a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 6)

Hi guys, sorry for delay. I was busy with my tests. So today, got time that’s why posting the ff. YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN will be tomorrow.

True happiness will be found only in true LOVE but a Chocolate can deliver it.

In case if anyone missed the previous chapter, here is the link:
Chapter 5

Chapter 6 –
TwiNj and Yuvi arrived Thailand.
At the airport
The three were standing.
Yuvi – “Twinkle, vo actually i have booked a hotel room for you. You live there till I bought the house and then you can shift there.”
T – “Ok Sir.”
Yuvi smiled.
Y – “Kunj drop Twinkle at the hotel. I have an important meeting.”
Saying this he went from there.
K – “Hi, Myself Kunj Sarna. We have met before but kabhi introduction nahi hua..! So that’s why!” He said stretching his hand.

She shakes hand with him. They both felt electric shock and quickly took off their hands.
T – “Myself Twinkle Taneja.”
K – “Let’s go. You must be tired.”
T – “Hmm..!”
They sat in the car and drove off.
Next Scene –
Yuvi was talking on phone with someone.
Yuvi – “So…? What are you doing?”
Other side – “Nothing much? Tell me how is my bestie?”
Yuvi – “Matlab seriously Chinki. Hum Twinkle ke elawa bhi bat kar sakty hain…! Usy kyun me beech me laa rahi hai.?”
So she is Chinki whom he is talking.
C – “Arraay .. toh me apni bestie ka bhi nahi pooch sakti ..? Seriously Yuvi..! Now I won’t talk to you..!”
Yuvi – “Achaa sorry na baba…. I am missing you yarrr..!”
C – “sirf 1 din hua hai and you are missing me..”
Y – “Haan naa yarr .. tujhe 1 pal dekhe bina mera 1,1 pal kaatna mushkil hota hai..!”
A voice was heard.
V – “-Yuvi…..!”

He turned around and saw Kunj standing in his room. He quickly hides the phone.
C- “Hello ..! Hello..!”
K – “So it was your important meeting. Give me your phone.”
Yuvi – “Dekh kunj . Seriously bohot important call thi. Don’t take me wrong.”
K – “Oh achaa .. I miss you and all that. Kis ko bol rahy thay.?”
He snatched his phone but the call was disconnected.
Yuvi – “Kunj .. dekh I will kill you mera phone dey.”
K – “No..!”
He started running around the room.
K – “Hello ..? Who’s there?”
Yuvi’s condition was very bad. His face was pale.
K – “Shitt man. Disconnected.”
Yuvi’s face lit up and he jumped in excitement.
K – “Zyada khusj hony ki zaroorat nahi. Me recent call meim se dekh sakta hun…”
Yuvi’s face again became pale.
Kunj opened the recent calls and
K – “MY LIFE… who’s she?”
Y – “Who? Who? No .. no one. Koi bhi toh nahi.”
K – “Batata hai ya mein papa ko call karun.?”
Y – “Nahi yrr kunj dekh. Sahi time aany per me tujhe bata dunga..! Promise.”
K – “Theek hai … or ya i have dropped twinkle at the hotel.”
Y – “Hmm good. Kunj i was thinking. Kyun na twinkle ko apny ghar mein hi shift hony ka bol dein?”
Kunj was delighted. He was thinking the same and his brother made it easy for him.
He tried to act normal. But failed.
Y – “Kunj, I warned you before that never think of that for Twinkle. 1 khayal bhi tere dimag mein nahi aana chahiye.. samajh gaya?”
He said and moved from there.
K – “Yuvi, khayal aayega nahi .. aa chuka hai.. or ab mujhy koi nahi rok sakta..!”
He said with an evil smirk.

Hotel room
Twinkle was maintaining her cupboard. She was thinking of Kunj.

I was setting my cupboard. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. He is such a gentleman. He is cute. He is different from others. He is not like Kabir who seperated me from my Sid. But why am I thinking of Kunj. He is no one to me. My past my present my future is Sid only. I can’t think of any one else.
But we all have to forger our past and concentrate on our present and think about future. Fir why i am thinking of my past. Sid is my past. But i love him na. I will love him till my last breath. Sometimes I think that Kunj is my Sid only. Uggghhh Twinkle concentrate on your work.
Pov ends
There Kunj was standing in his balcony holding a picture frame.
Tears were flowing from his eyes. His eyes were red.
It was the pic of little Kunj and little Twinkle that is SidMin.

I was standing in my balcony crying from past some hours. My eyes were swollen. They were paining but I don’t care. I care only for my Jasmin. I remember the day when that Kabir kissed her. I know my Jasmin was not of that type. She was and is only mine. She told me that. But that Kabir kissed her forcefully and I thought that she betrayed me. But I was wrong. She only loved me. I was so angry at that time that I didn’t listened to her. Agr me ne uski bat sun li hoti toh mein aaj yahan nahi hota. Aesa nahi hota. Jo mein ban gaya hun .. A Casanova. She was crying so much but I didn’t talked to her and i reached my home. Then I decided to forget her. My parents sent me abroad for studies and I was trying to forget her than after 4 years. I met Kabir. He was looking very poor. He told me that he loved Jasmin and he forcefully kissed her when i was coming towards the lab. He told me that he created misunderstandings between us and now he is suffering for his deeds. It was enough for me to break down. I cried whole night for leaving herm regretting on my foolish mistake. I should have trusted her but no. I was in a great trauma. I was in depression and was very sad. I was missing my Jasmin. Then I met a young man who was of my age. He told me that he got separated from his lover and was in depression. He then told me that to forget his worries he became a Casanova. He told me that it helped him to forget his depression nd sadness for sometime. Then I became what I am today. This is my story. He said it right. I am away from my sadness and depression for sometime.
But i can’t change now. No one can change me except one person. MY JASMIN. Only she can change me now. I am sorry Jasmin. Forgive me please.
Pov ends
The episode ends on his teary face.


Phewwwww guys..! I hope now the confusions are cleared. Many of you asked that he loves Jasmin then how he became Casanova. So this chapter contains all the answers of your questions.
I hope it didn’t bored you..!

With all my love ..!????????????

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  1. Ritzi

    Nice one… But I hv a doubt.. If sid nd jas were in relationship then how come kunj is not able to identify twinkle frm her face. I mean ofcource a person can cannot change so much in 4 years term tht it becomes difficult to identify

    1. Purvi128

      No they were seperated when they were in 5 and they were not in a relationship it was friendship bond and they loved each other as a friend. And 4 years are when he got to know about jasmin being innocent and then he doesn’t found her. He moved to thailand na .. so i will reveal it that un ko seperate huay kitna time hogaya..

    2. Purvi128

      I hope its cleared now???

  2. hey. …2da epi was fab……hey can I ask u …if u don’t mind…I ur ….who is the girl..wear orange tshirt…..I think it’s u….☺☺☺☺☺☺

    1. Purvi128

      She is chinki of tashan e ishq

      1. thanks purvi…

  3. Presha

    Hey purvi awesome just loved it nd ya all the concussions r clear now

  4. Superb episode purvi I loved it I hope kunj recognizes twinkle soon ???

  5. Sohi

    Too good and ya very emotional story

  6. Chiku

    Awwww!!! So sweeet???lovely episode. Lovedit. Amazing. Marvellous
    Post nex tsoon

  7. SidMin23

    It was nice and finally confusion clear and Sid love jas and hope soon he will change from Casanova. And don’t play with twinkle heart and make twinj bond strong or at least friends so that twinkle could change him n

  8. SidMin

    Loved it ….. Awesome…… ?
    So this was how Kunj became a Canvoso…..?
    So sad hate this Kabir ….???
    Uv and Chinki are so sweet ?
    Love you post soon ???

  9. lovly n emotional epi
    post soon

  10. Whoz kabir dude

  11. RUTU.....

    Nice ,lovely and emotional episode just loved it do continue soon dear
    Love you so much ???

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing emotional epi

  13. Mia12

    Hwwww purvi my chochopaiii,,???
    Tune itni jaldhi apni ff post kardi teri xm khatam hogayi kya meri jaan,,??? wese gud I was missing ur writing my kabab,,??? and sorry mene teri msg ka bhi reply nai kia kyuki sara din mene TU open naii kia ?? or ab open karke tera hi ff agee read kar rai hu meri jaan,,??? or epi was shoo much Awesome,,????? loved it very much,,????? or mera confusion bhi clear hua hai, but agar kunj jan chuka tha ki twinkle is innocent to fir bhi wo is raste pe kyu agaye balki use to twinkle ko dhundna cahiye tha na,,??? hope tune mind nai kia hai mere is qstn se,,?? agr hai to sry meri jaan,,??? but twinkle ko kunj ko maf na kare yehi accha hoga,,?? but jo bhi tha all overall it was amazing,,???? and mujse or wait nai ho raha?? plzzzz post ur dusra ff plzzzzz,,?? now look on puppy face,?? n melt soon,?? OK meri jaan,, my chochopaiii,, my vanilla,, my hot coffee,,???? Love you shoooo much my candcrush,,❤❤❤❤❤❤ Muaaahh,,????

  14. Ramya

    Awesome superb
    Such a bitter past
    Feeling bad fr both
    Love u keep smiling

  15. Aanya_pandey

    N sorry m this late commenting

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    dear luvd it sooo mch very cool n interesting n sad emotional episode☻
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