A Devil That Owned An ANgel (Episode 25)

so how are u all..?all well?
well first of all let me wish u guys a very happy new year let this new year bring u lots and lots of fun filled and lovly days..in your life…
oky so on getting numerous numbers of requests from thosse lovely readers who m sure are readingnow this too..
its for all u guys..
read the note at the end of the Episode!


(The whole flashback here is decended to be in this episode..tell ur other frnds too that if they wanna read it then they should and must follow me sirf then they can read the chappy)



kunj ‘s POV..

i was in office when i got that dedly call from the blo*dy b*t*h Tia..
my so called Tia…
whom i had actually kicked out of my life..
i dont still exactly know why is my life such meserable..
m i so bad that all just lev me..
first my so called family left me..
in childhood tho i never got love from anyone..they made me and my only brother orpan..
then my love my brother my Arjun left me..
its was just 6 months that he had marred and was settled with his wife but a dredly full and this blo*dy god that so called lifeless creature took him away..
but then my bhabhi became my world she became my bestfrnd always with me supposrting me too..
then the news that bhabhi being pregnent was a happy souly day for me i taught my bhai is comming back in form this child taking a new birth be it boy baby or a girl baby ..

then later on the birth of baby bhabhi was blessed with Aru my Arya..such a cute soul she called me daddy only nor me nor bhabhi ever opposed her from calling me so..
i was her chote papa..(guys chachu is also called as chote papa) but agin that dredful day was back she was lil girl just 2 months old soul was kidnapped i searched her..like anything..
she was my first child she too left me..
she actually din lev me infact
but was being kidnapped!..


kunjs trance broke as doc came out of the ward..
kunj -doc hows she ?
kunj knew that what ever the news the doc ll give ll make him most misrable..
if his jaan ll be saved he ll loose his baby else he ll loose both..
he stamerred a bit but yet asked again..
“doc say something..plz how she?”

dac patted his back..
both baby and mom are good..and shes sleeping now..we have given hher strong medicens so she ll wake up after about 18-20 hours only..
but nothing to worry everything is good..
but yeah coz of this accident she became too week u should care and love her more as shes very delicate now..
a bit of negligence and u ll loose the baby

announced the doc..and walked away..

kunj thanked every pitch of almighty of not taking his soul reason of leving of being alive away from him..

just then Adi his PA walked in and wishpered something in his ear making him go mad..

kunj- u stay here and dont go anywhere leving her..
i ll be back in few hours oky and keep me updated..
i have to set few scores with few people..

Adi-yeah but take care actually there was no need of u going sir i would have..

kunj(cutting him in btwwn)-no…its my personal matter u r my worker professionaly not personally but u are alredy doing good so plz..

adi just noded..and walked out..


kunj walked in..in the cottage many guards were guarding it..
as he walked in everyone i mean everysingle person greeted him..

kunj barked “wheres the blo*dy b*t*h?”

(u guys might have guessed whom is he referring as b*t*h here)

he was directed to a path..where a girl was being tied..
he smirked having blood shot eyes he threw water on her face..she stirred..

Tia-kunj..kunj thankgod u r here just save me..c na these blo*dy people has tied me here…

kunj without speaking anything walked to a side..bougth few eqipments which had few wires and pins..
he connecete all those pins to her every finger..
then sat infront of her..dragging a chair..

kunj-tia baby…u know that blo*dy people just folled my order.
so lets play a game if u ever win it..i ll free u from every problem and u ll stay peacefully the way u want else..
u should face kunj sarna then oky..
so lets start even before she could respnd to him he again said “chaaa i forgot to tell u about game ”
oky let me tell..

thse pins and the machine is truth detector oky..
if u say truth u r safe if u lie then ohh lev it u ll experience soon..

tia-what bulshit are u speaking kunj lev me..

kunj-ll lev u after the game..
are lets make it more easy by keeping reward u always wanted na ki i fu*k u…if u win i ll if u loose i l kill u waht say..

then he screemed…
“switch on the switches and my dear guards take ur places i ll show u a intresting game..u guys always complained na i dont give u break so every one u have break for 30 min with a entertainment ”

lets start the game baby..

(oky guys so questions ll be of kunj and ans is of tia oky )
kunj – question number 1: whats ur full name
kunj -just answer baby..just answer
tia-tia singania !
kunj-smirked and said told u say the truth bay else u know..
kunj-whats ur name?
tia-samira samaira Arjun sarna..
wife of late Arjun sarna..
kunj-intresting..i din knew my bhabhi is alive

kunj-question 2:who killed arjun
tia-i i dono..plz lev me
kunj-its a lie..

kunj-shit man i m tired of same punishsment he called his one of the guard and asked him to take out shocks..
u know tia i m removing the shock but only truth oky..lets continue..

Tia-smiled a bit feeling relief that shes saved from shocks..

kunj-now who killed arjun..
tia-i really dono plz understand me kunj i dono..
kunj slowly walked towards her and made a cut on her wrist through knife…
she scremed..

tia-i ll tell i ll tell..
i only killed him by giving him anit bio drug ..
which makes the person sleep…
i know he was going out that day so i made me have drug and when he went he went insane and resulting in a accident!

kunj calmed himself
where is my daughter?
tia-i dono
kunj looked at her in blood shot eyes..he guestred at a guard..
the guard nooded and then something happened that tia scremt so loud that kunj had to close his ears..
wanna know what?

well kunj asked guard to put salt on the cut that he made on her wrist…

kunj-well i know u killed her..now next question what did u do to twinkle..?
and only truth coz next punishment ll make u so indulge that i ll make u nud*e and i wont touch u nor any of these but u by ur self ll do it…
oky..so only truth!

tia-who i met her a week before in the mall..i din knew shes ur wife..then v became frnds..
kunj remembered how twinkle had said him that kunj remembered how twinkle had said him that she has made a new frnd..(i dont want to drag that part oky)

then i noticed her phone wallpaper which was ur boths pic..

i just asked her casually about it she said me that u r her husband then my blood boiled..

coz u belong only to me..

to get u i have done so many things..

i made ur dumb brother fall in love with me..

coz i knew hes ur weekness !

later on i had never taught that v could take mine and his relation in next level but..hoil’s bhanng made all worst v took it and went n flow..

i too forgot about it..

but his loovely dozzy talks always irked me ..

so i killed him!

then when i taught all will go right i ll act like abla nari and then ..

but that bllody arya

i got to know i m preg then i seeing ur care for me i went in flow that after shes born i ll make u marry me..

then when i once kept a propsal of it for u..

u cleverly declined ..

i knew u were a consova..so i made u go crazy for me but that too went in vain…!

kunj-u blo*dy whore..!

what did u do bolo

tia-then u got to know about me..

but i had heared u ki u were gonna make me go to jail so i took arya and flew away..

but in that crash arya lost her life..!

and to be abended from u i changed my identity..

kunj-i dont want past i know all that shit about u..

what did u do to twinkle

he pulled her by her hair and scremt !

tia-the other day i called her .to come to my place…

but she said she cant as u have restricted her!due to her health issues..

so i said can i cm to meet her..

she agrrred

when i met her she searved me drinks we talked and talked..

later u called her so she secued her self..

that moment i mixed drugs and then when she was a bit in unconsious state i pushed her she fell on glass table making many scars on her bosy then i left from their..

kunj-but lil did u knew ki i have camares all over their..

tia-i dont regret ..i killed her now u are again an orpan..!

As soon as he heared the word ORPAN!

he lost his sences !

he shot all the bullets of his loaded gun

and left the place..


note-guy may be 2-3 more episodes then ll wrap up with past and ll continue the present!

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