a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 26)

Hello guys?? How are you all?? I am back again with the next chapter of this ff. Many of you asked me not to separate twinj but I can’t do anything. Its necessary for the story line and don’t worry you’ll like the upcoming episodes as the separation track is not so long.
Let’s start with smile. ☺

Chapter 26 ~
Kunj was in the room crying on his fate. He didn’t had the guts to face Twinkle.
K – ‘I m sorry Twinkle, I m sorry..! I didn’t had any idea what I m turned into. But that’s your fault. You should have told me. Nah, I should have listened to you. I never listened to you, I just kept on hurting you. I became a devil. I hurted my angel. Forgive me Twinkle. I’ll rectify every mistake of mine. Jo kuch hua me usko thk ker dunga! I’ll heal your wounds. Jo zakhm me ne diye hain un ki bharpai bhi me hi karunga!’

He said being determined and got up.
K – ‘Twinkle must have slept till now. I’ll go and check.’
He went to their room and saw the door already open. He got inside and looked here and there. He saw the letter on the drawer and picked it. His hands were shivering while opening it. He had some unknown fear in his heart, the fear of loosing Twinkle, the fear of loosing his love AGAIN. He opened it with shivering hands.

Kunj, I don’t know what to write. I just only want to say that you made me feel like I don’t deserve happiness. You are the one who entered in my life like a storm. You are the one who destroyed my life. I wish ke hum dono kabhi mily hi na hoty mgr ye hamari kismat thi, jisne humein milaya. Kismat bht buri cheez hoti hai. Kunj, me door jaa rahi hun tumse, tumhari zindagi se kabhi wapis naa lautne ke liye. I wish hum ayenda kabhi naa mily iss janam me to nhi. Tum is bachhe ko maarnaa chahty ho jo ab tak iss duniya me bhi nhi ayaa. I wonder koi itna heartless kesy ho sakta hai! Me jaa rahi hun Kunj. Mujhe apni zindagi ki galti samajh ke hi bhula dena. Me bhi bhul chuki hun tumhe. Tumse itna door jaa rahi hun ke palat ke dekhun bhi to tumhara aks (shadow) bhi nazar na aaye.
The letter fell down from his hand. Tears rolled down his eyes. He felt like someone snatched his everything from him. His love, his life, his peace everything. The only word which came out of his mouth was ‘Twinkle.’ And he fell down on the floor being unconscious.
Twinkle was seen walking on the road with her luggage crying miserably. She didn’t know the reason as to why she was crying. She didn’t wanted to know the reason. Her eyes were red due to crying.

T – ‘Why am I crying? I should be happy ke meri jaan chooth gayi us devil se..! But why am I crying? Kahin mujhe us se?? Nhi aesa kesy ho sakta hai? He destroyed my life, my everything still I m crying for him. No, Twinkle you have to be strong, you can live your life independently. You don’t need anyone.’ She was feeling like she was leaving her most precious thing behind her. But she was denying it. She knew that somewhere she started falling for him but she was not accepting the fact.
T – ‘Me kahan jaaun, kahan rahun? Yahan to koi nhi mera! India bhi nhi jaa sakti!’
Scene shifts to the airport where Yuvi and Chinki came out after security check and was going to hire the cab.
Y – ‘I don’t know why Am I feeling like something bad had happened.’
C – ‘Yuvi, will be alright!’

C – (thinks) ‘I just hope Twinkle or Kunj ke beech sb thk ho!’
They got seated in the cab and left for home.
YuKi reached home and went inside. They were going to their room when they spotted Twinj’s room’s door opened.
Y – ‘Ye dono sb tk soye nhi kya? Door kyun open hai?’
C – ‘Chalo dekhty hain..!’
Y – ‘Nhi yrr.. aesy sahi nhi hoga…!’

C – ‘Kya sahi nhi hoga… chalo..!’chinki dragged him to their room. They were arguing with each other when they reached their room and got shocked. The blood spots were there. Kunj was lying unconscious, his hand and feet injured badly. They reached to him. Yuvi tried to wake up Kunj.
Y – ‘Kunj, what’s all this? Open your eyes?’

C – ‘Twinkle kahan hai???’
Y – ‘Pata nhi kya ho….’ his sentence was left in the middle when he noticed the letter on the floor. He picked it and started to read it along with Chinki. As they were reading, their eyes were widening in shock. Their eyes welled up with tears.
C – ‘Jiska mujhe darr tha wohi hua.. she left.. chali gayi wo or wo bhi hurt ho ker!!’
Y – ‘Ye sb kya hai Chinki?? Twinkle is pregnant, and Kunj wanted abort the child why??’
C – ‘I m sorry, me tumhe batana chahti thi mgr mujhe Twinkle ne mana kiya tha!’
Y – ‘Kya?’

Chinki narrates him all the things which happened after they came to Thailand. She revealed everything to him. He was shocked. He trusted his brother but he betrayed him.
Y – ‘Kunj, kyun kiyaa aesa???’ he said and sat down crying.
C – ‘Yuvi, sambhalo khud ko or Kunj ko hosh me laane ki koshish kero!’
Screen freezes..!

Precap: A twist in the tale……….!!!!!!!!

How was it??? I hope I reached upto your expectations…!!
Guys.. please comment yrrr…! Itne less comments.. do I deserve this????? Aesa kyun horaaha hai??? Agr aesy hi chalta raha to I would be forced to stop writing…!! Haan…! White mailing samajh lo…!!! Sameera ki tarah…!!! Yrr ek comment kerny me kitna time lagta hai…??? You all know we writers put so much effort in writing and to entertain to you then if we get this response then surely we’ll stop writing na..! Many of you read but don’t comment.. why is that so??? Ek comment ker do gy to kuch ho nhi jaaye ga…!! Agr ab mujhe 18+ comments nhi mily to next epi bhul jaao… har ff ki… samjhy???
Lots of Love ???❤❤❤??

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  1. Farwah fathima

    Very emotional epi yaar
    Kunj aur twinkle ko jaldi mila do
    Do continue and plzzz don’t end this ff atleast for the one who comment
    Its one of my favourite
    Post soon
    I’m eagerly waiting

  2. Sohi

    Very emotional episode
    Kunj deserved it
    Wow waiting for the twist in tale
    Do continue

  3. Superb episode
    Emotional ? episode too
    Poor twinj my ❤️❤️??????
    Plz jaldi twinj ko united kar dena?
    Plz post soon
    Plz don’t stop to write ☺️☺️☺️

  4. Sameera

    Wow puruuuu awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much yaar ???????…..
    Too emotional ??????????????…bechare twinj yaar ..
    Haha white mail ???…
    Do cont soon loved it so much ???..
    Love you …

  5. Presha

    Loved it…
    Too good…
    U nailed it…..
    Love u….???

  6. SidMin23

    Nice and poor twinj and hope soon twinj will be together. I wonder why people don’t comment after finish reading and writer are doing hard work for us and hope those who read will comment. 1 comment will motivate writer to write more. So if your reading any FF or os I suggest u all to comment so it will be helpful for writer. Purvi as usall it was amazing but felt bad for kunj . Hope soon twinkle will forgive him coz he also suffer a lots when twinkle left him. Now I wish twinj will be together.

  7. Awsm… Sorry for not cmnting in previous but i m hell bzy sorry… Luvd it… Forgive me…. Plzzz post nxt asap…
    Luv u…

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  9. Nice episode….Loved it..

  10. Baby

    loved it ♥
    oosm ♥
    super emotional ♥
    love u sooo mch ♥♥♥♥

  11. emotional episode dear…….pta nahi kya twist aayega yrr ab ….pr tumhe to pta h na ????????

    plz post soon plzzz

  12. awsm emotional epi

  13. Amazing yr

  14. Awesome awesome awesome episode purvi… I just love u… thank u for updating… the episode was very emotional but plzzz don’t separate kunj in every ff they separate but this time don’t separate them plzzzz… post the episode asap…
    Love u

  15. Hey Purvi it was awesome…

  16. Sidmin ki sadia

    So emotional felt bad for twinj
    Pata nai twinki ko kab pata chalega ki kunj hi sid hai aur jab pata chalega toh uska reaction. Kya hoga so interesting. Luv it post soon

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    very emotional…
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  18. Supriya18d

    main to hmesa cmnt krti hu….
    feeling bad for Kunj…
    but he deserves this…
    Itna kuch Kia h usne Twinkle k saath…..
    ye separation Jada din tk na rahe …
    I hope…????
    awsm epi….
    luv u Purvi

  19. Chiku

    Amazing. Post soon❤️❤️

  20. Purnima.agrawal30

    AWESOME amazing emotional

  21. Shalini15

    Awesome amazing fabulous superb nd too emotional episode. Feeling very bad for twinj ??????? but please jaldi se dono ko mila do. Both have suffered a lot. But it’s ok you can take your time to patch up them?????? well post soon.
    Love you ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  22. Ramya

    Awesome purvi amazing
    Kya episode hai superb
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    You nailed it
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    well the epi was marvellous
    awesome…..amazing….too shocking. ……too emotional…..too painful….!!!!

    thik hua us sid oops kunj ke saath. ….!!!

    kitna torture kiya jas oops twinkle ko….!!!

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    1. Purvi128

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      1. thank god & thank you ki tune mujhe maaf kiya

        thanks a zillion

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        love u a lot darling ♡♡♡

  24. Purvi its my first cmnt in ur ff its awsm ff i just luvd it sorry for late cmnt post nxt soon luv u bye

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