“Sanskar” Sujata called when she saw Sanskar ascending the stairs. He did not stop. “Sanskar” she called again but no response. He stopped when he found someone standing in front of him. He looked up to find Ram. “Your mom is calling you Sanky” he looked at him concerned. His face was weak and defeated. No shine in those eyes like all the tears have drained out of his body. “Hmmm?” he did not understand what Ram spoke. “Your mom is calling you” Ram descended one more step and placed his hand on Sanskar’s shoulder. He turned to Sujata. It squeezed her heart to see her son in that state. What had he become just in a week. A lifeless body whose soul had left him for forever. She wiped the tear at the corner of her eye.

“I made your favorite Rajma Chawal today. Freshen up and come” she smiled at him. “Maa why did you prepare Rajma you know na Ragu has allergy to it…” he paused and a tear escaped his dry eye. Sujata controlled her cry looking at her son’s state. He just turned and walked to his room. Sujata looked at Ram with helplessness in her eyes. He descended the stairs and hugged her and consoled her.

Sanskar entered his room and latched and leaned to the door. His emotions flew like there was no barrier. His nails crawled the door behind and the pain was intolerable for him. He looked up and his throat pained to control his cry. He turned to the door and placed his fist on his mouth to control his sobs. Nothing was helping. He held his paining head as he slowly slid down.


“Wow this anklet will suit Swara” Sanskar held an anklet and heard it chiming sound. “Wow what a melody. I think I will never forget it in my life. And of course it will be in my life always as I will gift this to Swara” Sanskar played with it and smiled hearing the chiming sound. “Wow Sir this is the only piece left in the market. Be careful” the shop keeper warned him. “Oops I’m so sorry. I will buy this” he shuffled his pant pocket and then his jacket. “Fish. I think I left my wallet in car” he placed his hand on his head. He ran out to get the wallet.

“Phew” he picked up his wallet which was in the car and rushed to the shop. “Hey I want to buy that anklet” he asked the shopkeeper. “Sorry sir one madam just bought it” he signed towards the shop exit and he saw someone walking out of the shop. “Oh no” he ran behind the lady. He kept following her walking till she reached Buckingham Palace. He watched her from far when she was wearing the anklets sitting on a bench. Her face was covered with her hair. “Excuse me” he neared her. She flipped her hair behind and looked at up at him.

“Umm actually the anklet” he showed her the anklets she was wearing. She moved her confused eyes to her anklets and then moved back to him. “Anklets?” she cocked her head forward. “Umm are beautiful” his eyes were fixed on her leg which was looking so beautiful due to the shine of the anklet. She gave him a weird look. “Excuse me” she sounded offended. “No no don’t take me wrong. I… I was just” he fumbled not finding right words. He was damn nervous. She looked at him and burst out laughing. He sighed looking at her laugh. Her smile was something which bound him in that moment. He doesn’t know why but he felt different in that beautiful moment. The dry leaves fell and made the surrounding more beautiful. It looked like a dream.

She nodded her head and got up to walk but her heel collided with a small piece of stone which made her fall. He approached her concerned. She sat rubbing her hands and her elbow was scratched and slightly started bleeding. “Oh Fish” he looked at her wound then at her face. She was tearing due to the pain and embarrassment. Her pain squeezed him for an unknown reason. “Hey relax” he cupped her face and wiped her tears. He lifted her and walked to the bench. “Be here I will just come okay” she nodded her head like a small kid when he placed her on the bench. He ran to his car like a maniac and brought the first aid kit.

“Ouch” she cried in pain when he was applying the antiseptic liquid as it burned her wound. He blew the air to cool it and looked at her contorted face. He could feel her pain though he knew her just few minutes back. He applied the ointment and plastered it.

“Okay now?” he asked her smiling. She nodded her head. “Hai I’m Sanskar” he forwarded his hand for a handshake. “Ragini… Ouch” she held her paining elbow. “No problem” he smiled at her and signed her to relax and she smiled at him.

******End of Flashback************

“No” Piyu’s voice brought him back to present. He wiped his tears and walked out of the room. “No I don’t want anything. I want only my Ragini maasi” Piyu cried as Sujatha held the morsel in front of her. Sujata’s heart pained. “Piyu bacha please listen to me. She will not come back” said she looking painfully at Piyu. She doesn’t know how to console her. Piyu sobbed more. “Is it any joke for you all. First my mom then Swara maa and now Ragini maasi. Can’t I have a mom in my life. Am I so bad?” her voice cracked as her face covered with tears.

“Piyu” she heard the only voice which soothed her. “Chachu” she ran to him and hugged his legs. “Please get me my Ragini maasi please. You promised you will get Swara maa but you did not get. But chachu I can’t live without Ragini maasi please” she pleaded looking up at him. His face looked aged and wrinkles made him look old. Older than his age. Beard covering half his face he looked defeated. Defeated from world, defeated from time

He bent and sat holding her little hands. He looked at her eyes which were hopeful. Hopeful that even if God cannot fulfil her wish her chachu will fulfil her wish. He looked down and wiped the tear from corner of his eye. “sh…. She will” said he and looked around pressing his lips to control his cry. “She won’t come back Piyu” he dragged her into a hug holding her head and burst out crying. “No” she screamed getting out of his hold.
“You lost her chachu. You lost her. It wasn’t her fault. You left her hand chachu. You left” her eyes burning. She ran to her room. He stood numb looking at her and tears flowing continuously from his eyes. He felt a hand on his shoulder. He recognized the touch and turned and hugged his mom immediately and burst out crying. No words were required for his mom to understand his pain. “Sanky” she brought him out of the hug and wiped his tears and nodded her head.

“She will be happy na maa?” his cracking voice made her heart pain. She nodded her head caressing his hair. He closed his eyes painfully hugging her. He remembered how he left Ragini’s hand and she was looking at him pleading. He tightened his grip across Sujata’s shoulder. He jerked coming out of the hug and ran to his room as he couldn’t hold it more.

Sanskar’s hallucination:

He walked inside his room with heavy heart and found Ragini standing at balcony.
Tum mere ho iss pal mere ho
She was enjoying the cool breeze.

Kal shayad yeh alam na rahe
He found himself running to her and hugging her from back

The figures vanished when he smiled through his tears

Kuch aisa ho thum thum na raho
He was sitting on the chair working in laptop and Ragini was trying to walk out to play in the rain

Kuch aisa ho hum hum na rahe
He stopped her and she sat on the bed pouting and walked to her and dragged her out to play in the rain
The vision disappeared again.

Yeh Raste alag hojaaye chalte chalte hum kho jaye
He was tickling her on their bed and she was laughing. The vision drew a smile on his lips

Mai phir bhi tum ko chahunga
He walked to the cupboard and opened it. He held Ragini’s sari and hugged it. Like he wanted to feel her presence so badly. And he did not had any other way

Mai phir bhi tumko chahunga
Mai phir bhi tum ko chahunga
Mai phir bhi tumko chahunga
Iss Chahat me mar javunga
He collapsed on the floor hugging her sari and burst out crying bitterly.

Aise zaroori ho mujhko tum
Jaise hawaye saanso ko
He walked to the bed and sat on it and caressed her side of bed. He found himself hugging her and kissing her cheeks and she was making faces
Aise talashu mai tumko
Jaise ki pair zameeno ko

He descended the stairs. He found himself running to Ragini and lifting her in his arms to share his happiness and the vision vanished. His eyes moved to the sofa where Ragini was sitting and had placed his head in her lap and was consoling him.
hasna ho ya rona ho mujhe
Pagal sa dhundu mai tumhe

Kal mujhse mohabbat ho na ho
“She loves me” Shesh’s voice ringed in his mind and he closed his eyes painfully.

Kal mujhko ijaazat ho na ho
“Can I hug her for last time” he was asking holding her hand when Shesh dragged her. Ragini winced in pain and he left her hand and collapsed on the floor.

Tute dil ke tukde lekar tere dar pe hi reh javunga
The vase on the side table crashed on the floor.

Sujata rushed out of the kitchen and looked at Sanskar who was standing at the place. The place where he left Ragini’s hand.

Mai phir bhi tum ko chahunga
Mai phir bhi tumko chahunga
He held the broken piece of the vase in his hand and looked at it.

Iss Chahat me mar javunga
He pressed his lips as hard as he could and was ready to cut his wrist with rage. One cut and his painful life, life without his soul will end

Mai phir bhi tumko chahunga


“No she loves me” Sanskar took a pause and turned to look at the owner of the voice. Shesh was smirking standing at the door. “Are you insane Shesh. I had told you na she has moved on. She is happy in her married life for god sake understand that” Vikram who was behind him entered Maheshwari Mansion and rushed to Ragini and held her. “Vikky. What is he doing here?” Rohan whispered in Swara’s ear.

“How will I know. Ask your snow white? Wasn’t she keeping an eye on Shesh” Swara glared Rohan. He gave her annoyed look. “Now what? I don’t know how will Juliet handle this” Rohan looked at Ragini who was looking at Vikram shocked. Shesh smirked walking inside and standing in front of Ragini. “Angel now time to confess” he glanced at Sanskar who was still standing unmoved in his place. “Now what will I do?” she thought in her mind.

“Ladoo tell him” Vikky looked at her. “Enough Vikram” Ram screamed. Everyone’s gaze moved to him and Ragini sighed. “I don’t want more drama in my home. Stop all this” he screamed warning. “Exactly. I’m not here for any drama. I came here to take my Angel away. She was here for revenge and now I don’t think she should be here anymore” Shesh held Ragini’s hand and turned to walk. He was stopped by a force. He turned confused to find Sanskar holding Ragini’s other hand. Ragini turned to look at him. She pleaded him through her eyes to not let her go. “Can I hug her for the last time” he stared ground.

“Chachu how can you let her go away.” Piyu stood in front of him pleading. “Please” he looked up at Shesh. “She is my Angel. Get that straight in your mind Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari” Shesh held Ragini’s hand more tight and she winced in pain. “Please don’t Sanskar” Ragini whispered which was heard by Piyu. He left her hand and she looked at him shocked. She did not wanted to go. She did not. Piyu watched her exiting with her arm stretched. “No” she tried running behind her. “Piyu” Sujata held her. “Ragini maasi no. No leave my Ragini maasi” she struggled in Sujata’s hold. She cried bitterly and Sanskar collapsed on floor blank. Vikram walked behind Shesh.

“I had told you Shesh. Why did you come back in her life” Vikram walked behind him. “You had promised me Vikky. Have you forgotten?” Shesh stopped and glared Vikram. “Shesh that was past. And we fixed your alliance with Ragini but she had to marry Sanskar and now when she has moved on you cannot simply destroy everything.” Vikram warned Shesh. “Oh really Vikky. You are so worried about your sister’s married life Ask her first if she wants to stay in this? Let her tell me once I will leave for forever. I promise I will not enter her life. And before doing that I will kill myself. I promise Vikky. And you know how serious Shesh is about his promise. Don’t you?” Shesh forwarded Ragini. “Fish. I think Ragini will tell the truth and we will miss him for forever.” Swara squeezed her hands standing at the door. “Oh no” Rohan looked at the trio nervous standing beside Swara.

“Ladoo look at me” Vikram held Ragini from her shoulders. “Tell him that you have moved on. I can sense your emotions bacha, I know you love Sanskar. Tell him” Ragini felt Shesh’s hold on her wrist tightening hearing Sanskar’s name. She closed her eyes in pain. Sanskar’s face flashed in front of her. She opened her tearful eyes and was about to say him but she paused.

“Life me sabse zyada family important hoti hai. Chahe unhe tumhare decisions galat lage magar jab thak tumhe lagta hai ki tum apni family ko uss decisions se protect kar sakti ho peeche math hatna. Log tumhe galat samjhenge(In life most important is family. Though they misunderstand you but till you feel your decision can protect them with it you should not back off). But you know what you feel for them and you need not express it to anyone” Pari’s voice ringed in her mind and she looked into Vikram’s eyes. “I never moved on Bhai. This marriage was just a plan to trap AJ” Shesh smirked.

“Ragu” Vikram looked at her painfully. “Can we move now?” Shesh held Ragini from her shoulder and walked to his car. He sat inside it and she sat beside him and guided his driver.

Vikram stood blank. “How can she do this?” he looked at the car which disappeared beyond MM gates.


“Now why Shona is saying Ladoo is non traceable. Why do they want to trace her in first place? She went with her consent” Vikram roamed in his room.

“I know Shesh will not hurt her. Who will help me now. If I ask Swara directly she will not say me anything. That day also she spoke that I did not hear completely. What is running in her mind?” His eyes moved to Pari’s photo. He stood in front of Pari’s photo.

“Dee I’m so confused. What should I do now. I know Shesh will never harm Ragu but now I’m scared dee” a tear tripped his eye.

After some time He walked out defeated and worried for his little sister. Nobody was telling him anything and he wasn’t understanding why.

“Shona have you lost it. It will not take time her pregnancy will be visible. She is 2 months pregnant for god sake and these are very crucial months for her. So much tension. I don’t know how my bacha is handling it. I’m damn sure she is hell scared as she is not able to reach us” Sumi whispered holding Swara from her shoulder.

Vikram who was at the door looked at them shocked. He quickly walked to his room. “Means this was all plan but why? Forget it Vicky that Shona is insane how can she send Ragu in this state and that dumb head couldn’t she tell she was being pressurized to go with Shesh. But why are they behind Shesh?” he held his head. “Now I have to find out where is she. I can’t let her stay there. She deserve to stay with Sanskar” he dialed a number from his phone.

“Shesh where are you. I want to talk to Ragini. Give her the phone” Vikram spoke in a breath. “Relax yar. She is getting ready for a Party I will tell her to talk to you later” Shesh disconnected the call and his phone screen showed Black Hawk call ended.


Shocked to discover the Black Hawk *evil smirk

Now I think you know why Vikram was not told about the plan anything and RagSan second meet according to us and first meet according to them. Still more layers have to unfold in the mystery. Hope you are enjoying the plot. And this chapter is dedicated to Asthu, Jazzy and A.x.x who guessed Vikram’s move.

And question for next chapter what will Vikram do now when he knows his baby sister is in “danger”?

Ready for the party? Yey fifth chapter coming up excited?

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