“From the time we met for the first time in London you recognize my anklet’s chiming sound every time so accurately I just wonder how” said she. “I have no answer for this but I can never forget that melody ever” said he. “Melody?” asked she confused. He smiled still looking at the sky.

“Angel” the knock on the door and Shesh’s voice brought Ragini to present and she took her hand back with which she was caressing her anklet. She pressed her lips to control her emotions and wore the fake smile back. She got up from the bed and walked to the door.

Shesh felt the door opening and his gaze moved to the door and he found Ragini who was holding the edge of the door and was smiling at him. His eyes moved from floor to her face. She was wearing a backless pista color gown with black flowers engraved on it. Her hair was tied in a clean poytail. Shesh was lost in her beautiful face which was with light make up and with her sweet smile. He moved close jerking her. “You will kill me today” he whispered in her ear huskily. She tightened her lips giving him a fake smile. His hands moved on her belly and he held her from waist and dragged her to him and she collided with his chest. “Shall we move angel?” he winked at her. She nodded her head.

“Damn yar Shesh. This Business is not my cup of tea yar, I can’t handle it anymore” Vikram banged the chair. “Why do you take it seriously Vikky. Losses are common when it is Business. And I know it is hard when you are under the impression of your businessman ancestors to handle it. And when you can’t handle it people blame you for it. I have gone through this. Not a new thing” Shesh chewed the chocolate. “But Shesh you are a stupendous businessman yar. I have never seen you suffering with it” Vikram looked at him confused. “You know Vikky you are my best buddy and only friend I have in my life. I cannot hide anything from you. Actually I have suffered a lot due to my Dad’s ethical business tricks. But then I found a way to over come the losses. And now see stock prices doesn’t affect me and my financial state. At the end only thing matters is how much fortunes you have” Shesh placed his hand across Vikram’s neck. “I’m not understanding Shesh what are you trying to say?” Vikram was still confused.

“This export import business is just to show off but my real business is this” Shesh dropped a small packet on the table which had a white powder. Vikram looked at it confused. He picked and smelt it and the realization left his eyes widened. “Drugs” gasped Vikram shocked and Shesh smirked at him. “You wanna join?”Shesh forwarded his hand. “Why do you think I will not inform this to the police?” asked Vikram. “Because the Vikram I know loves his family and it’s reputation a lot. He will not want his family to be on roads due to his business experiments and loans” Shesh smirked resting his back. Vikram was suffering from loses from years. And the expenses had crossed the earnings and he had been immersed in loan and the lenders were behind him and they were so dangerous they could harm his family. Being the elder son of the family he had the responsibility of the safety of his family. He was feeling suffocated.

“I’m in” he shook his hand with Shesh who smiled holding his hand. “And from now you are 50 percent partner in my business. And to make this partnership a hit I want to make you my relative” Shesh’s words confused Vikram. “I love Ragini. I want to marry her” his words made Vikram shiver in his place for a minute. “Shesh” he looked at him shocked. “I seriously love her Vikram. And I can’t think of anyone else in her place please” Shesh held both his hands. “But what about her wishes Shesh. She has all the right to decide her partner” Vikram pleaded him. “Okay fine. But once she says that she wants to be with me promise me you will not interfere?” Shesh forwarded his hand. “I promise” Vikram smiled at him.
End of Flashback

“I seriously wasn’t aware of his other sources of income dee. I wasn’t” Vikram looked at Pari’s photo helplessly.

“Vikky” Shesh placed his hand on Vikram’s shoulder who was holding the gun and a mutilated body of a person was on the ground. “I did not do it purposefully Shesh. He was trying to kill you and I had no option. Everything is finished Shesh. Everything” Vikram collapsed on the floor and held his head with the gun still hanging in his fingers. “Relax Vikky. Nothing will happen. This is all common in our business. Don’t worry I will make sure your name will not come in this case” Shesh consoled Vikram. And he did not let Vikram to be caught in the investigation time. From that day Vikram became the black hawk who murdered Shesh’s enemies and he had mastered in assassinating the enemies without clue and this wasn’t included as part of business so Shesh used to send payments to Vikram for every assassination.
END of Flashback


“Once I entered that world it was like a daldal dee. I couldn’t get out of it. I kept on committing crimes over crimes to hide the previous crimes. Now those deeds are serving me. I’m paying for it. In my wildest dreams also I did not imagine that these all will put my baby sister’s life at stake. Now she is in danger dee. I know Shesh once he learns about her pregnancy it will not take him time to kill that baby and it’s father Sanskar. And he will punish Ragu with the bigger punishment than that; the guilt of loosing Sanskar and her baby. She will suffer a lot due to it all her life” he held his head sitting on his bed.

“No…no till her Bhayyu is alive nothing will happen to my Ragu. I will not let anything happen to her” he wiped his tears and stood up determined.

“Ladies and Gentlemen” Shesh held the mic and stood at the center of the stage. “All these years I have been living my life and celebrated so many birthdays. But it was all for the people around me. But this birthday of mine is the most special in my life” he smiled and his dimples made their way on his cheeks.

He stepped down the stage holding the mic and approached Ragini. “This year is most special because I’m with my angel” he slid his hand on her back and held her shoulder. She shivered a bit and gave him a smile. He was lost in her face. “My angel who came in my life as a blessing” he spoke looking into her eyes. She lowered her gaze and he traveled out of his dream and landed in real world. “So” he turned to the audience. “Enjoy the evening” he handed the mic to the server who was beside him.

The lights went off and then a spot light fixed on Shesh who was standing looking down
He slowly lifted his head singing

Kaise Kahu ishq me tere kithna hu bethab me
He forwarded his hand and she placed her palm on his palm

Aankho ankhe milake chura lu tere khwab main
He dragged her close to him and touched her forehead with his
And moved to the music
Mere saaye hai saath me yaara jis jagah tum ho
He twirled her and hugged her

Main jo jee raha hu wajah tum ho wajah tum ho
Main jo jee raha hu wajah tum ho wajah tum ho
And he moved back hugging her and touching her cheek with his nose

Kya jaane tu mere irade Le jaavunga saanse churake
Kya jaane tu mere irade Le jaavunga saanse churake
He dragged her out of the hold and dragged back and traced her neck with his finger smirking

Dil keh raha hai gunehgar ban jaa Bada chain hai in gunaho ke aage
He leaned her to one side holding her back and brought her back
Main ghumshuda si raath hu meri khusnuma subah tum ho
And they moved with the music.

Main jo jee raha hu wajah tum ho wajah tum ho

Ragini was breathing heavily as the music started fading. She was feeling restless for an unknown reason. Something is going to happen tonight and she doesn’t know what will be the consequences.


“Ouch” Ragini stumbled when she hit some rock on her way to Shesh’s mansion when they returned after the party. Shesh walked to her swiftly and held her. “Careful Angel” she smiled at him. He nodded his head and lifted her in his arms and walked inside the mansion. He entered her room and placed her on the bed. He kissed her forehead and covered her with the quilt.

“Shesh” he felt her holding his wrist. He turned and looked at her. “Don’t go” he looked at her confused. She herself wasn’t understanding why did she stop him but her heart insisted to stop him. He smiled at her and dragged the chair and sat beside her. “What happened Angel?” he caressed her hair. “I don’t know Shesh. I’m feeling weird. Like something bad will happen” she looked at him with tears in her eyes. “Shhh” he placed his finger on her lips. He patted her hand smiling at her. “Nothing will happen Angel. Until your Shesh is alive nothing will happen to his Angel. Now sleep. You need rest” he patted her head and she tried sleeping and after sometimes she dozed off and Shesh placed his head on her bed beside her.

A rustling noise woke him up. He lifted his head and looked at Ragini who was sleeping peacefully. He slowly dragged his hand away from her hold and walked to the window and looked outside slightly shifting the curtain. He closed his eyes annoyed and walked out of her room and locked it from outside.


“What are you doing here Vikky” Vikram jerked when he was walking slowly and looked up to find Shesh standing crossing his arms. “Shesh I…” he fumbled. “Came to meet Angel?” Shesh smirked at him. “No Shesh. I was just passing by so thought of meeting you” Vikram gulped in scared. “I had told you I will make her to speak to you once she gets time. Now she is sleeping. I will call you tomorrow” Shesh turned to walk. “No Shesh please can I see her once I’m just…” he was interrupted by Shesh who turned speaking “Worried for your pregnant sister?” Vikram looked at him horrified. “How?” Vikram could not believe it.

“You and your whole family thinks I’m some emotional fool. And I will not come to know anything. Isn’t it?”Shesh cocked his head mocking extremely shocked Vikram.



“That’s your favorite fruit right Angel?” Shesh looked at Ragini confused who was separating the Papaya pieces from the salad. “I don’t like it anymore” She smiled at him weakly. “Strange” he continued eating his food.

“Papayas Shesh. I just love them” he remembered her voice and looked at her. Her hands were shivering. “Lie” his mind spoke.


“Angel” Shesh spoke in Ragini’s ear and confirmed whether she is completely unconscious. “You can check her now” he guided the doctor.
“She is pregnant” the doctor who was analyzing unconscious Ragini looked at Shesh. He closed his fist to control his anger. “Thank you doctor” he smiled at her and guided his men to leave her back to her clinic.

“I thought you have just fallen in love with him. But you have already let him f**k you” he held the pillow near Ragini’s head and crushed it to control his anger. His face turned calm again when he saw Ragini who was sleeping peacefully. “And I will punish you for this Angel for sure” he kissed her forehead and walked out.

He walked to his room and destroyed it and sat in between the mess. “You think you can escape me? Don’t you think you are over confident when you feel that I will let you go this time?” he smirked. “Never ever” he pressed his bleeding palm against his bed.
End of Flashback


“Shesh Shesh listen to me. Please forgive her. I beg you Shesh. It wasn’t her fault. I don’t know why is she behind you. But for my sake leave her Shesh. Don’t spoil my sister’s life. I’m ready to do anything for you. Just leave my sister on her own Shesh. Let her go back to her husband and family. I promise I will not let her cross your path. Shesh please” Vikram pleaded Shesh.

“I don’t lust her Vikram. She is my life. And I can’t let her go at any cost. She is my madness. I want her not her body. I can’t leave her. You call it love or whatever but for me it is my purpose to live. I can’t imagine my life without her” Shesh screamed jerking Vikram.

“You can’t do this Shesh. You got that. You cannot play with my sister’s life. She loves Sanskar and I will make sure she reconciles with him. For the Rakhis she had been tying to me all those years I’m bound to protect her and I will do it at any cost” Vikram held the gun pointing at Shesh’s forehead. “You want to kill me Vikram? Your best friend?” Shesh bent his head smirking. “For my sister I can do anything Shesh. Anything” he neared Shesh and placed the gun pointer at his head. “You really think you can kill me?” smirked Shesh.

A faint gun shot was heard and Vikram’s eyes opened wide and he looked down at his stomach where Shesh’s gun was pressing his body and blood oozed out of the wound. His grip on the gun loosened and it fell on the ground. “And I will do anything for my Angel Vikky. Anything” he looked at Vikram who was fallen on the ground and was struggling and each second was taking his breath away.

“Vikky when you do bad not only you but your family also suffers” Pari’s voice crossed his mind and he smiled through his painful tears and a lump of blood oozed out of his mouth. His vision was blurring and body failing. “Please Bappa. I never begged you for anything but please save my sister for god sake. Please save her” he prayed and the guards lifted him and walked to the edge of the cliff. The phone in his pocket landed at the edge and turned on but by then the guards had thrown his body down and turned so they couldn’t notice the light of the mobile screen.

“Thank you Bappa” he whispered with his last breath.


A break finally. I know you are not happy with this twist. But this was the demand of the story. Now things are getting more serious.

Many of you are going to attend your exams so all the best. Stay calm and stop worrying about the Devil and do well in your exams.

Love you all. I will meet you after a long break because have to concentrate on other stories also. Keep smiling.

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