A Devil That Owned An ANgel (Episode 20)


#A_Devil_owned_An_Angel :i oqn you in every way now!

guess u all enjoyed the wedding more and the update to those who love my ff

kunj was with twinkle in the room..
due to lots of stress twinkle and fainted already she wasnt well then this drama made her go unwell..

kunj was caring her hair where as she was in deep sleep being unconsious..
just then Adi ..hope u all remember him kunjs PA..
walked in with doctor

kunj looked towards him and then doctor and gave doctor the space to check twinkle..

doctor after examining..

doc-Mr kunj i want to talk to u in private..
kunj signled adi through eyes..and getting what his boss was trying to tell him he gave him the required space..and left the room

kunj-yeah doc..?shes fine right?
doc-hmm yeah she is but is too week and
kunj saw the hestation and said- dont hestitae doc..the girl over their is my wife so go ahead(he said with an attitude(ufff is he not doing a bit more than needed and all creadit goes to me hahahahhhaha)
doc-by seeing her attire and by the enviroment in ur house i can guess u guys are newly married..
and i know its not..i mean as a doc i must suggest u..
kunj-will u stop pusing behind the bushes and come to the main point
doc-i suggest u to avoid the physical relation for atleast a week..coz shs too week for it..
hope u r getting me ..

and be hearing it obvio that kunjs blood was boiling like anything..


twinkle- kunj..
kunj was was sitting beside her on bed and doing his official work on laptop hearing her looked towards her and smiled a bit but fron was clearly visible
kunj-u need anything?
kunj-hmm what?
twinkle-i need u i want to sleep in ur embrace..
kunj-u need rest lay down baby
twinkle-plz na
kunj kept him dabba his laptop aside and slipped inside the comferter..
twinkle kept her head on his chest and said -sorry
kunj-what for
twinkle-coz of my health u cant..i mean wecant ..
kunj got what she was telling him so he jsut closed his eyes and said -sleep twinkle!

little did the poor soul knew that actually god was saving her from the devil but for how many days?
after all he was a devil?

it was mid night by now..both the couple were sleeping peacefully when their intercom buzzed..
stiffing them from the sleep..
kunj lazily lying in same position searched the intercom and picked it up..

kunj-what the hell u want man han?
servent-sorry sir..but inspector is here and is waiting for u..
kunj-thinking something!-hmm ask them to sit i m comming..
twinkle-kya huva kunj
kunj-i dono inspector is here..u take rest i ll be back..
kunj moved out..and then it flashed twinkle what did just kunj said she got up immediately..
and changed into a kurtha and patiala..and rushed down..


kunj-hello officer..plz be seated
PO-hello sir..
kunj-yes,may i know the reason for cmming here at this late night!
PO-sorry sir,we tried our level best to ignore but some guy came and has urged to complain FIR against you..hes stating that u have ruined his yonger daughters life..
sorry but i m bound by my duty..
no dount it took hardly a sec for kunj to get about whom was the officer talking..
kunj-so?if any one comes and says so ll u accept it in any way..i hope u know pointing a finger to a respectable citizen is a crime..
and u know me my powers dont u?
PO-sorry sir..we tried our bes but hes too stuburn and has made an fir ..
“FIR”was the voice that broke the instance…
yes that was twinkle..
twinkle-what do u mean by that han?
how can u just say so..
hes my husband and he loves me and hes not at all intrested in such bekar stuffs..
PO-but mam we are forced and boundede!
twinkle-kunj…no i wont let u take him with u all..u get me i wont
kunj-smirks knowing what effect he has created within her-
babycool down stress is not good for u..plz..cool down..i m fine..and how could u believe such things han?
do u think its so easy to get hold of me i m kunj kunj maheswari..
its not that easy baby..
kunj-suhh calm down..lets go officer..


and the news spread like a fire…twinkle was totaly depressed and kunj’s blood was surly boiling he was kept in the so called 4 by 4 foot room all night..
and later on it was adi who rescued him and by seeing his expressions it was comman that his blood was boling like anything..


sanska just walked in his room being furios and buring like a fire in rage when his eyes got struck on his newely wedded wife whome he married out of lust..

when he was busy in it..
his cell beaped ..pulling twinkle to wards his hrad toned chest he sat on the relaxing chair and took her in lap..
whereas twinkle was crying seeing him..
he just wiped her tears and nuzzled his head in her crook of neck..
when again his cell beaped..
in frustration he picked the call..
kunj-who jiju
caller-jiju its me riya
sanaksr-when he heared the name hhe was boiling in anger
he just rored listen miss .whatever I have no time to waste on you at this hour of night … and stop disturbing by calling us everytime and ya one more thing neither iam interested on you and nor my wife he cut the call in frustrated condition and then look at twinkle who was cuddling herself in his arms more and more
he threw the phone asisde and kissed her on her tip of the nose and then pick her up in his arms and walk toward the bed

and threw her on bed..

how darew your mom is to accuse me for torturing you ? I am your husband .. I have the right to mark you as mine … who thew hell she is ? if marking my wife as mine is a torture ? if my marks are domestic violence then let me see who the hell can stop me from marking my wife as mine .. who stops to put my mark on you .. . ( he said top of his anger and she just keep on staring at her with teary eyes she knew he is hurted bythose hurted but she never thought like those domestic violence? It was not a torture for her he is her husband her love and he have all right on her .. it’s his way of marking her as his … he love’s her and he had the right on her ….. to claim her to touch her to mark her it’s al his marks and she love those marks as it’s given by his love … it’s given by him and it ‘s priceless for her .. she knew he luv hera lot and he is quite possessive ..and his marks acnt bea torture for her she never imagined to be called it as torture it’s a marks of love by given to her by her love “


when police had come they had also accused him of giving torcher to twinkle and manhandling her which pissed him the most.

throw her on the bed and get top of her …. twinkle keep on staring at him aranv unbuttoned his shirt and threw it in anger before twinkle could understood anything .. aranv came top of her ….. and took her lips in his mouth and started biting it brutuaaly as it want to enter nowe khsuhi tears fell down .. but she didn’t say anything she caressed his ahir with his hand but aranv shove her ahnd and pinned them over her haed .. he bit her lips brutualaly and finally khsuhi took out a gasp and he entered his mouth kissing wildly hungrily brutaaly biting her toungue and leaving marks all over her mouth …

Whereas his hand literally tore the her whole dress from the shoulder and pulled it down he touches her bra … and start knealding her boss*ms and twist her bososoms over her bra .. twinkle yelled in pain and clutched her sheet tightly over her head… twinkle couldn’t yell as her mouth was sealed by kunj’s she was panting due to lack of breathe and was about to pull back but he held her nape and kissed her madly .. sucked every corner of mouth bite everycorner of her mouth and didn’t left her till he himself is not satisfy …. He pulled back when he felt lack of air
but would he stop?
he then moved little down to her jawline …. He bite her brutually and then followed to her throat collaerbone and shoulder .. marking her madly as his she could all do was just yelped in pain ……she hels his palm entwined her finger with his tightly just for support he moved little down to her cleavarge nad roughly rub his cleavarge with his stubble and then kissed and bite it over there and then looked at her bra ..and with out any warning he pulled the bra from the front and tore it and threw it aside …….. and rubbed it harshly roughly with his hand made twinkle yelled he then attack her br*ast and took one in his mouth and suck it and twisted her nipples with his sharp teeth just to make her yeklleda nd hence marking hera shis and while cupping the other with his hand and other hand buzy in massaging her inner thieghs all she could do was only yelled after torturing her boss*ms a lots he moved little down to her tummy and bite and rubbed his stubble all over her tummy majking her skin red in no time .. though he licked … to soothe it … and then again bit it brutualaly twinkle tightened his hair tightly not able to bear anymore … ……. kunj touches her core over her panty he rubbed it roughly and then slide her panty down where his other hand was busy in knealding and cupping her boss*ms … he let his mouth over there and started biting her over there making her yelled in pain …… he was biting him all over her core

She was also supporting him to take his frustration away … just helping him to forget that incident which ispisssing him she knew verywell how it feels wen sumone accused u for just luvinng sumone. becoz her so called family have also accused her for luving kunj madly .. they accused her for the deed she didn’t did they accused her for luv kunj they accused her to being in livin with him they accused her for marrying him but do they accused themselves for selling their own daughter just for mere money .. do they accused themselves for proving their own damad a characterless .. do they accused themselves to use their other daughter for trying to spoil their own daughter’s newly married lives ? do they accused them selve for trying ruin the goodwill and reputation of their own daamad ?” all these thoughts were running in her mind and she felt more pissed off

and atlast inserted his manhood in her but roughly and mercilessly that khushi screamed out with unbearable pain …………… she clutched the bedsheet and tears rolled down …..

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
( she screamed with pain ) he look at her and locked her lips’s with his and keep on thrusting her .. but mercilessly without any warning he speed up his speed and all twinkle could do was only scream .. he break her virginity anbnd keep on thrusting on her until he reached her g spot he kept keep on thrusting not even looking at her who was almost unconscious by this torture now she is not able to tolerate this toruture but she didn’t say a word … she try to move but he didn’t let her he continued thrusting at her ..untill he himself didn’t reach his climax..

He looked at her still thrusting inside her and said

he said and pulled him out from her and twinkle again screamed at top of her voice coz without any mercy he had done such a thing and then he lay on top of her resting his head on her br*ast

kunj litrally also forgot that oc has said him no for having any physical relation with her..

twinkle-hugged him tight…forgetting every pain..shes going through right now..
and said
i love u kunj i love u and i only belog to u..
this twinkle only belong to kunj
in all way my body my soul my everything belong to you kunj only u…

precap-twinkles pain!

thats all for now..
sorry din reply each of you personally as i m buzy with exams but yeah read all ur comments

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  1. What the hell is this??? What do u think of ur self. ….is this a way to write….u may be knowing that many ppl over here r beginners of teenage. Just think wt impact will it hv on them…have shame on urself…nly fr the sake of cmnts don’t write all these worse vulgar things…u said that writting is ur passion bt is this a way to show ur passion….I feel ur passion is nt writting. ..bt ur passion is wt u wrote….vulgar thing. Have sme shame in urself.

    1. Crazyfunky

      sorry t say but a writer needs to write according to audience aand u r none to give me a chacter certificate and i give no shit to u people..
      when its said u b4 that the story is a dark ff..
      u shd know it b4 whats meaing of dark ff..
      u could have stoped reading it when u got it any way..
      u r none to point out on me..
      and any way i dont care to..

      1. Crazykipuh

        Crazy choddd
        That cmmnt was for me coz I write all romantic parts f ur ff
        Any way so called”AGirl”
        V give a shit to u…
        U r none to give us character certificate
        Not only u but dare not any one can give it got that…
        If u so much problem don’t read it grl

        Aur ase bol re Hai jaise being A GIRL u did a very big work
        U also did a f**king work their by saying about character

        Just f**koff okay v don’t give u any shit

    2. Hey crazy and puh….how can i explain u guy’s ki what u both mean to us and this ff…….Plsssss don’t be upset yaar and don’t give any shit to the bashers……
      U both r a outstanding and realistic writer and u know very well what to write….so u don’t need to explain that bhasers ki what will u write OK……so plsss being a truly and geneuly reader of ur ff m rqst u don’t stop writing this ff because beshers….show them u both r not weak and because of their 1 cmnt u will stop writing,,stop ur passion,, stop ur this ff…so plsss post next epi soon… M waiting 4 it…..

    3. Baby

      look A girl
      its crazy didus ff n u r no1 to point on d charachter if u reading d ff from strting u shuld hv known how d stry is going to b
      if u r reading d stries on dis site u shuld know dis n nt cmnt on anybdys charachter
      get dat n yeah dont point fingers on dem we all r here to read it u leave if u dont want to

  2. Crazykipuh

    Parden for few silly mistakes
    By mistake took arnav n kushis name in btwn so

  3. Even I too agree with girl, I am reading ur ff silently but today u made urself cheap….this will hv bad effect on kids..over here.
    Ppl who are supporting this just think wt ru supporting. Do u ppl think u r grown up to think about s*x .
    Plz dnt make it vulgar we love Twinj just make it lovely nt vulgar

    1. Crazyfunky

      well its said b4 only the ff is dark and its also mentioned before starting this ff read at ur own risk..
      so no bashing

    2. Baby

      hey u dare u say cheap ohkk
      we r nt supporting s*x
      bt we r nt supporting u to say cheap ohk its dark ff so it is dont read if u feel like n i know u must hv known all dis b4 hand nly still u ppl hv to u know say sm bad about ppl soo dont give a shit….
      sorry if hutrs bt u cant say cheap made urself cheap like dat ohk soo mind urself..

    3. Crazy

      hai girl u forgot a thing in hurry burry u wanted to bash me so i guess u used no no not guess but indeed u and a girl both are same person just to increase number of bashers u changed name but forgot to change email id..
      ohhhh poor u…
      what u taught u can fool others babe but not me..
      being a software specialist i canfind out easily..
      i also know y u bashed me
      i know u bashed not coz f the ff
      but coz twinj fandom was gaining more n more viewrs so..
      oy stop such mentality..
      and dont u dare lie too..
      i m expert in finding such flaws if i start u wont be anywhere i dont want coz of u and ur fitty commnts my ff come into speking so shut and no need to reply too

      1. Baby

        😀 wow di u know u r super duper cool yay
        dis chepo huh wow u found out my crzy di 😀
        love u shoooo much♥♥♥

  4. Simiyy

    Crazy your ff is making all your readers crazy
    Kunj is really making me angry
    I’m feeling sad for Twinkle
    I hope he falls in love when the her
    The PreCap is already making me have tears
    Anyway post soon ?

    1. Crazyfunky

      thanks simiyy

  5. Crazykipuh

    Just a notice Devil Owned An angel is a highly dark ff
    Stating all d tourchers that girls go through in the society…
    Mind u i said it in before episodes too n saying it again
    Itson ur basis and request
    Else i m hapoy posting it on watpadd
    As i have already got suoer response their
    N plz maje sure u dont raise a character certificate to me
    N i dont write ff coz i need COMNENT
    I write it oyt of passion
    N i m in no more jalli speed to post it in telkyupsates
    Just postibg it coz u all demanded it

    Bashers stay away coz i dont give a shit to u…

    1. No one needs ur shit over here, awwww keep ur shit with u nly. …yeah ur passion is clearly seen here, dnt fly much….better u show ur writings to ur family….n i dnt need ur shit over here……u ppl making this as x rated one…specially ur ff…

      1. Crazykipuh

        Ignored u….
        Well I never forced u to read my ff
        So better keep ur cmmnts n ur opinions to u girl
        The girl who gives character certificate to other z stating to b some saint very good
        Btwn thanku coz of u my ff n TU
        Became famous

      2. Crazykipuh

        Crazy isse party beni banti Hai…
        Hahaha girl go get a goal
        She don’t need to write for cmmnts coz her off z already trending
        When its already said d ff z dark y on first hand u read it
        Or r u so naive ki u dono meaning of dark ff
        Bten I don’t think so
        A girl who giving s character certificate can’t b navie

      3. Baby

        hey look shut ur mouth now its high of it
        u know u show ur charachter certificate to urself first
        den we can show it to r parents
        i know wats ur passsion must b mayb it was vulgar bt u cant point fingers on chrachter dammit if u agn try to m telling u u wont b seen here say it as vulgar bt nt on chrachterr madam
        n u urslf must b x rated dat pointing fingers on r di
        c urslf dencm to us huh
        n if it hurts den thnk dis 2 dat it hurted us too wen u pointed on character
        get lost………

    2. Hey just shut ur mouth….now guess why u beshers continue ur chapar chapar and now i got it u don’t know anything about socaity and reality…..
      Plsssss enough of enough…..don’t u shame why r u creating more scene create….
      Plsssss don’t read and cmnt…we don’t needed ur shit of cmnt…soo plsss don’t cmnt we don’t need it…..if u have littel shame than stay away from it…… Got it…
      Plsss don’t end this ff crazy….I rqst u dear…
      Love u crazy and puh….

  6. Hey crazy salute yaar just fab epi bechari Twinki feeling bad for her ….
    Hope kunj soon falls for her yaar …
    Well I am silent reader of ur ff ….
    One req plshh post next one soon plz plz
    Dis was just fab epi ??????

    1. Crazykipuh

      Well it now totally depends on crazy she’s pissed of
      Btwn tq for d cmmnt

  7. Ramya

    It’s nice
    But I’m really feeling very bad fr twinkle dis kunj is not at all good plsss asap
    N make him good

    1. Crazykipuh

      Thanks dear from both my side n craxys side

  8. Sohi

    Hey crazy don’t take seriously about bashers words you have already mentioned about ff being dark. But I Too think it was Lil vulgar don’t take me as basher plz. I feel very bad for twinkle do continue and post soon

    1. Crazykipuh

      We’ll nope dear theirs a way to say every thing
      Saying its vulger z different
      N pointing at anybody’s character is different
      N that’s what I won’t like
      Any way I m not counting u in it
      Nor any one
      Coz I have already mentioned about my ff
      Any way tq for d cmmnt

      1. Crazykipuh

        Last part said by crazy
        N guys for that Bulger part bash me not crazy
        She don’t write those parts I write

    2. Sohi

      Hey don’t be sad you have written this part just to help your friend if any other way I have hurt then iam sorry ? but plz don’t get hurt

  9. Presha


  10. Twinjfan01

    Plz don’t torture twinkle
    Plz make kunj realise dat wat he did ws wrong
    plz do upate soon

  11. Chiku

    Woaaah its amazing ??????loved it. Yaar its lovely.
    Hope kunj loves twinkle one day????????
    Plzz ignore all the haters.
    Do post soon
    Love u?

  12. SidMin

    Its awesome 🙂 Feeling bad for Twinkle
    Post soon can’t wait 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  13. Priyanka(Hyderabadi)

    Amazing episode crazy.. don’t give any shit to those cheap comments.. actually u know what I think girl don’t know what dark ff means..dark ff only means torturing person physically or s*xually..so don’t pay any attention to the girl’s comment..u r awesome writer..u explained everything perfectly.. love you dear..

  14. Hi crazy and puh ….I’m a silent reader of all twinj ffs here ……first of all I’d like 2 say that let the bashers bash ……..u nd all ur readers know dat this story is a dark one and d author has to write as per d demand of d story ……well all ur genuine readers no dat dis being a dark story requires d things u write …..so u don’t need to pay attention to the bashes
    Now coming to my views ,I’d say dat u do an awsm job …..Both crazy and puh …..I mean d story is just so fantabulous …..its like a top list novel ……..awsm concept …..awsm writing ……?
    I’m a big fan of d way u 2 write ………….
    But one demand pls…..
    Make kunj fall in love soon wid twinkle …….
    Pls fulfil d wish of ur chotu si pyar si silent reader …….luv u both and love all writers nd members of tei tu family …..??
    Take care love u ………….

  15. Ayu

    Shoot crazy! What sort of a person can he be?! At last Twinkle is his wife and he took all his frustration out on her!! I am very much angry on Kunj for this merciless behaviour of his…i cannot stand him anymore in this state. Please maje him realise what he has done…i am very happy to be reading ur ff…it somewhere teaches us a part of life..which is dark…which is full of thorns and the job that u do is commendable…n dont mind bashers cuz they have nothing else to do…without knowing the core of a story…it is easy to criticise…

  16. Crazy it’s ur wishes to write a ff but u r posting it means u should know there are teenagers also reading ff nd that might create a bad thought on them nd am not bashing r shouting at u am just telling as a silent reader nd this episode is vulgar so pls reduce it nd we can’t see characters as twinj nd am just saying it as a silent reader nd twinj sidmin fan nd i hope u would consider wat I said r just give a thought abt wat I said

  17. Perfect description
    Post soon

  18. Amazing crazy and I understand that it’s a dark ff and it goes in that way anyways I’m very eager for the next and plzzzzzzzzz make kunj a good character asap plz I’m waiting to see his good side

  19. Your ff is AMAZING…its so unique the story..EVERYTHING is just PERFECT…
    Guys you don’t need to justify anythingto anyone…you’re going really well with story..its not at all vulgar..if this is what they call vulgar and by that they point on someone’s character….then I’m really sorry these kind people need to get life for themselves….they don’t need any justification just ignore them
    Your ff is loves by many people so just don’t get depressed by these useless bashers…as you said Writing is your passion..just go with it…
    THANK YOU so much for your time for us for writing this AMAZING Ff…despite the fact you’re having EXAMS your managing to give us something really AWESOME to read
    With lots and lots of love and respect

  20. Hey crazy and puh …….
    Plsssss dear ignore the bashers they don’t know anything about any shit…..they just don’t like ur writing passion because they don’t no anything….. I luv both of ur writing very much…. U don’t no that m waiting 4 ur ff very impetiently and desperately…..
    This is not vulgar dear…its reality of society….and I no the the shit of society……I always support u guy’s that any of matter and always will further…………
    Plsssssss….. because of the bashers don’t stop writing this ff yaar… I beg u….
    And we all no that u warning us from the beginning that its a dark ff…….but I think many them forget this……
    And if u write anything about any matter this is not crap this is read to bliss from u guy’s……sooo Plsssss don’t be upset and ignore the bashers………post ur ff soon..m waitingggg…luv u sooo much both ….and crazy get well soon dear……

    And dear bashers if u don’t want to read then don’t no 1 will stop u dear but plssss don’t bash anyone and judge their charecter because u r not right of anyone..


  21. It was fab crazy di
    I am a slient reader and don’t comment often but u write really nice

  22. Hey crazy
    I m a silent reader of ur ff
    Its really interesting, awesome, fantastic and what not. ..
    Hey if u r free I wnt to ask a query
    Actually I searched in watpadd for any twinj ff n ws nt able to found could u plzz tell if it contain any twinj ff or nt
    If u r free plz reply me
    N ys plz post asap….

  23. Purvi128

    Dear Crazy & Puh … I just want to say that ignore that comment … u r right .. u mentioned that it is a dark story … “A girl” whoever u r … u don’t have the right to put a character certificate on my Dear sisters & friends Crazy & Puh… if u find it vulgar .. then don’t read … simple … but plsss don’t pass cheap comments to my sisters … do u get that ? I’ll not bear if anyone pass cheap comments or put a character certificate on my TU frnds & sisters …
    Yrrr coming to the episode

    .. yrrr u r making me crazy … the episode was damn good … it was not at all vulgar … m really liking it … I hope he falls in love with her soon …

    Yrr precap is so sad ..Reading the precap .. tears came into my eyes. Poor Twinkle … I just wanna shoot Kunj … How could he do this .. I said na he is heartless … he proved it in today’s episode ….Twinkle was going through so much pain … uhhhh … plss post next soon & don’t pay heed to bashers words…. just ignore them .. plsss don’t end this .. & yaI have a suggestion for ur story line … Make kunj feel guilty after seeing Twinkle’s condition … & make her so much ill … that he will feel the pain & will realize his love for her … I m saying it casually … if u don’t like it then don’t add in the ff ….

    Well post soon ..

    Loads of love … Ummmaahhh ????????❤❤❤❤?????

    1. i agree with you purvi

  24. Baby

    hi crazy di n puh di
    it was amazing yeah bit vulgar bt we cant change it ppl does things like dis n evry1 shuld know about it…..
    well mujhe khud kaafi late pata chala tha ye sab kuch ke baare mein
    n i really feel sad fr ppl bt di sad fr twinkle to hahahaa
    ofco kunj ne itna torture jo kardia bechari ko
    precap is scaring me……….
    woo post nxt asap di
    love u lods ignore d bashers huh i hate dese kinda ppl
    love u lods♥♥

  25. Aanya_pandey

    That ws osum episode.. that ws hot??

  26. hey crazy honestly all your ffs are amazing and i know people are bashing you because they say it unapropriate but crazy di said already it a dark past honestly no one is supporting s*x and this is a story its the way it goes you don’t like it you don’t read it even i am not confortable reading storys with s*x in them so i just skip over the part that has those scenes in them and this actually teaches kids the moral of the story like no one is forcing them to read i am sorry if anyone thinks i am arguing but i am saying my point of view and please don’t bash crazy di

  27. Crazykipuh

    Guys chill just ignore those bashers
    Crazy herself don’t want ki her ff
    Shd gaining cmmnts coz f bashers
    N I n she both already know who d bashers r n whose fans they are
    Well crazy said me abt a basher called UR HATER
    Do same way ignore these then they ll shut by them self
    Anyway tq for support n don’t worry as crazy sad u b4
    She’s just posting d story only for ff lovers
    So chill ff cntinue

  28. Amore

    Hey guys why to be abusive??? And what is wrong in writing???
    You guys bash the writers without knowing how they feel…
    Crazy you are doing good girl.. keep it up.

  29. Twinjfan.tamanna

    awesome yaar… as said I ignored the bashers… ur going too good crazy… it was so hot… feeling bad for twinkle

    love you

  30. Amazing

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