a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 17) I M BACK..!

Hello friendss!!!!!! How are you all???? Sooo finalllyyyyy my exams are over… I am sooooo happy..!! Sach sach batana who missed me??? Haan no one..? But I missed you all soooooooo much… itna ke I can’t tell…. I love you guys… you are my lifeline.., Seriously it was too hard for me to live without you all in this period of time..
Well, this episode is dedicated to Vaasu di.. becuz she gave me punishment.. she told me to write the super long epi of this ff nd post on 12th., so here I m with a super long update.. bear this super long update…
I m not in a mood to write the summary.. I guess you all remembered the story…. if not then here is the link to prev chapter:


Chapter 17 ~ TwiNj’s wedding night.

Twinj were in car heading towards Sarna Mansion. YuKi were in other car. Kunj had a devilish smirk on his face. Something was cooking up in his mind.
Kunj’s pov ~
Marrying her was against my wish but it could be turn into positive way.. she is a hot chick.. every night would be a memorable one with her.
Pov end
Twinkle’s pov ~
He is such a good person. He loves someone else but he married me just to save my respect. I wish I could forget Sid and can move on with him.. I just hope.. Sid was my past.. Kunj is my present.. but I m not able to forget Sid.. I’ll try to forget him and move on in my life.
Pov ends
They both looked at each other. He kept his hand on hers to assure her everything would be normal. She had tears in her eyes.
They reached Sarna Mansion.. Usha brought aarti plate and does their grahparvesh.. they enter in Sarna mansion.. both the couples took blessings of bebe, usha nd manohar.
B – ‘Kunj, Yuvi puttar tum dono ab apne apne kamron mein jaao.. bht der hogayi hai or chinki or twinkle bhi thak gayi hungi..’
Twinkle nd Chinki went to the respective rooms… twinkle entered kunj’s room nd saw it decorated with rose petals nd candles.. same was with chinki..

Yuvi’s room ~
Chinki entered the room and blushed seeing the decorations.. She went towards the mirror.. She looked at herself and then closed her eyes. She felt two arms holding her and a sensation ran down her spine.. She knew who it is..
C – ‘Yuvi..’ She spoke lightly..
Y – ‘Hmm.?’
C – ‘Please let me go.’ She pleaded.
Y – ‘I won’t!’
He made her face him. She looked down being shy. He holds her chin and made her look into his eyes. She closed her eyes. He kissed her eyes. He goes near her ear.
Y – ‘I was waiting for this day! Finally you are here as my wife! I love you!’ He spoke in her ears. She opened her eyes and looked at him.
C – ‘I love you too!’
He kissed her cheek and picked her up in his arms and moved towards the bed. He made her lay on the bed and came on top of her nd then covered themselves with blanket. (I know you all know what is going to happen next ?)

Twinj’s room ~
Twinkle sat down on the bed and looked here and there. She throws all the petals from the bed and cleared it. She had tears in her eyes.
T – (in mind) ‘Kunj! I know you also did this marriage for your parents and I know you won’t take our relation to next level. Tum bht ache insan ho Kunj! I wish me tumse pyaar ker paati! Per kabhi ker nhi sakti!’
Kunj entered the room and looked at her. She doesn’t notice his presence. He came closer to her. She looked at him.
T – ‘Kunj!’
She was sitting on the bed and he came closer to her.
K – ‘Ssshhh..!’ She kept quiet.
T – ‘Kunj, I m so…’
K – ‘Shut up, aj me bolunga or tum suno gi!’ He shouted cutting her in between. She got scared. He caressed her cheeks lustfully.
K – ‘Don’t be scared baby! I won’t eat you.’ She jerked his hand.
T – ‘How dare you touch me like this?’
K – ‘I m your husband and I have full rights on you!’
T – ‘I m your wife not your property. You better get that straight to your mind.’

He holds her wrist and pulled her towards himself. She lands upon his chest. He twisted her wrist.
T – ‘Ouchh., kunj leave my hand.. its hurting!’
K – ‘That’s what I want.’ This brought tears in her eyes. What she thought and what is happening..
T – ‘Kunj seedha seedha bola.. What you want?’
K – ‘I want you Twinkle…! I want you, your body!’
This was enough for Twinkle… she never thought in her wildest dreams that he could be like this.. whom she trusted.. tears started gushing out from her eyes..
T – ‘That’s so disgusting Kunj..! I thought you are diff from other but I was wrong.. you proved me wrong!’
He throws her in the floor. Her head got hurt from the table and it started bleeding.
K – ‘You know what Twinkle, I WAS THE ONE WHO BROKE YOUR VIRGINITY!’
Twinkle’s head started spinning. She looked at him in disbelief.. all the past things started flashing infront of her eyes like a movie.. she reminisces kunj requesting her to go in the party then the drink and all.. she remembered that night.. tears started flowing from her eyes more.. she looked at him and got up.
T – ‘That means you were not drunk at that night?’ She asked in a trembling voice expecting a NO..
K – ‘Yes I was not drunk! I did it intentionally!’ But expectation leads to disappointments.. he replied making her world collapsed…
The only word whic came out of her mouth was ‘Why?’
K – ‘Because I wanted you, nd now you are all mine. Every night would be fun from now!’ She cried hard. She moved towards him and …

SLAPPED him… yes she slapped him hard.. she holds his collar..
T – ‘Kyun… kyun kunj? Kyun kya tumne aesa..? Me ne kya bigada tha tumhara? Kyun kya mere saath aesa? Kyun cheena mujhse mera sab kuch…? Kyun kunj? Kya mila ye sab kar ke….’ she cried badly… he holds her hand and pushed her..
K – ‘Don’t you dare shout on me… samjhii… nd don’t u dare tell this to anyone.. or esle you’ll face the consequences Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna..’
T – ‘Don’t call me by that name.. its dusgusting to join ur name with mine.. I was twinkle taneja nd I m twinkle taneja..’
K – ‘Tumhar bolne se kuch nhi hone wala…!’
T – ‘Actually u know what. Tum ek aesy insaan ho jiske pass koi feelings nhi.. jo kisi ka dard nhi samajh sakta.. just go to hell u blo*dy man.. I hate you.. nd u knw what.. u said u love someone… arey jo ladka ladkiyon ki izzat nhi ker sakta wo kisi se pyaar kya ker sakta hai… tumhe to pyaar ka matlab hi nhi pata…!’
K – ‘TWINKLE… ENOUGH… don’t u dare point finger at my love… me ne kisi se pyaar kerna seekha hai nd I m sure wo pyaar ke galat maaini nhi bata sakti.. becuz she is the one who taught me the real meaning of love.. nd u can’t point finger at her.. she is the one who lives in my heart.. nd she is the one who is the queen of my heart.’ He shouted at her nd went to balcony closing the door.
She looked at him going with surprise…
T – ‘Kunj.., why.?? Why? Babaji. Kyun kya mere sath aesa? Or kitne dukh dogay? Ab or himmat nhi hai mujh mein.. or dukh nhi seh sakti…! Mera sab kuch cheen liya apne..! Kyun dukh dete ho itne mujhe.. i can’t believe kunj ne aesa kyaa… i trusted him.. but he.. or pyaar.. kon hai aesa jis se wo pyaar kerta hai.. I saw love in his eyes for someone.. some unknown pain which he is carrying.. but what it is? Agar wo kisi se pyaar kerta hai to usne aesa kyun kiya.. leave that twinkle… wo pyaar kerta hai ya nhi lekin wo ek aesa insaan jisne tujh se tera sab kuch cheen liya..’
she cried hugging her legs..
In balcony ~
He was standing at the edge of the railing.. tears were flowing from his eyes.
K – ‘ Jasmin I love you, please come back.. please come back and make this kunj sid again… dukh hota hai bht., jab twinkle ko aesy dekhta hun.. pata nhi kyun dil toot sa jaata hai… oh god kunj what r u thinking., she is just a girl for you whom you’ll use every night..! But i don’t want to live…! I don’t want to live..!’ It started raining.. he reminisces his happy times spent with Jasmin and took a decision. He took a step and was about to jump down when he heard someone shouting ‘KUNJJJJ….’ nd someone caught hold of his hand and pulled him back… she was twinkle.. they both landed on the floor.. kunj was on top of twinkle… Rain drops were making them wet. They both shared a painful eye lock..
Yeh mausam ki baarish
Yeh baarish ka paani
Yeh paani ki boondein
Tujhe hi toh dhoondein

Yeh milne ki khwaahish
Yeh khwaahish purani
Ho poori tujhi se
Yeh meri kahaani
(Read at your own risk)
Kunj looked at the water droplets on her neck.. he bend down and dug his face into her neck. He kissed her there not wanting to leave.. her hands travel to his hairs and started caressing them. He bites her there.. she came into her senses and pushed him..
She got up and turned around to move but he held her wrist and pulled her towards himself.. her back crashing hsi chest. He back hugs her and removed her dupatta. It fell down.. He kissed her on the back neck. He bites her earlobe. She closed her eyes and moaned. She made a disgusting face..
T – ‘Kunj please don’t do this..!’ She said pleading him crying. He felt a lil bad for her but remained in his devil avatar.
K – ‘I m not going to listen to you!’
He picked her up in bridal style and went towards their room. He made her lay on the bed and removed her jewellery. She got up and pushed him but he caught hold of her. He opened her blouse dori and gave wet kisses on her back and shoulder. She was crying all the time…. He removed her blouse and lehenga.. She was now in her undergarments… She tried to her body with her tiny hands. He smirked.
K – ‘Don’t be shy baby.. I have seen your body before also..!’
She cried badly and felt disgusted..
(I m again saying read at ur own risk.. don’t bash me afterwards)
He picked her and throw her on the bed… He removed his clothes and then captured her lips… she didn’t let him in .. he bites her lips and chewed them but she being the most stubborn doesn’t open her mouth.. He pressed her br*ast and she shouted in pain but he didn’t let her shout and entered in her mouth exploring the every corner.. tears were flowing from her eyes… he broke the kiss and made her fully naked.. he then bites her neck and earlobe.. she looked at him crying and with pleading eyes.. he ignored her..
T – ‘Kunj please don’t move further..!’ He smirked.. He went down and kissed her feet.. he then looked at her and entered in her making her shout in pain. He captured her lips and kissed her to soothen her pain.. he kept on thrusting.. she was feeling immense pain but he doesn’t cares at all.. he just want to satisfy his need.. finally he came out of her not becuz she was in pain but becuz he got tired.. he covered themselves with blanket. He slept after few minutes becuz he was tired.. nd she kept on crying the whole night.. her soft sniffs were heard… Stars, moon nd sky were mourning on herr fate..! She couldn’t do anything!

Twinkle’s pov ~
He did it…! Why god why? You should have save me from this devil.. he jas no feelings..no emotions.. his heart is a stone.. he never cares about others feelings… I can’t even tell about this to any family member.. I won’t tell Maa and Papa.. I already hurt them a lot..! Nd I won’t tell this to Chinki also.. she already had had enough of my breakdowns.. I m sorry Sid… I betrayed you.., I should have stopped him but no he is such a devil… I have no guts to speak in front of him.. I love you Sid nd will always do..! I know our love is strong.. we’ll meet one day..! Nd I don’t have courage to face you..! I can’t face you Sid..! I cried whole night .. I was missing Maa and Papa.. they should have trusted me.. I was missing Mahi..! All of a sudden he pulled me towards himself and slept hugging me.. I felt disgusted being in his arms..! I wanted to push him but I don’t have strength.. I was lying like a lifeless body.. nd the whole night passed..!
Pov ends ~

It was morning..! The camera shows Kunj lying on the bed facing the ceiling… Twinkle was not there..! The sun rays disturbed his sleep. He opened his eyes and didn’t found Twinkle..! He got up and wore his shorts..! Nd went to washroom..! He took bath and came out wrapping a towel round his body..! He got ready on his black t-shirt and blue jeans looking extremely hot..! Black colour perfectly suits him..!
(Yeah..! Suit karega hi… after all its bunny’s fav colour nd mine too..! ?)
He went downstairs and saw everyone seated on the breakfast table and Chinki and Twinkle serving them… He stood on his place glued..! Seeing twinkle his heart started beating faster..! He was adoring her beauty…! She was looking no less than an angel in a white coloured sari..! She had covered her back from the pallu of course to hide the love bites no .. no .. not love bites.. but scars he gave to her yesterday..! He imagined Jasmin at Twinkle’s place..! He himself don’t know why.. he smiled..! But then brushed his thoughts and went near breakfast table..!
K – ‘Good Morning everyone..!’
B – ‘Firse late..! Tu hamesha late kyun aata hai puttar..!’
K – ‘Sorry bebe ..voh actually..!’
B – ‘Acha bs bs..! Sit down..! Twinkle puttar serve him the breakfast..! Dekh kunj..! Shadi ke pehly hi din Twinkle ne breakfast banaya hai…!’
Kunj looked at her.. she looked away..! He noticed her red eyes.. and thought something..!
She served him and sat down to have herself..!
U – ‘Twinkle puttar…?’
T – ‘Ji mummyji.?’
U – ‘Puttar why you wore this white sari..! Aj shadi ka pehla din hai .. you should have wore some bright colours..! Safed rang to kisi ke marne pe pehentay hain..!’
T – (in mind) ‘Me marr hi to gayi hun..!’
B – ‘Haan puttar usha theek keh rahi hai.. chinki ko dekh..!’
T – ‘Bebe, Mummy ji..! Voh na..! White is my fav colour that’s why.. yes..’ she cooked up a story..
B – ‘But fir bhi..! Dekh puttar.. tu khush to hai na. Mera matlab hai?’
T – ‘Bebe! Meri khushi koi maa’ine nhi rakhti..! Or phir meri qismat me bhi tho khushiyan nhi..!’ She said with an unknown pain in her voice..! Kunj looked at her and felt that someone stabbed his heart repeated times.. Chinki nd Yuvi looked at each other .. they felt really bad for Twinkle..
U – ‘Array aesy nhi bolte..!’
T – ‘Ap log break fast karein na..! Mujhe discuss ker ke kuch nhi milega..!’
They all started their break fast.. there was silence..
Next Scene –
Twinkle was in the room when Kunj entered and closed the door..! She looked at him and moved back being scared..
K – ‘Tumne kyun pehna white colour..?’
T – ‘You are no one to question me..’
He holds her wrist and twisted it.. She winces in pain..
K – ‘I m your husband..’
T – ‘Leave me kunj.. its hurting..!’
K – ‘I feel peace when I hurts you..!’
T – ‘You are a DEVIL Kunj Sarna..!’
He pushed her and she fell down..!
T – ‘You know what..! Me mar gayi is liye me ne white colour pehna..! U killed me Kunj..!’ She said with tears in her eyes..! He looked at her and smirked.. He bowed down and made her stand and holds her hairs tightly..
K – ‘Be ready Mrs. Sarna becuz today we are leaving for Thailand and there would be no one to hear your screams..!’ Nd he throws her on the bed nd left the room..!
She cried thinking that in Thailand she would be alone wid him.. She got frightened thinking about the coming circumstances…
Chinki came in her room nd saw her like this.., she quickly got up and composed herself..
C – ‘What was that Twinkle? Nd why there r tears in ur eyes..?’
T – ‘No chinki…’
C – ‘U nd Kunj fought?’
T – ‘array no..! I was missing Maa and Papa that’s why..!’
A voice came from behind..
V – ‘U were missing Maa nd Papa but not me..?’
She looked at the door.. Mahi was standing with tears in her eyes and a broad smile on her face… Twinkle’s lips formed a curve seeing her…
T – ‘Of course I was missing you bachha..!’ She opened her arms and Mahi came running and hugged her..! She hugged her back tightly..!
M – ‘Di..! U are going Thailand..! Di don’t go.., how would I live wid out u., u knw na I can’t live widout my di..!’
Twinkle’s eyes were glassy..!
T – ‘I knw Mahi.. nd ur di also can’t live widout her bachha..! But majboori hai na.. I have to go..! Kunj ka business wahin hai…! Nd u knw na teri di ko singer banna hai na… to please apni di ki dream ki khatir jaane do usy..!’
M – ‘U knw what di? I hate you becuz I love you…’
T – ‘I love you too..!’ They broke the hug and sat on the bed..!
C – ‘Heyy stop ur senti drama.. even I m going., u will not miss me? Huhh..’
M – ‘Of course I’ll miss u Chinki di..!’
The trio shared a group hug..!
The camera revolves and showed Kunj standing at the door steo adoring the sister’s bond.. he had tears in his eyes.. he remembered how Jasmin used to take care of her sister.. like this..! He cleared her tears and cleared his throat to gain attention of them..!
They broke the hug and Twinkle’s smile fades seeing him..
Mahi ran towards Kunj and hugged him..
M – ‘Kunj bhaiyya.. ooopss sorry now jiju.. di ko mat lay ker jaao..!’
K – ‘Mahi .. she’ll talk to u every night.. I promise.. but I can’t leave her here.. its about her career..’
M – ‘Pakka promise..’
K – ‘Pakka..! Tumhari kasam..’
Mahi smiled.. and sat on the bed..
T – (in mind) ‘Kyun kunj..? Kyun tumhari double sides hain… family ke saath itne achhe hote ho.. or mere saath.. kyun… mere saamne kyun devil ban jaate ho..! Kya bigada hai me ne tumhara…..??? No . I won’t tell about this to anyone.. kyunke me sab ko hurt nhi kerna chahti.., they all think ke kunj bht acha hai .. wo sb bht hurt hongay ye jaan ker…! I won’t tell them… me uska zulm seh sakti hun.. but I can’t afford to see the family hurt..!’
Screen freezes..

Precap: TwiNj nd YuKi in Thailand..!!! More drama awaits..

Sorry if I bored you all… that was really a long update..! Its becuz of Vaasu di.. I hope u all like it.!
Do comment nd tell me how was it????
Waiting for ur response..
Love you loads.. ?❤❤??❤❤

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    please jaldi kijiye na
    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee di
    love you di soooooo much.? ???

    1. Purvi128

      Ayesha chotuu.! Mujhe apne baaki ffs pe bhi concentrate kerna hai.. wo bhi time pe post kerny hain..! So me ne aj apna dosra ff post kiya hai..!
      Don’t be so desperate bachha! I’ll post soon..
      Vaise what’s ur age?

  31. My age is 14 and I am in class 10 and I will give board exams in 2018
    thanks purvi di for understanding me
    love you soooooo much.?
    can i know what’s your age di and from where you are di ?

    1. Purvi128

      I m also 14 and I m also in 10 same…! Nd I m from Amritsar..!
      no thanks dear., we r frnds ryt..!

  32. Di pata hain pehle main ek silent reader thi
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    and now I wanna write a ff so I was trying to register in tu but I can’t since I am not able to confirm that I am not a robot in registration
    di can you please help me in any way in this problem?

    1. Purvi128

      Give me ur email id..! We’ll talk there..! Nd u have insta account?

  33. Twinjfan.tamanna

    yippee…. My Jaaaannnnn, My Looovvvveee iiiissss baaaccck! its party time! yippeee! you don’t know how much I missed you and your writings! I m really really Happy that u r back!!.sorry for the late comment! mai bohot bohot bohot busy thi isiliye pehle comment nahi kar pai! and jab tune message kiya tabhi maine open kiya tha Tu!
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    see you My Love,

    With Love,
    Urs Shona

    1. Purvi128

      Tu jaanti hai..! I was waiting for ur comment only..! Madly..! Jab se epi post ki thi.. jab se tere comment ka wait ker rahi thi.. but koi nhi.. sabar ka fal meetha hota hai..!
      I also missed u soooo much my love..!
      Nd haan plssssss post ur ff soon…. ??? its the request from ur jaan….
      love u shona?????❤??

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    1. Purvi128

      Yess itss safe.. but we can’t talk here in the comments section..! U have hangouts?

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    please tell me na purvi how to confirm that I am not a robot in registration of tu? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Purvi128

      Listen jo insturctions di hogi unko follow karoo…!
      Nd yeah agar tab bhi na ho.. tho then i’ll make ur new email id.. nd then will make u register… i’ll make ur aacount.. do tell me aesa kar dun?

  37. OK you can if it has no risk then only

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