a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 5)

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Chapter 5 –
The part got over .. all the guests leave from there …
Sarnas also left .. just then chinki’s phone beeps …
It was a message from an unknown number ..
Message – “Come at the back garden.. ur well wisher..”
C – “Strange … kon hai ye …? Let me check ..!”
She reached the back garden … it was soooo dark ….
Just then lights got open … she was awestruck to sew the place …. there were numerous tiny lights hanging on the trees and plants …
She cupped her face from her hands and moves in circular motion …
C – “Its soooo beautiful … is there someone ..?”

She turned around and got shocked …
Uv was sitting on his knees holding a ring …
Uv – “Chinki … when i first saw u .. i fell in love wid u .. i don’t know why,how,when,where but i just love you …! Yuvraj Sarna loves Chinki ..! I LOVE YOU CHINKI ….!”
Chinki was not in a state to say anything … she never thought that her dream will come true so soon …! She started crying
Uv – “Chinki please asnwer me …! If you don’t like it then I am sorry … if u don’t love me then its ok … but please don’t cry .. i can’t see you crying ..!”
He stands up and started to move from there …
She holds his wrist and quickly hugged him … uv was shocked at her sudden action .. she started beating him
C – “Idiot ..! Stupid … kya soch ke jaa rahy thy haan??? Ke me tumse pyaar nahi kerti … u know bht bade idiot ho tum … pagal stupid …!”
Uv – “Achaa sorry plss maaro toh nahi …!” he holds her hands …
C – “I LOVE YOU YUVRAJ ..!” tears started flowing from her eyes …
Chinki blushed listening to his words …
Uv – “Ohhh please .. don’t blush ..! Or i will not be able to control myself ..!”
She turned crimson …!
C – “Ab ring nahi pehnao gay ..?”

Uv – “Ohh haan ..!”
He holds her hand but she jerked his hand
Uv – “Whattt?”
C – “Betho …! Nichy betho ..!”
Uv – “Chinkiiii ..!”
C – “Soch lo ..! Aisy me pehennay nahi wali ..!”
Uv – “Ohh god ..!” he finally gave up and kneeled down ..!
Uv – “Chinki .. will u accept this idiot as your boyfriend??”
She smiled and quickly gave her hand … he makes her wear the ring … she looked at her hand ..
C – “Its so beautiful ..!”

Uv – “Just like you ..!”
C – “Uv ..!”
They both hugged each other .
Next Scene –
Twinkle was in her room … she was lying down on the bed hugging a cute teddy bear ..!
A cute smile was kept on her lips ..
Their dance was flashing infront of her eyes …!
Other side kunj was lying down on the bed .. he was also thinking the same .., but there was a difference … he was having an evil smile .. and there was only lust in his eyes …!
K – “Twinkle ..! Just wait for sometime and you’ll be mine … I will make you mine … tumhe aisy jaal mein phansaun ga ke jab tak tumhein pata chaly ga tab tak bht der ho chuki hogi or phir tum ye sochi gi ke ye kya hogaya …!”
He laughed …

T – “Kunj .. such a sweet name .. but what I am thinking … I can’t betray Sid ..but ye kya feeling hai …. jab bhi kunj pass hota hai aesa lagta hai sid mere pass hai ..! Twinkle so jaa … kal tujhe thailand jana hai …!”

There chinki nd yuvraj were sitting on the bench hugging each other ..
C – “Yuvi tomorrow you will leave for Thailand na?”
Uv – “Hmmm ..”
A tear dropped from her eye and it fell on uv’s hand
Uv – “Hey chinki what happened … why are you crying?”
C – “I will miss you ..!”

He cupped her face
Uv – “Please don’t cry … i will come back soon and then i will talk to my parents .. don’t cry ..”
C – “Hmm .. now i have to leave ..!”
Uv – “Okkk ..!”
She leaves from there but then come back and gave a peck on his cheek …
He smiled .. and she left from there …

Next Morning –
Taneja mansion ..
Mahi,rt and leela were quiet .. twinkle came downstairs …
T- “Array itni khamoshi..?”
No one replied ..
T – “Maa .. papa .. mahi kya hogaya .??? Array koi kuch bolega bhi …”
M – “Di .. wo ap jaa rahy ho na is liye ..!”
Twinkle makes a pout ..
T – “Awwww .. toh ye baat hai …!” she came nd hugged rt and leela
T- “Don’t be sad … i will come back soon ..!”
Rt kissed her forehead …

Rt – “Beta .. i will miss you ..!”
T – “I will miss you too papa ..!”
And they all hugged ..
Next Scene –
Twinkle came out of her house with her suitcase … she was wearing blue jeans and white top .. and was also wearing sunglasses ..
Her hairs were open .. she was looking so cute than ever …
A black car stopped infront of Taneja Mansion …
Twinke bids bye to her family and sits in the car … uv was driving the car and kunj was sitting infront ..
Kunj eyed twinkle from side mirror and smirked ..
They reached airport and boarded the flight …
Screen freezes

Precap:- First Day in Thailand ..!

I know guys bht hi boring episode thi per kya karun … kuch dimagh me nahi araaha tha … sorry for this ugly epiode .. plss bear it …
Lots of love ???❤?????♥♥♥♥

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