A Devil That owned an Angel (Episode 3)

hello guys thanku so much for the loving the story line well lets move to episode now..i have been trying ki i ll make the story such that this past is full of his pov but i m not able to mend few things in such way so the story is of past only but in direct tense..oky..;ets move on now..



let me clear u all that i ll not be giving u all any recap guys so plz read the previous part if u are ever confused with any thing..


it was fresh morning..and she was traping her saree she was just in her skirt and her blouse from no where kunj poped up in room..
what he saw made his eyes poped up..
then smirking he stood their it self leaning on wall..wrapping his hands…around his chest..

when almost of it was done..
he called out “twinkle”
she jerked and turned instantly which resulted to the plets fall..
he slowly walked towards her again made the ples and turned her such that her back trashed his chest..
and tuck it she felt his touch he too felt a desire raising within himself that made him gulp..
his manhood tocking her back..her feminine getting wet
he instantly looked in mirror where he saw that she had closed her eyes..his hands still their..
and she enjoying his touch…
and his hands almost touching her core..
which made him out of control..
he turned her and kissed her sucking ..
both participated equally..
his hands roamingon her wait..
sqecing her waist..and her hands roaming in his hair..
both lost in love..
she moned a bit..” kunj …. ”
he broke the kiss and traveled towards her neck,,
he and she was so much over each other that they din know that his hands hand finally traveled to her brea*s..still clouths beings their barrier..
her mouns were arosing him..
both walked backwards leading to fall on bed..
with he on top of her…..
they again endrosed in kiss..
she could taste herself in his mouth…
he nuzzeld her nose with hers..
when all of sudden from no where the alaram started ringing making kunjs dream break..

while this song played in the bg..

Saanson ko jeene ka ishaara mil gaya
Duba main tujh mein to kinara mil gaya

Sanson ko jeene ka ishaara mil gaya
Zindagi ka pata dobaara mil gaya
Tu mila toh khuda ka sahara mil gaya
Tu mila toh khuda ka sahara mil gaya
Ghamzada ghamzada dil yeh tha gamzada
Bin tere bin tere dil yeh tha gamzada

Aaraam de tu mujhe
Barson ka hoon main thakaa
Palkon pe raatein liye
Tere waaste main jagaa

Mere har dard ki gehrai ko mehsus karta hai tu
Teri aankhon se gam tera mujhe malum hone laga
Tu mila toh khuda ka sahaara mil gaya
Tu mila toh khuda ka sahaara mil gaya

Main raaz tumse kahoon
Humraaz ban jaa zaraa
Karni hai kuch guftgoo
Alfaaz ban ja zara

Judaa jab se huaa, tere bina khamush rehta hoon
Labo ke paas aa, ab tu meri aawaz ban ja zara
Tu mila to khuda ka sahaara mil gaya
Tu mila to khuda ka sahaara mil gaya

Gamzada gamzada dil yeh tha ghamzada
Bin tere bin tere dil yeh tha ghamzada

yup that was just his dream…
(his POV)”what the f**k man…what was that..always girls growl over me and from no where this dream and shit..i m just feeling to crap up..i should get this girl at any cost by hook or by crook to my bed..
i ll make sure this dream come true ..
and anyway jiskisi cheez par ek bhar kunj sarna ki nazar pad zaye vo uski hogati hai..
he immediately got off his bed walked to his intercom and ordered a coffee for himself..

he then took his laptop..
and sat on couch and started surfing ” twinkle taneja ”
thats when he got a call..
he quickly attentded it..
and smirked..
and then sent a frnd rqust to her and relaxed himself..
he taught of relaxing himself..

later on her got ready..in his airmr 3 suit and walked off towardsthe exit sitting in his suv..


precap-faceoff atlast!



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  3. nice epi….Kunj dream part was awsome….tnx for update….

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  11. Amazing epi.. at the start I was like when did twinj meet? Did I miss any part??.. then I read further n saw that it was kunj’s dream??.. hehe his dream was awesome? eagerly waiting for the next ?

  12. oooopppsss its Kunj’s dreams
    so terrifying
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