Shesh walked to Ragini’s room and tried opening the door but he remembered he had locked the door last night. He searched the key and opened it slowly and walked inside. She was on her bed sleeping peacefully. He sat on the chair and admired her calm face.

Her eye brows were shrank. He remembered the last night and it pained him. “I’m sorry angel I had no option if anyone comes to know that you are here they will separate me from you and I don’t want to live my life after that. I know I did very bad by killing your bhayyu but…” he put a pause to his flooding thoughts when he heard some sound. “How many times I have told these servants not to disturb Angel’s sleep but they never listen” he thought and walked out of the room.

“Sita” his deadly whisper jerked her and she looked at him horrified. “Saab…” “Shhh” he signed her to speak softly. She was sweating with fear. “Saab ji I will look after no one makes noise” she whispered hesitantly. “Fine” he walked up to his room. Sita gulped in scared looking at his disappearing figure. “Phew” she wiped the sweat on her forehead and got back to her work.

Days were flying.

********15 days leap********

“Angel” Shesh held Ragini who was about to faint. He patted her cheek but she did not wake up. He lifted her and walked to her room and placed her on the bed. He caressed her hair sitting beside her.

He placed his hand over her stomach. “You know baby your mumma na is super stupid. See she doesn’t take care of herself and due to that you are suffering haina?” he nodded his head. “I don’t know why can’t I harm you may be because you have my Angel’s blood also in you. But don’t worry I will not spare your dad” he smirked.

“He is in London for a deal and as soon as he lands in India that is his last day. You just take care of my Angel” he smiled caressing her stomach. He kissed her forehead and got up from his place and walked out of the room.

Ragini gained consciousness in the evening. She sat on her bed thinking.

“No Shona dee please. Not one more dance” Ragini resisted as Swara dragged her to the dance floor for the second time. “Shona” she heard Pari’s voice and walked down the dance floor to Pari. “Shona dee” she looked around nervous between the crowd. “Hey what happened?” a hand grabbed her hand. She felt relaxed. It felt like home coming. And it drew a smile on her face and she smiled at the person. He was the same person who saved her from falling off the dance floor.

She walked up to him and placed her right hand in his palm and it felt different a kind protectiveness in his touch.

Meelon ka jaise tha fasla sadiyo ka jaise tha rastha
Anjaan tha dilke hona hai kya
Phir bhi mujhe lagtha hai yeh hum ko tho mil na hi tha
They stood facing each other like they are meant for each other
They moved with the music and they needed words to communicate and guessed each others move so accurately like they had practiced it many a times. That’s the comfort his presence gave her.

Jo thu dekho tho dil pighle Jo dil pighle nazre jhuke
Jhuke nazre tho than machle Jo than machle saanse ruke
Pura Diwana mai hogaya hu Paaya tumhe tho mai khogaya hu
Kabhi na kehna aisa thum ab thum na hona gum
His closeness brought a different feeling within her which she never felt all her life or was it like she was craving for the feeling all her life. As the music faded she heard a voice “Sanky” and he excused himself and was walking down the dance floor to Adarsh. He was about to remove the mask on his face a creaking noise of glass breaking dragged her attention. She found Shesh the person whom her Bhayyu introduced few minutes back was sitting on the chair near the bar counter and his hand bleeding. She rushed to him and dragged him to Vikram’s room to get it band aid.

As she was walking out of the room she collided with the waiter and the juice spilled on her dress. “Oh no” she looked at her dress. “Ladoo” she heard Vikram’s voice. “Bhayyu my dress” she looked at him with puppy eyes. “Go change it and come back na bacha. See still three hours are there for the party to end and if Pari dee don’t find you around then you know she will turn the whole house upside down” Vikram rubbed her shoulders. “Okay” she walked to her room giving him a weak smile. She stepped into the party after changing. “Why did you change Ragu” Shona pouted looking at her. “Dee the dress was spoiled so” she looked at her apologetically. “That’s fine” Swara smiled hugging her.

“How are we going to live without her that’s not fair dee” Shona pouted folding her arms. “Shona just some months as soon as my internship finishes we will be back to Mumbai” Pari caressed her cheek. “Dee even I’m your sister but you are not taking me but you are taking her. That’s unfair na” Swara looked away. “Because she is younger than you and she can’t manage without me Shona you very well know her panic attacks have not stopped and she needs me all the time around her” Pari looked at Swara pleading. “Stop it drama queen” Vikram hit her head and she bit her tongue.

“Oh this was all your plan to torture me” Pari crossed her arms. Swara hugged her and she cooled down. “I know dee she deserves your maximum time and all these years she hadn’t got that love what she was supposed to get and I totally understand. And moreover Jeejs has no problem to take her though knowing she will disturb his romance then why should I bother. But after 3 months she will be all ours” Swara chuckled. “Pagal” Pari hit her head.

“Ragu” Swara sat beside Ragini who was looking at them sitting on the other side of the bed. “I will miss you Shona dee” she hugged Swara. She controlled her tears. “I will miss you more” she patted Ragini’s head. Pari looked at them smiling.

After they reached Darjeeling:

“Ragu bacha” Pari held Ragini’s lifeless body which was lying on the door step and shook it but there was no response. She patted her cheek. “Adi” she screamed. Adarsh rushed to her and found unconscious Ragini. “Ragu” he knelt beside Pari worried. He lifted her and walked in and Pari locked the door behind.

Pari injected Ragini and looked at her painfully. Adarsh placed his hand on her shoulder. She turned and hugged him. “I was so worried for her from yesterday Adi. I shouldn’t have let her go out only” she sobbed more. “Shhh Pari. She will be fine and once she wakes up we will ask her na what happened don’t worry” he caressed her hair. Their landline ringed. “I will check” Adarsh walked out of the room. Pari sat beside Ragini and caressed her hair. “Pari” she heard Adarsh’s voice and walked to him.

He handed her the phone. “No doctor I cannot come today my sister is not well. I understand it is emergency” she looked at Adarsh he signed her something. She looked at him confused. She placed her palm on the ear piece and asked him what. “I will take care of Ragu. You go to hospital” he spoke softly. “Are you sure?” asked she.

“Haa baba. I will take care don’t worry” he convinced her. She placed the ear piece back and spoke “Okay doctor I will be there is some time”. She placed the receiver and walked to kitchen. She found Adarsh cooking something. She back hugged him placing her head on his shoulder. “What happened Biwi ji. Today being so romantic haa?” he turned his head a bit. “Thank god Ragu came back safe Adi. And thank you” she smiled kissing his cheek.

He looked at her confused. “Why thank you?” he held her hand and faced her. She hugged him placing her head on his chest. “You let Ragu stay with us. You know most of the husbands look for privacy after marriage but you let me take her with us” she smiled. He placed his chin over her head and covered her in his arms. “She is something to me also. Have you forgotten. She is my first kid and how can we live away from our kid ha?” he dragged her more close. “You are the best husband in the world” she looked up at him. He kissed her forehead smiling.

“Okay Adi I will leave for Hospital. When she wakes up na. Just give her this medicine okay” Pari handed a sheet of tablet and rushed out of the house. He waved her bye and walked to the kitchen.

“Pari maa” he heard Ragini’s scream after half an hour and ran to her room worried. Ragini was sitting on the bed scared and breathing heavily. “Ragu” he walked to the bed and sat beside her. “AJ” she cried and hugged him. He patted her head to console her. “What happened bacha?” he cupped her face. “AJ he… he is very bad AJ. He is very bad. And he had taken Vikky bhayyu also in his side” she looked at him sobbing. “Ragu bacha I’m not understanding say it clearly na whom are you talking about?” he looked at her confused.

“Shesh” she looked at him and paused.

Ragini was at a shop and buying some stuff. As she finished and was walking back to home it was bit dark and she had to cross a deserted area. She felt someone grabbing her from back and felt her vision blurred in few seconds as a hanky covered her nose. After that she felt she gained consciousness after sometime and felt she heard some faint voices. “Arrey yar you did not use enough chloroform I guess. She is gaining consciousness” she heard a rough voice. “No more chloroform” she heard the other voice. “Leave…. me” she faintly whispered and felt a blow on her cheek and her lips started bleeding and she fainted back.

After sometimes of blankness she was gaining consciousness when her lip pained and when she opened her eyes flood lights covered her vision. She was not able to see anything. She felt a hand on her hand. Her memory traveled back to a particular point. She remembered Pari’s reception day when she collided with Shesh and he was holding her hand squeezing it and was not letting her go. “Shesh” her mind went numb for a moment and she dragged her hand back. She tried to see the person in front of her but was not able to see him. She was again unconscious in few seconds.

Next when she gathered her consciousness for sometime she opened her eyes slowly and found Shesh driving the car and he was over the phone so he did not notice she had woken up. “Yes yaar Vikky. I’m leaving her back na? I did not knew my men will kidnap her” he spoke annoyed. “Yaa that is my other business and I don’t need to tell about it. You are just in that drug dealing firm. And this flesh business doesn’t concern you. Just stay out of it. I will drop her outside Pari dee’s home” he disconnected the call. Ragini again felt dizzy and fainted.

“Ragu are you sure it was him?” Adarsh looked at her. “Haa AJ. I’m sure it was him only. And he was talking to Vikky bhai” she nodded her head. Adarsh was shocked. He hugged her and patted her head. She burst out crying. “Vikky bhai is involved in bad things AJ and I’m scared for him” she spoke in between her sobs. “Ragu bacha relax. You trust your AJ na?” he placed his chin over her head and she nodded her head.

“Take this tablet. Your dee told to give you as you wake up” he gave her a tablet and water to drink. She gulped it with the help of water. “Now sleep. And take rest. Don’t tell this to your dee now. Promise me?” he forwarded his palm. She placed her palm and nodded her head. He smiled at her and made her sleep and patted her head and walked out.

“AJ” she woke up after some time. “Haa Ragu” he walked to her and sat beside her. “Now I’m okay” she smiled when he looked at her worried and his lips curved into a smile. He caressed her cheek. “Now if Dee asks what should I tell her AJ?” she looked at him worried. “You don’t tell her anything. I will speak to her and you just nod your head okay?” he looked at her. She nodded her head like a small kid.

“Adi” they heard Pari’s voice. “I’m here” Adarsh screamed and Pari walked inside Ragini’s room. “Ragu bacha. You scared me. You know how much worried I was. Where were you and how did this happen?” she cupped Ragini’s face and touched her wounded lip.

“Actually Pari just now she told me. You know just day before yesterday we reached Darjeeling after so many days train journey and the weather changes. She was feeling uneasy and fainted on her way back to home. One couple took her to hospital and when she gained consciousness that was today morning they got her address and dropped her outside our house” Adarsh looked at Pari. Pari’s eyes moved to Ragini who was watching Adarsh. She smiled weakly and nodded her head. “Then why did they just dropped her outside the house and disappeared?” Pari crossed her arms.

“Lie detector machine” Adarsh uttered under his breath and Ragini controlled her smile. Adarsh looked up at Pari and continued “Wo kya hai na Pari. She fainted again when they were getting her here. And you remember na you took lot of time to open the door?” he winked at her. She hid her blush and looked back at him. “They might have had some emergency” he turned to Ragini and sighed.

“Ragu bacha. Who was it?” Pari’s gaze moved to Ragini. “Hun?” Ragini looked at her confused. “You did not ask their name?” she cupped Ragini’s face. “She forgot to ask their name Pari. Bechari leave na” Adarsh held her hand and dragged her attention. Ragini gave her a weak smile. “And this” she released her hand from Adarsh’s hold and pointed at Ragini’s lip. “She fell down na Pari so she got hurt. Why are you behaving like a detective?” he turned her annoyed to face him.

“And why are you answering from her side?” Pari asked him annoyed. “Because she is weak Biwi ji. Let her take rest. One time she narrated na” he looked at Ragini and she looked at Pari and smiled weakly. She nodded her head giving up and stood up. “Fine. You Jeeja Saali duo will make me mad someday. My Sanky is only better at least he stays in my party not like your Sali who changes her Party every time” she looked at them standing at the door and walked out. Adarsh smiled and turned to Ragini who was looking at him worried.

Ragini’s point of view:

Did I plan this no. I did not. Sitting inside a lavish room I’m just wondering where I have landed myself. I left behind people who meant to me my world. They are happy without me I guess. Are they really. Sanskar are you happy without me? Say na Ghajni Maheshwari I want to listen to your voice.

Please talk to me just once. Please. I wanted to tell you those words Sanskar I really wanted to but then I had no option. Will you ever forgive me for this Sanskar? Speak na. I don’t know I feel this is the end of us. It pains me. Pains me like hell. I just want to see you once Sanskar just once.


A stone fell in front of her which landed from the window. She remembered how Sanskar threw a stone while going on their first date. A small smile curved on her lips. “Ah I have started hallucinating also now” she told herself. She shook her head and found the stone still there. She picked it up worried. “No he can’t come here” she covered her mouth. She moved to the window and sighed as she did not find anyone. She looked into her hand and unwrapped the paper.

“Ragini” a voice made her jerk and she dropped the stone down and as the paper was unwrapped from it fell on the ground near the curtain. Ragini moved her eyelids scared. “God ji please let him not notice the paper please” she prayed closing her eyes. But it was late. “Hey what’s this” she felt his voice still closer to her and her heart raced and sweat started covering her. She gulped the saliva trying hard so that he doesn’t hear it.

She looked from corner of her eye. He picked up the paper and fear crept in her body with each passing second. Even she wasn’t aware what was there in the paper but she sensed something. Will it ruin everything. No she can’t let it happen. She turned immediately and hugged him in a bone crushing hug.

“I love you. I love you a lot. Please don’t leave me. I cannot live without you. I wanted to write all that on the paper and give you but I wasn’t finding right words so just crushed it and threw it” she grabbed the paper from his hand. And threw it out of the window but thanks to her luck she threw it so that just it can land on the window awnings which could hold the paper for sometime.

Her heart cried. Cried for the words she spoke. A web of lies she was building will crush her down but to what extent she was unaware. For the fact she was with the devil she has to do this.


“You think I’m fool don’t you?” a smirk appeared on his face. “But my dear life it isn’t as easy as you think. Because you are right about me. I’m a devil. But my angel will you survive me is the real question?” the chair rocked as he looked at her picture where she was smiling giving high five to Sanskar. “I know you from the time before you know me Angel. So you know what I mean?” his smirk deepened.

Ragini held the tracker which she had hidden. “I don’t know how did it stopped working. When I woke up I was in Shesh’s Mansion and this tracker which I brought with me isn’t working from then” she analyzed it speaking in her mind. “Angel dinner time” Shesh’s voice jerked her. She placed it back below her pillow swiftly and walked out of her room.


A/N: Phew finally I could update this. Some more confusions and some work for your brain. Some things cleared and some got more tangled. Tell me how your exams went and did you miss Shesh?
Special note RagSan dance was special request from my choti si sis Anisha who wanted the dance and I had promised her I will surely put it when I write Ragini’s P.O.V.

Any guesses what’s gonna happen next?

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