A Devil That Owned An ANgel (Episode 28)

” Happy Ending ” thats what i wanted my life to be but what it ended with?i myself m standing at such a situation that i cant just come up with litrally anything rght now..
i m standing in such situatin where i m not exactly getting shuld i be happy?or should i be sad?
happy coz kunj survived a dredful accident

yes,kunj my kunj..


kunj was busy in making the goons distracted he was almost near and was al set up with his business mind..after all he was a sucessfull business man wasent he?
yup he was !
and thats what he was doing he was exactly using his business mind and making sure i sound to be safe like always and why not after all i was his life and with this life their connected another life that just had started to breath didnt it?
obvio it did!

when he was almost ner we heared a shot a bullet shot but actually it was too sound’ed when i mean it sound’ed i mean it a bit more coz that time not one but two bullets were fired one bullet was fired by a man whom i immediately recognized was the GOON RAJ..WHO HAD MISBEHAVED WITH ME IN THE MALL..
yes he was the same one and he did everything by stalking us..he kept record of every way to get me and my hubby and thats where he got oppurtunity to do it..

and the other shot was by the bodyguards who were following secerately..after all they were our guards and thats what was their duty to follow their master and thats what they did..
luckly the bullet that the bustard raj shot just touched kunj’s arm
neverless we were saved ?
and on my instance he was admitted to hospital…

…..flashback ends…..

but lil did i know that this hospital will give me numerous uneded memories..

yes,as kunj was sdmitted in hospital their was someone else too who was admitted
whome i met and she was my long lost friend TIA ,tia sarna
and their i got to know the ugly truth of my husband?
but should i believe it?
and that was not less that now i got to know another truth too..
and guess what?
the man i m staying with is not my husband nor m i his wife!
and at present i m laughing on my fate that i trusted a wrong person..
and that same person is lying on the hospital bed as he has been given ansethesia..
and thats all done by instance of my bhai..
s…i now dont want to stay in such relation where i m nothing to him..
so i want to go far from him thats what i m doing and for all this i need time and thats what is happening
but the main wquestion was what was my fault?
was my fault that inspite of my moms saying i believed him?
was my fault ki i loved him with all my heart?
was my fault ki i was owned my him?

far in another city..
A person is seen in a room..who is a bit obessed..a bit cranky..
their is a huge pic of twinkle their..and he is just seeing the pic without blinking his eyes..just then he gets a call..and he moves out..and faces aa huge audience..
he comes on stage..and says.
“yeah mere jonnon ke liye this one for my love whom i love since may be shes born”

Meri rooh ka parinda phadphadaye
Lekin sukoon ka jazeera mil na paaye
Ve ki karaan..
Ve ki karaan..

Ik baar ko tajalli toh dikha de
Jhoothi sahi magar tasalli to dila de
Ve ki karaan..
Ve ki karaan..

Raanjhan de yaar Bulleya
Sunle pukaar Bulleya
Tu hi toh yaar Bulleya
Murshid mera, Murshid mera
Tera mukaam kamle
Sarhad ke paar Bulleya
Parvardigar Bulleya
Haafiz tera, Murshid mera

Main taan gul se lipti titli ki tarah muhajir hoon
Ek pal ko thehroon, pal mein udd jaaun
Ve main tan hoon pagdandi
labhdi ae jo raah jannat ki
Tu mude jahan main saath mud jaaun

Tere kaarvan mein shamil hona chahun
Kamiya taraash ke main kaabil hona chahun
Ve ki karaan..
Ve ki karaan..

Raanjhan de yaar Bulleya
Sun le pukaar Bulleya
Tu hi toh yaar Bulleya
Murshid mera, Murshid mera
Tera mukaam kamle
Sarhad ke paar Bulleya
Parvardigar Bulleya
Haafiz tera, Murshid mera

Raanjhana ve…
Raanjhana ve…

Jis din se aashna se do ajnabi huve hain
Tanhaiyon ke lamhe sab multavi huve hain
Kyun aaj main mohabbat
Phir ek baar karna chahun

Ye dil toh dhoondhta hai inkaar ke bahane
Lekin ye jism koi pabandiyan na maane
Milke tujhe, bagaawat khud se hi yaar karna chahun

Mujhme agan hai baaki aazma le
Le kar rahi hoon khud ko main tere hawale
Ve Raanjhna…
Ve Raanjhna…

Raanjhan de yaar Bulleya
Sunle pukaar Bulleya
Tu hi toh yaar Bulleya
Murshid mera, Murshid mera
Tera mukaam kamle
Sarhad ke paar Bulleya
Parvardigar Bulleya
Haafiz tera, Murshid mera

Murshid mera, murshid mera…

so hows this everyone?cool shocking isnt it?
well what did Tia say?
what truth is she speaking about?is she not kunj ki wife?
lets c all this in Phase-II of the story..

well before wraping up let me introduce you guys to other members of my story of Phase-II

Manik Malhotra-
A sucessfull Business man..he is the man who hasent appered yet infront of world..he is the singer the sensation of india..who has name fame and everything..greek god..gaga go boy

Nikhil Arora-
A singer by profession..a man with a herat of diamond..a huge Ngo he runs..the charm boy

Nandini sarna-
A sweet girl of full crazyness bubliness and most naughtiest not to forget!a girl that i guess many boys dream off

Cabir(not a gay)

kunj sarna

twinkle sarna
as usual characters

other characters ll be introduced as story starts

in new phase witness how always Love wins..how the betrayal is..how if love can give u everything then how it can take away ur everything!

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  1. Presha

    Hey crazy nd puh its awesome but suspense main chod diya yaar tumne but do come back with phase 2 of the story to clear our confussion

  2. SidMin

    Loved it interesting twist and turns waiting fir the next part ….
    Love you post soon ❤❤?❣

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing shocking suspense full epi…..eagerly waiting for next part

  4. Purvi128

    Oh god …. what was that …. I am crying … plss do something … what tia told her … i just want to kill that b*t*h tia …. kunj was changed … he started loving her …. but everything is ruined ….
    Feeling bad for Twinkle …
    Crazy do nd Puh … I m hell confused now … what is this phase II .. I m not understanding that … Will it be the continuation of this ff??? Nd when will u write that … I mean how much time .. like u will give it a break or phase II will start like u were posting the episodes of this ff …

    Plsss clear my confusions .., plsss plsss plss .. i beg u ..
    Loads of love

  5. Hey crazy.. It’s very shocking episode. kunj is shoot ??? hope nothing will happen to him ?? and oh god this tia na such a chudail kahiki ?? i think she told twinkle everything about kunj..?? and who’s the boy ? Now what will happen so many suspense. now only u can ans it ??? plzzzz post soon ☺ Love you ☺

  6. Baby

    ohhhhhhhhhh god crazy di puh di
    wat was dis suddenly dis shock
    ohhhhhhh babaji why hayeee bechara kunj or twinkle bhi pity him as ussko ssaari khushiyan itni mushkil se mili thi voh guilty tha yr n twinkle ka pain
    ohhhhh di post soon cant w8
    luv u lods♥♥

  7. nice epi dr intrested 2 read its phase 2 it is dis story 2nd season is it

  8. Wow crazy it was Mindblowing yaar I loved it and I’m too eager for phase 2 plz post regularly

  9. You blower my mind????????
    Twinkle knows everything .??
    Don’t want Twinjjjj ka separation??
    But excited for phase 2

  10. Priyanka (Hyderabadi)

    Awesome episode.. what Tia told to
    twinkle..and yeah please don’t make manik twinkle’s brother.. eagerly waiting for next part update soon please dear..

  11. Ramya

    It’s awesome amazing
    N twist was completely unexpected
    I’m really excited fr next season i mean phase
    Plsssss plsssss post soon
    Loads of love keep smiling

  12. Aanya_pandey

    Really eager to know wat happened in d hospital!!! Will b waiting to know..

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