“Hey rocky” ‘he’ whistled to the dog and it recognized the voice and ran to him. ‘He’ caressed its neck lovingly and it moaned to his touch and ate the bun in his hand. ‘He’ smiled looking at it and got up leaving the piece on the road. ‘He’ stretched his hands and looked around the place. A dusty and rusted place which looked like deserted. It looked enigmatic. ‘He’ loved it as it was similar to his own character.

Life seemed in his control. ‘He’ felt more powerful than God an entity in which he himself never believed. All the demons have that pride which sinks their own ships but will this devil let his ship sink easily. Not really. He wasn’t any conventional devil but one of his kind. You can call him bad but he prefers to be called as evil with a evil smirk. World is boring when you have just white and black it needs some shade like gray. He belonged to that category. Every devil has his own story how he became so but for him this was choice than compromise.

He adjusted his camera lens as he stood near the edge of the hill. As he placed the camera in front of his left eye and scanned the surrounding he found a apt place and clicked the photograph. Photography was his passion. And the way he captured a scenario the picture used to speak thousands of words. Deprived from all the emotions he lived his life with attitude. Attitude to get what he wants. As for everyone he was a mystery an unsolvable mystery. His smirk never left his face as his mind never relaxed. Though he looked concentrating on a single thing there was nobody as conscious as him.

He placed his hands inside his pant pocket and stood admiring the sunset. He smirked again as he understood something which was beyond the mental capability of a normal human being. It was clear when in next moment a knife came swinging in his direction and he slid to the right and the knife missed the target. Before the knife could make any move he held it and twisted the arm which was holding it and turned to look at his prey who was unaware where he had landed himself in.

Shades unmoved his face remained calm and intense. His smirk made a remark that he has won the battle with just one move. He banged the arm to his leg which swung in air and the person winced in pain as the knife dropped from his hand and landed on the ground along with him. He brushed his leather jacket and walked from there leaving the person wince in pain behind him.

He whistled his signature tune walking from there marking his arrival to the surrounding. “Don’t” he shouted at his man who was walking towards the other person who was on the ground wincing in pain. “But Sir we need to know who sent him” his man spoke hesitantly. “I know who sent him” he said and signed his men and they walked to the man and lifted him and dropped him off the cliff. He went down screaming. He smirked and walked to his black Jaguar.

“Why didn’t he let us know who sent that man?” asked one of his guard. “Because he already knows who has sent him” other man smirked and the earlier man looked at him confused. “You will know soon” he held his mobile and turned to the news channel

“Famous business man Mr Agnihotri had been found dead in his apartment today morning. As per the police sources they are yet to find the clues” the news reporter spoke. “You plan for his funeral tomorrow. He will finish your funeral today. That’s Devil” the man remarked and he stood near the car revealing his face. The other guard looked at Devil horrified.

He removed his shades and looked at the sun. Every one has to set some day. He remembered a voice. Not really. He wore his shades back and sat inside the car.
(Tahir Raj Bhasin aka Devil)

“Ouch yaar this place” a person cursed as he walked on the ice filled road. “Tinker bell concentrate” someone spoke over the bluetooth. “Yaar don’t call me that” he cursed and turned as he walked with his hands sealed inside his pockets.
(Amit Tondon)
I thought of posting next week but couldn’t resist giving his intro hope you enjoyed it

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