a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 7)

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Chapter 6

Chapter 7 –
Twinkle was in her room. Her phone started ringing.
She picked up the call.
T – “Hello!”
Yuvraj – “Twinkle be ready, kunj is coming to pick you up. You will live in our house!”
T – “Ok!”
She cut the call and started packing her stuff. Her phone again started ringing.
T – “Oh god, mera phone to call center bana hua hai!”
She saw the caller id and started jumping in excitement and picked the call.
T – “Hello maa! Kesi ho? Sab kesy hain? Papa, mahi chinki?”
L – “Arrray twinkle kitna bolti hai, mujhy kuch bolny bhi degi?”
T – “Achaa na maa!”
L – “Kesi hai tu puttar?”
T – “I m absolutely fine! How are you and all?”
L – “Everyone is fine! Achaa puttar, tu theek toh hai na mera matlab hai ki…”
T – “Chill maa, me theek hun. No tension. Acha maa me phone rakhti hun, mujhy kaam hai!”
L – “Theek hai puttar!”
T – “Love you maa take care! Ummmaah!”
L – “Love you too mera baccha!”

Twinkle cut the call.
T – “Babaji, maa mujhse kitna pyarr kerti hai! Babaji please mujhy maa se kabhu door mar kerna!”
She smiled.
There was a knock at the door. She opened it and there Kunj was standing.
T – “You?”
K – “So, I think so tumhe mere sath chalna hai!”
T – “Haan, I know. I m coming in 5 minutes.”
K – “Okk!”
She struggled to take her suit case but it was so heavy.
T – (in mind) “Kitna sadu hai, ye nahi ke meri help hi ker dy!”
Kunj saw her struggling and took it from her.
T – “Leave it, I can manage.”
K – “I see.”
Twinkle makes a pout. He smiled. Twinkle also smiled.
T – (in mind) “Babaji, is ki smile kitni killer hai. Uff twinkle kya soch rahi hai.”

Next Scene –
They were sitting in the car suddenly twinkle shouted to stop the car.
T – “Stoppp.”
K – “What happened?” he stopped the car.
T – “Me hotel me apni bht important cheez bhool aayi hun, you wait here. I will just get it.”
K – “Are you mad. Leave that thing.”
T – “No, wo meri life ki sab se important thing hai or me usy apny se door rakhny ka soch bhi nahi sakti.”
She stepped out of the car and started running towards the hotel.
Kunj goes into a flashback
Flashback –
Jasmin and Sid were going on a trip with school. They were outside the school and were going to sit in the bus but jasmin stopped.
Sid – “What happened?”
Jasmin – “Sid, I forgot my most important thing in the library, you wait here, I m just coming in a minute.”
Sid – “Are you mad? Library is on top floor and it will take time to reach on the top floor.”
Jasmin – “I don’t care.”
Sid – “Jasmin leave na”
Jasmin – “No way.”
She ran inside the school.

After about 10 minutes she came back panting heavily.
Sid – “Jasmin I told you na, see now you are panting so heavily.”
Jasmin – (still panting) “I don’t care, I found that thing and that’s all for me!”
Sid – “Let me see what is that important thing?”
Jasmin – “No.!”
Sid – “Please yarr.”
He tried to open her hand and succeeded. It was a bracelet which Sid gifted her SidMin written on it.
He looked at her.
Sid – “Jasmin, only because of this small thing?”
Jasmin – (started beating him) “Idiot, duffer, stupid. Tumhare liye choti cheez hogi, mere liye nahi. This is my life.” She had tears in her eyes. He cleared her tears with his thumb and holds his one ear.
Sid – “I m sorry!”
Jasmin – “Never again.”
Sid – “Never ever, I promise.”
She hugged him tightly.
Flashback ends –

K – “Jasmin, I tried to find you but I didn’t succeed. I m sorry.”
Twinkle came panting heavily.
K – “You found it?”
T – “Yup.”
K – “What is that? Show me.”
T – “No.”
K – “Array show me na.”
T – “No.”
He tried to open her hand but was not able to.
T – “Arraay what is your problem?”
K – “Show me na, what is that brilliant thing for which you ran from here?”
T – “Its not an ordinary thing, its my life.”
K – “The show it.”
T – “Me kisi ko nahi dikhati.”
K – “Okk.”
He started to drive the car.
Screen freezes.

Precap:- Twinkle to know about Yuki’s relationship.

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