A Devil That Owned An ANgel(Episode 16) to all my Ff lovers


omg! completed about 15 chapters complelt..
and not even a single episode went where u guys din support me..being a dark story u guys have supported me trmendously..so thanku so much for the support..
today thanking all the readers of my ff!
specialy thanks to rosey! for uploading the ff on fb!
and obvio thanks to my puh and rima
all d credit of those romantic secnes goes to rima and puh!


#episode-15 : u are his mi*tress twinkle..u r his wh*re and a p*mp


kunj ‘s pov

“twinkle twinkle twinkle ” the voice was heared!
and then suddenly their was an announcement..
“so guys here we have our topper and the coolest and hotest but the most friendliest and one of the best girl i have ever met in my life back to our clg..so the diva is back..and as said its the start so the performance also must be amazing right?
so give a huge round for twinkle ”

just then a girl strted dancing twisting her waist throwing her hands up and down swing it in air..
i was dumbstrck seeing this side..
i wondered how many shades does my angel have!

chalein jaise hawayein sanan sanan, udein jaise parinde gagan gagan
jaayein titliyan jaise chaman chaman, yun hi ghoomoo main bhi magan magan
main deewaani dil ki rani, gham se anjaani
kab darti hoon, vo karti hoon, jo hai thaani
chalein jaise…gagan gagan

koi roke koi aaye, kitna bhi mujhko samjhaye
main na sunoongi kabhi
apni hi dhun mein rahti hoon
main pagli hoon, main ziddi hoon, kahte hain ye to sabhi
koi nahin jaana ke armaan kya hai mera
chalein jaise hawayein…main bhi magan magan
main deewaani dil ki rani, gham se anjaani
kab darti hoon, wo karti hoon, jo hai thaani
chalein jaise hawayein sanan sanan, udein jaise parinde gagan

and just then entered a guy full too handsome he stopped right infront of twinkle..making her go numb for few sec..then their was a silence for few minutes..
i wondered what was wrong..
he finger claped (the sound that is created due to friction of two fingers)
making a round around her..
she then turned around took her bag and headed towards her class..
but not before smiling at me..i just nooded a lil with a slight smirk..
as she was about to move the blo*dy bustered held her wrist and spun her
and then his words “whats so hurry diva?”made my blood boil at 100 degree celecious..
pushing her by his sholders and through my angels expressin i could easily get that he was the one about whom twinkle was talking morning..
her enemy..
but his eyes…han his eyes ..his eyes had a diffrent spark
and he continued singing!

aayein hasinayein to aayein, mujhko dikhane apni adayein
main bhi kuchh kam nahin
aankhon mein aankhein jo daaloon, dil main chura loon hosh chura loon
koi ho kitna haseen
mera ho gaya wo jo ek baar mujhse mila
chalein jaise hawayein…main bhi magan magan
main deewana main anjana, gham se beghana
hoon aawaraa lekin pyara, sabne maana
chalein jaise hawayein…magan magan
chalein jaise hawayein…gagan

at last he spun her and made her fall down directly to the ground..
and seeing this my anger grew more wilder
but the next moment i was astonised she pulled his leg making him fall and then offered her hand asking for help but insted
just said “i dont wanna make my hands dirty man…sara kuda kutaneka thaka mene thodi na lerakha hai right girls..?”
and all girls cheered her up!

i just smirked at this wild cat of mine and head back to my office
but not forgetting to text her
msg –
“well played my wild cat ”

and i could see her blush..
i dont get how these silly girls blush
any way what matters to me is my night stand!

—– kunj ‘s pov ends —–


mind you guys still hes on the same..he said night stand !
hope your confusions are cleared now..that hes not yet sudrifing(hahahah it means sudharna + ing = sudrifing)


he called his receptionist not to send anyone to his cabin as he wanted to take some rest. he sat on his chair closing his eyes. after sometimes he opened his eyes hearing his cabin door’s opened sound. “what the” he saw twinkle came to his cabin and sat on his lap. she was looking very beautiful in pink color short dress. she rubbed her soft fingers on his lips. he brought his hands around her face and planted a very hot and passionate kiss on her juicy lips. he was sucking her lips hungrily. she made a gasp. aaahhh’ she released a wild moan when his hands moved down and caught hold of her b**bs. he ran his palms caressing them over her dress but he didn’t break their kiss. he slid down his hands under her dress and squeeze her little waist and in swift moment he tore her dress and”

kunj with a jerked opened his eyes. his forehead was full with sweat drops after what he saw in his dreams an erotic dream.

“what the!!! ” he shocked ‘.”i saw an erotic dream about me and twinkle in my cabin. damn!!

he took his belongings and moved out with a bang..


kunj had just entered when he saw a mahabharat going on..his twinkle was fighting with few men and her family in his house
“what the” was the only word that came out…
they were draging her and when her eyes met his she pushed the with force and ran to him..
and hid back of him..
his eyes were worth watching ..

kunj – what the hell are you doing here
twinkles mom- i m here to take my daughter back
kunj – and what made u think that i ll let her go with u people?
twinkle’s mom-look bata(cupping twinkle face) come with us..this guy is a devil he ll screw u up..he dont love u he has just a desire to speand his nights..
twinkle-mom..what d hell he loves me..and i too love him and u guys are no one to me..
twinkle’s mom-i m ur mother!beta and now i m not taking any of urs waste full words..i wont allow u to stay here..
so just shut and come..
twinkle-no i wont side hugging kunj..while he has a smirk..
kunj-did u here now move out else i shd call my security guards
twinkle’s mom-do u know what they call in our samaj if a girl stays like this that too with a outsider?
they are already bad mouthing about you my child..plz cm back..

twinkle had some different spark in her eyes this time which obvio feared kunj..and he needed to turn the plates to his side!
and he did it vry efficiently..

kunj-where was ur samaj(society)when this girl was sold by her own father?
where was ur so called samaj that time?
and ajj badi samaj ki fikar hori hai..
did u not think of this samaj when ur so called socdral husbad sold his own daughter?

kunj very well knew that his these words have effected twinkle..

twinkle mom-twinkle are u hearinng me lets go she dragged her ..
but twinkle wawed her hands and shouted..

“i dont care what society thinks or what not..did u here me?i ll just follow what my boyfrnd my love my kunj tells me..did u here that!”

twinkle’s mom-are he ll tell u too sleep with him ll u do that too with him ?han

twinkle-i would have known ur thinking is also like u low..
i know very well he ll never say me so coz he loves me not my body..
he loves my soul miss taneja..
he loves my soul..
and even if he tells na i would have done that too coz i trust him..
he was the one who stood by me when ur so called husband and my so called father disowned me by selling me..

the moment she said these words it was merely effected two persons the most..
one had hatred one some found shock.
the moment she said those words she was welcomes by slap..

twinkles mother rored..
“u want to sleep with him han?misstress ban na hai tume..u want to be a wore han u want to be a pimp?
speak up..”
and another slap was welcomed where twinkle lost her balance and fell down hitting her head!
and falling unconsious this boiled his blood..

kunj rored –
how dare you ..han himat kasi huvi apki aukat bhi nahi hai mere samne teraneki and u are talking rubbish standing right infront of me and in my house dont forget ur standing in my teritory hath ukhad ke phek dunga if u even try to touch her..
i never gave any one chance to point a ginger on her and u dared to tag her as mis… and what not…chi being a women dont u have shame to say so..

u are too muuch loved by these words na then now bear it for ur whole life..start counting ur days..
u have messed up with a wrong person mind u..
now out..
i said out!

and he went to towards unconsious twinkle..lifting her in his arms and heading to his room!

many cmmnts and likes and votes =next chapter jaldi milega


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