a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 18)

Hi guyss… many of u were desperate for this ff but I can’t post it regularly… u all know that how many ffs I m writing..! So please try to understand.. I’ll post my all ffs one by one.. okk.!!

Chapter 18 ~
Twinkle was packing the stuff when Kunj came nd back hugs her. She knew its his disgusting husband.
T – ‘Mr. Sarna please leave me!’
K – ‘I won’t nd btw why r u calling me Mr. Sarna?’
T – ‘Actually I forgot you are my boss ryt…? So I won’t call u by ur name instead I’ll call u Mr. Sarna nd btw I don’t want to make my tongue dirty by taking your name!’ He got furious. He twisted her hand on her back. Her back was facing him. She winces in pain.
K – ‘How dare you talk to me like this? Do you know with whom you are talking.’
T – ‘Ahh.. I know… ouch.. I know I m talking to the disgusted person in the world.’ She replied with mych difficulty. His grip on her hand tightens.. he then left her hand and came in front of her. He pressed her jaws tightly. Tears started flowing from her eyes. It pricked it his heart but he being the devil continued hurting her.
K – ‘Twinkle, I m leaving you now, but I will torture you in Thailand where no one would be able to hear your screams. I got peace hurting you!’
He pushed her and she fell down. He left the room. She was crying vigorously. Her hand nd jaw was paining a lot. She looked at her hand on which his finger’s marks were printed. She got up with much difficulty and went towards the mirror. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her tears were dried by now. Not because her pain became less but because she was tired of. Crying isn’t the solution for the problems, she thought. She took a decision. She won’t cry anymore because he would think that she is weak. She thought that she’ll be silent and would bear his tortures thinking it as her fate.
T – ‘Koi faaida nhi ab rone se… wo meri kismat me hai! Sid I miss you!’

Next Scene ~
Twinj and YuKi bid a bye to the family. They sat in the car and left for the airport. As they reached to Twinkle’s house, she saw it and started sobbing. Kunj heard her sobbing and felt bad but the devil inside him didn’t let him feel her pain. Yuvi stopped the car at Taneja Mansion. Twinkle looked at him with a questioning face.
Y – ‘Aesy kya dekh rahi hai. Go meet ur parents!’
T – ‘No, I won’t.’ She said with a trembling voice.
Chinki – ‘But why?’
T – ‘Becuz I don’t want to hurt them.’
Y – ‘Wo khush hongay tujhe dekh kar.’
T – ‘Nhi Yuvi tum nhi jaante Maa or Papa ko!’
Kunj – ‘Mahi se nhi milogi?’ She looked at him with much pain in her eyes.
T – (thinks) ‘Kyun tum hamesha mujhe ye sochne per majboor ker dety ho ke tum ek bure insaan nhi ho, bs shayad kuch wajah hai. Tum me achai hai shayad burai se bhi zyada! Twinkle, kya soch rahi hai. He is the reason for hr condition for the distance of you with ur parents. He is the VILLAIN.’
Y – ‘Haan jao Twinkle!’
T – ‘Me Mahi se subah mil li thi!’
C – ‘Aesy nhi sunegi tu!’
Chinki took her out of the car forcefully and took her inside. She was about to enter the house when she reminisces Rt saying to her.
Rt – ‘Iss ghar ki dahleez paar ker ke jaa rahi ho, wapis kabhi qadam mat rakhna!’
She back offs nd Chinki looked at her surprised.
T – ‘No chinki, papa told me not to cross this doorstep, nd i can’t deny to their orders.’
C – ‘Twinkle chal to!’
Leela shouted.
L – ‘Ek qadam aagay mat barhana!’

Twinkle looked at her with glassy eyes.
T – ‘Maaaaaa!’ She spoke with the pain in her voice and it shaked Leela!
L – ‘Don’t call me Maa!’
T – ‘Maa, can’t you trust your daughter! You used to say that ke me hamesha apni beti per vishwaas kero gi halaat jesy bhi hun.’
Leela had tears in her eyes.
L – ‘Chinki isy yahan se le jaa! Warna iske papa ne dekh liya to pata nhi kya hoga!’
T – ‘Me ne tujhse kaha tha na Chinki me Maa ki aankhon me aansu nhi dekh sakti isi liye yahan aane ka mana ker rahi thi.’
Chinki had tears.
C – ‘Aunty ap achaa nhi kar rahi! Apki Twinkle ek aesa precious gem hai jo kisi kisi ko milta hai, wo hamesha apni khushi ke uper apki khushi rakhti hai! Aesi betiyaan har kisi ki kismat me nhi hoti!’
They left from there nd sat in the car. Yuvi nd Kunj didn’t spoke anything!’
Screen freezes…!!

Precap: Twinkle taking contraceptive pills!

Sorry for the short update! ‘BAY KHUDI’ ff will be posted today only!
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  1. Awesome episode Purvi
    Loved it

  2. Sohi

    Episode was very painful
    My eyes turned glassy when twinkle and chinki went to taneja mansion
    Hope everything will become alright soon
    Do continue

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    When u get time post next epi dr?

  4. Presha

    Hey butter cup…
    Just loved it…
    Felt bad for twinkle…
    Love u…
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  5. SidMin23

    ? kunj have two side good and bad hope good side will win over this devil side felt bad for twinkle hope she will be okay in coming episode as this devil Sarna will not leave her. Wish soon twinj got to know about miss understanding and short out everything.

  6. Parulkashyap

    i just lvd ur ff plz dont make twinkle abla naari let her fight 4 him from him

  7. This is the best ff among all your other ffs. Please complete this ff first and then you can continue with the others. Please. It’s a request.

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    love you soooooo much.?

  9. Awesome episode plz post soon ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    AMAZING fabulous emotional too…feeling bad for twinkle

  11. Twinj

    Hey bhootni
    Tu intna ache se sab describe karti hae ki story may gushe chali jati hu….hawww kunj twinkle ko kitna torture karta hae par pir vhi ush may thodi si toh pyaar baki hae…par ushka devil ushe samajh ne he nai deta….par koi nai Twinkle ushke pyaar ko bahar laker ahyegi….loved the epi….precap…twinkle taking contraceptives….is she pregnant….obviously…..hope for the best….post the next part asap aur bay khudi bhi jaldi post kariyo….bhootni it’s a request aab aur intazaar nai ho raha…

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    Out standing,,???
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    LOAD’S OF LOVE MY VANILLA,,❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤

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    Heyyy jaaaaaannnnn…
    This one was indeed amazing…
    I loved it to core….
    Felt very bad fr twinkle……jab kunj ko pata chalega na ki twinkle hi jas hai to uske to tote hi udd jane hai??????
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    Haaayeee….kya epi diya hai…just tooooooooooooo good….fan ho gyi ho Teri…autograph dediyo….future mei kab tu badi writer ban gyi hogi…tab tym nhi milega???

    1. Purvi128

      Ohhh goshh.. I m flying high in the air reading ur comment.. Bss ker dy itna acha nhi likhtii . autograph and mee.. Or badi writer.. Kya joke tha… And wesy bhi mujhe achaa to tu likh leti hai ritzuuu..

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  21. please post the next episode as soon as possible pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    I am eagerly waiting for it
    and I am hell desperate for it
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