A Devil That Owned An ANgel : Phase-II (Episode-2)



“where the hell are you han?where are u?just 10 min..did u get me 10 min and u shd me out of ur office else the consiquences wont be good to u ”

this was the only voice or better say a roar that was heard when kunj received the call and as he was busy in preparing the presentation he placed the call on speaker..

and then what within mear less than a min he was out of office and within 20 min he reached his home..
and was welcomed by another roar

“to reach home from office u need 45 min if u consider it with traffic or may be a bit more than that and u are here within 20 min..i know its just 9 so their might be less traffic if u just buzz off all those traffic and all then u ll be here by 30min and ur here by 20 min so u drove back harshly? m i right or wrong mr sarna?”

kunj-sorry to say but jab koi ghar ata hai tho they say hello first or give them a hug then they ask for water and may i know at earliest y did u call me or better say dhamki dee tune muje
apne bhai ko dhamkana alowed hai kya tere values mein?

yup the girl was nandini,
nandini-well bhai first if that dhamki z for ur good u shd folllow it and most imp i love u she said with a teary eye..and i miss u plz be back

kunj-i m not


kunj-look i know ur blackmail and all its enough n i m not emotional fool so plz…i m not comming

nandini-tho fine but i m going and that too without any security then if i find any guy for my self and if hes not good but just good to me coz of u then….u know na bhai

kunj-u think what?han u think me fool?or is it written on my forehead that i m fool here
btwn trick old hogayi try something new and i ll just be fresh and be back oky and yup one green tea plz…

nandini stroms her foot…in anger and walks towards kitchen..


twinkle was setting up herlauguage she took out a bag from upper shelf and was placing the clothes properly..and ashi was sitting in a grumpy mood pouting towards her mumma angrily…

“Ms Ashi Manik Malhotra plz make ur face proper huliya teek bano apna..i dont get it ki when u like trveling so much y such face..”says a cut lil athorative voice..

heheh,its not twinkle but its a lil boy of about 7yrs old..

twinkle-Amar Behave shes ur sister

(Amar-a lil 7yr old boy well his part of story ll be revealed as and how story goes on..so just enjoy )

amar-yar mumma i cant c her like this ese suki puki

ashi-nanana..ashi sabe(sabse)nalaz (naraz)

amar-hai bhagvan its sabse naraj princess..

ashi-mei only pops ki plinshesss nol uls(mei only pops ki princess not yours)
and she truns her face..

twinkle just smiles at her bunch of happiness..

twinkle-i ll pack ur bags too amar com lets chk out ur chking too..and ashi before i cm back ur mood shd be proper..

amar-aya mumma

After about 15 min..
twinkle comes back to her room only to c that all clothes of ashi and hers that she had packed are lying shatered and ashi has sat in the suitcse ..

“u lil devil..come out right now”was the loudest voice that made the whole house shiver the voice was so loud that manika nd amar too came running to room and what they saw just could not stop their laughter..

and ashi seeing manik just ran and stood behind him as she knew only he can save her..

manik-are yeah kya kiya mere bacch ne mumma ka kam tho bhada diya..
twinkle-manik put her down its u whos spoling her u make all her wishes come true na thats y shes like that today i ll not lev her..
ad poor ashi who was already scared kitten showed her mumma eyes..and said “mumma vatvat band valna pops she pitugi”
amar-oyee pops ki chamchi its pitvaungi
twinkle-c her dareness tere sat rehreh kar shes too becomeing a monstor mera sara kam bhada diya iss devil na
manik-smiles and comes and sits beside twinkle and says
“chill na baba mei samjadunga isse..”
manik-accha princess v go on tour na so u too think ki v are going on a tour if u dont like place we ll come back oky..
ashi-narowing her eyes..plomish…?
manik-han manik ki jaan promish
ashi-pinky plomish
manik-han baba pinky plomish abb kush..

and theyhad a gaga time


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  1. nice epi hope twinj meet soon

  2. SidMin23

    Nice but waiting for twinj scene

  3. Presha

    Hey superb epi loveed it

  4. SidMin

    Loved it ??????
    The bond between the kids … Twinkle and Manik and Kunj Junk and Nandini is just so cute and the cute little princess is just so sweet man she is so cute ❤❤
    Love you post doon ?

  5. Sohi

    It was very nice
    Ashi is soo cute
    What is the story of Amar?
    Want twinj scenes
    Do continue and post soon bye

  6. Awesome crazy

  7. Aanya_pandey

    Amazing update dear!!! Loving d track.. n yrrr aashi she seems to be my “LOVE” so so cute

  8. Chiku

    Awesome ???lovely.
    Post soon

  9. Priyanka (Hyderabadi)

    Amazing episode loved it.. please update next part soon..

  10. Good episode
    Hope twinj meet soon
    Ashi Is soo cute
    Do continue

  11. Ramya

    It’s cute
    Juat loved it
    Loads of love keep smiling

  12. SidVee_Yashvee

    Aww so cute.. loved it.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  13. Baby

    aww……….shoooo cute crazy di☺
    loved it sooo very mch ☺
    too cute n emotional☺
    love u lods☺☺

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