A Devil That Owned An ANgel (Episode 19)


hello guys..well todays episode u may get a bit bored coz..
i ll be covering all the marriage ritual in one go..
well this ll be a maharastra wedding..
though i stay in karnataka but me pakki maharastran ahe g(but i m a pure maharastran )
so ll take u to the tour of the whole of my side wedding rituals..and trust me the rituals are very funny and enjoyable..




marriage joins two individuals for life, so that they can pursue dharma (duty), artha (possessions), kama (physical desires), and moksha (ultimate spiritual release) together. It is a union of two individuals as husband and wife, and is recognized by law.

and same was gonna happen today..
though kunj had different motive but little did he know that the girl over their he getting married ll become him lifeline

The engagement ceremony called Sakharpuda was held in the morning of the wedding day. At this ceremony, the groom’s parents give a saree to the bride as a symbol of acceptance into their family. Her hands are adorned with green bangles, proving her engagement. She is also given a pack of sugar, representing the spread of sweetness.
all this was geneunly performed by kunj himself..
when twinkle asked him he said her that he is only her family now so he has arranged everything for her..
somwhere in his heart he too din knew why is he doing so much for a mear girl but he had promissed himself that from now on twinkle ll be in his life forever till he wants..
then haldi paste is applied to the twinkle and kunj though they both only did it by their own coz even now twinkle herself believed that kunj was her only family..

during wedding both the Var (groom)i.e kunj and the Vadhu (bride) twinkle are traditionally dressed
she was dressed in a beautiful sarre and he in a tradinoal wear both looking dead gorgeous and hot ..
twinkle was, adorned with jewellry, flowers and perfume is beautifully draped in her wedding saree, Shalu. She is brought by lady servent in kunjs qtrs into the pandal where the Var i.e our hotty kunj was impatiently waiting for his companion. Both were made to stand apart, facing each other with garlands in their hands and between them is a plain white cloth called the Antarpath, with a swastika mark made with kumkum. Both have Karawali (partners) standing next to them as support, holding a vessel with water and a coconut. The ceremony continues with the chanting of auspicious shlokas or mantras with showers of coloured rice to greet the newly wed. The Vadhu garlands the Var and touches his feet to seek blessings…but kunj stops her and says ur place is not their and hugs her. The Var then garlands his wife.

After the garland ceremony the couple was made to sit near the Brahmin where the Lajja Hom is performed. Then the kunj presents his wife the mangalsustra and later puts toe rings on her toes. Then he fills her maang with sindoor. Next, they both have to stand, offer Lhaya (dried rice) into the Agni and go around the home seven times. In the first two rounds the Var leads and in the remaining two the Vadhu walks ahead of him.
and then they both perform saptapadi..

it was known easily that twinkle was missing her parents..
but even kunjs presence was made a goody goody thing for her..

and now she was officially twinkle kunj sarna..


their was a knowck on the door…
and both had alredy chnaged into casually twinkle was always blushy blushy coz everything was new to her and kunj was just pissing off by all the nasty rituals coz he was waiting impatienty for making love with her..
no no actually not love but s*x with her..

and little did the poor soul twinkle know that what this marriage would lead her to in future..


kunj opened the door and welcomed the lawer..
kunj-twinkle baby just come here plz..
twinkle-ayyi baba ayyi
twinkle-han kunj bolo..
kunj-(made her sit beside him )meet him pointing to the man sitting infront of them..
hes Mr.Mehta(koi aur sirname nahi mila so have put the sirname now y mehta na?coz i m full too dreamy girl of nakuul mehta so mehta)my lawer..
twinkle-(looking confusingly towwards him)
kunj-hes here for giving our relation a name officialy..
twinkle-just smile..
kunj immediately signed it by reding and then lend it to twinkle…
twinkle was about to sign but he stopped her and asked her to read it.
she compiled..(dont think she ll say i trust u and bla bla)
and she did what exactly kunj wanted her to do…
but he had his planning done before only..he was looking in his watch and started counting in him mind





and the free show begins…
he said in his mind..

twinkle looked towards the owner of the voice and kunj just smirked..

any guesses whos voice was that?

han han it was of her mother..

“beta,hes cheating u dont sign it..i know u did the marriage but dont do another anarth plz..i beg u…u dont know what this man has done..
he has runied ur lil sisters life…

twinkle-what the hell are u speaking han?

“sachh kehrahi hun..he left ur lil sister no where..”

kunj- ohh plzz..dont put the tag on me it was ur younger daughter who did it..i have no compensation in it..
(he said taking his hand up..)

twinkle-ll anyone say me whaats going on?

twinkles mom says all.twinkle looks at kunj then walks towards him..but her eyes fell on someone too…
yes,that was her scoundral dad and her lil sister..

she just walked towards them,,,facing them then announced “i trust my kunj more than any thing and ur false acutions to break my marriage life wont succeed it in doing so”

twinkles mom was shocked and twinkles dad fumed coz he had something another in his mind..
he had taught of taking advantage of situation and making the great kunj sarna married to his lil daughter or say only daughter and grab all money..but knowing his pllan going flop he sounded something else..

twinkles father walked towards kunj
“sir plz dont do so..my lil daughters life ll be spoiled plz dont lev her plz marry her sir..plz..”

kunj-are u out of ur mind ur oldie i m a married man n she pointing towards twinkle is my wife get that..i wanted twinkle and i got her

twinkle was beyond shock seeing this kind of father but her confidence bosted hearing kunj she had tears in her eyes..
she just went towards him and hugged him..

kunj-“suhhhh..shona plz calm down none can seperate u from me none and i mean it…”

twinkles dad-“sir..where i m saying to lev her..u keep her too as ur mistress but marry my daughter this girl this twinkle is character less but my beta shes koinhor u wont get such girl anywhere..”

twinkle’s mom-“what d hell are u saying han i m saving my one child here and ur pushing our another daghter too in the hell..are u out of ur mind..:

kunj-his blood was just boiling like anything..he shouted at his top of voice..just shut the hell up…who the hell are u to put a chactercertificate to my wife han..
u want marrige na..
shona sign the papers..let me c who seperates you from me now..
twinkle did as instructed and the lawer went to register it..
lil sis she knew she went in her own grave herself and all was preplaned by the devil
twinkle was too numb to react..just too much numb..and kunj unknowingly felt bad for this girl and felt disgusted at his so called father in law..

precap-kunjs true color revealed may be…

any way i have left keeping expectation of response from u guys coz litrally i dont care about u all and posting the ff only for those who geneuly are reading it ..so my lovly dear tiu lovers this post u guys only and only u
i m now posting ff coz i have passion of writing and fr those who realy like the ff…

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  1. Purvi128

    Hey di … yrr kya kahun .. words nhii hain . Mujhe rona aaraha haii … yrr he is heartless .. yrr .. how could he do this … plsss yrrr next episode mein kunj ke true colors twinkle ke saamne reveal ker dena yr … she blindly trusts him .. & he will break her trust … he is so mean .. Heartless … yrr u r amazing … or ye twinkle’s dad … us ko to kya kahun … I wanna kill him …. dear plsss next asap ….

    Love u …???????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

  2. Chiku

    Woaaah seriously loved it??????????so cute. Just amazing.
    Oh nooo will kunj do something bad witj twinkle. Hope he doesnt do that ?????
    Post mext soon
    Love u?

  3. Paavu

    Acha dear main dil se yeh tera ff padhti hun sachi bas time shrtage tha toh cant commnt bt aj se promise hai mar jaungi par aakhri dum tak iss pe commnt karungi cos it goves a smile on my very face and ya pls precap fulfil kardo yrr I want it and papeds truth pls reveal u gave such an awesome desc of rituals nic love it pls maaf karna aur plomish hai I ll always commnt….
    Will u make me ur frnd??????

  4. Twinjfan01

    No no jst let kunj take care if twinkle
    Bki i noe my kunj pyaar toh usse ho hi jaiiga

  5. Twinjfan01

    No no jst let kunj take care of twinkle
    Bki i noe my kunj pyaar toh usse ho hi jaiiga
    Nd plz dont hurt twinkle more

  6. keep writing
    loving it

  7. Ruchita Bhole!!

    Hey crazy !!
    Whatever u write is jst awsm n u write too long n thats wat i love abt this ff its not that baki all ppl write short bt according to me urs r d longest one n i loveee it !!
    N btw tula yevdha detailed madhe maharashtrian padhaticha lagna kasa mahiti ahe g i mean me pan maharshtrian ahe ahe mumbait ,thaneyat rahte bt mayne tujhyapeksha jasta marathi weddings attent karat asel bt mala pan ajun yevdha detailed madhe nahi mahiti jasa ki tey hirvya bangdya engagement day pasunach ghalayla lagtat tey!!
    Bass ataa me thambte khuuuuupaachh bolle naa!?? Bt dude ur work is vry gud love it n u too!!?❤❤
    Keep writting lots of lovee??❤❤❤a

    1. Crazykipuh

      Crazy is like Google devta ki jsi ho..
      Don’t g
      Pamper her so much I saw she wrote all by referring Google
      Kutri ahe thi..

      Btwn she’s traditional girl being n other state kaku nvr left her if she don’t attended all d ritual
      So indeedshes forced to everything

  8. Ayu

    Oh shoot! No! How can a father do this to his child?! Disgusting! N Kunj! Just can’t bear him in this form anymore! I still wanna know whats going to happen! Cont soon?

  9. Woww its amazing….. I don’t know what to say…how can a father do this with his own daughter… Filling so disgusted….
    But I know that kunj is a devil in this ff but still his every movement,,thought,,action,, smirks are fallen into love more and more with this man yaar…..and hope kunj will not hurt twinkle so much….because she is already shattered……
    How can u write so well yaar…luv ur writing very much yaar….and
    I m geneuly read and cmnt this ff with my heart and will be always cmnt regular in further……well post next epi soon….waiting 4 their hott romance………
    Get well soon crazy…luv u….

  10. SidMin23

    It was good episode

  11. Twinjfan.tamanna

    awesome… nd I wanted to ask that from which district ur from?? bcz mai bi Karnataka se hun and I m udupi dist…

    love you

  12. Ramya

    It’s awesome
    So Maharashtra marriages r done in dis
    Way superb loved it to core n I think some where kunj is changing plssss asap loved it n love u

  13. Baby

    ohhhhhhhhh good didu………
    amazing episode loved it soooooo much dont know vaise kya ho raha hai
    yeh kunj ka chakkar ghum raha hai
    well nailed it shaadi to hogyi bt ab kya hoga. 😀
    love u lods di♥♥

  14. Aanya_pandey

    Amazimg episode yrr it was soo good?

  15. Amazing

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