“Namaste Saab ji” Shesh lifted his head which was engrossed inside the news paper hearing a less feminine voice. His eye brows shrank. “You are the one Sita was talking about?” he folded the news paper. “Haa Saab ji” the lady shook her head. “And who is this?” he pointed at the man beside her. “Saab ji he is my husband. Wo kya hai na I have to stay here full time till Sita didi comes back and he can’t stay away from me. Please he will be here and help me. You need not pay for him” she pleaded Shesh.

He analyzed the man. He was in a Rajasthani attire and mole at the left cheek. He looked at him carefully. The man smiled at him.

Shesh cocked his head to right where the lady was standing with folded hands. “Okay fine. What is your name?” he rested his back. “Ji Gulabo” the woman revealed the face and she smiled looking at Shesh.

“And he?” he signed at the man. “Ram Singh saab” the man spoke and his face is revealed. “You look Punjabi and he looks Rajasthani?” Shesh looked at them confused. “Love marriage Saab” the lady grabbed the man and he smiled struggling in her hold.

“Okay fine. Get going. Angel is in her room” he looked at his wrist. “Now it is time for her milk and there is a tablet on her table. Give her milk and later make her eat that” he guided the lady. “And Angel’s room is the second room from the stairs in first floor” he got back to reading the news paper. “Ji saab ji” Gulabo folded her hands and walked inside the mansion.


“Who’s that?” Ragini stopped rubbing her hair when she saw some stranger who was placing the milk glass on her table.

“Snow white” she opened her mouth shocked. “Yar at least sometimes stop calling me that” the person held out the wig. “Mission name Snowi you know the rules. But wait a second that’s not the point. What the hell are you doing here? Your work was only till you keep an eye on Shesh when he landed in India and my tracker isn’t working then how did you came here and by the way it was Tinker Bell who was supposed to come here after I and it was after I finish my work” she looked at him confused.

“Stop it meri maa. From the time you stopped fumbling you have become a question bank. My dumb bro was right” he sat on the bed and rested placing his palms back. “You met him? I mean you spoke to Sanskar? How is he RJ? He is having food properly na and what about Piyu? Is she okay?” she sat beside him with hope in her eyes.

“Gulabo get Angel” Shesh’s voice made him smile widely. “I have a surprise chutki” he wore back his wig and bent and stretched his hands signing her to walk. She gave him a confused look and walked passing him and he followed her.

“So you can do gardening very well?” she saw Shesh sitting on the dining table and talking to someone who was wearing the Rajasthani attire and only his half face was visible. She looked at her right and found her RJ smiling and signing her to walk. As she descended the stairs and was at the last stair her vision was clear.

He looked at her and the time stopped when her heart skipped a beat and she felt it in her mouth. One long month was more than hell without seeing him, without talking to him and without listening to his voice. Her Sanskar was right in front of her. But she looked at Shesh who was looking at his mobile.

She has to gulp all her emotions in a go. It was so so so difficult and made her feel she is suffocating. She took a deep breath. More than that she was not finding ways to confirm she isn’t dreaming. “Ouch” she pinched herself. “Angel” Shesh looked up jerked. It stopped Sanskar who was about to approach her. Shesh swiftly walked to her.

“What happened? Are you okay?” Shesh placed his hand on her shoulder. She struggled to speak as she realized the reality. “Haven’t I told you be careful with Angel. How can you let her get hurt?” Shesh dead panned at Gulabo. “Let her get hurt? I mean seriously he thinks his Angel aka my Choti Sherni is so fragile. I should appreciate the way she had trapped him with her innocence. But Mr.Devil let me tell you a truth her innocence is her power. And that will be the reason for your destruction” RJ smirked within his mind and looked at Shesh apologetically.

“I’m… I’m fine” Ragini paused and looked at Sanskar whose face showed the worry in his eyes clearly. Her words relaxed him and he sighed. “Shesh” she smiled weakly looking at Shesh who was analyzing her worried. A tear was at the edge of her eye and she herself did not knew how to control it. Her emotions wanted to break.

“Saab ji” Shesh looked at Gulabo. “I was thinking if mem saab is not well, let her have her food in her room” “Finally you got some brain” Shesh gave her a serious look. He lifted Ragini. She looked in Sanskar’s direction. The glass in his hand broke into pieces. Shesh and Gulabo looked at him. “I’m sorry saab ji. I have never drank water in glass tumbler na so held it tightly thinking it will not break. I will clean it” he folded his hands in front of Shesh. He raised his one eye brow. “Get him a first aid done” he turned to Gulabo and then walked to Ragini’s room. Her eyes were fixed on his bleeding hand. She signed Gulabo to look after who assured her.


“These are her tablets and here is the dairy in which it is written which tablets to be given on which time” Shesh handed a book to Gulabo. His eyes moved to Ragini who was sleeping after the food. “Don’t worry saab I will take care of her” Gulabo assured him. “And dare you do any mistakes? I hope Sita might have explained you about me very well” Shesh showed his forefinger warning. Gulabo nodded her head gulping scared and giving him a weak smile.

“Phew” RJ sighed as Shesh walked out of the room. He sat beside Ragini holding her hand and caressed her hair. “My Choti Sherni how much you have to go through all these days. Don’t worry your RJ is there na? I will fulfill my promise which I gave to your sister to protect you till my last breath” he kissed her hand.


Sanskar was holding the vase piece and was about to cut his wrist. Sujata stood numb not able to react. Some one held Sanskar’s hand. He looked up slowly. He got up and hugged the person immediately. “Bhai I lost her Bhai. She left me” he sobbed bitterly.

Adarsh dragged him out of the hug. “No Sanky. You did not loose her” he cupped Sanskar’s face. “Bhai” he gasped shocked when he found Adarsh speaking normally. Adarsh smiled at him. “You are okay now? I mean you are talking normally?” he widened his eyes shocked. Sujata was looking at him with her eyes open wide shocked. “Maa.. Sanky listen to me we don’t have much time. Please act like I have fainted and you are taking me to hospital. “Why bhai? Are you okay?” Sanskar held him. “Do as I say Sanky we don’t have enough time” Adarsh pleaded him. Sanskar nodded his head and Adarsh fainted and Sujata rushed to him. “Adi” she screamed. “Haaye what happened to my kid. Just now he gained consciousness and again fainted. His dad is also not here” She cried. Sanskar looked at her annoyed. He helped Adarsh to walk and they sat inside the car.

“Rohan’s house fast” Adarsh spoke as soon as Sanskar sat inside the car. “How was my acting?” Sujata looked at Sanskar with hopeful eyes. “Too bad mom” Adi and Sanskar spoke in a go and gave high five. Sanskar smiled remembering old days. Sujata pouted looking at them.


“Adi Bhai?” Rohan looked at him surprised. “Romeo walk fast other people are also there” Rohan widened his eyes looking at him shocked. “That means?” he closed his mouth. “Rohan give reactions later. We don’t have much time” he pushed Rohan and walked inside.

Sanskar followed him blank and Sujata also walked inside. Rohan kept staring them not understanding anything.


“I’m a cop” Ragini spit the water she was drinking at the terrace. “Are you kidding me AJ?” she looked at him shocked. “More precisely an undercover agent” he crossed his arms. “And why are you disclosing it to me? I don’t think even Pari maa knows about it” Ragini wiped her face. “Because now I’m gonna involve you in my plan” he smiled at her. “You can’t do this AJ. Tell me you are joking” she looked at him horrified.

He forwarded the 3D secret id card which opens only with the help of his finger print. “OMG” she widened her eyes shocked. “I have been tracking the most wanted criminal who is involved in Drug dealing and Flesh trading. The most powerful man. We call him Devil in code name. And I know who it is” he walked folding his hands. Ragini looked at him confused. “Shesh Mittal” Ragini widened her eyes shocked. “Yes he is the master mind behind this. But I don’t have proof to his involvement. He is damn clever. Fooling the secret agencies for so many years isn’t that easy. But when you said he left you unharmed I did not understand why? But then I got info from my one agent who works for him that he killed his own worker just because your lip was bleeding” Ragini stumbled and held the edge for support. “You are his obsession Ragu. He loves you to that madness” Adarsh held her shoulders. She shivered. “No” gasped she.

“Only you can help me to get him now. Only you” Ragini looked up at Adarsh. “You have to trap him in your love and get me the evidences” he looked at her hopefully. “No AJ what are you talking? You know still I’m scared of him for the way he danced with me in your marriage party and you are expecting me to act in front of him and he is dangerous” she shivered. “He had come to the party?” asked Adarsh confused. “Ya I think you were busy that time with someone. You remember you were not on the stage for some time?” Ragini asked him. He remembered him walking to a room when he got a call to attend. He brushed his thoughts.

“Ragu. See this is very important for us. I cannot miss this chance. On just your one yes so many girls lives depend” he pleaded Ragini. “But AJ I’m not any professional. I’m gonna get caught within seconds” she looked at him helplessly. “I have a solution for it” he cupped her face. “Your training in London. Rohan is already there. He will help you to get along” she looked at him with still confusion in her mind.

“Rohan but he was in Australia na?” she asked him confused. “That is for others. He is also an undercover cop in the process of training” Adarsh looked at the sky. “Pari maa?” she stood beside him. “I will tell her I’m sending you for higher studies. You will have an admission in Oxford. And remember one thing. Whomever you meet there you have to tell that you are in London from childhood. That will be your identity” he moved his head. She was still unsure.

“Everyone don’t get a chance to serve country Ragu and you are getting one. Please think about the people’s live you will save. Will you do that?” he cupped her face. She nodded her head and smiled at him. He hugged her caressing her hair. “And I promise I will not let anything harm you” he promised himself.


They heard a beep sound. Time limit will cross in five minutes. He read the message in the pager. He held his head tensed.

“I don’t have much time to explain. Sanky do you trust me?” Adarsh looked at him hopefully. “From the time I have gained my wits I have trusted you Adi Bhai. And what question are you asking me?” he looked at Adarsh emotionally. “Call Tinker Bell” Adarsh looked at Rohan. He nodded his head and dialed a number.

“Where are you?” Adarsh spoke and Tarak shivered a bit hearing his voice and replied “Jai Hind sir. I’m in Darjeeling” “Did you find any clue of Ragini?” Adarsh spoke over the phone. “No sir she is non traceable still” Tarak spoke apologetically. “She is not in Darjeeling” they heard a voice and everyone’s gaze moved back. “Tinker Bell return back” Adarsh disconnected the call looking at the direction.
“Abbey what the hell are you doing?” Gulabo disturbed Sanskar’s thoughts. “Nothing Raman Bhai I was just…” “Don’t you wanna meet Juliet?” Sanskar looked up at him. “After 11 I will sign you when Shesh goes to sleep. Walk fast to terrace” he whispered and walked out of the kitchen taking the tray which had milk glasses. He took out a small paper piece which had some powder and mixed it in a glass of milk and mixed it well and placed the spoon near it to recognize the glass.

“No Saab ji” Gulabo almost screamed when Shesh was holding the glass which was away from the spoon. Shesh looked at him confused. Ragini also stared him blank. “Actually that is Kesar Milk. I specially made for Mem saab. See she is so weak. By the time I go from here I want her to put on weight properly” Gulabo smiled nervously. Shesh smiled taking the other glass. “If you work like this I wont let you go. Instead of Sita you only can take care of Angel” he started drinking the milk. Gulabo sighed when he gulped down the whole glass. Ragini was looking at her blank not understanding anything.

“Rule number 202 place the spoon out of the glass but near the glass” she looked at Raman as a voice ringed in her mind; who winked at her when she understood he had mixed something in Shesh’s milk when her eyes fell on the spoon in the tray. She looked around nervous. She knew how Shesh’s mind will work. Morning if he won’t woke up at time it is going to cost Raman and Sanskar’s life. It made her shiver. She looked at Raman’s hand which was holding her hand and she looked up at him who assured her blinking his eyes.

Sanskar stood staring the black sky. It was dark as there was no moon. Their life was in similar darkness. He did not knew what is happening around him. But for a strange reason he believed Ragini cannot betray him and he had no answer why he trusted her so much. May be because she was his true love or was it their unbreakable friendship which went through so many things but stayed so strong. He felt her touch and his lips curved into a bright smile.

“Ghonchu….” before he could say anything she covered his lips with hers dragging him close to her. Her tears were flowing out of her eyes. He dragged himself away and cupped her face. “Are you insane Ghonchu? Why are you crying? See I’m here right in front of you” he touched her forehead with his. “We missed you Ghajni Maheshwari” she whispered. “I know” he smiled through his tears. “We?” he asked her confused. “Idiot” she held his hand and placed it on her stomach. He looked at her confused.

“OMG are you serious?” he was almost screamed. “Shhh” she placed finger on his lips. He was happy. Happy beyond he could explain. He dragged her and kissed her lips passionately. “Oh Fish man” they departed when they heard Raman’s voice. “I should have listened to Suji maa’s advice” he walked embarrassed. “Raman Bhai” Sanskar squealed like a small kid. “Okay okay fine. I will come back after an hour” he walked down.

Ragini dragged Sanskar and they sat near a small wall hiding. “Why did you come here with Snow White. I mean Raman Jeejs” she whispered. “Because I could not stay alive without you” he looked into her eyes which reflected the same feelings. She placed her head on his shoulder. “He is dangerous Sanskar. Once he knows your identity it will not take him to kill you and throw you the way he did with Vikky Bhai” her voice choked. He lifted her face and cupped it. She nodded her head painfully looking at him.


“Shesh” Ragini looked around as she woke up and did not find Shesh. She walked to the window and pushed the curtain a bit. The scenario made her heart pump out of her mouth. “Bhayyu” escaped her mouth. She wanted to run. She hit on the glass windows but failed to open it. Vikram was lying on the ground and struggling to breath. She rushed to the door and tried opening it but it did not open. She banged it and panicked. She ran back to the window and found Shesh’s men throwing his body off the cliff. “Bhayyu” her breath felt it was stuck in her throat. She collapsed on the floor like a lifeless body.

“I’m sorry Pari maa. I couldn’t save Bhai. I promised you I will keep our family together but I lost this battle. I lost it” She dragged her knees close to her chest and sobbed. She walked to bed and lied on it when she saw her alarm clock beeping. Just five minutes for Shesh’s arrival. She closed her eyes. She felt his presence. She wanted to rip his body but she has to control her emotions and anger. As she felt him walking out she opened her red eyes.

“Now your time starts Mr. Shesh Mittal. And you think you will escape this. Don’t even think about it. You have seen my love for my family but now you will see my hate for you. The day I find the last clue, your countdown starts that second itself” she thought and wiped her tears fiercely.


Sanskar kissed her forehead. “I’m in this battle. Remember always beside you. Your shadow might leave you Ragini but your Sanskar will not” he touched her forehead with his. “But my tracker wasn’t working how did you people tracked me?” she asked and got a smile on his lips as a return and it made her confuse.

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