a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 4)

Hello friends …, back again ..!
Priya yaar ab tujhe kya bolun ..? Words nahi hain mere pass … teri importance batany ke liye …! Bs itna kahun gi ke jis tarah saans leney ke liye oxygen zaroori hain.., is tarah mere liye tu zaroori hai ….!!!! LOVE YOU SHOOOOOOO MUCH YAAR ??❤♥?????????❤??????????????
In case, if anyone missed the previous chapter, here is the link:
Chapter 3

Chapter 4
Uv went inside the house ..!
Anaya – “Maahiiiiiiiii …!”
Mahi – “Anaayaaaaaaaa …!” shouted back Mahi who was busy watching TV ..
They both ran towards eo and hugged tightly …!
Mahi – “Wahh kya surprise diya tu ne ..!”
Anaya – “Haan na … or 1 or surprise hai …!” she said moving aside …
M – “Uv Bhaiii …!” she shouts in disbelief …
Uv – “hey .., mahi how are you?”
He came towards her and side hugged her ..!
M – “I am good as always ..!”
Just then Leela,Rt and Twinkle came in the hall ..
Uv – “Namaste uncle .. namaste aunty .. hi twinkle …!” he said folding his hands
L – “Namaste beta ..”
Rt – “Namaste beta”
T – “Hi”
L – “Array uv beta sit na ..!”
Uv – “Nahi aunty bas chalun ga … actually ye anaya ko chodne aya tha ..!”
Rt – “Array betho to ..!”
Uv – “Uncle ..!”
M – “Uv bhaii listen to maa and papa they are insisting a lot ..!”
Uv – “Okk”

He sits down on the sofa ..!
L – “Twinkle beta ..! Go make tea for yuvraj ..!”
Uv – “No twinkle … actually i don’t like tea ..!”
L – “Per beta ..! Coffee to peete hogy ..!”
Uv – “Array aunty …! Itni formalities ki zaroorat nahi … please twinkle no ..!”
L – “Achaa theek hai ..!”
Twinkle sits down with anaya and mahi .. just then chinki enters …
Uv get lost in her again ..!
T – “Array chinki tu aagayi …? Kya hua?”
C – “Yaar twinkle … Wo dekh na maa ko .. phir kisi ladke se milwany bulaya tha ..!”
T – “Toh phir?”
C – “Yaar its obvious na … me ne mana ker diya ..!”
Meanwhile rt was talking to uv .. but he was not listening ..! He was toh admiring chinki ..
Rt – “Uv beta …! We have arranged a party tonight for twinkle as she won the competition so i am inviting you with your family .. i will also call manohar …! Uv … uv are u listening?”
He said snapping his finger infront of his eyes … uv came back to real world from his dream world ..
Uv – “Jii… wo i am sorry …!”
Twinkle and Chinki noticed this …!
T – “Chal chinki room mein chalein..!”
C – “Hmm let’s go..”
They moved from there …!
Uv – (thinks) “What is this Yuvraj … Are you mad or what .. Ohh chinki … so sweet na …! I have started liking her … ayyy don’t lie to yourself yuvraj sarna … okkk i love her .. but how come this possible …i saw her today only … but it can be love at first sight .. yess love at first sight ..!”
He smiled broadly thinking …
Uv – “Uncle, aunty … I may take a leave …!”
L – “Okk beta … but don’t forget to come tonight ..!”
Uv – “Hmm ..!”
He said and head towards the exit …!

Twinkle’s room
T – “Kya tu bhi wohi soch rahi hai jo me soch rahi hun ..!”
C – “Haan yaar ..!”
They both burst into laughter …
T – “Omg .. chinki .. i can’t believe ..!”
C – “Me too …!”
T – “Wesay .. tere dil mein kya hai …!”
C – (shy) “Kya hai ..!”
T – “Kuch kuch hota hai haan …!”
C – (throws pillow at her) “Twinkle …!its nothing like that …”
T – “Achaa toh ab tu mujhse bhi jhoot bolegi ..?”
C – “Twinkle yaar…”
T – “Bol bol … sharma mat ..!”
C – (in one breath) “Haan I like him ..!”
T – “Sirf like ..!?”
C – “Achaa meri maa tujhse koi nahi jeet sakta … I love him ..!”
T – “Uhaam uhaam …!”
Chinki blushes…
C – “Stop it twinkle ..!”
Twinkle hugged her …

Next Scene
Sarna Mansion
M – “Bebe, Usha, Kunj, Uv be ready at 8 … Rt has invited us in a party which is for Twinkle …!”
All nodded..
K – (thinks) “Oh god … again I will see her … I am not able to control myself … kya karun ..? Someone please help me ..!”
Next Scene
Taneja Mansion was decorated beautifully ..!
Then the camera shifts to a room where a girl was sitting infront of the dressing table ..! The camera focuses on her eyes as she applies liner … then she applies kajal and then mascara .. then the camera focuses on her lips as she applied red lipstick and smiled .. then the camera focuses on her ears as she wears earrings … then the camera focuses on her neck as she wears a necklace but not removing a locket from her neck.. then the camera focuses on her hands as she wears bangles and bracelet ..! Her full face is revealed … she is none other than Twinkle Taneja … her hairs were left open and they were playing with the air … she was looking deadly gorgeous …!
Then she wears her heels
Her dress
Like this
Her earrings
Like this
Like this
Like this

In the hall … every guest was arrived … they were waiting for the princess of night … sarnas were also there …!
Kunj was impatiently waiting for Twinkle and Yuvraj was desperate to see Chinki ..
Just then a spot light fell on the staircase … Everyone’s attention diverted towards the staircase …! Every eye was stuck at the most beautiful and gorgeous creation in the world … she was none other than Twinkle …
Kunj’s jaws dropped seeing Twinkle …. His eyes popped out seeing her beauty …
Uv – “Kunj …! Munh band ker nahi toh makhhi ghus jaayegi …!”he giggles …
K – “Uv …”
Kunj glared at him ..
Something striked in Uv’s head and his face became gloomy
Uv – “Kunj … please don’t think of her on that way … just look at her …, She is so pure …. Never … I am warning you ..!”
K – “Kyun tujhe pyaar hogaya hai us se …!”
Uv – “Nahi mujhe toh nahi hua … but tujhe definitely hojaye ga …!”
Uv left from there …
Uv’s words echoes in Kunj’s mind .. “don’t think of her in that eay … i am warning you .. mujhe nahi hua but tujhe definitely hojaye ga .. she is so pure …!”
Kunj looked at Twinkle … she was talking to some girls … and was laughing … with her whole heart ..
Kunj was again disturbed …

Rt comes on stage …
“Hello .. everyone .. As you all know that this party is arranged for Twinkle … my daughter .. my pride … she won the singing competition and she is going to Thailand … She will become the most successful singer … that is my believe .. Twinkle you are my pride ..”
His eyes became watery …
Twinkle comes on stage and hugged him ..
“Papa … No don’t cry … I am your pride or mujhe is baat fakhr hai … aj jo mein is jagah khadi hun wo sirf Maa or Papa ki wajah se .. Ap dono ne humesha mujhe support kiya .. I Love you Maa and Papa ..!”
She completed and passed a flying kiss to her mother …
“Now you all enjoy the party ..!”
All were enjoying the party … chinki was going to Twinkle just then yuvraj came in between ..
Uv – “Hi ..”
C – “Hi ..!”
Uv – “Mysel Yuvraj … can we become friends ..?” he said forwarding his hand .. she hold his hand
C – “Myself Chinki .. sure friends ..!”
They both smiled …
There was an announcement …
“Attention everybody …! Let’s make this party interesting … what about couple dance??”
Everyone hooted …
“Please come on dance floor with your partners …
There were 12 couples who came on dance floor …
Twinkle-some guy

The song started
Na jiya zindagi ek pal bhi
Tujhse hoke judaa sun zara
Bin tere mujhse naaraz tha dil
Tu milla hai toh hai keh raha
[All were dancing as per rhythm…all of them exchange partners … twinkle lands on Kunj … He holds her from waist and holds her another hand … she kept her hand on his shoulder]
Main toh tere rang mein rang chuka hoon
Bas tera ban chuka hoon
Mera mujh mein kuch nahi
Sab tera…

Main toh tere dhang mein dhal chuki hoon
Bas teri ban chuki hoon
Mera mujh mein kuch nahi
Sab tera.. Sab tera.. Sab tera..
Sab tera..

[They were sharing eye lock … Kunj twirls her … and again come back in the same position…]
Phir dil ke raaston pe
Teri aahat jo hui
Har dhadkan jashan mein hai
Ye inaayat jo hui (x2)

Main toh tujhe milke jee uthi hoon
Teri dhadkan mein chupi hoon
Mera mujh mein kuch nahi
Sab tera.. Sab tera.. Sab tera..
Sab tera..

[He turned twinkle and now her back was facing him .. they slowly moved as per rhythm … Yuki were also in the same position their hearts were jumping in joy]
Jis pal tu saath mere
Us pal mein zindagi hain
Tujhe paake paaya sab kuch
Koi khwaish ab nahi hain (x2)
[Kunj changes the position .. their eyes meet … they moved slowly and slowly .. their hearts were confused ..]

Main toh bas tujh se he bana hoon
Tere bin mein bewajah hoon
Mera mujh mein kuch bhi nahi
Sab tera.. Sab tera.. Sab tera..
Sab tera….

The song end and everyone clapped for all of them ..

Precap:- Yuvraj to propose Chinki maybe .. Twinj and uv left for Thailand ..

Pheewwww …! I hope it was good ..
Lots of love ..??♥♥??

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