a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 28)

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Many of you were sad that I m gonna end it..! But every story has to end someday..! Sorry for making u sad but mere or bhi ffs hain na..!!
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Chapter 28 ~
The episode starts with Twinkle entering a small flat. She stepped inside and sat on the sofa. She was still crying remembering the happenings three months ago. She went to freshen up and changed into comfortable clothes. She came and lay down on the bed hugging the pillow.
T – ‘Singer banna chahti thi mgr meri zindagi me to aesa kuch nhi hua jo me chahti thi! Meri kismat me yehi likha tha ke me bilkul akeli ho jaun! Mere saath koi nhi! Papa ki princess thi or aj..! Aj ek bar me singing ker rahi hun paison ke liye! Aj ek rent ke flat me reh rahi hun!’ Her eyes again welled up as she reminisces the times spent with her parents and sister.
T – ‘Me ap sb se door reh ker bilkul akeli ho gayi hun.,! Kaash ap ne mujh pe vishwaas kiya hota Maa Papa .. to aj me yahan na hoti! My life is destroyed and all the credit goes to Mr. Kunj Sarna.’ As she remembered him, her eyes showed hatred for him.
Her phone started ringing. She received the call.
T – ‘Hello! Who’s this?’
Caller – ‘Ms. Taneja, today is your appointment.’
T – ‘Ohh.. I m so sorry I forgot..! Can I come now?’
Caller – ‘Yes you can!’
She hanged the call and walked out of the house. She reached the hospital and went inside. She went to the receptionist and asked for the doctor.
Twinkle was sitting in doctor’s cabin. The doc was sitting in front of her examining the report of ultrasound.
T – ‘Doc. Pallavi? Everything fine na? My baby?’ she asked being concern.
Doc – ‘Ms. Taneja, nothing to worry. I have prescribed the medicines. Don’t forget to take them or else it maybe harmful for you and your baby.’
T – ‘Yes doc, I’ll take care.’
Doc – ‘And one more thing, next baar jab aao to apny husband ko saath laana, I need to talk to him about your pregnancy.’
Twinkle’s face dropped down. Her eyes welled up.
T – ‘Me akeli hun..! Me or mere pati ab saath nhi!’
Doc – ‘I m sorry!’
T – ‘Ap ko jo btana mujhe batayen!’
Doc – ‘Twinkle wesy to sb thk hai but there are some complications. You need to be away from stress and try to be happy. Don’t be sad and depressed as it would be harmful.’
T – ‘Sure doc..!’ ‘Jis ki kismat me dukh likhy hun wo khush kesy hoga??’ she thought and left after taking the medicines.

Next Day
@ night
Twinkle was walking down the lane coming back from the bar. She saw a couple who were standing at the ice cream vendor. The boy was giving her the ice cream and the girl was throwing tantrums. She was pregnant. She smiled looking at them.
T – (in mind) ‘How caring he is! See, he is silently bearing the mood swings of her. Nd in my case, I m all alone. Kunj is never with me. Why the hell I m even thinking about him? He wanted to abort the child, so agr me usy chod ker aagayi hun tu usy koi fark bhi nhi padne wala..!’ her eyes welled up.
She started walking further. Kunj was coming from the other direction. Both were walking looking down.
Both of them bumped into each other.
T – ‘Ouchhh…!!’ She was about to fall when he held her. Both didn’t saw each other’s face. Twinkle’s hairs covered her face. (Soch Na Sake plays in BG)
They both composed themselves. Twinkle bend down to pick her bag and the things. Kunj also bend down to pick them.
K – ‘I m sorry. Actually I wa…..’ his sentence was left in the middle as he saw her. Twinkle looked up at him and was numb. Her eyes welled up. Kunj was startled to see her after the three painful months. His eyes started to water. Tears rolled down their eyes. Kunj couldn’t believe his eyes that she was actually in front of him. They both got up. Tears were continuously flowing from their eyes. He touched her cheeks just to make sure that she was actually in front of him. Her eyes were showing hatred while his eyes were filled with love and guilt.
#Twinkle’s pov
Babaji, kya kar rahy ho???? Jis insaan ki yaadon se door bhaag rahi thi jisy bhula rahi thii…!! Usi ko mere saamne laa ker khada ker diya..!!
#pov ends

#Kunj’s pov
Am I dreaming??? Is she really in front of me? I can’t believe..! I got her after 3 months..! I can’t loose her now.. I can do anything for her.. but I can’t tell her the truth…!! I just can’t.. I don’t want her trust on Sid to get broken. I can’t tell her that the devil is her Sid only..!
#pov ends
Twinkle jerked his hand and turned to go…! He held her wrist.
K – ‘T…..Twi…Twink…Twinkle..!’ she closed her eyes as she was not able to stop her tears. She tried to release her hand but his grip tightens. She turned around.
T – ‘L..leave…leave my….leave my hand….!’
K – ‘Bht tadapne k baad yeh haath thaama hai, ab chodun ga nhi!’
T – ‘See, you are no one to me so just let me go!’
K – ‘Twinkle.. don’t do this.. mat ker mujhe khud se door..!’ he said pleading. Her heart was melting seeing his state but she was adamant. She decided never to forgive him.
T – ‘Huhh..! You wanted this only! You wanted me to go away. Then ab kyun acting ker rahy ho??’ she said sarcastically.
K – ‘Nhi Twinkle, I never wanted that..! I m sorry..! I was a fool..! Mujhe kuch nhi pata that uss waqt me kya ker raha hun..! Mujhse galti ho gayi..! Bhul gaya tha ke me kis ka dil tod raha hun jisko me khud se zyada chahta…!’ he stopped in middle. Twinkle was confused.
K – ‘I mean.!’
T – ‘I don’t want to know anything..! Me bhul chuki hun tumhe…! Me move on ker chuki hun.!’
K – ‘Jhooth..! Teri aankhein to kuch or hi keh rahi hain!’ (You are lying..! Your eyes are sayinh something else..!!)
T – ‘Aankhein to bht kuch keh rahi hain meri..! Bht se sawaal hain meri aankhon mein.. unke jawaab maang rahi hain tumse..! Do gy unn sawalon ke jjawaab..?’
K – ‘Haan dunga.. ek mauqa do..!’
T – ‘Tumse sawaal kerny ka koi haq to nhi mere pass..’
K – ‘Tumhare pass poora haqq haai mujhse sawaal kerny ka kyunke tum aj bhi meri patni ho..!’ he cuts her in middle..! She was surprised.. she was surprised by the behaviour of him.
T – ‘To me ye poochna chahti hun.. ke.. tumne meri life barbaad kyun ki?? Kyun?? Kyun mujhe mere parents se door kiya?? Kyun kunj?? Kyun tumne mere bacchhe ko abort kerany ka bola??’ she burst into tears..
K – ‘Twinkle tumhara nhi.. humara bachha..’ she points finger at him.
T – ‘Don’t u dare!! Tum usy apna bachha bolny ka koi haq nhi hai..! Tum to usy duniya me aany se pehla hi maarna chahty thy!’
K – ‘Jaanta hun galti ki me ne…! Lekin.. kya tu mujhe maaf nhi ker sakti?? Phirse meri life me nhi aasakti..?’
T – ‘Maaf…?? Tumhe maaf ker dun..! Kis liye? Mujhe meri family se door kerny ke liye..? Meri dream barbaad kerny ke liye..!! Meri life barbaad kerny ke liye? Mujh pe haath uthany ke liye? Kis kis liye maaf karun Kunj???’
K – ‘Twinkle un sab galtiyon ke liye jo me ne ki!’
T – ‘Maafi maanga bht asaan hota hai lekin jo iss dard se guzra ho na wohi janta hai maaf kerna kitna mushkil hota hai..! Chalo maan liya agr me tumhe maaf ker bhi dun to kya mujhe meri family wapis mil jaayegi? Meri dream poori hojaye gi?? Meri life pehly jesi hojaye gi???’ she said all that holding his collar. He held her hands.
K – ‘Twinkle..!’
T – ‘Nhi Kunj…! Chaly jaao..! Me khush hun akely…! Arey tum to ek bura saaya ho meri life mein.. jiski wajah se meri life khatam hogayii!’
She pushed him and ran from there crying. He sat there lifelessly.
Screen freezes…!!!


Precap: Twinkle kidnapped….!!!!!

Hey guys.. sorry for late post…. i was stuck with some work…!! Nd yeah sorry to all the ff writers… i m not commenting.. but really u all r doing fabulous…!!
Lots of love…!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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