a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 23)

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Twinkle came out of her room with a sad face. She went to kitchen to get water. She was so sad that no one wished her. She came out with a bottle and went to her room to get her mobile. Chinki quickly bolted the door from outside and locked her there. Twinkle tried her best to open it but it was of no use. She called Chinki, Yuvi and Kunj but no one answered.
Next Scene ~ @ night
The whole house was decorated in a combination of white and pink. Orchids were all over seen. Happy birthday balloons scattered all over the floor. Kunj went to their room with a packet in his hand. He opened the room and saw Twinkle sitting with a sad face. He handed her the packet.
K – ‘Twinkle, get ready in this.’
T – ‘Why?’
K – ‘Don’t question me, just do whatever I m saying.’
T – ‘Kunj, why are you like this? Kyun ker rahy ho tum aesa? Kyun koshish kerty ho bura banne ki jabke tum ek achhe insaan ho. Kyun dard dety ho mujhe?’ He got angry and pinned her to the wall.
K – ‘Me bura hun, bht bura. Nd jesa hun mujhe rehny do.’
T – ‘Jhoot kyun bolty ho?’
He held her hands tightly.
K – ‘Don’t forget that I m the devil.’
He pushed her and left from there closing the door.
She took out the things from the packet. It had a beautiful pink and white gown with netted sleeves.


She was astonished to get such a wonderful gown and that too from Kunj. She quickly went to washroom and took shower. She changed into the dress, and came out. She dried her hairs and then applied makeup. She left her hairs open giving them a slight curl. She then wore the jewellery given by him.


She took out the heels and was really happy seeing them as she loves them.


She looked at herself in the mirror for the one last time. She was looking extremely gorgeous. She came out of the room just to see darkness everywhere. She was scared as she had darkness phobia.
T – ‘Kunj, chinki, Yuvi kahan ho sb.. you know na I m scared of darkness. Mujhe andhere se darr lagta hai!’ she said making Kunj shocked. Again the similarity between his Jasmin and Twinkle. He remembered how Jasmin hugged him that day when suddenly light goes off and she was so scared. Twinkle taking baby steps and in fear came down with much courage. She reached the centre of the hall and suddenly the light comes. Chinki, Yuvi and Kunj wishedd her singing Happy birthday song and she was startled to see such decoration specially orchids. She had a broad smile on her face. She forgot all her miseries for some minutes. Kunj brought the cake and kept it in front of her. He gave her the knife and their hands touched. They looked at each other which resulted in a short eye lock. (Sajna Ve plays) It was broken by twinkle. He was startled by hear beauty. She blew the candle making wish, her one nd only wish to meet Sid. She then cuts the cake and all of them claps. The guests were already present there. She feeds the cake to Chinki and then Yuvi. She then gave it to Kunj. They again stared at each other.
The party was on full swing. Kunj drank some shots when Twinkle came there. He left from there as he wasn’t able to maintain distance from her. Twinkle asked for some shots. She kept on drinking and was fully drunk. Kunj saw her stumbling and quickly came to her.
K – ‘Twinkle, you are drunk.’
T – ‘Leave me Kunj, I wanna enjoy. Its my bday.’ She said in a childish tone. Kunj tried to handle her but she wasn’t listening. Yuvi came there.
Y – ‘What happened?’
T – ‘Yuvi, your brother is very bad he isn’t listening to me.’ Yuvi looked at Kunj asking that is she drunk. Nd he nodded.
Y – ‘Kunj take her to room warna pata nhi kya hoga! She isn’t used to it na..’ kunj nodded and helped her to go up. She wasn’t able to stand properly so he lifted her in his arms in bridal style. She stared at him with her big big eyes. He looked back at her and couldn’t take off his eyes from her. He reached to their room and put her on the bed. He turned to go when Twinkle held his hand.

T – ‘Don’t go please!’
K – ‘Twinkle try to understand. Sleep now.’
T – ‘No, I won’t sleep. How can I?’ she denied and sat on the bed. She pulled Kunj and laid down in his lap.
T – ‘Kunj, Am I very bad?’
K – ‘No, Twinkle you aren’t!’
T – ‘Am I not able to be loved.’
K – ‘Its not like that!’
T – ‘Then why no one loves me?’ she asked and started crying.
K – ‘Everyone loves you!’
T – ‘Tum jhoot bol rahy ho! Koi mujhse pyaar nhi kerta! Aj mera bday tha or Maa Papa ne mujhe wish bhi nhi kiya!’ She looked at him. Tears floating in her big brown eyes. He also had tears.
K – ‘Twinkle wo bhul gaye hongay!’
T – ‘Nhi, pehly to kabhi nhi bhulty thy!’
K – ‘Acha wo sb chodo, tell me tum jis se pyaar kerti ho usne tumhe wish kiya?’
T – ‘Wo kesy wish karega! Wo to pata nhi kahan hai! Kahan kho gaya hai! Itne saal hogaye! Bs ek misunderstanding thi.. uski wajah se chod ke chala gaya mujhe! But mujhe pata hai wo mujhse bht pyaar kerta hai wo mujhe leny zaroor ayega! Or dekhna wo maa papa ki narazgi bhi door ker dy ga or mujhe tum se bhi bacha ly ga!’
He smiled at her words.
K – ‘Me ne to tumhara sb kuch barbaad ker diya na!’
T – ‘Haan bht bury ho tum per shayad achy bhi ho! Tumhe pata hai mujhe meri bday pe itny saalo bad orchids mily warna har saal mere bday pe wo mujhe laa ker deta tha!’ she said and again Kunj was hell shocked.
K – (thinks) ‘What? Kahin Twinkle hi?? Nhi.. I have to find out. Itni similarities.. aesa kesy hosakta hai!!’
T – ‘Kunj, tum apni story btao na mujhe?’
K – ‘Me kya bataun! Meri life me to sirf andhera hai or andhere me jhakun gi to tumhe kuch nazar nhi aayega or tumhe andhere se darr bhi to lagta hai!’
T – ‘Agr tum hogy to mujhe darr nhi lagega. I would be secured.’ Her words echoes. (Sajna Ve plays)
Episode ends on Twinkle and Kunj’s face.

Precap: Raaz se parda uthega!!!! Maybe

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