A Devil That owned an Angel (Episode 8)




s..their was someone else too who fumed watching him carying her in his arms…
(now if its a girl being jeleous cing him carying twinkle or its a guy cing kunj carying her i ll reveal it to all later)

few more days passed by..and in this kunj had offered twinkle an offer which she had rediculusly accepted without knowing what was coming up in her way..in the future..
and today was her first day..
and something more had changed..in d sub consious state kunj had manhandled twinkle..stating her to be with him always and not let her go away from her..which litrally fumed her coz she was in fully consious state..but lil did she knew ki every blo*dy thing happening with her was all preplanned by the great kunj twinkle was sitting in her cabin and recalling that days incident..who was been watched by kunj obviously..

kunj (to himself)- u know you are so dam hot … the first time I saw u I decided that you are mine .. I want you twinkle .. iwant you in my bed .. you knows girls throw themselves over me I didn’t gave dam to them just use and throw them but this time u really aroused me .. this is the first time i want sumone … I want you I want you in my bed … I know you are a tough nut but I wuld like to play with you .. what I say to u han? I love vergins and how could I leave you ( he smiled evilishly looking at her ) you are just made for my bed …

but you and ur morals … I know u wont let me touch you so easily but I promise I wont touch u without ur constent .. it’s against my rule but I make sure u urself will throw urself on me .. I know u are typical Indian girl bbut i m not less too what I want I get it by hook or bycrook and now I just want you in my bed for that I can go nay extend even I can marry you .. ( he looked at her ) you heard me right.. I can marry then how culd u reject ur husband from making love … u have to be in my bed in my arms … u have to give me ur virginity ..( he laughed) I don’t know what is there in you that attracts me but I know one think ‘I own u ‘

And u owned to me ,…. twinkle once we marry and then we consummate I will free u sweet heart sorry but I cant spend my whole life with asingle girl but before I realize you u have to be mine .. and have to satisfy me till the time I want . ( smile evilishly) I gave you 1 month.. in in these 1 month u will fall for me … it’s enough u get to see these rough and tough side of me now kunj u better should be polite and pretend good towards her after all she is going to sacrifise her socalled verginity to you…. cant you do this much atleast for sum time .. ( he laughed evelishly and look at her ) be ready to be marked as mine because um going tomark u as mine soon … just one month and I will marked u and dAt too with ur constant….

on the other side twinkle was thinking totaly different..
twinkle-mi doing good..i shd not have behaved so with him..
he just said me that ..(she blushed)
may be he likes me..so..par how can i..urfff twinkle concentrate on work else that mogambo ll not spare you

(guys i ll be going a bit fast but ll give u all detai;s too oky)

precap-twinkle comes to know that shes been actually sold to kunj..and he OWN her


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  1. Chiku

    Wowwwww episode is awesome. Kunj is a bad guy?? but its ok bcz they are going to be together.
    Loved it
    Plz post next soon
    Love u?

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….crazy awesome episode

  3. Ramya

    Awesome amazing fabulous episode loved it
    Plsss asap dear lived devil side of kunj

  4. Sohi

    The episode was evilish so sad for twinkle but kunj didn’t knew that he loves twinkle precap made me eager for episode please post next episode soon and ya keep smiling

  5. Ritzi

    Wowowww awesome!

  6. Adya

    Sry di for not commenting on the previous episodes….well fabuloussssss episode..really very excited.
    Post soon
    Love u

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous…. loving evil side of kunj..☺☺☺

  8. Awesome.. loved it.. kunj is such a devil?.. do cont soon ❤

  9. SidMin

    Omg Loved it Kunj is such a devil and the precap bechare Twinkle Post soon can’t wait 🙂

  10. Baby

    ohhhhh god di yeh kunj kitna bada shatir khunkaar ohh i dont know wat m trying to say well he is such a devil he will use n throw r twinkle ugghhhh ohh shit well srsly luvd d episode very much twinkle was blushing ohhooo osm fabulous♥♥♥love u lods di☻♥♥♥

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