up the stairs. “Okay RJ” Ragini nodded her head. “RJ?” he looked at her from upstairs. “Raman Jeejs short form RJ like I call Adarsh Jeejs AJ. Can I call you that?” she shrank her eyes. “Of course you can” he smiled and walked to his room.

Ragini looked Ishita. “He is little Akdu not like Adi. So be careful” she smiled at her and Ragini gulped in scared. “But Raman is very good at heart person” Ishita assured her and Ragini gave back her a weak smile. Ishita guided her to her room.

“Ishi maa” Ragini collapsed on the sofa. “Finished London tour?” Ishita walked out with a orange juice. “Thank you” Ragini took the glass and gulped in slowly. “Arrey wah Ragu. Your anklets are really beautiful” Ishita looked at her legs. “Oh this. I don’t know I instantly felt these anklets are meant for me” Ragini looked at her legs. “And what’s this?” Ishita held her elbow worried. Ragini looked at the wound. Ragini remembered her moments with Sanskar and smiled unknowingly. “Nothing Ishi maa I just stumbled and fell. Nothing to worry” Ragini consoled Ishita. “You should be careful na bacha” Ishita caressed her cheek. Ragini held her hand and smiled at her. “Go take rest” Ragini walked to her room.

“What happened meri Jhansi ki Rani?” Raman sat beside her. Ishita placed her head on his shoulder. “I’m worried for her Raman. This mission is too dangerous and can’t we find an alternative?” Ishita looked worried. He rubbed her shoulder. “I know it is natural as she reminds you of your family whom you are eagerly waiting to meet but more than that trapping Devil is important. Think about greater good. And don’t you trust your Ravan Kumar?” Ishita smiled and looked up at him. He looked forward. “I promise I will protect her till my last breath” “Shhh” Ishita placed her finger on his lips. He smiled and touched her head with his head.


“Ragu. Nervous?” Rohan spoke to Ragini who was sitting beside in his car and was looking blankly nervous. She nodded her head positive. “You are really brave. You came till here for the country. You will win surely” he smiled at her. “I’m not that great also Rohan; I’m just selfish for my family. I want to bring Vikky Bhayyu out of all this. I’m not doing it for any social benefit but for my family” she gave him weak smile. “And your family is your biggest strength Ragu” he caressed her hair. She smiled at him and got out of the car.

A guy was playing in the basket ball court. He was passing everyone and here Ragini was walking in the corridor of the college. Finally he reached the basket and put the ball inside the basket. Ragini entered the room and the view made her more nervous.

“Sanky” someone screamed and the boy slid down his face still holding the basket and there was a huge smile on his face. The voice made Ragini jerk and she dropped the big book in her hand. The noise due to it dragged everyone’s attention to her. Sanskar looked in her direction suspiciously. He took the towel from his bag on a bench nearby and walked to her wiping his sweat.

“Ragini” he smiled widely when she stood up finally picking her books and he was just in front of her. “Sanskar?” she looked at him confused. “OMG I can’t believe this. Yesterday only we met and today again we are meeting” he widened his eyes shocked. She gave him a weak smile. “Yeah” she nodded her head. “Okay Sanskar today is my first day in college and I don’t want to miss the orientation session. I was searching the fine arts department and by mistake landed here. Bye” she waved and was about to turn he stopped her saying. “Hey Ragini just a request” She looked at him confused. “Call me just Sanky okay. Here no one knows me as Sanskar and it will be easy for you to find me also” he looked at her. “Sure” she smiled and walked out. And he caressed his hair blushing.

“Oye hoye Sanky is blushing” he heard someone teasing from behind. “Shut up Tarak” Sanskar snaked his arms across his best friend Tarak’s neck and tried strangling him and they walked back to the basket ball court.

“Damn this college is freaking big. Orientation program might be over also by this time and I’m still searching for the room” Ragini walked worried and collided with someone. “I’m sorry” she bent to pick her fallen books. “You have problem with books that you keep dropping them all the time” she looked up annoyed. Tarak sat in front of her and helped her to collect her books. “Hey Miss” he stopped her when she was walking. She stopped but did not turn. “Say thanks at least” he bent his head. “People who doesn’t value the word sorry I don’t think for them the word thanks means anything” she walked leaving him awestruck. “This was expected. The girl who can make Sanky blush should be really special and smart” he shrugged his shoulders and walked in the opposite direction playing with his book.


“Tarak meet your new partner in training” Raman dragged his attention when he was placing the gun back in the cup board in the training room. He turned and was surprised to find Ragini. She looked at him shocked. “You” both of them said in unison. “You both know each other?” Raman looked at them confused. “Ca…can I get someone else as my partner RJ?” Ragini fumbled which made Tarak chuckle. “Behave Tarak” Raman warned him and he controlled his laugh. “And in undercover operations you are not provided with options. He is the only person who had joined us a year back where as others are in their final stage of training” Raman looked at her and she nodded her head lowering it.

“Hey R…..Ra…. Ragini” Tarak’s voice made Ragini’s blood boil and she closed her fist angry. She turned and looked at him with anger in her eyes. “Heyya Ragini” Sanskar who was walking on the corridor stood beside Tarak who was grinning looking at Ragini. She smiled at Sanskar. “Hey Sanky correct it mahn. Its not Ragini but R… Ra…. Ragini” Tarak teased and laughed looking at Ragini. “So what is your pr… pr..problem you I… idiot” Ragini fumbled reverting to him. She was at the verge of crying. Sanskar felt bad for the way Tarak made fun of Ragini. Tarak was laughing holding his stomach. “Shut up Tarak” Sanskar’s voice jerked him and his laugh faded. “Next time dare you make fun of her” he warned Tarak.

“Hey relax Sanky. I was just joking” Tarak placed his hand on Sanskar’s shoulder to cool him. He removed Tarak’s hand with still stiff face. “Making fun of someone’s disability is inhumane behavior and I will not encourage it at any cost” Sanskar held Ragini’s hand and walked away from there. Ragini kept following him blank. She never had felt the comfort of friendship all her life. It is better said that due to her conservative nature and fumbling problem she did not had any friends in her life. People always felt pity on her but someone stood for her today. She smiled widely.

“Thank you” Ragini smiled through her tears when they were in canteen. “No thank you and no sorry in friendship” Sanskar forwarded his hand “Friends” The first friendship proposal of her life. She shook her hand happily. Her smile which spread across her face made his heart jump with joy for an unknown reason.


One more update full on RagSan friendship and I think next update will give an answer to unasked question. I mean it did not raise in anyone’s mind till now or did it raised? Sorry if I have forgotten if any of you have asked that question.
These flashbacks are really necessary. I hope you will like them.

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