A Devil That Owned An ANgel (Episode 26)

kunj’s POV!

cuts ,scars,buries,fake laughs,lies,fake smiles,fake gestures,fake promises,and a horifing past and the word trust me which dint ever last in my life untill she dint enter it..untill she dint put a light to it..
but now..to every word she says i believe..when she said me “she trust me i believe..
she never said trust me kunj
she always said i trust u kunj!

and even today she said same..


it was when kunj entered twinkle’s private cabin..
when twinkle had just opened her eyes..
twinkle-kunj i m sorry..
kunj-suhh..doc said u not to speak more u take rest plz..
btwn u know when i saw u in that state i taught i lost u..i taught i again lost my only family..
twinkle-u know i din fear of death coz i knew that my kunj whould never let me happen anything and i mean anything..
kunj-y u felt so..what if i ..(he choked)
twinkle-i trust u kunj


“They say we need to keep love in our heart coz a heart without love is equal to a sunless garden..wheree the flowers lie dead..”


i love u twinkle i said her..as she was sleeping and then and their i again promissed my self that i ll protect her with all my soul..i ll stand like a sheild for her but let her trust on her love which is me to fall week!


and how can i forget my champ!be it a girl or a boy..she or he ll be called as champ by me..
i ll make my kid so strong that none can break him/her..
i ll make every possible thing in world to give all what he/she needs..i ll make the world upside down to fulfill it..
i ll i mean we will make sure to love it..
i din get the deserved love and i also know that twinkle din get too..and by refering about the soncdrel dad of her how to forget that scondral..!
i ll not lev him and make sure he stay away from my family..after many years i m getting a family now..i ll promise my self that i ll protect it no matter what..
but the secrete about mine and twinkle’s marriage should b e secrete only..i need to demolish thst proof..
i m regreeting now for making such thing..coz now i love twinkle with all my heart an soul and cant afford to loose her..
and i ll make sure about it!

saying so he wiped his only loan tear that passed..

leap of a week!

i was sleeping peacefully pulling my love towards me..when suddenly she pushed me to hell heck that i directly landed on floor..
i wonder from where she got so much strength..
i was fully in my world of analysing when i heaard throw ups frrom washroom..
where i immediately rushed to her..
kunj-kya huva ?u are alright na?baby bolo..wait let me call doc..
i took her in side hug..
twinkle-baby..plz..cool kunj cool down i m oky..its comman..in pregnency..
kunj-how u knw its comman..?u r preg first time then how u know u shut..

i was still yet to complete when she took my phone and broke it by throwing it to wall..!

kunj-what d hell was that twinkle..
my my phone damit..! i looked at her in horrified expression !

twinkle-u u buddhe u kajukatli..u rasgulaa…u chikne..
u u woried for ur phone not for me for our baby

kunj-are baby when did i say that..?oky oky..stop ur shity cries..

twinkle-shitty cry?now my tears are shit to u?han han y ll u care now!
u bhudde..u chikne..u rasgulla..u u..

i sealed her lips wit mine to shut her else i too din know what all name would i get by now..

next epi ll be last epi of past..!
i know i wrote all boring things…


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  1. It was amazing,funny,good everything.why will u end this part.u don’t write any boring things.

  2. Hey crazy.. U don’t know how I missed and waiting 4 ur ff in every single day yarr….. And u talking rubbish that u wrote boing things only.. don’t u dare…..u didn’t writing anything boring.. got that.. I love always what u wrote……I love ur writing like anything.. And this epi r just mind blowing.. I love kunj POV and twinkis word….
    I TRUST U….this is the most precious word in any relationship….just lovely..
    And oh god twinkle is so much cuteiiii yarr she broke kunj mobile in anger.. Hahahaaa…and called kunj by many name..he he..superbbbb..
    Now plz post next soon.. And Stay happy always dude….
    Crazy and puh..love u guy’s..!!

  3. Presha

    2hey crazy nice epi loved it post next soon

  4. Sohi

    It was marvelous and amazing dear
    Iam happy ? that finally kunj realised his feelings
    One doubt about which proof is kunj talking about?
    And twinj scenes were funny yet cute
    Waiting eagerly for the next update do continue bye

  5. SidMin23

    Awesome and funny and twinkle word to kunj ??

  6. Ramya

    It was superb awesome
    Kunj had changed yipeeeee it’s d bestest news n kunj is taking careof twinkle awwwww it was so nice
    Twinkle Is giving such a cute pet names to kunj
    It’s super cute
    Loads of love keep smiling

  7. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey crazy
    Amazing epi… Glad to see changed Kunj… Twinkle calling Kunj buddhe kajukatli rasgulla? chikne is so cute and???????? post next asap…

    Love you❤

  8. I loved today’s episode crazy I’m loving ur ff so much and the last part was funny and plz post the next asap I’m so eager to read

  9. SidMin

    Loved the episode it was cute ??
    Love you post soon ?

  10. Chiku

    Woaaah!! Its lovely. ?????loved it. Awesome
    Post soon

  11. Finally love bloomed in a devil’s heartt and Kunj kaju katlii?? post soonnn your next amazing epiii

  12. Simiyy

    Hey i am really happy Kunj loves Twinkle now
    Try to post the next one soon
    Loads of Love

  13. Purvi128

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hooooooooo ……… yipppieeeeeeee first of all celebration haan .. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????? samajh rahy hogy kitni pagal ladki hai … celebration ker rahi hai per kis cheez ki … guess guess …

    Kyabola … nhi guess ker sakty … chalo bata deti hun .., kya yaad karo gy …. so the celebration is for …. Ke Kunj ko pyaar hogaya Twinkle se …. yayyyyyyy hoooo yipppieeee …… Bht bari celebration honi chahiye afterall A DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL (Hehehe .. my ff’s name) …. pata hai crazy ,… i was waiting for u so eagerly ….

    Or haan kya kaha that u write boring … how dare u ..? Mere fav ff ko kuch kesy kaha haan … yrrr itna acha to likhti hai …. pyaar hogaya teri writing style se …. sach kahun tu is jesa ff aj tak nhi padha ….. ye ff na… kya bolun ,… words hi nhi hain …. acha haan epi

    It was mindblowing as usual …. tu jaanti bhi hai tu kitna acha likhti hai …. That starting part was ??????????? i can’t describe …. Kunj’s POV was amazing …. and Twinkle’s words I TRUST U KUNJ …. my eyes welled up reading that part …

    Or wo angry Twinkle …. oye hoye kinni cute thi …. bechara Kunj …. kitne name de diye Twinkle ne us ko …. shukar hai kunj ne chup kera diya warna kya kya bolti rehti hai mere Kunj ko … that part was awesome when he stopped her by kissing her… i loved it … overall epi was fab … do post soon … waiting eagerly…

    Love u loads ????

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing fabulous marvelous epi…..

  15. SidVee_Yashvee

    Awesomeee.. am so so so happy to know kunj loves twinkle now.. and the way twinkle was calling names to Kunj n throwing away his mobile was so epic???.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  16. Aanya_pandey

    Amazing episode.. loved this caring kunj?

  17. Baby

    hahahaaaaa………………. 😀
    ohk ohk chikne hahaahaa likee srsly di osm
    fabulous too cute n finally wooohoooooooooooo…………. 😀
    kunj loves his twinkle hahahahahaa osm marvalleous di lovely soooooo cute
    love u lods♥♥♥

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