A Devil That Owned An ANgel : Phase-II (Episode-1)


holla peps!so i know i have entertained u all made u all come across few things in Phase-I..lets go through it..

-The crueality of society
-orthodox family
-how men overpower women
-how few foolish womens think their blo*dy husband as their god who actually are devils
-(which u enjoyed the most )Dedly romance
-Lust overpowering love
-truth unfolds coz truth thrimps..

how Phase-II gonna be?well i dono if i ll be able to make up with all well but i ll try oky…



we see a man who is doing kickboxing very furiously..he is just wearing his trac pant exposing his body..sweat formed all over ..and flowing as if water..his eyes furious red with rage..
then he hears a melody song which makes him calm..

he stops for a while and closes his eyes..and listens to the song!

Hey mann mohan..hey mann mohan..
Hey mann mohan..

Hey muralidhar hey damodar
Krishana muraari hey natnagar
Hey muralidhar hey damodar
Krishana muraari hey natnagar
Bhul gaye kyaa binati sunkar
Bhul gaye kyaa binati sunkar
Hey mann mohan hey karunakar
Hey muralidhar hey damodar
Krishana muraari hey natnagar

Andhiyare mein gire hue hoon hey gopala
Jyotipunj bankar raah dikhaao hey nand lala
Kaise paar karungi tum bin
Kaise paar karungi tum bin
Jeevan saagar hey karunakar
Hey muralidhar hey damodar
Krishana muraari hey nandnagar
Hey muralidhar hey damodar
Krishana muraari hey natnagar

Kanhaa..krishana..hey kanhaa.

and as the song comes to an end with a beautiful smile on his face he opens his eyes..
now we can see ki he is totaly calmed..fresh and the rage the frustration the anger that could be seen was no where to be seen now..
he then moves towards a table placed at left joint side..and leans over it..just then a lady enters inside with a poojs thal in her hand and a cute smile crept over her face but her eyes yet teary!
she comes and stands infront of him and he like a lazy lump opens his mouth saying “aahhaaa” instructing her to feed him..

girl-sudro manik sudro..u are such a lazy lump !
yes,the guy is manik,manik malhotra!

manik-are when i have u in my life then what need of me to be faast and furious..?hmm bolo?
and by the way i m lazy tho u r their na for me ?
ha ya na?
now challo na feed me that laddo its smell wah !
its showering water yar challo na feed me ,he cribs like a baby

the girl smiles,
girl-first fresh up its prasad oky!
then she walks out in the whole room giving the dhoop..

(so what this giving dhoop?giving dhoop matalb when we do some arti we persone it all over the house in every nook and corner..mamma ke side peh karte the yeah i mean my nani used todo this )

manik-are twinkle plz na yar plz..

yup,the girl was twinkle !

twinkle-sudro manik sudro..

“han susuro manik susuro”just then came a cute lil voice from no where and maniks smile was like 440 volts !

manik-are mera princess agaya..vase bacch its sudro..bolo suuu..d..dro..sudro
not susuro..bolo ashi


ashi-ale vo hei tho i say susuro su…su….rooooo

manik-twinkle yar from where does she learn this lang?pura butler uff i need to make u learn mpre things baccha

twinkle-oyee khotte!my kid is just 4yrs old and tu hai ki

ashi-han pops mei hu choti shi payli shi chal(char) chal(shal-years) ki ashi manik ki ashi!

manik-awww…mera sweetheart mera princess..ajja itna makhan kyu?

ashi-no malan(makhhan)pops..its bulibal(buri bath)

twinkle-makhan isliye ashi ke pops coz she ont want to lev newyork and dont want to lev her frnds!

manik-is it?(he asks to ashi who inturn nods her head )


so now question comes na
y twinkle staying with manik?
ashi is twinkle and kunj ki daughter but calls manik as her pops?
and how they landed in NY?
keep waiting


Far in India,mera bharath mahan,

a man is sleeping holding a letter in his hand…which is totaly crashed..actually the handwriting in the letter is also faded away..
the man is not sleeping on bed but on his office table..
i guess while working sleep took over him..

just then rays of sun pricks his eyes..making his sleep disturb..

“yar angel plz shut the..”
he stops the sentence in mid..and again darkness is seen in his eyes..
he walks up to the window..and opens the curtains to let the rays of sun in..
he the smiles a biit or say try to smile a bit and says
“another day another hunt to search u..angel..any ways goodmorining angel have a good day”

he walks to a corner and grabs a coffe from coffee making machine..and sips the coffee and just then his eyes fals on the letter..
he smiles again and walks towards it and cares it

“4 year angel 4 years 8 months have passed out still i m finding u..i know i did wrong with you but was it also not ur fault u said me na u trust me then ?
we promised each other that what might happen we ll solve each and every problem by talking but u left me without asking for any explanation..
u left me with our kid u just left me..
u left me but no worries angel u stay in any crook of the world i ll find u and brng u back to myself coz i own you..
and u are just mine”

he walks to washroom to fresh up!


dekho tho isse..i hope u got that hes kunj sarna
they say na what u sow u reep thats what he is doing but ego ek number han?
still he sticks to it ki he owns her!


well well well….hope u enjoy the fisrt episode of phase-II
nandus intro in next episode!


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  1. Crazy
    it ws just mind blowing

  2. Sohi

    Great twist yaar
    Liked it to the core
    Waiting eagerly for reading more
    Do continue

  3. Baby

    ohhhhhh god crazy di…….
    i mean y twinkle went away
    yaar pity kunj w8ing since 4yrs 8 mnths
    wats gonna hpn nxt m soooo excited
    luvd it dii………..
    luv u lods♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  4. Hey crazy, epi is too good ??… its kinda shocking ?? ok I got it, twinkle leaves kunj and he still didn’t find her ?? and oh god he still own her ?? and twinki lives with manik ?? Twinj daughter is shooooo cute yarr ???? Now eagerly waiting 4 next update ☺☺ Plz post soon ☺☺ Love you ???

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

  6. Presha

    Hey crazy you planned a big double blast twist just loving it yaar put feeling pity for kunj but eager to know why twinkle left him
    Post soon

  7. SidVee_Yashvee

    Wow amazing strt to phase ii.. ashi is soo cutee.. loved her.. and wait what, kunj still owns her ?? .. eagerly waiting to know why twinkle left him.. ❤

  8. SidMin23

    It was awesome written and want to know why twinkle left him and twinj daughter is cute and hope soon kunj meet his family’s (Twinkle and his daughter) I feel like kunj still love twinkle and I hope twinkle also love ❤️ kunj waiting for next post

  9. Sohi

    Hey crazy mention
    Their Their present age

  10. Mindblowing crazy superb and keep posting regularly

  11. SidMin

    Awesome just loved it ……
    Feeling sad for Kunj …..
    Love you post soon ??

  12. Chiku

    Awesome ?Lovwd it
    Sooo much of suspense??
    Post soon

  13. Purvi128

    Hayyyy crazy di … Koi sambhalo mujhy …. Itna bada twist … Uff God … So sad .. Kunj .. Feeling so sad for him .. But his ego .. Uff .. Still he owned her… I am dying yrr … Ye twist .. Uff … I can’t digest ..

    Itna suspense …. How come twinkle and Ashi r with manik …??
    How she land up in New York …?
    Ohh God … So much suspense …
    Kunj is still finding her …
    Hope they both meet soon …

    Post soon …
    Loads of love

  14. Ramya

    Hey crazy di
    Awesome amazing
    N twist was fully unexpected
    Loves it
    Loads of love keep smiling
    Sry fr late

  15. Aanya_pandey

    It was just.. seriously.. it just blowed my mind away.. don’y know wats in ur head??
    Don’t know how will twinj reunite?

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