a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 24)

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Chapter 24 ~
Days passes by. Kunj was much caring towards Twinkle. He didn’t tortured her. She was surprised by his gesture but somewhere she was happy. Yuvi had to go to London for some important meeting so he took Chinki along with him. Everything was going fine between Twinj but there was some awkwardness. The never talked to each other until or unless something important comes. Twinj were feeling some strange connection between them unknown to the fact that they were falling for each other. They were happy but their happiness doesn’t lasts long. Who knows what God planned for them. It has been 2 months to their marriage. Twinkle always misses her parents but she couldn’t do anything. Everything was good until one day.
It was a blissful and delightful morning. Birds were singing in their melodious voices. Sun rays peeped through the curtain of the window and disturbed Kunj’s sleep. He got up to see the most beautiful creature of God next to him. He smiled looking at her and got up. They sleep on the same bed but with borders drawn between them. He went to washroom to get freshen up as he has to go to office.

As he came out from the washroom, he saw Twinkle sleeping till now. He first thought to wake her but then brushed it away. He started to get ready when Twinkle opened her eyes. She quickly sat on the bed.
T – ‘Kunj, mujhe utha dety kitna late hogaya!’
K – ‘Its ok Twinkle, you were sleeping so I thought not to disturb.’
She got up and went to washroom. He went downstairs. She came down wearing blue denims with green crop top. She went to kitchen to prepare breakfast for him. He sat in the hall reading the newspaper. She prepared the break fast and called him to the table. She served him and when she was about to sit. She felt dizzy, and fell down. Kunj ran to her being worried leaving his break fast. He took her head in his lap.
K – ‘Twinkle, what happened?’
T – ‘Kuch nhi, I just felt dizzy and fell down!’ she said opening her eyes a lil bit and with a low voice.
K – ‘let’s go to doctor! Agr kuch serious hua?’
T – ‘Kunj, I m fine. Don’t take tension!’
K – ‘Yeah, I m seeing how much fine you are!’
Saying this he called driver to take the car out. He helped Twinkle in getting up. She wasn’t able to walk properly so he lifted her in his arms. She was touched by his gesture and stared at him. She smiled and remembered Sid how he used to take car of her same like Kunj.

@ hospital ~
The doc took some tests of Twinkle and twinj were sitting there waiting for the reports. As soon as the reports came, doc called Kunj in her cabin. Twinkle sat in the waiting area. Kunj took permission and get inside.
Doc – ‘Mr. Sarna sit down!’ he took the seat and sat down.
K – ‘Doc, anything serious? Twinkle thk to haina?’
Doc – ‘Nothing to worry Mr.Sarna, congratulations you are going to become father. Yes, Mrs Sarna is pregnant!’
Kunj was hell shocked. He never thought about it. He was neither happy nor sad. He was angry. Angry on Twinkle. He took the reports from doc and came out. He came to Twinkle and held her wrist tightly. Twinkle was hell confused by his sudden anger. She was not getting anything. He threw her in the car and drove off. All the time, Twinkle was asking him and he was just ignoring her. They reached the house and Kunj dragged her to their room. He bolted the door and pushed Twinkle. She hit her head on the corner of the table and her forehead starting bleeding. He didn’t cared about her and held her jaws tightly. She was feeling immense pain but couldn’t do anything as he was too strong. He pushed her on the bed and punched his hand on the wall.
T – ‘What the hell Kunj? Why are you behaving like an insane?’
K – ‘Don’t ask me! Twinkle, you are getting on my nerves!’
T – ‘What did I do? Mujhe to pata chaly me ne kiya kya hai?’

He threw the reports on her face. She read it and her eyes widened. She was hell shocked. She looked at Kunj.
K – ‘Why didn’t you took the prevention?’
T – ‘Kunj, I took on the first day when we came here but after that I forgot!’
K – ‘You seriously forgot Twinkle! You did it purposely!’ he said twisting her hand. She screamed in pain.
T – ‘Kunj, believe me. I didn’t did it on purpose!’
K – ‘Only one solution is there! I m not ready for this, you have to abort this child!’ he said as he received a tight slap from Twinkle. He looked at her with an unbelievable look. She was crying and her eyes showed anger.
T – ‘Don’t you dare Mr. Sarna. You’re not going to take the decisions of my life. You already ruined my life alot. You snatched everything from me. Didn’t you got peace after that? I thought you changed, but you proved me wrong Mr. Sarna. Ye bachha mera hai, samjhe tum?? I won’t abort this child. I won’t.’ She screamed and fell down crying vigorously.
He was numb. He didn’t know how to react. She got up from the floor and held his collar.
T – ‘You know what, tum heartless ho. Dil nhi hai tumhare pass.’
K – ‘Twinkle, I m not heartless. I’ve just learned to use my heart less.’
T – ‘No, your heart is of stone. Any cries, any pleadings won’t affect you. Tum ek pathar dil insaan ho jo dosron ki feelings kabhi nhi samajh paayega! Shayad me hi bhul gayi thi tumhari suchhai, bharosa kerny lagi thi tumpe per tumne tod diya mera bharosa!’ she pushed him.
T – ‘Aj jaake samajh aaya ke tum kabhi nhi sudhar sakty, ek achy insaan nhi ban skte. Tumhe to achy ka matlab bhi nhi pata hoga!’
She throws all the things in the room and screamed.
T – ‘I HATE YOU KUNJ SARNA I HATE YOU!’ echoes.. she said and fell down on her knees crying. He left the room in anger. She got up and took out the SidMin bracelet. She kissed it and started crying loudly.
T – ‘Sid, when will you come? Now, I’ve lost all the hopes. I love you Sid, please come back to me save me from this devil. Babaji, mere Sid ko mujhse milwa do please!’
She was talking to herself crying aloud. Her crying turned into sobs. The room door was slightly open and a pair of eye was watching all this and was hearing everything! The eyes were full of tears..!

Screen freezes……!!!!


Precap: Socho, socho…!

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  1. Supriya18d

    no no no….
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    yaar kb SidMin milenge….
    plz plz Purvi Mila donaa…..

    awsm epi luv it …
    Bay Khudhi kB post krogi

  2. SidMin23

    Shocking episode and finally kunj heard everything and plz do make twinj together soon and don’t want this touched anymore and do make twinkle giving birth to baby.

  3. SanamMel

    Baap re !!!
    Purvi this was
    amazing , Awesome , Fab and wt not
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    love u ?

  4. Superb episode ❤️?❤️?
    I loved Kunj devil side ❤️❤️??❤️
    Post soon

  5. Sameera

    Awwww yaar puruuuu …. loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much ….??

    1. Sameera

      Ye comment ko kuch zyada hi jaldi thi post hone ki ??? ?????????…
      Awwwwwwww yaar amazinggggg loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much yaar fantabulous marvellous woah loveddddddd Sab kuch thik horaha tha… Then againnnn …ye kunjjjj acha Kiya twinkle ne liked twinkle avatar very much …… Woah kunj heard EVERTHING …can’t wait for your next one that is silver jubilee he’ll exciteddd …m???????????????????????????????….
      Sorry couldn’t commented on previous ones coz I was bzy ????…so sorry ..
      Love youuuuuuuuuuu post soon …?????????????

  6. Farwah fathima

    It was fab
    Loved it
    Do continue and post the next one soon
    And yeah plzzzzz post beykhudi also

  7. Sidmin ki sadia

    epi shocking tha but nice felt bad for twinki

  8. bohot hogya purvi..
    Ab sidmin ko milado…
    please ….
    I just hope the person who heard everything is kunj…
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    and beykhudi too

  9. amazing episode purvi????

    plz sidmin ko mila de..
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  10. Fabulous episode?
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  11. Presha

    Loved it…
    Fabulous epi…
    Yaar mila de sidmin ko..
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  12. Hey purvi awsm… Luvd it … Liked the twinkle avtar… It was little bit emotional… And thnks for dedicating ur ff previous epi to me… Sorry i did not cmntd in previous epi bcz i was not at home sorrrrrryyyyyyy….
    Byeee ….
    Luv u??…

  13. Shalini15

    Hawwww ???? kya shocking episode diya hai…. awesome mind blowing fabulous superb episode. Don’t abort her child. Nd kunj shouldn’t have hurt her. I think it was kunj who heard twinkle. Hope iss baar sidmin mil jaye?????? post next ASAP.

    Love you lots ??????

  14. Cheena2001Cp

    You are gonna kill me know???…..Terrific episode?????…..Literally loved it……It will be very painful when they will come to know about them being sidmin ??….BUT ???post soon??

  15. Aamu

    Haayo rabbbaaa…tu likhti thi ye..kabhi bataya ni..
    Btw aaj kara read..kr sirf ye chapter hi kiya read..
    It was amazing..
    U know wen tw felt dizzzy..ye samajdaar ladki ko pata chal hi gaya tha..k she is pregnant…welll..sudhar do is bigde hue ko…
    N hate u tooooo kunj?..
    Ruthlesss…heartless creature..?..huh..
    Well love u..chal ab se i willread daily..impresses

  16. Ayesha51

    awee purvi so amazing…..fabulous……awesome. ……….mind blowing. ……wonderful……

    kya yaar mujhe bhi pata chal gaya tha ki twinkle is pregnant when she felt dizzy…

    and this blo*dy duffer kunj…..a heartless creature. …..

    gonna kill him…….

    achha ye bachha wachha ajayega to romance kaise hoga

    ye bachhe wachhe ko hatao …..

    sab apne ffs me bachhe ko Q la rahe hain……

    ufff…..bachha rahega to achhe se romance hi nahi hoga aur torture bhi nahi hoga……

    and yah jald se jald twinj ko pata chale that eo are sidmin …….

    just loved it…..

    it literally left me shocked and dumbstruck. …….

    huh aan hilarious episode…..

    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz POST ASAP

    and plz plz plz POST ur bay khudi wala ff ASAP

    love u to the infinity till my death……♡♡



    waiting for ur reply

    love u loads ♡♡♡♡♡

  17. Aab mila bhi do unhe please

  18. Simiyy

    Really enjoyed it
    Post soon
    Loads of love

  19. Ramya

    Awesome purvi amazing
    Itna bada shock omg
    Bilkul expect nahi ki
    Awesome Amazing super
    Hope they will recognise soon each other
    Love you keep smiling

  20. Baby

    obviously finally its kunj who came to knw……
    really i was waiting for it frm long ♥
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    amazing ♥
    plss puru post soon i cant w8 for dis one……♥
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