a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 27)

Hello guys?? I m back again with the next chapter of this ff. And one more thing, this ff is going to end soon, maybe is week ke end tk end ker dun. Nd yeah plss don’t force me to write more, is liye nhi kyunke or bht ffs hain nd I have to concentrate on them too moreover, I decided before only that I won’t stretch it and will end it soon. So I m sorry guys bura laga tum logo ko to..!! I m really sorry.. me ne to itna bhi nhi socha tha ke yahan tk aa paungi but it was your love nd support that made me reach here.! Love you all..??????????
Let’s start the chapter with a smile.☺

Chapter 27 ~
The chapter starts with doctor examining Kunj. He bandaged the wound on his hands and feet. Yuvi and Chinki were standing there only. They were in his room only.
Y – ‘Doc is everything alright?’
Doc – ‘Yes, Mr Sarna nothing to worry. He just got tensed that’s why fainted. Don’t give him tension as he is depressed.’
Y – ‘Yes fine.’
Doc – ‘I m giving some medicines and has given injection, he’ll get consciousness soon.’
Saying this the doc left and they both stand their worried for him.
C – ‘Pata nhi Twinkle kahan hogii?? Kesi halat me hogi?’
Y – ‘I m hell tensed. Kya hoga inn dono ka?’
As they were talking, Kunj’s hand started moving. He slowly opened his eyes and the word which first came out from his mouth was ‘Twinkle’. Yuvi and Chinki rushed to him. Kunj tried to sit but he was too weak for that.
Y – ‘Kunj, don’t get up.’
K – ‘Yuvi, Twinkle..! Twinkle..!’ he just kept on blabbering her name.
Y – ‘Tell me every single thing, what happened that she left?’
Tears rolled down Kunj’s eyes and got absorbed in the pillow. ??
K – ‘Yuvi, she…she…she is…she is Jasmin…my Jasmin…she left me…’
Yuvi and chinki were hell shocked.
Y – ‘What?? How do you know?’
C – ‘Wait a sec? Is he Sid?’
Y – ‘Nd how do you know?’
C – ‘Twinkle told me about Sid and Jas nd all her past. She is still waiting for him and they both were staying with each other unknown to the fact that they are them only.’
Y – ‘What the hell?? Itni complicated life inn dono ki, I just can’t believe this. Twinkle is Jasmin and she don’t know about Kunj being Sid.’
C – ‘Yuvi, do something. We can’t let them seperate! Itne saalon se dono ek dosre ka intezaar kerty rahy or jb mily to anjaan ban ke!’
Y – ‘Chinki, call Twinkle!’

Chinki took out her phone and dialled her number but it was not reachable.
K – ‘Yuvi, I need to go. I need to find her.’
Y – ‘Pagal hai aesi halat me tu jaayega!’
K – ‘Me usy wapis se khud se door nhi jaany de sakta! Me marr jaun ga..!’
Y – ‘Aesy nhi bolty..! Ab mar jaaunga, jb kuch yad nhi aya tha when you tortured her.’
K – ‘Me pagal tha, samajh nhi paaya tha.. bht galtiyan ki hain me ne mgr un galtiyon ko bhi ab me hi sudharun ga..! Twinkle se uske maa papa cheen liye uski zindagi barbad ker di, an usko nayi zindagi bhi me ho dunga!!’
He said as the tears flowed from his eyes.
K – (in mind) ‘Twinkle, I will back everything to you which I destroyed. Agr uske liye mujhe tumse door bhi jana pade tab bhi me karunga. Ek new life dunga tumhe jahan andhera nhi sirr roshni hogi. Yeh vaada raha.’

3 Months Later ~
Amritsar is shown at night. A man is shown walking on the roads of Amritsar. His eyes are shown which are blood red. Tear are flowing from his eyes. His hairs are messed up grown long. His beard hairs are grown long. He is revealed to be none other than Kunj. Looks like he never shaved in three months nor trimmed his hairs. He was walking like a body without a soul. His soul was Twinkle which was away from him. He forgot to live in these three months. There was never a single moment where he didn’t missed his Twinkle.
K – ‘Twinkle kahan ho tum?? Please ek baar mil jaao vaada kerta hun sb thk ker dunga! Pata nhi kahan hai kis haal mein hai? Maanta hun galti ki me ne nhi galti nhi gunah kiya hai..! Or uski koi maafi nhi hoti..! Mujhe saza de dy Twinkle mgr mujhse door mat reh..! Kyunke jab tu door hoti hai na to me jee nhi pata..! Or mera bachha I told her to abort the child.. pata nhi kya kya usne??’
Scene shifts to Mumbai where a local roadside bar is shown. A girl is shown singing a song in the bar.

Baahon mein teri aake laga
Mera safar toh yahi tak hai
Tumse shuroo tumpe hi khatam
Meri kahani tumhi tak hai
Dil ko jo de raahat si
Tujhmein hai woh khamoshi
Sau baar talash liya khudko
Kuch tere siva na mila mujhko
Saanson se rishta tod bhi loon
Tumse tod na paungi hmm..
Main phir bhi tumko chahungi
Main phir bhi tumko chahungi
Iss chaahat mein marr jaungi
Main phir bhi tumko chahungi
Aankhen khule toh main dekhu tujhe
Sirf yeh hi farmaish hai
Pehli toh mujhko yaad nahi
Tu meri aakhiri khwahish hai
Seh loon main ab teri kami
Mujhse yeh hoga hi nahi
Tum aise mujhme shaamil ho
Tum jaan meri tum hi dil ho
Shaayad main bhula doon khud ko bhi
Par tumko bhool na paungi
Haa.. Aa..
Main phir bhi tumko chaahungi
Main phir bhi tumko chaahungi
Iss chaahat mein marr jaungi
Her eyes are shown which has an unknown pain. She is revealed to be Twinkle only.
She finished the song and left from there.
T – (in mind) ‘3 mahine.. 3 mahine hogaye.. but he never came in search of me. He doesn’t even care. Ke me jiyun ya marun..! Me to jeena nhi chahti..!! Bss ek wajah hai.. jeene ki wajah warna me usi din mar jaati…!’ She placed her hand on her womb. ‘Mera bachha..! Sirf iske liye jee rahi hun…! Meri parwah nhi apny bachhe ki to parwah hoti usy.. mgr nhii..! Usy apny bachhe ki fikr bhi nhi…!’ she remembered that day and tears started flowing from her eyes..
Screen splits into two showing Kunj and Twinkle on either sides..!

Precap: Twinj’s meet. Twinkle’s hatred. Kunj’s love. His promise to her. Twinkle meets her family.

Huhh.. guysss??? How was it???
Do comment nd han…!! Jis ff pe me ne ye likha hai ke comments kero nd all.. uspe sb ne comments kiye nd os pe phir wohi less comments…!! Kya jaata hai tum logo ka comment kerny mein…!! Thoda sa time legta hai yrr….!!! Koi lambaaa comment kerny ko nhi bol rahi.. one word of appreciation is enough…!! Kaash ke tum logo samajh aaye…!!
Nd thanks to all those who always comments and support us.. the writers…!! Love u alll guysss… ????????❤❤
Lots of love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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