A Devil That Owned An ANgel (Episode 22)


Read the A/n at the end..


kunj pulled his car and stopped in front of the mall..
both got down..
twinkle- bolo what all should i take ..i want u to select my wears..
kunj-ohh hoo baby…u r too much engrosed in making me select ur dresses..
mera bas chale tho i dont want to wear u anything but only in front of me..
twinkle-hitting his chest..ur such a shameless na kunj..
atlest c the place and talk..
kunj-mera muhh meri bewi..
i can speak any thing get that..


kunj was buzy in his mobile where as twinkle was seeing the dresses…
he had litrally dragged her to many shops and made her buy many clothes or better say hip of cloths but all were such clothes that mostly cover her body..
when she argued to take few good dresses which a lil bit fir her body like a second skin..
he had got furious…but she cooled him too..
cing him getting cossy and she all time blushing none could say that he actually was a devil and had a great control over her..


twinkle-kunj bhuk lagi hai..
kunj-then lets go even i m hungry bu for u..
he said by pulling her by waist..
thats when he felt like someone was following them..
he felt so before also but just brushed his taughts…
but now his douts were somewhat getting into reality..
he without waisting time led twinkle to a cafe..
kunj-hmm baby what would u like to have?
twinkle-a pizza would be fine..but with thin base plz..
kunj-some drink?
twinkle-a coke?
kunj-oky be here i ll place the order and be back..

twinkle was engrosed playing subway surfers in the cell..she was so engrosed that she dint care about her sorroundings..
thats when someone pulled a chair a sat..and said
“are babyji hamre sath bhi thoda keliyeh na ”
twinkle who was engrosed in her game kept her cell side and looked at a guy who looked no less that the rowdy
twinkle- excuse me?
rowdy-excucedji babyji(he meant excused u knoe na how butler these rascals speak)
twinkle-yeah kya batamezi hai han?
rowdy-mygelf(he ment myself) raj ji babyji and mene batamezi shuru hi kaha ki hai babyji..
twinkle-app jante hai app kisse bath karrahai hai..?
rowdy raj-g han g babyji to my would be wife now come g babyji with me chalo..
he held her hand forving her..
twinkle-hato…u bastered!
so she raised her hand to slap him but he held her hand..
rowdy raj-are are this hand should come up to cure me not to..

even before he could complete he was forced by a splash…
u could have known who had done that to the rowdy


“how dare u u bustard..how dare u…u blo*dy…
and a punch…do u even know on whome u have kept ur ugly eyes on..
shes not some one like this only u stupid..
u dont know who i m i guess nor u know who is she..
shes wife of kunj sarna..
twinkle kunj maheswari..
how dare u even to put ur eyes on me han..
and he indulged himself in fighting with the rowdy..”

twinkle-baby plz calm down..
plz baby…plz…lets go i dont feel good here i want to go home..plz…lets go..na plz..

kunj takes twinkles hand within his and walks out once they are out he hits his hand on car bonet
“damm it”

he then moves to twinkle..
“babay..u are only mine oky…tumhare har hisse pe..tumhare har ek hisse pe sirf mera hak hai..and dont worry from next time..i ll appoint a bodyguard for u…oky..
he said and hugged her tight like his life was in her safety..”

she too hugged him tight…feeling relief in his embrace..




a guy was seen whose back is facing..we can see that hes playing a piano…very effeciently..
his eyes showing the feeling of empthy…showing feeling of brutness…showing some kind of sadness..
his lips trembing…but yet magnifisient..
his hair..brusy..

infront of the piano a picture is kept..
thats the pic of twinkle..as his face turns towards the pic a small smile crimples around his lips…and in eyes we can witness a lone tear..tear not of sadness not of love..not of happiness but somekind of different feelings

he is huming a song…his fingers running the bucks of piano..as if they are made to only play that..

the room was dark only a few rays of light entering he room ..

Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Tu mera khuda
Tu hi duaa main shaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Mujhe azmaati hai teri kami
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi

Junoon hai mera
Banu main tere kaabil
Tere bina guzaara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Yeh rooh bhi meri
Yeh jism bhi mera
Utna mera nahi
Jitna hua tera

Tune diya hai jo
Woh dard hi sahi
Tujhse mila hai toh
Inaam hai mera

Mera aasmaan dhoondhe teri zameen
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi

Zameen pe na sahi
Toh aasmaan mein aa mil
Tere bina guzaara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Maana ki teri maujoodgi se
Yeh zindagani mehroom hai
Jeene ka koi dooja tareeka
Na mere dil ko maloom hai

Tujhko main kitni shiddat se chaahun
Chahe toh rehna tu bekhabar
Mohtaj manzil ka toh nahi hai
Yeh ek tarfa mera safar safar
Khoobsurat hain manzil se bhi
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi

Adhoora hoke bhi hai ishq mera kaamil
Tere bina guzara ae dil hai mushkil

thats all for today..read the following A/n its for u guys

hai guys are the episodes posted repetedly?
hahaha! actually according to the notes in my Laptop its 20th but according to TU its 22nd episode?
hahahaha! any way hope u enjoy..
mind u its a dark story read at ur own risk..
Well cing the precap many asked me to not to intrduce another villan and all in the story..
guys if u want me to make the hero fall in love and become good then i need villan to to make a good rip of my story..any way i cant do any thing about it..coz seiously the whole story is set in my mind and i dont want to change it but still u r free to give suggestions..as i ll look after it..


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  1. Ayu

    Hey crazy! Awesome epi yet again! Loving the new kunj but i kinda know this shade of his is a passing cloud…par crazy i am scared to read further…u keep saying it is a dark ff…will it be something that may mark me for life as a girl? Will this story have a happy ending?? I guess not…will it be fair in the end…idk…my mind is like a blank piece of paper at the moment…can’t wait for the next…pls do not take it as something bad..it is just that sometimes, i am scared to face some shades of life…i love ur ff…it is just that i cant figure out what is gonna happen and if whats going to come will be something that my heart and mind will be able to accept…
    Still dear…love this ff…

  2. SidMin23

    This is awesome and you always end up in interesting track and wish you will upload ASAP

  3. Hey crazy….the episode is very nice and awesome…. Luv it very much…..luv it kunj selected dresses 4 twinkle and come time 4 her rescue as husband…..and the way he claiming twinkle as his oh my god…..luv it very much……

    But m to thinking of ayu’s word….don’t taking it as a wrong….but listening of ayu’s word i have to feared that will this story have a happy ending..????? Iook u mentioned that it is a dark ff….and if it is a sad ending then i dont how many days m able to cry…. because i dont like sad ending and that to of twinj and i love twinj to the infinity….and now a days this ff reached close to my heart….and if something going happened to bad I don’t no ki i will be able to bear it or not…because i love this ff and ur writng very much…. And i don’t know ki what coming up in the next….but hope it will happen good…..***Finger Crossed***…….

    I just told u guys what my heart says…m serious about this ff coz its close to my heart….. If my any words hurt u sooo plsss forgive me…….I know today i talk to much soo plsss pardon me…he he he……..
    Sooo post ur next epi soon…. I can’t wait to read further….. Luv u both sooo much….

  4. Ramya

    Awesome episode crazy
    Superb Loved it
    I’m excited fr next one

  5. Hey crazy first of all really really sorry for not cmnting in previous epis and pay attention to bashers and ur ff is awesome.. And plzzzz do happy ending and plzzzz dont make kunj a villain epi was amazing…luvd it… Plzzzz post nxt asap…..luv u.. Sorry again

  6. Chiku

    I seen liked it ???????feeling happy to see possesive kunj.
    Loved it
    Post next soon

  7. nice epi plz continue as u thought no changes required

  8. Awesome crazy I’m loving it and plz give a happy ending in the ff

  9. Presha

    Hii crazy this ff till now was amazing and sorry for not commenting on the previous episodes as I came across this yestarday and read all in one go but now I will comment on each epi ….lots of love

  10. Sohi

    The episode was crazy like you ?and awesome liked new twist very much and who is the man who has pic of twinkle well unfold the mystery soon do continue and post soon

  11. Twinjfan.tamanna

    wowww… crazy it was superb and ayu just said what was in my heart… I didn’t know hw to put it into words but she did… it’s not that I don’t like it… it’s just that I love it and wish it with the happy ending… and I trust you… there is so much more I want to say but I m not able to find words…

    love you and ur ff..

  12. SidMin

    Loved it awesome 🙂 I just Love the story 🙂
    I have no words to describe how well you write It’s just awesome 🙂 and I don’t mind another villain 🙂
    Love you 🙂
    Post soon

  13. An awesome epi again di…

  14. Superb epi crazy di….loved it 2 d core….
    Love u……..

  15. The episode was AWESOME ?
    Who’s that guy ?
    I agree with ayu…idk but I’m kind of afraid of reading further…will it be a happy ending…will twinkle’s gonna suffer till last…i really don’t want her to go through any further pain…she must get all the rights and happiness which is a must for every girls suffering in their lifes…
    As it says even the darkest night has its brightest day..
    I’m sorry if anyway you’ve felt bad..im really sorry
    It was just my opinion
    Once again sorry if you’ve felt bad
    Love you loads ❤️?

  16. Aanya_pandey

    That ws awesome

  17. Baby

    ohhhhhhh god crazy di
    loved it sooo much
    bt y kunj is like dis
    hope him to change soon 😀
    loved it
    love u lods♥♥♥

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