A Devil That Owned An ANgel (Episode 27)



Note-Todays Episode is present+past refer episode-1..its the day ofincident


whole story update of today on kunj’s POV

Uff another sleep less night of mine…yaar iss ladki ka mein kya karun(what should i do of this girl)meri nind ..the one i loved the most is just..urrhhhh!!!
its just 4 weeks we gor to know that shes pregnent and alreday i m suffering like hell..god knos what i m gonna do and what my preety lady ll make me do 🙁

now madam wishes to go to lonavla..and spend a night their..but best part is being frustrated also seeing her face i can do anything for her i mean anything means anything and most best is she wants to spend the whole night in my arms!

my silly pagal girl!!!jasi bhi hai but meri hai and cute hai!!

now we are traveling to lonavala…on the full too sunsan si sadAK(lonely road)
and my swwet si pagal girl is resting ..her head on my sholder i know she isnt speaking…but i also know that the smile on her face is just coz of the love which is infinity…

our way to journey was a comman one..a silent journey where the air is filled only with love..and nothing else..i when go back a year ago i fell sometimes guilty..what i did with this pure soul but i just cant keep my self away..i sometimes feel to guitly wish to say her whole truth but the fear of loosing her comes in my mind..which i cant afford..my taughts all comes to hault by jerk as iput a sudden break…not coz of tecnical fault but coz of a girl and a boy..

i and twinkle look towards each other..as soon as our car comes to hault…the girl comes running towards us..

girl-sir..mam…plz..help..me my boyfrnd ..
wara-cool down first and then say..
girl-some goons atacked us…for money..they bey my boyfrnd..plz help me plz…

(dialogues in doublecout are of kunj)

“i felt her eyes speaking something else…i felt something fishy if both were attacted y only her boyfrnd was wounded and y did the goons lev her..goons kabse itne respect karne lag-gaye girls ke..my taughts came to end as i sensed my girl openeing the door of car..shit and as expected as we both were a bit far away from our car few more members sorrounded us..this is what i felt off..my wife is so navie but not me..i have my ways”

“my blood more sought of boied when they passed comments on my angel”

i know i m changed man now but that does not mean i cant be old kunj..i m still same devil and shes still my angel and shes just mine…

we some how escaped from their..

“just some more time dear..just keep taking deep breaths we should run na?
for us for me for you..for our symbol of love..
plzzz keep some patience…”

“no i m not able to…i m litrally not able to do it…i m feeling lack of energy..
i want water plzz hubby..plzz…i m starving now…”

“hmm..ur right..wait i have seen the map i ll just go and fetch some water oky..but i cant lev u alone na angel..?”he said with teary eyes…

in journey of her life with him..she had always seen a strong arogent..ruthless..rude araogent..
man in him and suddenly seeeing tears in his eyes…just felt as if her heart was stabbed several times…
but she had to be strong now..
from the way of about 24hrs of this dredful time in the forest since they lost or just ran to save their life..
have made their life difficult…
and turned it upside down…

suddenly they saw a tree which had a huge whole…
lets go jaan..plz..said kunj

no its too dark inside i just i cant plzzz na..requested twinkle..

kunj -u truest me?
twinkle -more than my self..!
kunj -tho bass..thats enough…lets go
twinkle just nooded…

both skipped inside .
it was too dark..inside..
he sat inside..and mae her lay upon him…he was smothing her..

kunj – ” twinkle …! ”
twinkle – humm…
kunj – u be here i ll get something for u to eat…and some water too…
twinkle -no..plz…dont go leving me..i m scared..
kunj – i m here only baba..plzz…u are not hungry but me baby is..(he said placing his hand on her tummy)
twinkle -but…
kunj -oky do a thing close ur eyes…keep counting numbers i ll be here before u compele to sleep..oky jaan..
twinkle -hmm…
pakkka na…
kunj -han baba pakka..

soon he left his jaan..and she closing her eyes..started counting numbers..
no sooner did he come back with few guva..fruits and water in a coconut shell…..
he made her drink it..
and soon she drifted to sleep in the arms of her hubby..

kunj slowly peped out to check if there was any one around..
whhen he atlast found out that their was none..
he made twinkle come out of the clutch..
she stressed her arms out..
and fearfully huged kunj..her kunj
kunj hugged her back assuring her that all is wel up till hes their with her
he-dont worry princess..i m their na?
till i m alive i ll not let a small wound to come across you oky na?
just relax..
c the way is clear cm lets move out of here
she-but its too dark and ..
he-i know u ..i know how much u r scared of dark..
but i m with u right..(he found her to be confused dtill)
u trust me angel?
she-more than my self devil..
he-then just cm..
she nodded and followed him..

— a distinct place —

man1-what the hell was that han?you could not mere trap a couple for which u are trained in
u are use less..
man2-we tried our best sir..but her husband is powerful enough to screw us..
cakmaa dekar baghgaye sale..
man1-stop blaming them and accept that u failed..
i this job of our which we are doing since 7 yrs..we were always sucessfull..
now c..
we just have not lost them but also now they knew our secrets..damit..
now what the hell are u stairing me..
go search them..


he-u oky na angle?
(still walking carefully holding each others hand)
he-speak up..
he-han baba u only speak up..
and tell me..whats running in ur head
he-ll ur train move from “vooooo…!”
she-its all coz of me na..
i had asked u to help them..
if i had listed to u then ve would be in mumbai now..
hai na?
not in this jungle!
he-atlast atlest u got to know that u shd always listen to me..
glad u got to know that..

they continued walking when they heared some noises..
he sushed her..and took her close to him and hid behind the bushes.


man-1: search them…
man-2 sir their they are..
kunj-shit angel they found us..come..
kunj hed twinkle hand and was running when again they were caught or say sorrounded by them..
and now kunj knew he had to use his business min coz now its not only he but its his angel and their kid..

kunj-who gave u money to do this?
man1-we have hgot 1 lakh to kill u..we din even seethis much amount..
kunj-2 lakhs
kunj-5 lakhs
man2:kya bak raha hai?
i ll give u each 10!say me the name of the person who did this..
man1:who are u?
kunj-who brillient..i mean u are hired to kill a us and dont know who is the person..
well let me introduce my self to u..
mei kunj sarna hun!
sa…(his words were left at mid)

just then they heared the sound of bullet and a shriek shout of twinkle!
“kunj …………………….”


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  1. Presha

    Hey crazy its indeed awesome just loved it but the last part is a little scary plz post next soon
    Lots of love

  2. Sohi

    The episode was soo thrilling and full of suspense ??
    And last part was scary
    Waiting eagerly for the next update
    Do continue and post soon bye

  3. Thrilling and scary episode
    Liked kunjs thoughts about twinkle
    Do continue

  4. SidMin

    Awesome 🙂 Loved it 🙂
    The last part … you left us in a suspense … please post soon can’t wait …
    Love you 🙂

  5. Aanya_pandey

    Can’t wait to see wats going to happen in next part!!!
    N about thus part.. from d strt that twinkle k nakhre.. n kunj ka uunko pura krna??
    N baaki to yrr confused hu.. who is making d goons do this.. to our lovely couple?

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome suspense full epi

  7. Purvi128

    Oh my god … oh my god … di .. yeh kya kiya … otma suspense … kya karun … i can’t tolerate this …. ??? last part is sooooo ??????? plsss save my kunj …. those men na …. i just pray to god ke unhein aesi maut aaye ke duniya yad rakhe … hamare twinj ko maarein gay … but btw … jab kunj or twinkle sath hain toh koi badi se badi pareshani bhi unke saamne nhi theher sakti … right guys??
    Di plsss mujhe na tum maar do gi itne suspense se …. plsss jaldi post kerna … warna pata nhi soch soch ke mera kya haal hoga?? …

    Do cont soon ,,, waiting eagerly …

    Loads of love ❤❤❤

  8. Simiyy

    Hey dear
    It was amazing
    Last part shocked me
    Try to post the next part soon
    Loads of love ?

  9. Oh god crazy….. What a out standing and thrilling episode ?….. It’s full on suspense mood ?….. god I fall in love with this kunj and his killar style more and more ?? …..
    Kunj care’s twinkle r just lovely ?..and finished line is very scary ?…Now my curiosity level is high to knw wht will happn in next ?….
    Now plzz plzz post soon ?.. will be
    eagerly waiting 4 ur next update?..
    Keep smiling ? Love you ?

  10. Ramya

    Awesome amazing Superb
    I just loved it
    I’m hell excited fr precap it looks scary
    Loads of love keep smiling

  11. SidMin23

    Nice but last part was scary but hope twinkle is alright and kunj will save her anyways.

  12. Awesome episode crazy loved it

  13. Chiku

    Sooo shocking ?????omgggggggg kusko bulllet lagaaaa???? Onggggggg
    Loved kunjs concern for twinkle and his kid
    Is ur ff going to have a happy ending?????
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  14. Ohh suspenseee killss me???post soon your lovely epii???

  15. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Hey crazy,
    loved it yaar, twinkle’s mood swings too cute and umm… last part I m scared
    post soon
    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

  16. Awesome epi eagerly waiting for the next ?

  17. SidVee_Yashvee

    Awesome epi.. twinkle’s mood swings are so adorable n loving how kunj tries to fulfill them.. the way he cares for twinkle is way too cute.. but last part was a bit scary.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  18. Awesome plz update soon

  19. Baby

    ohhhhhhhhhh god di………..
    amazing loved it sooooo mch
    yeh kya hogya twinkle ne kunj kun chika ohhh babaji
    luvd it sooo mcg di osm
    luv u lods♥♥

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