a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 22)

Chapter 22 ~

Kunj came out from the washroom and Twinkle quickly went inside. She took shower and wore a floral knee length dress. She came out and saw that Kunj was working on his laptop. He looked at her and got mesmerized. Her hairs were wet and were flying in air. She looked at him and got lost in his eyes. They shared an eye lock broken by Kunj of course. Twinkle looked around and combed her hairs. She then wore some earrings and sat on the bed. She stared at him and he ignored her.
T – ‘Kunj?’ she said with an unknown pain in her voice.
Kunj didn’t said anything.
T – ‘Kunj meri bat suno!’
K – ‘Mere pass tumhari faltu baatein sunne ka waqqt nhi!’
T – ‘Per mujhe torture kerny ka waqt hai tumhare pass.’ Her voice choked and tears formed in her eyes. The pain she was carrying in her heart was visible and he could understand it. His eyes turned glassy listening her sentence. He didn’t replied anything and moved out of the room. Twinkle cleared her tears and stood in front of the mirror. Tears again starting flowing from her eyes.
T – ‘Kya banne aayi thi yahan or kya ban gayi hun..! Meri or Sid ki dream to kabhi poori hi nhi ho paayegi. Me singer nhi ban paaungi. I m sorry Sid but I can’t. I just can’t!’ She came down and saw Chinki, Yuvi and Kunj sitting on the dining table to have their breakfast. Yuvi saw her and called.
Y – ‘Twinkle come!’ Shee plastered a smile on her face and nodded.
She sat with them and started to eat.
Y – ‘Kunj, you know tomorrow is the important meeting. You must have to attend it.’
K – ‘What tomorrow? Nah! I m not gonna come office tomorrow.’
Y – ‘And may i know the reason for that?’
K – ‘You know tomorrow’s date. Kal kya hai?’
C – ‘Arrryyy kal Twinkle kaa birthday hai… oh my god….’ Chinki shouted and Kunj’s eyes widened in shock. Twinkle’s face turned gloomy.
Y – ‘Ohh kal twinkle ka birthday hai!’
K – ‘Idiot that’s not the reason. Infact me to janta bhi nhi tha kal iska birthday hai. Tomorrow is… kal uska birthday hai!’
Y – ‘Kiska? Twinkle ka na!’
K – ‘Nhi. Jis se me pyaar kerta hun!’ Twinkle gave a sarcastic smile listening to his statement. She wondered if he really know the meaning of love.
Y – ‘Acha Ja…’ Yuvi was cut by Kunj.
K – ‘Abhi office ke liye late horahy hain jaldi chalo!’ He said getting up from the chair. He came out of the house and stops near the orchids.
K – ‘Kal twinkle ka bhi birthday hai…!! Or jasmin ka bhi.. kahin twinkle hi jasmin.. nhi ye kese hosakta hai… per kyun twinkle or jasmin ki har aadat similar hai… kyun twinkle ne us din competition jeetny ke baad wohi sb kuch bola jo jasmin bolti thi.. kyun us din jab us se haath milaya to ek unknown connection feel hua.. kyun? Kyun phir twinkle ko bhi orchids pasand hain..? Kyun phir twinkle ki birthday bhi same hai…? Kyunn???’ He was totally disturbed thinking all that. He kicked the chair that was kept in the lawn in frustration.
K – ‘Nhi me kuch zyada hi soch raha hun…! Ye sb coincidence hai..’ He brushed his thoughts away and went to office.
Twinkle was in the kitchen preparing the lunch with Chinki.
C – ‘Twinkle! Tu thk to hai na?’
T – ‘Haan mujhe kya hona hai?’
C – ‘Kuch soch rahi hai?’
T – ‘Haan..! Chinki I can’t get one thing. Whenever he comes near me I feel like Sid is near me. I see Sid in him. I just don’t know why! When we were marrying. I was imagining Sid at his place. I feel some connection with him. When I shaked hands with him for the first time, I felt a spark.’
C – ‘Twinkle, its just that you love Sid more than anything and anyone so that’s why you were imagining him. Nd rahi baat connection ki to just throw this out of your mind kyunki tu jaanti hai tera Sid aesa kabhi nhi hosakta jesa Kunj hai. Wo kabhi apni Jasmin ko hurt nhi ker sakta. Wo kabhi ladkiyon ka faida nhi utha sakta.’
Twinkle again got lost in her thoughts. She knew that somewhere Chinki was right but her heart was not agreeing. She became sad.
C – ‘Kya hua?’
T – ‘Chinki, kal mera birthday hai!’
C – ‘Nd hamesha ki tarah you would be waiting for the orchids right?’
Twinkle just nodded.
C – ‘I hope ki tujhe orchids mil jaaye…! Or wesy bhi lawn me itny orchids hain!’
T – ‘Idiot, me wesy orchids ki bat nhi ker rahi. Sid ke laaye orchids ki bat ker rahi hun!’
C – ‘Ohh..! Well tu itni dukhi aatma mat ban.. uski jagah shayad koi or tujhe orchids laa dy!’
T – ‘Or wo kon laayega?’
C – ‘Maybe Kunj..!’
T – ‘What? Tu pagal hai?? Kunj or mujhe koi gift dy.. impossible.’
C – ‘Twinkle you know I feel ke Kunj aesa hai nhi, something forced him to be like this! Wo ek achha insaan hai..! Dil ka to bht achha hai but don’t know what forced him to be a stone hearted person.’
T – ‘Exactly! Mujhe bhi esa lagta hai! Pata nhi kyun? Uske dil me bht dard hai jisy wo kisi se share nhi kerta, or kerna bhi nhi chahta! I feel like he is waiting for someone!’
C – ‘Tu us se poochne ki koshish kyun nhi karti?’
T – ‘Ek baar poocha tha which led him to…’ she kept quiet. Chinki put her hand on her shoulder and assured her through her eyes. Twinkle nodded.
@ night
Kunj and Yuvi came home. Kunj wasn’t able to walk as he was very weak and Yuvi was supporting him. Twinkle and Chinki saw this. Twinkle ran to him and held him.
T – ‘What happened? Are you okay Kunj?’ she asked being concerned.
Y – ‘Twinkle don’t worry. He is having high fever that’s why not able to walk properly.’
T – ‘Hua kya? Subah to theek tha na??’ she was so concerned for him and he was staring at her wondering why was she so worried.
Y – ‘Haan thk tha, but you know na ye kisi ki sunta hai! He drank chiller cold drink and it led to flu and then fever. He know cold drinks aren’t suitable for him, whenever he drink he caught flu or fever.’
Twinkle was taken aback. She was stunned. She looked at Kunj with wide eyes who was already looking at her. It was the thing which always happened with Sid. She remembered how she used to warn Sid not to drink cold drinks as they always led him to fever or flu. This thing was making her doubts of Kunj being Sid confirmed but she brushed her thoughts. She took Kunj to their room and came to kitchen to bring some food for him. She saw Chinki and called her.
T – ‘Chinki, yrr sid ke sath bhi esa hi hota tha..’
C – ‘To…?’
T – ‘Why am I even thinking that Kunj being Sid.’
C – ‘Twinkle chod de sb..! Jo such hoga ek din zaroor saamne aajaye ga..!’
T – ‘Hmm.’
C – ‘tu kya kerny aayi hai.’
T – ‘Kunj ke liye soup banany.’
C – ‘Kyun? I mean kyun uska khayal rakh rahi hai…!! He always torture you nd you..!!’
T – ‘Chinki, I can’t see him in pain.’
C – ‘You love him?’ twinkle was surprised.
T – ‘Me kunj ke liye soup ly ker jaa rahi hun.. tu jaa apny room mein.’ She said and left from there avoiding her question.
T – (in mind) ‘I should have said no but why i didn’t did that?’ she wondered and reached upto their room. Kunj was lying on the be closing his eyes. She sat beside him and he opened his eyes.
T – ‘Kunj drink the soup, you’ll feel better.’ She said without looking at him. He kept on staring her. He was surprised by her gesture.
K – ‘Kyun ker rahi ho ye sb?’
T – ‘Kya sb?’
K – ‘Mera khayal kyun rakh rahi ho?’
T – ‘I don’t need to answer that.’ Saying this she made him sit and feed him with her own hands. She then gave him medicines and laid down on the couch.
K – ‘Twinkle?’
T – ‘Hmm?’
K – ‘Kuch nhi….! Bs yun hi..’ he said and turned the other side.
They both drifted to sleep.
@ 12 night
Twinkle hurriedly woke up. She checked her phone and she got sad. Her Maa and Papa didn’t even wished her. She got up from the bed and went to balcony. She stood there watching the moon which was shining with its charm. Twinkle had tears in her eyes.
T – ‘Maa Papa, itni narazgi ke ek baar call bhi nhi kiya ek msg bhi nhi kiya…! Mujhe wish kerny ke liye..! Maa u were always the one who wished me first but today no one wished me. Why am I even crying when I know pain is only written in my fate.’
She cleared her tears and turned around to see orchids on the floor. She was startled. She hurriedly ran and picked them. The bouquet had a card hanging. It was a birthday card written ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINKLE..!’ She was more than happy that after years she got orchids on her birthday. But then she got sad as the birthday card had written ‘Twinkle’ not ‘Sid’s Jasmin’ becuz Sid always wrote that whenever she received orchids by him. She wondered who put them there. She took them inside the room and saw Kunj sleeping peacefully. Looking at him, a small curved appeared on her lips but suddenly got vanished. She went near him and sat beside him. She checked his fever and he was alright. Twinkle got relief as he was fine. She caressed his hairs and his sleep got disturbed. He held her hand and slept again. Twinkle was surprised by his act. She knew he was in sleep that’s why. She tried to free her hand but his grip was tight. She sat down and slept there only in a sitting posture.
Next Morning ~
The sun rays peeped through the windows and reached in the room. Two person were sleeping. Twinkle slept all night sitting. She was uncomfortable as it was visible through her face. Kunj’s sleep got disturbed. He opened his eyes just to find Twinkle beside him sitting down sleeping. He was surprised to find that he was holding her hand. Soon, Twinkle also wakes up and got up.
K – ‘Tum yahan kesy?’
T – ‘Wo… me tumhara fever check kerny aayi thi to you held my hand so I slept there only..’
K – ‘Tum apna haath nikal bhi to sakti thi.’
T – ‘I didn’t wanted to disturb your sleep.’
It was awkward for them. She went to washroom and he noticed orchids on the side table. He smiled looking at them.
K – (in mind) ‘I don’t know why I did that? Mujhe kya hogaya tha? When I became caring from devil? Twinkle changed me! Yeah, she changed me. But how? Only Jasmin can reform me. I m still a devil yes..!! Why did I brought orchids for her? Because she love them? No, its something else? I always gave Jasmin orchids on her birthday and today I gave them to Twinkle instead of Jasmin. Why? Am I falling for her? No, how can this be possible.’
His thoughts came to an end when Twinkle came out. He tried to get up but he was too weak. She noticed that and came to him. She gave him support and took him to washroom. All the while, he kept staring at her.
Dil aaj kal meri sunta nahi
Dil aaj kal pass rehata nahi
Yeh tujhse hi milane ko chaahe
Yeh teri hi karta hai baatein
Kya tum ho kya tum ho wohi
Dil aaj kal meri sunta nahi Dil aaj kal

Next Scene ~
Chinki, Yuvraj and Kunj were secretly planning something. Twinkle noticed their unusual behaviour and got suspicious. She was sad that no one wished her. Her phone rang and the called id shows Mahi. She was more than happy that Mahi had called her. She received the call immediately.
T – ‘Mahii??? Kesi hai tu?? Maa Papa kesy hain?’ she got sad at this.
M – ‘Di yahan sb thek hain ap kesy ho?’
T – ‘Me to bilkuk thk hun!’
M – ‘Arry di… Happy birthday..!!’
T – ‘Thank you so much..! Maa kahan hai?’
M – ‘Maa ..! Wo kitchen me hain.’
T – ‘Acha..!’
M – ‘Or di?? Jiju ne apko wish kiya??’
T – ‘Nhi..! Kisi ne bhi yahan mujhe wish nhi kiya..!’
M – ‘What??? Chinki ne bhi nhi?’
T – ‘Nhii..!!’
M – ‘Haww… kitny bure hain ye log..!’
T – ‘Acha chod na ye bata papa thk to hain na..?? Or Maa…?? Papa ko roz rat ko coffee kon deta hai ab or Maa ko tea?? Or baaki sb servants kesy hain?’
Mahi was sad listening that.
M – ‘Di ap yahan se itna door chaly gaye ho..!! Fir bhi apni responsibilites ka pooch raahy ho… me hun na yahan…! Lekin ab raat ko wo kuch nhi hota…! Pehly ap hoti thi.. sb ko tang kerti rehti thi..! Itny silly acts apke..! Or fir ab to papa na coffee peety hain or na Maa rat ko tea..! Ap ke jaany baad sb badal gaya hai…! Maa or Papa bat tk nhi kerty.. har waqt sadness rehti hai…!’ Teats started flowing from Twinkle’s eyes…! She knew her parents love her even now but they are just angry because they don’t know the truth..!
T – ‘Mahi, please sb kuch normal kerny ki koshish ker…! Firse wesa hi ker dy sb kuch.. jesy pehky sb khush rehty thy..!’
M – ‘Di, sb ko khush ap rakhty thy…! Ap nhi to is ghr ki khushiyan bhi chali gayi hain but ap fikr na karo..! Ek na ek din Maa Papa ko samajh aajayega that was not your mistake..! Or fir hamary ghr ki saari khushiyan laut aayengi…!’
T – ‘We can just hope..!’
M – ‘Di, I’ll talk to u later mujhe abhi padhna hai..’
T – ‘Ok bye..! Take care..’
M – ‘Bye you also take care..!’
She hanged the phone and cleared her tears but they again came out. A pair of eye was witnessing all that. He was Kunj..! Who also had tears in his eyes.
Screen freezes…

Precap: Twinkle drunk..! Some more things which would make Twinj doubt about each other SidMin.

Huhhh at last finished….
I m sorry guys.. for disappearing like that… I mentioned the reason in my previous post… sorry guys…!! But now I will be regular pakka… sorry to all the ffs writers.. i wasn’t commenting.. but from now I’ll surely comment….!!
Yeh itna long update compensation itna gayab rehny ke liye…..! Nd yeah as a compensation I will also post Bay Khudi ff’s loooooong episode….! Shayad aj hi post ker dun….!! Maybe…!!nd yeah that ff of which I gave the prologue..! Coz their love was not meant to be easy…! Uske 2nd prologue deny ka time nhi mil raha… jesy hi me free hungi.. I will give the prologue of it…
Loads of love ❤❤❤❤????❤❤

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