Shesh’s point of view:

I looked at her face. Her eyes were still closed. That calm face was something which soothed me always. I want to see her face every morning like this. She doesn’t even know of my madness. The thought made me smile. I looked at my wrist. She will be up in next 5 minutes. I stood holding the edge of the chair and walked out slowly the way I entered her room daily.

I sat on sofa in my room and in my hand was her old pic. She was smiling pulling my cheeks. I wish she never knew my this side I just wish.


Finally I finished my board exams and my mind was relieved. This exams are painful sometimes, specially the board exams the environment becomes spooky like you literally don’t find people to chillax. All will be roaming across memorizing the boring books. “Hey dude how was the paper” Vikram walked to me and gave a high five. “Awesome” I smiled at him. “I have never seen you studying but still how do you manage to score such good marks? I always end up getting just pass marks” I laughed at his remarks. “Exam should be handled with tricks dude” I twirled the book in my hand and spin it high. He looked at me confused. “Vikky. Concentrate in class that’s more than enough. Why do you need to run behind those boring books” I gave him an annoyed look. “Concentration and me? Forget it” I smirked at his sentence. “That’s what all I need to do in my life. Being focused” I snaked my arm across his neck. “Forget it” he sighed as he could never understand what I meant.

Send off was over and I had just a week to return to Darjeeling. Boarding home was so boring. I got permission from the warden to be outside for a day that was the day when I had my train to board in the late night. Ahhh he was no less than a hitler. After convincing him a lot he agreed. Phew. It wasn’t an easy task. I was excited to explore Mumbai. I thought of calling Vikky to accompany me. He happily agreed.

“Yaar Vikky I’m feeling so thirsty” I looked at Vikram as we sat outside the mall. In next moment I found someone forwarding a water bottle to me. I looked up to find her. Her face was shining in the sun’s brightness. She had worn a white gown and dressed up like a fairy. Was I hallucinating for a second I struggled to grab my wits. She was so so so beautiful I couldn’t even blink my eyes. “T…. take” I heard her fumbling voice weakly. “Hmmm?” I cocked my eyebrows as I was so lost admiring her. “T….take wa…water” she fumbled again and her melodious voice made its way to my heart. “Ragu” I came out of my trance when I heard Vikky’s voice. Did he knew her? I looked at him confused. “Vikky b… bhai” she smiled at him. I analyzed his face he wasn’t happy to find her. He closed his eyes huffing. “What are you doing here?” he crossed his arms. That was rude. Really I felt bad when her face fell.

“We came for a fancy dress competition” I heard a voice behind her. One more girl dressed up like her came and held the first girl’s shoulders. “Whatever. Go home” he looked away. “We know” the other girl dragged her. I did not know her but she looked like an angel. Angel – My Angel. “Who was that?” I asked extremely annoyed Vikky. “My twin Sister Swara” But he said Ragu when she stood in front of me. That means the girl who came afterwards was Swara. “And the other girl?” I asked him hesitantly. “Ragini. My” he paused. I know he pauses only when he is about to blurt out. “My cousin” he smiled weakly at me. Then he must be hiding something. I knew him so well. After all we are together from 12 years in same school. “She is his; I mean our sister” I heard a voice and we both turned to look at the person. “Pari dee” Vikram gulped scared. Oh his elder sister. “Sorry” he pleaded her. She glared him and walked away from there angry. “Siyappa” he sat holding his head.

“Yaar Vikky what happened?” I sat beside him. “I messed up everything. Now if I go home I have to convince three people” he looked at me helplessly. “Three?” I looked at him confused. “Haa. Shona Pari dee and maa” he pouted. I burst out laughing holding my stomach. “Was that funny” he glared me. “It is. Who told you to introduce your sister as cousin. I know she fumbles that’s why you might feel embarrassed but still” I held his shoulder. I don’t know if it was someone else I wouldn’t have interfered. But he behaved badly with my angel and I thought of making him realize his mistake. “It isn’t like that yaar Shesh” he removed my hand and stood to walk. As he was walking on the road I ran and matched my steps with him. “Then?” I bent my head looking at him. “She is my half sister and she joined us recently and I can’t fit her suddenly in my family. We were all happy and suddenly she came and I’m not able to make a place for her” he placed his hands in his pant pockets raising his shoulder. So she was his half sister. I think he needs time to accept her and he will one day. I know Vikky is not like me self centered. “Hmmm” I said and walked with him.

From that day she had occupied my mind completely. Whenever I used to close my eyes only face I could see was hers. I was going crazy over her. I needed her so badly in my life.


“Hello” I heard Vikky’s voice from the other side of the call. “Heyya Vikky. How are you mahn” I was happy to hear him after years. Though we were best buddies our work schedules had made us so busy meeting each other had become almost impossible. The distance was some how painful. I did not wanted to look desperate and if I confess my feelings then people would have mocked me. So I suppressed my feelings for my angel all these years. He called me to invite for Pari dee his elder sister’s marriage. It was the first marriage of their generation and it was special so he wanted me to be present there. Finally I got a chance to meet my angel. I couldn’t have asked for anything better than this.


Finally I came back to Mumbai after years. More than being here I was happy that I was going to meet my angel finally. How she might be now? Will she recognize me? How stupid of me. How will she recognize me. And will I be able to recognize her now. 6 years wasn’t a short span of time. I smiled widely as I removed my shades. I couldn’t attend the marriage but thought of attending the reception in the evening. I got freshened up in my hotel room and walked out all decked up with the gift I brought to present Pari dee. I was smiling like an idiot thinking about my meeting with my angel. What will I speak to her. How will I confess my feelings to her. Hold on Shesh. You are not in a marathon. My heart was consoling me but I was too much excited to meet her. It gave me a thrill more than the first Dubai deal I cracked.

“Hey Shesh” Vikram hugged me. I felt a bit relaxed as I spotted him. He took me inside the party. He handed me a mask. “It’s a theme party dude” he screamed so that his voice reached my ears. I took it. I showed him the gift box and we climbed the stage and wished the newly wed couples. My eyes were searching her. How will I recognize her. “Wear it” Vikky elbowed me when we stood near the bar counter. I glanced at the party everyone were in masks. How am I supposed to recognize her now. I smiled at him and wore it. He pushed me to the dance floor. And I dashed with someone. My heart beat was at race at a thought that it might be her. She smiled widely. Now I was sure it was her. I forwarded my left hand to her asking for a dance. She looked at my hand confused. “I don’t know dancing” she whispered. “Even me” I smiled nervously at her. She smiled and held my hand. That was the moment. The moment where I wasn’t me. I wanted what she wanted me to be. Her soft palm sent shiver in my body and in sync the music started playing.

She place her other hand on my shoulder and my hand moved to hold her from her back.

Zindagi ne ki hai kaisi saazishe puri hui dil ki wo farmayishe

maangi dua ek tujhtak jaa pahunchi parwartigara

kaise suni thune meri khamoshi o parwartigara

Yeh fitoor mera laya mujhko hai tere kareeb

Yeh fitoor mera rehmat teri

Yeh fitoor mera maine badla re mera naseeb

Yeh fitoor mera chahat teri o parwartigara

I tightened my hold on her hand and we twirled with the music and reached center

Dheeme dheeme jal rahi thi qwahishe

Dil me dabi ghut rahi farmayishe

Banke dhua wo tujtak jaa pahunchi parwartigara

Diwanagi ki hadd maine nochi o parwartigara

Yeh fitoor mera laya mujhko hai tere kareeb

Yeh fitoor mera rehmat teri

Yeh fitoor mera maine badla re mera naseeb

Yeh fitoor mera chahat teri o parwartigara

I dragged her more close to me and touched her nose with mine. Her breathing was heavy. She dragged herself away from me and was about to go but I twirled her and held her from her back and touched our foreheads and moved with the music

Yeh fitoor mera laya mujhko hai tere kareeb

Yeh fitoor mera rehmat teri

Yeh fitoor mera maine badla re mera naseeb

Yeh fitoor mera chahat teri o parwartigara

The gathering clapped and we departed. And I was still holding her hand. I did not wanted to let her go. I sensed her hand struggling in my hold and glanced a look at her. She was nervous not wanted to meet my eyes. But I wanted to get drown myself in those black orbs. I had no option so I have to leave her hand and she rushed down the dance floor and collided with him. He held her on time and she was saved. I had my arm stretched and looked at them. My body burned. If I knew he will be the person whom she will marry later I would have ripped his body then and there itself that blo*dy Sanskar Maheshwari. I watched her excusing herself and running from there. Did I scare her? I felt so disgusted at that thought.

Then Vikram patted my shoulder and I turned smiling to him. “Come” he dragged me with him. “Hey Shona Ladoo” he waved at the girls. Two girls walked to him. Both were wearing same color gown and anyone could get confused between them. “Are they twins” I mocked looking at Vikram. “More than that” he smiled and I returned him a confused look. “They are soul sisters” he smiled widely at me. “Meet Shona my twin sister Swara Gadodia and Ladoo my sister Ragini Gadodia” I looked at them when they removed their masks. I was mesmerized due to her beauty. Finally I saw my angel. “She is the one who danced with you. I never knew my sister dances so well” Swara teased Angel as she was avoiding eye contact with me. She tucked her hair strand behind her ear. She was nervous due to my gaze.

“Hey next dance” Vikky screeched dragging Swara and Angel to the dance floor and they wore their masks back and stepped on the dance floor. I was standing near the bar counter watching her. I did not wanted to scare her more. She was enjoying her dance with Swara. And I choked when I saw her dancing with that moron again.

She was dancing with him comfortably. I burnt burnt like hell. I want to rip his body there only. But I couldn’t do anything. I could only watch them. I squeezed the glass in my hand and it broke into pieces. She looked at my side and rushed to me and held my hand. Then only I came out of my trance. She was really an angel who couldn’t see me in pain. She took me to Vikky’s room and band aid my hand. I couldn’t take my eyes off from her. “Are you okay dude” Vikram entered and my eyes finally moved to him. “It just… just happened” I did not knew what to answer him. She was blowing the air on my wound and I lost in that moment. Without even knowing me she was caring for me so much. Can anyone be so innocent? But she was. My Angel was innocent. Ya she was but not now.

His phone ringed bringing him out of his past. Shesh looked at his phone. “Target on the way” he closed the message and threw the phone on the table and walked to his garden. He smirked and stood smiling and in next moment he removed his gun which he hid inside his jacket and held it and fixed the silencer and in next moment his hand moved right and the bullet escaped from it. A person who was hiding behind the bush was shot dead. He smiled walking back to the bungalow.

“Why don’t he just kill them when they enter if he knows. Purposefully why he lets them in” the guard lifted the mutilated body. “Because it gives him a pleasure to kill people before they try to kill him. Sabka apna apna shauk hai” they both dropped the body from the cliff. It was one of the hill near to Western Ghats where Shesh’s bungalow was the only one. The sun was just rising.


A man walked over the snow covered roads of Darjeeling. He rubbed his palms against each other and blew a hot breath which formed a momentarily smoke near his lips. “Bhayya ek chai” he asked the tea vendor. He handed him a small tea glass. He drank the first sip and moaned “hmmm”. His phone ringed. “This Gadha has no patience only” he cursed and received the call as he placed the glass on the stone nearby. “Tinker bell” his face covered with annoyance and he screamed back “Abbey Romeo how many times I have told you not to call me that. I’m Tarak. Got that?” “Oh Mr. Tinker Bell I have no interest to give you pet names that’s your code name for the mission. And you agreed for the name and now we can’t change it. Otherwise we have a better option how about TB” Rohan mocked him.

“Ahhh. Fine Tinker Bell is fine. Now can I have my tea. I just reached Darjeeling” he sat on the stone holding the tea cup in other hand. “Are you insane. She is non traceable and you are casually drinking tea. We should have assigned this job to someone else. How can you be so careless” Rohan screamed. “Rohan give me the phone” Swara snatched the phone from his hand. “Look Mr. Tinker I don’t care who you are. But I’m warning you. If you don’t give me a single clue about my sister by evening you know I will take early morning flight to Darjeeling and first thing I will do after reaching there is breaking your bones. Then sit at home handicapped and enjoy you tea. You brainless idiot” she screamed the last word. “Shona relax” Rohan tried cooling extremely angry Swara. She blew the hair strand which disturbed her view. Tarak gulped in scared. “I’m sorry Maatha. I will surely find a clue” he pleaded her. “Better” she disconnected the call. “Seriously you are unfit for this job Rohan” she gave him a annoyed look and handed back his phone and walked away. He pouted and followed her like a puppy.

“Clue about Ladoo” Vikram who heard their conversation standing at the door without their knowledge back walked and exited from Rohan’s bungalow.

Some things might be clear right by now. Hopefully next chapters also clear your confusions a bit. And nobody could guess it when Shesh met Ragini for the first time. I think you could have guessed it by Vikram’s connection with him.

So next question is for next update. What do you think Vikram will do next? I will dedicate the next chappy to the one who will guess it right. I think this is going to be easy and only one guess one person.

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