A Devil That Owned An ANgel (Episode 21)


Guys as said before this is a Dark FF so reading not reading left to u i(puh) thou dont give shit nor does crazy..
we write coz we like and its clearly declared before handed that how this ff ll be and what takes and turns it ll take..
well for ur kind info..
any way enjoy the update..





For me my family is only you kunj only you those bose have died for me long time ago .. if any one exist for me then you kunj only you my love my husband my family everything I love you kunj I love you I love you and only you she said while sobbing and hugging kunj just wrap his hand around her back they kept on hugging for awhile but then kunj couldn’t feel any response from twinkle … he pulled back from the hug and twinkle just shroved down on the bed and that’s when he realize she have faint ..and she is unconscious.. kunj then looked at twinkle whose face was pale … and then she looked at the sheets which turned red due to bloodthen realization stuck to him that she was vergin how could he forget that.

Then adjusted her pillows and made her lie properly and tugged her hairlock behind her ears and then put the quilt over them and pulled her in his embrace .. and kissed on her forehead and said in his husky voice “ I am sorry baby “ he said and pulled her more and more closed to him . in his embrace and she cuddled herself more and more on him and murmured in her sleep “ I love you and only you she cuddled herself more on him where as he smiled at her and said ..
(point to be noted he smiled not smirked )

kunj : ssshhhh .. sleep ..sweetherat sleep he said and kissed her forehead and made her head rest on his chest and she wrap her arams around his chest while in sleepp snaksr look at her for a while and a small crept of smile appeared on his face thinking that how pure this girl is who after bearing his all torcher s still saying i love you to him and later he also dossed off


so guys here was the start of the torcher or rabia to say in better words his true colors are comming out..


As the first sun rays came up..it fell on our heavely couple..
which made kunj to dig his face in twinkles crook of neck and led her to wake from sleep..
she remembered all those moments and a smile came up on her face instantly..
she looked towards him and blused seing how protectively he had wrapped his hand around her bare waist..
she hugged him and was making designs/circles on his chest which sent ticklish sensation to him which caused his sleep to break..
he woke up and saw towards her though her face was glowing her face still looked pale..
felling a continues gaze she looked up and saw her husband stairing her..
she shyed and hid haer face in his hard tooned chest..

kunj-are…are u shying from me..if so then dont nothing is left unseen by me baby..
he fliped over her and came above her..
“whers my moring wish?”
twinkle smaked her hands around his neck..
and kissed his cheeks and said goodmorning..!
kunj-m i looking a kid a kg kid
are i ll show u how to give a goodmorning kiss..
saying so he took her petty lips to smotch


kunj was getting ready and twinkle was sitting on bed keeping a fron on her face as her husband was instantly leving for work..
twinkle-jana zaruri hai?
twinkle-dont go na plz..i feel like being in ur arms only
kunj-baby..u take rest coz night i m not gonna allow..
wase what about ur collage?
twinkle-vo ..actually i m thinking to not to go.
kunj-oy go from tommo
twinkle-no i meanpermenently
kunj-what do u mean?
twinkle-vo i ll complte course being in home only coz now i want to concentrate on my family!


little did this girl know that she was pulling a grave for her self..


kunj pulled his car a man came came to him and knocked on the window..
kunj pulling off the glasses of the car..
kunj-any news?
man-no sir..
kunj rored-what d hell m i paying u for nothing han?
i want that blo*dy b*t*h to be infront of eyes..as soon as possible got that..and then he threw few bundels of notes on his face..



in the same way 1 month had passed by kunj has never gave any other wify rights to twinkle she was just his bed mate ..
he showed all his husband rights on bed..
he never has ever taught about her other any any other..
for name sake she was his wife..
he never took her out..

nor did he asked her about her health..
all he wanted her was for his lust..
and also made her to use anti-pills so that she dont concieve !
and all in all her nights where his..
and she in short gave up her everything to him..
thinking that her husband is her first priority



precap-anoki shopping and dhamaka

and if possible now ll start with kunjs feelings towards twinkle


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  1. Chiku

    Woaaah lovely ?????wish kunjs starts loving twinkle. Hope soo
    Fingers crossed
    Feeling nad for twinkle
    Post mext soon

    1. Chiku

      Typing mistake ??

  2. Ayu

    Awesome Crazy! But feeling very bad for Twinkle…we say that we should never love someone more than ourselves…thats when we might become blind and trust the wrong people…and it is just sad to see this happening with a so-called educated girl….

  3. Loveleen

    Yes yes….I want to read kunjs changed feelings towards her…

  4. oh poor twinkle dont know dat sh is in devil’s trap completely trapped nice epi dr

  5. Loved the episode crazy and feeling so sad for twinkle and keep posting the ff I’m loving it and don’t pay attention to the bashers

    Loads of love -sushmitha

  6. SidMin23

    Amazing episode and wish kunj start to love twinkle. She love him completely blind but can’t wait for next post of their Anoki shopping and dhamaka

  7. The episode was FAB! Im really glad you’re back without paying heed to those useless bashers..
    Really in love with this masterpiece of writing ❤️
    Cont soon
    Loads of love ❤️☺️

  8. SidMin

    Loved it the episode was so so hot
    Just loved it but feeling bad for Twinkle
    Love you ??
    Post soon

  9. Omg…m really happy crazy and puh….
    Now u both proved that posting ur ff….. that u both r very strong girl…our sister…..
    Luv u sooo much both….

    I m getting crazy day by day 4 this ff and ur writing…..Love today’s epi very much…how much blindly twinkle trust kunj….yesss 4 the 1st time kunj smile instead of smirking……. plssssssss make kunj start to love twinkle…..
    Post next epi soon dear…..can’t waiting.
    Get well soon crazy…..ummaaahhh….

    STAY AWAY BASHERS….. Husss…Husss….
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha………………..

  10. Ramya

    Finally kunj started some feelings fr twinkle I hope soon he realizes n dey have a happy life plsssss asap
    Love u

  11. Sohi

    Feeling very very sad for twinkle and who is that girl about kunj is saying and eagerly waiting for next update do continue

  12. Purvi128

    Omg …. Feeling so bad for twinkle … she blindly trusts him …. waiting for next ep .. Yrr crazy & puh .. u both r amazing … who is that girl yrrr … can’t wait …
    Post next soo … Poor twinkle … she doesn’t knw that she is trapped in devil’s plan … Oh goddd …. just save her from him …. plsss make him fall in love with her …. can’t wait for dhamaka ….
    I m literally crying thinking that how cruel he is ….
    He is so disgusting yrr… only bed mate … he also made her use anti pills … oh my god ….. yrr I m falling in love again & again with this ff …

    Ohhh How I forget a very important thing …… He smiled for the first time … not smirked …. oh godd …

    Crazy & Puh … u both r mindblowing writer… & haan show his feelings towards twinkle ……



  13. Amazing ff ………….. Actually I really wanted to know do u write ff in watpadd also and if so what is the name of ur ff dear

  14. Owsm……pot ray kunj feEling soon ……..waiting for dat…….

  15. Twinjfan.tamanna

    beautifully written and congrats guys for being the most shared and talked story of the month… actually u deserve this bcz this ff is too good

    love you

  16. Hey Vyshu mai yaad hun kya ya bhul gai?
    Ummm I dint comment on ur first ff TwiNj ki love strategy which is my one of my favorite ffs… So I’ll first comment for that ff… I so much loved that ff TwiNj college scenes and then the way Kunj cared for twinkle and their daughter ariya and each and everything of it… I was kinda upset of this ffs season 3 coz u killed twinkle…

    Now coming to this ff…its just amazing… I’m hating this ff Kunj whereas I so much loved first ff Kunj… Feeling really very bad for twinkle… I’m tho thinking of that moment when twinkle will get to know about Kunj’s real character… I just hope ki Kunj changes soon and starts loving twinkle…

    Crazy u said u would come up with new ff… So plz do start soon…

    1. Crazyfunky

      are teri fraud kasi bhol sakti hai tuze?
      han i obvio konow u and lov u!
      too are trust ur fraud dumboo u ll love this episode more and yeah twinkle is not dead in twinj love strategy season3
      shes just in coma oky!

  17. Aanya_pandey

    That is a splendid episode..jst loved it

  18. Baby

    ohhhh god di…….
    really emotional n luvd it 😀
    pity twinkle
    love u lods♥♥

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