a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Intro+Promo)


Hello friends …. I m not new here …. Sabhi jaante hain mujhe … So I m not introducing myself …. Ohh god u guys know na kitni confusing hun mein … confuse ker diya na tum sb ko …
Don’t scroll down please .. it’s a request .. if u scroll down u’ll simply see the credit to: and u’ll find the answer … so its my request plss koi scroll down mt kerna … and plsss guess


Some hints for my identity: Crazy fan of TwiNj … Love my Bunny alot … (Sidhant) .. Ek Villain’s deewani … Presently writing ff of TwiNj … I have written an one slot of TwiNj and ShraMan …
Now enough hints … do tell me in who guessed it right …

So here is a new FF of TwiNj … This is the introduction part .. and I will soon come back with 1st part …

So here it is …

Kunj Sarna (Sidhant Gupta …. Khabardaar jo kisi or ko imagine kya ..): Male lead … Lives in Thailand …Girls are like a tissue paper for him .. He is Casanova or we say a Womanizer … Or in other words A DEVIL .. A renowned businessman in Thailand… His family does not lives with him … and he also owned a music company …

Twinkle Taneja (Jasmin Bhasin): A cute .. nat-khat .. care free .. gorgeous .. fun loving … adorable … girl … She loves her mother more than anyone …. She is princess of his father … Being loved by everyone in the family … apple of everyone’s eye … wants to become a singer….Adventurous nature … Lives in India ..Studying in university ..

Leela Taneja (Vaishnavi Mahant): Mother of Twinkle … loves her daughter a lot …
Raminder Taneja (Jatin Sial): Father of Twinkle …

Manohar Sarna (Bobby Parvez): Father of Kunj .. lives in India ..
Usha Sarna (Deepika Amin): Mother of Kunj …loves Kunj more than her other children ..
Bebe (Tanushree Kaushal): Paternal aunt of Kunj … She loves Kunj like his own son …

Chinki (Simran Sharma): Best friend of Twinkle …Cute .. care free girl like Twinkle …partner of Twinkle in every thing … She is also adventurous just like her bestie … they both r sisters more than friends ….
Anya Sarna (Sara Khan): Little sis of Kunj …Loves his brother a lot .. kunj also loves her more than anything …
Yuvraj Sarna (Zain Imam): Elder brother of Kunj … Lives with him in Thailand …. Wants to change Kunj … He and Kunj r best friends rather than brothers …
Mahi Taneja (Shritama Mukherjee): Younger sis of Twinkle … loves her a lot … best friend of Anya …


A room is shown decorated as it’s the first night of a couple … A girl is shown in a bridal attire sitting on the bed clutching the bedsheet tightly in nervousness …
Some footsteps r heard .. The door opened and a boy enters …She clutched the bedsheet more tighter ..
He comes near her & sits on the bed …
Boy:(rudely) “Listen .. I was not interested in marriage .. this marriage is only for name … only for the world … I don’t accept u as my wife … I had to do this for my parents … We r husband and wife only infront of world …
Girl’s world slipped beneath her feet … She never expected this … She holds his collar & stands up from the bed .
Girl:(shouts) “How dare You .? How dare u ruin my life … u have any idea ,, what this marriage is … its not between two people but between two families … agr shaadi nhii karni to aesay hi bol dete … meri zindagi barbaad karne ki kya zaroorat thi … why u do this …”
Boy: “Be in your limits …”
He twist her wrist .. & pinned her to the cupboard …
Boy: “Don’t ever try again to shout infront of me .. or u will face the consequences …and its my order .. u’ll not tell anyone about us … do u get that?”
He pushed her on the floor & leaves the room … The girl breaks down and cries … Sad music plays in BG
G:(shouts) “Why Me …?”


Tell me in whether u liked it or not ….
The number of comments will decide the fate of chapter 1 …
More comments that means chapter 1 jaldi mile ga …
Or haan batana kis ne sahi guess ki thi meri identity ..??
Drop down your comments whether +ve or -ve ..
Will soon come back …
Keep_Smiling ?

Bye bye ..

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  1. SidMin23

    Purvi it was awesome plot and I think it kunj who married to twinkle and how can he don’t love Twinkle want to know he reason behind Iam wating for this ff.

    1. Purvi128

      Thankyou dear … u’ll know the reason soon ..

  2. Chiku

    Awesome ❤️❤️Looking forward for it
    Post soon❤️

    1. Purvi128

      Thankyou Chiku … will post next soon ..

  3. Presha

    Amazing promo post soon ? ❤

    1. Purvi128

      Thank u dear ..

  4. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….purvi awesome dear….

    1. Purvi128

      Thanku Rashi .. ??

  5. Hi purvi….m new here….
    indeed a wonderful idea ….

    Lookin frwrd for DA nxt

    1. Purvi128

      Ohh my god adya .. U guessed it .. Congratulations …
      Love u yrr ?

      1. Purvi128

        Sorry wrong sent

    2. Purvi128

      Dear .. Welcome to TEI TU family

  6. Awsm Purvs di…..The plot z very interesting. ….excited for the first chappy….pls post soon di…….I hope u remember me ??
    Love u loads……….??????

    1. Purvi128

      Yaa dear Aashi … How can I forgot u … The one who was very excited for becoming my Frnd … Well I love u too .. And haan I m missing ur comments ..

  7. Adya

    I guessed you.. I guessed you.
    Awesome plot Purvi..I’m too excited. Post soon!
    Loads of love

    1. Purvi128

      Ohh my god adya .. U guessed it .. Congratulations …
      Love u yrr ?

  8. Ritzi

    Wooooopie! Thts really interesting!

    1. Purvi128

      Thank u ritzi .. Atlast u commented .. I was waiting for ur comment

  9. RUTU.....

    Hi Purvi your story is really amazing loved it post next one soon

    1. Purvi128

      Thank you so much RUTU ….. will post next soon ..

  10. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome Plot looks quite interesting 🙂
    Post soon 🙂 Love you 🙂

    1. Purvi128

      Thank u so much di … pata hai jb tumhara comment dekha na or wo msg padha .. I was reallg jumping in joy …

  11. Hmmmm..pehle dekha to shochne laga ki pata karu to kon hay yeh chori…or uske baad pata chal gaya mujhe ki tuhi hogi jhalli kahiki……kitne nakhre karti hey tu by god…or karegi v kyu nahi akhir hamari jhalli sister Jo hay tu…chorrr hi de ab mujhe to tu vul hi gayi hogi shayad..soch rahi hogi ki kon hu may..OK leave it…

    Now intro to bhttt jhakkash hay. Par yeh kardia tune kunj ko womanizer bana dia..kher Ab dekhte hay ki devil or uski angel ki love connect kese hoti hay.. Plz cont this and post soon….and post ur other ff also…waiting 4 it Janu..
    Love you jhalli..muaah.

    1. Purvi128

      Hey Priya … tu ne aisa kesa socha ki me tujhe bhool jaun gi … jaa yrr tujhse baat nhii ker rahi …????pata hai tu mujhe har roz yad rehti hai .. jab bhi sad hoti hun na tere comments padh ke smile aajati hai … tere to comments ka wait kerti hun mein ..

      Kya karun naraz nhii reh sakti na tujhse … coz I love u … or haan dosre ff ka 10th epi post ker diya hai … wait kero jab tak publish nhii hota … love u

  12. KarthikaJasmin

    wtng eagerly for first episode….??

    1. Purvi128

      Thank you so much dear … Ur wait will be over soon ..

  13. Ramya

    Purvi awesome intro
    I’m waiting fr u a lot
    Plsss do post soon
    Awesome amazing
    Loads of love keep smiling

    1. Purvi128

      Thank u so much .. Love u too

  14. Ur last line fate of chapet 1 n all it seems like u r threatening us to comment
    But promo was lovely awesome
    Post soon

  15. SidVee_Yashvee

    Amazing promo.. really loved it.. looks interesting.. eagerly waiting for the first part ❤

  16. Simiyy

    It was really amazing
    Can’t wait to read more
    try to post soon
    loads of love

  17. Aanya_pandey

    Really interesting plot it seems.. will b waiting fr ur new post to read further

  18. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

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